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How to find the woman to marry? In a nutshell, you want a beautiful woman with low self-esteem. I know this sounds like radical advice in a world about putting yourself out there. My advice is to find someone who is aware and even self-accusatory. Self-accusation combined with awareness is the first step to changing the ego and pride into something more beautiful. I would say the same advice applies to women who want to find a husband. You do not want to find some egotistical power guy, do you? Both men and women need to be humble and self-abasing to have a better chance at forming a union with another person, or else it becomes a contest of egos.

The purpose of marriage is to help your partner get to heaven. Always be thinking in these terms.

Rating women 1-10 (even if guys do not do it formally but make an evaluation on looks) is where most guys fail, and it destroys their lives. Let me explain, when rating a girl out of 10 for a potential partner, use my adjusted rating scale for evaluating a woman’s attractiveness. It is not what a person looks like that counts, rather, it is her attractiveness divided by her self perceived attractiveness. This ratio is how you rate a girl from 1 to 10. It is an analytical ratio of one factor relative to another, not a raw number. Ratios tell the real story of female desirability.

  • For example, if you meet a woman (or man) who is a perfect 10 on a scale from 1 to 10, yet she believes is a 10, then her rating is 1.0 rather than 10.0.  That is because the amount of head games she will put you though just to be with her pretty face or let you hold her pneumatic milk glands at some level will drive you away.

She has most likely been corrupted by a  society of gawking men (and women mind you) and complimenting her and holding doors open all her life. Her ego is so large that it clouds her beauty. Alas, this beauty/ego ratio will resolve itself all in good time.

Summer’s lease is all too short – William Shakespeare

What happens when her looks fade what will you be left with but a 5 with a huge ego and expectations no human could satisfy? Yes, there will be a deflation of her ego but do you really want to be the guy to teach her about wisdom?

Humility is a crowning virtue

Girls with low self-esteem that are the most attractive

Find a cordial girl. Then ask her to rate herself. If she says anything from a 1 to 5 you keep her. For example, a girl who is a perfect 10 in your eyes, and rates her self a 4 her real rating is 10/4 or 2.5 on an adjusted scale. This girl is rated a ten in my book. Remember since we are using a scientific ratio here, rather than a simple ordinal ranking, the numbers will be lower. A 2.5 is like one in a billion find or more (think of the bell curve).  More likely an American girl would be a 4, but rate herself a 7 which means she is a .57. You can see the scale is different and the numbers and analysis does not correlate with a naive girl rating out of 10.

Nothing robs a female (or men) of her beauty more than ‘a person who knows it all’, talks loud, and has been there done that with other guys, is so cool and thinks herself beautiful and has an inflated ego. Ironically these people are the ones with no style, fleshy, tattoos, and swear like a sailor.

Yes, these women are beautiful. They are better humans than I. However, they perhaps need some self-awareness to guide them toward moderation.

People might refute me and say girls with low self-esteem are dangerous because once they develop self-confidence, then the flight factor increases exponentially. I do not find that the case. I think a lot of our core personalities are determined as teens. Even me, I would say to some extent I am still a skinny, shy 18-year-old guy. I know this is not the reality but it has taken a lifetime for me to overcome by insecurities. So if you find a girl who is cordial with low self-esteem she is a keeper.

Still you might hem and haw, but contrast that with an American girl who has an inflated ego and is a size 10 or 12 and her chin in the air and an uppity bounce to her step.

Better is to find a slim leggy girls with wide hips and long hair with slightly rounded shoulders because she does not believe in herself fully. Then rescue her and make her world complete. I mean this is what girls do for us guys, make us complete.

What is you are a girl with low self-esteem? Paradoxically you probably are a real-life Cinderella or sleeping beauty, you just do not believe it.

Where to find beautiful girls with low self-esteem?

Maybe in Western culture but maybe not in the USA or the UK as our cultures are all about exulting the powerful and ‘ self-confident’ egotist, is this not right? American culture pumps women up to make them think they are goddesses. Let me give you an example.

I met this single mom at the playground the other day. She is middle-aged and more than a little corpulent and grey. She was saying she would like to move to a big city, because when she live in NYC she used to meet all kinds of cute guys just reading a book at a cafe. What planet is this girl from? Maybe when she was 23 and single, but why did she divorce her husband anyway (she left him because ‘he needed to change, in many small ways’)? Does she really think the world of men will still waiting to fall all over her? Yeah, we are waiting for you honey.

