Women should be desperate

Women listen up,  do you want a man, then be desperate. Be beautiful and desperate. Men love desperate, lonely beautiful women who will do anything for love and keep love (as long as it is moral and virtuous). Don’t you love the cute puppy whimpering for affection? Loyalty, devotion, and humility in a cordial girl is pure temptation for any male.

If you take the spirit of my words to heart you will find a guy in 100 days or less. If you are a guy reading this, it will give you a clue as to what kind of girl you will be happy marrying.

Women are so far removed from their primal genetic instinct to get married and raise a family they would never be honest with themselves. I would rather do this on the side of the road than live as an old maid.

The mating strategy of American women is a tragicomedy rather than a romantic comedy.  Let me explain, most single American women I am acquainted with, hit their 30s, then look for that last chance guy. Yet, in the same breath, they talk such nonsense, like, ‘I have so many amazing girlfriends that can not find a guy’.  My question is why are they amazing?

Why single women in their 30s are not amazing but sad

  • Not cordial –  What girls call ‘nice looking’ is not what men think is cordial. Men and women have a different definition of what attractive is on a female. Do you want to know what cordial is? It is slim, long not colour-treated hair, no tattoos, nor body/nose piercings (unless you are Indian), say yes tight jeans and a t-shirt or a dress, no make-up except natural lipstick and a novel or a language instruction book in their hands.
  • Too many pets and girlfriends – My wife does not have girls night out. I do not have boys night out. We did not have no pets. We have a family. Is that clear?
  • What cell phone addiction does to the female – The psychological principle ‘you get more of what you reinforce’ is fully in play with cell phone addicted girls.   Sadly many girls I know are mobile phone and Facebook addicts. Posting or texting every petty thought until all their thoughts are petty.
  • Quit your job – What they call their career is usually some stable quasi-clerical job, yet this is on their priory list up their with family. My message is quit your job if it is an impediment (and it usually is) to finding true love. Does not Jesus say this in the Bible? ‘If your right hand is your problem cut it off’.  It is a metaphor obviously for saying that if stands in your way of love than edit out of your life’s story.
  • Yawn -Not educated in the classical tradition of art, literature, history and languages, rather they have an eclectic politically correct agenda in their head that they annoyingly vocalize and will shout you down. Generic non nondescript women with no real interests beyond checking their pink iPhone are the ones their girls call ‘amazing’.
  • No humility – Pumped with the notion that ‘girls rule’ and men are kinda of mentally challenged, it is a huge barrier to over come.
  • Too many past relationships – They have been there done that with too many other guys and the experiences such as getting ice cream and sitting on a park bench is nothing more than a repeat of some past similar experience. The dating scene in the USA is something like Nietzsche’s idea of eternal recurrence.
  • Microsoft Project can not manage your life – when your biological calender tells otherwise.  Women in their 20s should forget about career and get a husband. If you are serious about your career and family, you are not serious about your family. Nature wants reproduction when a woman is biologically healthiest. I did not make up the rules. The cordialtest women start to lose their juice at a faster rate then men because of the decline in hormones. I am just saying your priories should not be on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or an Outlook calender, but rather in harmony with your biological calendar and a higher calling.
  • Girls lose their sense of style – I think this has something to do with a decline in hormones but their sense of style goes from Hollister and cordial to a closet full of clothes and shoes and they look good only from a girl’s perspective.
  • Not slim – They weight way over 50Kg, more like in the 140s lbs.
  • Do not cook – They will say they make up for it in other ways ‘wink, wink’. I interpret that as, they are lazy and been there done that with a lot of guys. Not wife material.

I could go on but what is the point?

Pull out all stops and quit your job and go to Europe or wherever and find a husband. I would personally beg on the streets if it bought me the time I needed to find my true love.

The real reason these girls not find a guy

  • A man as an aspect of life or true love? -The underlying reason American women have trouble finding a guy, are single moms, get divorce and generally cause drama for us men is, a guy is an aspect of their life.  In contrast, more often to a foreign female, love and family is their whole life.
  • They do not try desperate things – For goodness sake I know girls who wil not even try online dating. What the duce, you are in your 30s, you should put a sign out in front of your house saying, I am desperately seeking a husband.
  • Single American women, listen up, you should be desperate! – At the end of this post I have a solution if you are a woman a single, you can skip to it if you like.

American women want to find that mythical work-life balance. That is, career is critical for life satisfaction (as told in a droning mantra-like fashion by the US media), but also balancing it with including’ girls night out’,  endless trolling of online catalogs and strip malls, time with their pets, and ‘me time.

  • I personally know a lot of 40 year old career women that have not found the right one. That is tragic. Being an old maid is nothing to be proud of.
  • Better is to realize the pain of loneliness is a call to action.

Love has no limits.

How is that not clear? Love is dissolving and losing yourself in your beloved. In the words of St. Thomas Kempis:

Anyone who is not willing to suffer all for your beloved is not worthy to be called ‘lover’.

In the triple sense Hegelian word aufheben, one is annihilated, merged and lifted to a higher unity.  This is love.

In contrast, I believe you should die for love. You should surrender your whole self including your career and friends and everything. All or nothing, play to win like there is no way back.

Be honest with yourself, don’t you want love? Then do whatever it takes to find it. If you have questions ask me.

