Worlds best cities

City guide and language section for the world.
City name Language Highlights
Czestochowa Polish Miraculous shine to the Madonna
Gdansk Polish Seaside paradise and birthplace of solidarity
Baltic coast Polish Amber capital of the world
Nowa Huta Polish Communists tried to build a city that rivaled Krakow, they failed, now part of Krakow
Podgorze Polish Austrians tried to build a city that rivaled Krakow, they failed now part of Krakow
Krakow Polish The ancient royal city of Europe. The largest and oldest market in Europe. Magical city where fairy tales come true.
Lublin Polish Ancient eastern Polish city with beautiful old streets.
Poznan Polish Beautiful city where Polish is spoken with a musical accent
Warsaw Polish Polish capital city full of excitement, shopping, and monuments to the brave rising ’44.
Wroctaw Polish Baroque center in Silesia, close to Germany and Czech Republic
Lodz Polish Famous film and Polish cultural center
Zakopane Polish Polish “Alps”, but less commercial and more charm.
Zamosc Polish 400 year old, “off the beaten path” Polish cultural center, featured as a “Unesco world heritage city”.
Torun Polish Torun is the birthplace of Copernicus, Hanseatic-Gothic center
Malbork Polish Castle home of the Teutonic knights, 1475 the Poles defeated the Germans and captured the castle.
Biskupin Polish 1300 BC Bronze age city. Amazing for those interested in pre-history.
Sandomierz Polish You would think your in Italy but this is the center of Poland.
Mazury Polish Beautiful Polish lake district
London English Second largest city next to Moscow with great royal buildings
Dublin English Capital city of the Irish.
Edinburgh English Capital city of Scotland
Manchester English Home of the famed Manchester United football team.
Boston English 400 old city in America, founded in1639
Philadelphia English Birthplace of America
Paris French Spared from destruction in ’44, has a romantic gothic feel
Brussels French Cross roads between Romantic Germanic languages
Montreal French Second largest French speaking city in the world. A cultureal Mecca for North America
Quebec French Old world charm in Canada
Orleans French Home of Joan of Arc
Ruhr area German Industrial center of Germany
Frankfurt German Financial capital of Europe during the cold war.
Zurich German Capital of the peaceful nation of Switzerland
Munich German International Bavarian city with 10% foreign population.
Vienna German Violins, angel trumpets and devil trombones fill the air in this musical city, home of the Habsburgs
Berlin German Very unusual underground night life.
Milan Italian Fashion capital of Europe
Rome Italian The center of the world for 1000 years
Naples Italian From Amalfi to Pompeii to the bay of Naples, on of the most stunning cities. Red Coral capital of the world.
Sicily Italian Sicily was inhabited by the Latins, Moors, Normans, Greeks and more. Each culture left its impact on this exotic and unsual island.
Madrid Spanish The nexus from which Spanish culture and language spread from.
Barcelona Spanish Beautiful Spanish coastal city.
Valencia Spanish The Valencian or siglo de oro (Golden Age) of Spain leaves its marks on this beautiful Spanish city.
Buenos Aries Spanish Home of the tango and 1920’s fashion center in the Americas
Lviv Ukrainian The last city in Europe, center of Europe geographically, Western Ukraine.
Kiev Ukrainian Ancient fairy-tale city. Famous 1000 year old cave monasteries. Ancient jewel of the East.
Moscow Moscow Russia

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  1. Nice list,

    I would definitely add Ljubljana – capitol of Slovenia, small picturesque city between adriatic see and the Alps.

    Amogst Irish cities, definitely best is Galway.Dublin by my opinion is ok but for the best list.

    In Italy you must see Mantova, Florence, Rom.. etc.

    There is so many beautiful cities.

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