Should I get a Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements

I highly recommend you do not get involved in a prenuptial agreement before you get married for the following reasons. I think these pre-marriage contracts are a bad idea because:

  • Love is all or nothing – Either you love someone or not. Love is similar to trust and faith. If you do not trust someone 100% or put conditions on marriage than why get married? It is better to just have a partner and date and not swear before God and the community that you will cherish each other all the days of your lives.
  • Divorce lawyers are greedy – Oh I am sorry they are calling themselves “marital attorneys” now. They have a huge incentive to create a culture of distrust and ‘just in case’. They talk about legal rights and dividing assets and family law. Do not believe it, you are building a house on sand. What good is it if a man gains the world but loses his soul?
  • Is money your god? – I do not care if my wife takes all my money. In fact, I would rather put it in her name as money is not my god. People put a too high premium on material wealth. I live in Eastern Europe many people survive on very little here.  In the past people had nothing.  I believe  protecting assets in case of divorce is putting trust in things of this world.  I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is the same for the Jews, Christians and Muslims. I believe  prenuptial agreements are a vote of mistrust of the unconditional love of your partner and trust in money. I trust her 100%.  Further, if I am as smart as I have confidence in myself and know I can always make money. What are you afraid of, someone will take all your toys away?
  • You are not 18 years old getting married – Every person has a complex life situation. Few people meet their life marital partner at the age of 14 and get married at 18 like my mother and is married for 60 years. Do not fall for the scare tactics that play on your fears of lawyers. Everyone has debt or children or previous marriages or emotional problems with trust or broken ideals and dreams or never had a real relationship or well into their careers. This is called being human. Like Shakespeare wrote ‘take up arms against your sea of troubles’. Be strong in the face of adversity and do not take council of your fears.
  • Prenups creates bad feelings – If my fiancé or partners asked for one I would not get married. No matter what I felt or how deep in love, it would always mean my love and relationship is not real. It is fake, nothing more than a business agreement.

Personal view on signing a prenuptial agreement

If you are a man and your future wife wants a premarital contract to protect her assets – Check out some of the women on my website. They are beautiful. The world is full of opportunity.

If your future wife asks for a prenuptial agreement – just smile and tell her the world is full of opportunities and say the marriage is off.

If you open your eyes you will be amazed. There are smoking cordial slim 10 years younger plus long-legged loyal girls everywhere (fewer in the USA). Do not settle. If you settle for anything but your dream I can not help you.

If your a man and considering a prenup –  Be the champion of your girl.

Be a champion for your wife and show her you will fight for her in marriage in good times and bad.

With your strength and wisdom show her your courage. Make her your princess and do not think of anything a base as assets and money and divorce lawyers, excuse me I mean marital legal counsellors.

Before you get married you need to:

  • Know yourself  and view of marriage – if you do not know where your sense of values and the meaning of your life comes from, find out.
  • Know your partner’s view on marriage – Ask your partner directly about their values. Ask them clearly and straight on. Ask them what if scenarios.  I can not believe that people are not direct and compassionate with their partners and do not have long conversations about values before marriage. Maybe people feel funny about it, but do not.  Romantic love brings people together that should never be brought together. So ask the questions and the what ifs. Smoke them out in the dating phase. Let the wisdom of time help you. I do not care what your age do not feel rushed in having your wedding.

What if you want to marry a foreign lady friend? Take your time to get to know her. The acorn does not fall too far from the tree. Observe her family and her commentary on the relationships in her family.  Her commentary on her parents and other relationships in this world will tell you everything.  What if her parents are divorced? So what.  She might say the greatest way I can honor my mother and father is not live like them and not get divorced. She might be religious but does she go to service once or more times a week? How does she feel about money? Does she believe in love and money or just love, or maybe just money. Does she show an interest to stay in her country or get excited when you mention moving to the USA or the UK?  I stayed in Poland after I go married. In fact my wife does not want a US citizenship. Ask her questions about what if this happens in marriage or that happens.

Besides one partner no wanting to have children, there is basically no reason to get divorced. In that case the marriage is not valid and it can be annulled.  Some people say the only reason to get married is to have kids. Other than that you can just date and enjoy your life. I do not agree. But understand that marriage is forever, not for as long as the love shall last.

I am a man of the world. I am not bragging but I think that few people could say I have not had my share of life experiences. Not just traveling the world but in business and other things.  I am not 17, I am 47.  I still believe in love and marriage like I always did. If anyone chooses to differ with me on the idea of should you get a prenup I am very open. Let me know.  I believe in love and marriage without limits, conditions and prenuptial agreements.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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