Sequential processing and language learning ability

Sequential processing as ECP the juggling artist in your brain

Sequential processing is our ability to take in, store, process and use information in an orderly way. It it important in everyday life, even if you are not aware of it. Your super computer brain does magic to get your to complete simple tasks like reading and speaking.

Although sequential processing is a part of short-term memory,  it is not intelligence in itself, but a building block that supports intelligence and even IQ.  It is an elementary cognitive process or ECP. ECPs are the basis of our intelligence, as they support higher cognitive functions. It is like having sharp and useful tools in our shed. Tools which we can subsequently deploy to build ideas and be genius that we all are.

If your sequential processing is better, every mental process will be easier because you can take in more of what you see and hear. Further any ECP, is closely connected with working memory, or the ability to hold several ideas in your stream of consciousness at once. This means, with improved sequential processing you can five or ten bits of information in your brain at once.

  • Imagine as you are thinking now, there are clouds of separate ideas floating above your head. Like in a mind map if you will.  Then all of a sudden, you start to connect those ideas and expand on them to create a higher order. If you can juggle information in such a way, your brain produces better, clearer ideas.

Poor Sequential processing is like have a low graphics card in your computer

Have you ever used a computer with a graphics card with more memory or a computer with low RAM? This was more common in the past. Computers now are all supped up with RAM and high graphics for gaming. However, if you have poor hardware or graphic cards in your computer you know what I mean. Your computer will act slow and not perform well. You might even not have the ability to do the task you wanted to. This is the same ideas behind sequential memory processing.

Increase you’re sequential processing and increase your capacity to learn languages

So what does this have to do with language learning everything? You want to convey and idea? Then you have to make a sentence.  A sentence is a very complex thing. It has multiple grammatical concepts, it has complex new ways to pronounce things, it has abstract ideas, word order, word meanings and more. To create, use and understand a simple sentence your brain has to store several things in its working memory and process them sequentially.

How sequential processing is related to language learning

If you could increase your building blocks of memory, you can increase you ability to learn a language. Conversely if you learn a new language, I believe you will increase things like working memory and sequential function.

So what is sequential processing in its raw form?

Here is an example: 18602651107673 the ability to recall these bits of information in a sequence if seen or heard. Most people have about 7. That is they can recall seven digits.  Some people have less and some more. If you could increase your ability to process bits of information in sequence to 12 digits,  your language learning ability would be greatly improved.

You can practice to develop this, as your brain is like a muscle. You can develop your elementary cognitive processes and this will help you with all tasks in life. However, unless you have a real problem, I recommend just trying to learn a language as it will stretch your brain anyway.

If you want ideas on how to improve your brain’s power leave a comment and I can guide you.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

6 thoughts on “Sequential processing and language learning ability”

  1. The many grammatical, spelling and sentence structure errors in this article above indicate there may be a severe problem with the author’s sequential processing and more. Many sentences are incohesive, incoherent and incomplete. An expert on the subject, or even an educated person would be capable of coherent sentences. Need I continue?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Show me exactly my errors so I might learn.

      Perhaps you are just an arrogant person who makes herself feel good, by putting others down. All of us in our lives have met many people like this. People who cut others down, rather than lend a hand to help or guide them. So show me the errors so I might learn.
      Arrogance of this sort is the signature of an underdeveloped mind.

  2. I read your article and realized this is exactly my sons problem. We have taken speech therapy, learning support but didn’t see much progress. Any other recommendation?

    1. I believe some brains are configured different, and I think science conforms this. That is even the structural layout of the brain might look different. The most obvious example are people who are left handed. The good news is usually this translates into a higher level of intelligence generally, it is just not recognized as verbal communication might be lagging.

      I would recommend a common sense approach. That is, continue to stimulate your son mentally in fun, ways. For example, we play a lot of language games during dinner. I love to play chess with my daughter. We taught her with no stress chess. Each part of the brain helps another part. I think if you can continue to show him a lot of love than and patience he will most likely grow out of it. My brother, has serve learning problems, so much all the experts did not want him to continue to high school but rather a trade school like wood working. All the experts tested him and retested him. My parents just said we will show him a lot of love. He of course is like a multi millionaire many times over, running top companies and doing charity work around the world.

      1. Can you please share some of the strategies that worked with your brother? Did he have a specific learning difficulty or general learning disability?

        1. Basically any learning disability just show them a lot of love. That is the most important. Be interested in what they are interested in and encourage them. Try not to label them or listen to too many ‘experts’ who classify them as one thing or another as there is a whole cottage industry around learning disabilites.

          The cottage industry supports itself by classification and labels to some extent. Better is for you to find your own innovate and loving ways to work with someone. That is all that is required. In the future they will treat learning disabilities with adipose stem cells or something innovative. However, my brother, it was love and encouragement.

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