Here is another example to contrast that with.

I remember like 15 years ago on my first trip to Russia,  this bagged out American female travel agent who I was buying the flight tickets from, was making fun of this guy who met a nice humble girl in Russia and married her. What is wrong with that, I though? Better than being stuck with a closed-minded hag like you. I am sure to this day they are still happily married.

Go West young man (Mark Twain) and South and East but make sure you go far enough to cross an ocean (Admin).

Go to Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, India, Asia, South America, Africa, everywhere this Western materialistic culture has not poisoned the well. There you will find girls who are rustic and naturally beautiful but do not have overly inflated egos (are not pains in the butts).  Women who study languages, and music and have a classical education with an interest in literature and interest in travel.

An apology to American women

Not all American women are egotistical or lack humility. Generalizations about culture are wrong and bad. Many are beautiful and sweet girls who do develop their mind and spirits and travel etc. It is just that seems to be the exception rather than the rule and the girls who are like this have a lot of alpha males trying to play them.  They often become bitter as a result. It is not their fault it is the times we live in.

I would equally recommend American women to consider to unplugging from this cycle of dating that leads nowhere and consider other cultures that are more congruent with your world view.

Find a girl who is attractive not by society’s standard but by your valuation of beauty

Better is to find a perfect ten—someone who is out of this world in terms of attractiveness. Not who the world thinks is 10, mind you, but who you do. Someone who is your ten. Many girls who are rated beautiful by society are not. They are a false light. I have made this point in my post about what is attractive on girls.

Metaphor to drive the point home about what is attractive on a girl

Would you rather have artificial flourescent lights in your home, or in contrast, your house or workspace be illuminated by natural light shining though an arched window or skylight or even stained glass? And so it is with women’s beauty. Natural and subtle are the best. Appearance and looks that do not stand out or are artificially altered by the beauty industry, and it is a business.

Society turns their head for the flashiest girls and rates them the highest. Ignore those ridiculous and chauvinistic sites that rate girls or rank the most beautiful women. Or people who has some cookie-cutter conception of how a girl should look, and girls painfully strive to fit this model.

The world is full of humble non-egotistical people, consider every culture equal in your search, and do not just look in your own pond. Travel the world.

What the beauty industry conveys is false about relative attractiveness and female ratings

For example, the beauty industry might convey a girl with a little turned-up English nose is beautiful and a roundish face a ‘all American body’.  However, my wife has more of a classical Roman nose with high cheekbones which is more striking for me. She also has dark features with disproportionately long legs which I like. The geekiest non-conventionally looking girls are the highest rated. There is a strange beauty in disproportionately.  You have to find the mate for you, that really wins you had turns your world upside down.

Another one of my friend (George) is obsessed with big jugs. His weighting scale on this factor is skewed in my view. If he does not tread carefully he could make a mistake in choosing is mate on this raking factor.

My point is you have to find what is your ten, your beauty.  Then make sure she is part of a real fairy-tale fantasy script, that is she needs to be rescued. Not some modern-day revisionist materialistic fairy-tale where the girls does not need to be rescued and once she is married she will turn to her friends on girls night out, ‘oh my husband, he is such an idiot’ (it happens). Find your low-self image girl who will knock your socks off in terms of looks.  This will be your girl rated a perfect 10. Rating girls 1-10 is fun as long as you know what you are doing. Let me know what you think of my recommendation on how to rate girls (physical rating/girl’s self perceived attractiveness rating).

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

14 thoughts on “Rating girls 1-10”

  1. So are you saying you want someone who is attractive, but does not care about being obsessed with looks or lets their beauty distort the way they relate to the world?

    I as a woman would not like an egotistical guy, you know where that leads. Every Hollywood movie actress from Katy Perry (I noticed you quoted her) who married an egotist to Anne Hathaway (her first boyfriend was an egotist) falls and messes up their life. It is much better not to date an egotist.

    Egoists are often players. There are a lot of good-looking French and Italian guys who I would never date as I know where it would lead.

    Sure the guy can have some ego and confidence, but it is much better to live a normal life with a normal guy. If he is good-looking great, but it is not the most important thing.