What American women should do

Be desperate.  Hold a sign out on the side of the road that says ” Husband wanted”.  Put a sign out on your car instead of “Just married”, “I want to get married now, please help”.

If you are single give up your career, move to Europe (I did, I was high up in corporate America), live poor, find a guy. Dis your friends and girls night and hunt for a man.

How to be a strong woman -Women read books on Running with the Wolves and being a huntress wild woman and standing up for their rights, my message is to channel that female Neanderthal primate instinct energy that nature through a million years of evolution has honed and developed into finding a mate and reproducing and finding love in a Godly sense of the word.

When you find him love him, do anything for him.  Beg him to stay with you, so if he is walking out to go to work, you are being dragged by his ankles and greet him with a nice outfit and a smile when he gets home. Tell him you will raise the kids and not complain and do anything he wants. Never ever divorce him,  follow him anywhere.  Lose weight and learn to cook. Be humble and understand how self-abasement is a good thing if you have pride.

Sound like bad dating advice? It is not. Once you find your guy life will make sense and your years of semi-depressed existential wandering will be over.

P.S.  I have personally done the male equivalent of the above.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

8 thoughts on “Women should be desperate”

  1. It’s good to see you post new stuff. The biggest problem that I see with American women these days is they wait too long before they start getting serious about finding a husband. There is a guy who contributes to this other blog who talks about it. He recently went to Ukraine, and found many cordial, young marriage-minded women that were very serious about finding a husband. Contrast this to every single American woman that he met(same with me), the only ones that were serious about marriage were in their thirties or rapidly approaching. The ones in their twenties simply jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend while working on career. I found it interesting and true to put certain kinds of women in a tiered structure. No matter where she is from, 1st tier women are wife-material. Every other kind of woman is either 2nd or 3rd tier. To be fair, the same could be applied to men in using different criteria. The enormous difference between men and women on these tiered levels, is that every girl starts out young and in the 1st tier. If she squanders those years away, she will eventually become 2nd or 3rd tier as she approaches 30, and she will never be able to return back to those youthful days. For men, every one of us almost universally starts out in either 2nd or 3rd tier when we are young. We have time on our side, so we can work on graduating University, and moving forward to become 1st tier men(good provider types). Here is the full article from the guy who explains all of it:


    Truth is taboo, but it is truth.

    1. In other countries to be a career woman or to think like I will wait to get married is strange. Women are honest, they want to get married and have a family and they will do what it takes to get there and they stay with their spouse. I just know that from personal experience. I lived abroad for a good part of my life and feminism or the non-sense that American women espouse is seen as odd.
      My wife is from Poland and everyday is marital bliss. We have been together for a long time mind you.

      In contrast basically every woman in my neighborhood is single and no prospects. They focused on their career too long. I have tried to coach them a bit but that is not the place. When they wake up and see their misconstrued ideas have led them astray, it takes too many years to deprogram for them to be saved.

      If you are male – better is to focus on foreign women.

      If any woman gets this message write me I can try to help.

      Thanks Joel, I need to start writing a bit more. I am doing a major consulting engagement and it is a time vortex.

      1. Mark, I am tall, skinny girl with long hair and I am single. I have to tell you it is very hard to find a guy with strong values but I know for sure, do not settle for less.

        1. Values is the most important aspect in choosing a mate for life. Without loyalty and fidelity then nothing will last, it is like building a house on sand. A commonality of interests pales in comparison. For example, I play chess, in fact I am a little obsessed with the game, however, my wife did not know how to play when I met. Now she plays as does my daughter. You do not have to have interests in common. But you do need a value system in common that you are working on.

          Besides that I think physical attraction is important. Find a cordial guy who is idealistic.

          Where to find guys with a good value system?

          I guess you do not have to necessarily do church centred activities but you do need to screen them out before having a conversation in depth. I know it sounds crazy but you could drop into the initial or second conversation a subtle question about what church they go to. Subsequently you could ask them in detail about hypothetical moral questions.

  2. Really? Women are cellphone addicts? ah, news flash..so are men. Also it is not realistic for you to complain about career-minded women yet when women quit their jobs and get married, all you guys will say is she is a gold-digger after your money. Marriage is about compromise on both sides. Instead of complaining about women, how about love the one you are with and support her dreams and love her for who she is. Simple enough? Lol. I should be a consultant too

    1. Career women impress men, just like men who chase their careers impress women. I mean if I was a girl looking for a man, I sure would not like a man married to his career and put so much of his esteem and ego into the success of this job track. That is boring. Better is to find a man, who is all about his family and love.
      I would rather be living in a shack in Mississippi with the woman I love, then a wolf of Wall street. If a woman can not deal with that then I do not want to be around that woman.

      Yes men are cell phone addicts too. I am a realtor and I do not even use on. It is a time vortex that takes you away from life going on around you.

      Compromise, I guess I am not into that. I believe in finding the one and only and not look back, love with no limits and boundaries.

  3. Your comment sound like a fairytale.
    I believe every girl want the same.


  4. A lot of women who try to come across as level headed successful career women will tell you that they are not what they originally appeared to be once you are in a relationship with them.
    And plenty of people who use the sell phone all of the time are carrying it around like a security blanket, they need a lot of attention and social support, and would feel lost without it.

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