    Good looks matter but what price do you have to pay to be with a good-looking person who things they are. Or worse a non-attractive person who rates them self high.

    There is no impetus to change or develop and you have to live with the bed you make.

    Rating guys from 1 to 10 should be a another article you could write about. Girls are interesting but I notice a lot of your readers are girls and you should write some things about guys.

  2. Anastasia, you have no idea how funny your comment is, “a non attractive person who rates themselves high”. This is a disease with American men. So many guys here think they are the best looking things around when they are absolutely nothing to look at. It’s disturbing. I think ego is just part of American culture, I’m very sad to say.

  3. I also agree 100% that it is best to live a normal life with a normal guy. Anything else could lead to sorrow.

    1. Abbey, I think you are right, normal life is always better. Besides with normal guys you will have the most amazing life experiences anyway. You know how life is, it is always unexpected. If you have a normal guy at home your life might take you to places never imagined.

      Yet often these men who are full of self-confidence and self-love, are duds or will never commit to marriage. Yeah that is what I want, do be dating some guy for 8 years straight with no ring on my finger, while I have to wonder if he is flirting with other girls because he thinks so highly of himself.

      Who needs a guy so impressed with himself and thinks he is God’s gift to women.

      Better is a guy who if you look close enough you find something that other women have overlooked.

  4. I think that you are not judging women by their souls, rather, you are by their county, appearence and personality. Those things dont make the difference. Everyone has some sort of issues. And a man (or woman either) cant expect to find a “perfect” soul mate, as no one is perfect. I do believe though, that God will lead you someone who is perfect for you. The country that she comes from doesn’t make a difference, nor does even the issues that she has. Because she is perfect for you and you are perfect for her. And as long as the two are willing to forgive and compromise, I believe their relationship will only grow stronger.

    1. Forgiveness I believe is a truth that will set you free but hard to live. I also agree that God will lead you to your destiny if you believe. However, having the experiences as an American male some countries are more congruent with a romantic vision of marriage than others.
      I think for example Poland is a very romantic country in a classic understanding of this. American is more ultiltarian. Europe is like ancient Greece and America like Ancient Rome.

  5. What do you mean like ancient Greece and ancient Rome? I’m just curious. 😛 🙂 I see the American society views on marriage and relationships as selfish, and rather stupid too if you want to have a happily ever after and avoid heartache. But it’s also how most people are raised, so that’s how they think it should be.

    1. The Romans were practical, Empire building people. The Greeks of the ancient world were the dreamers and writers and intellectuals. A city state like Athens produces eons more works of culture than the great Roman empire did. The Romans were empire builders and achieved great things with the here and now. The Greeks were more for living an abstract life.

      Today, although it is a generalization, the USA is like ancient Rome, spread out in 140 countries in the world with soldiers and the people focus on career and houses and cars and roads and day to day things.
      In contrast the Europeans tend to be more humanistically orriented. This extends to family and social life. I mean every day in Europe I see couple holding hands and in the USA rarely. I think people are not as materialistic in Europe and do not study business and marketing as much as classical literature and art and music.

      I am American and moved back to the USA and love the USA. I am just saying we are more like the Ancient Romans and the Europeans more like the Ancient Greeks.But I am partical as I found my wife in Europe. So do not listen to me.

  6. I see! I suppose that is true for the American society, but of course, not for all Americans. As everyone is different. 🙂

  7. I totally agree that the girl’s self perceived attractiveness is very important when evaluating a girl, and a girl with a perceived attractiveness of 10 is a total turn-off no matter what the objective rating is. Nevertheless, I have a couple of comments:

    1. A girl’s self esteem can in my opinion be too low. E.g. I’m not sure if a girl with objective/perceived attractiveness of 10/1 is something to go for.

    2. Just to emphasize what you’ve already indicated in the text: A high perceived attractiveness will break it, but a low perceived attractiveness can not by itself make it. I.e. 9/4 is fantastic, 5/1.5 is not, even though the latter ratio is much higher.

    Fantastic site by the way.

    1. Maybe the formula is not perfect but you all get the idea. You want a humble, girl, that can mean true humility or humility driven by low self esteem. Net, net it is the same.

      Some guys like girls with low self esteme because they feel they are easy. I do not know, I am not into using people.

      A person with low esteme or high humility does not try to rule over you. Of course true humility is better, but that is such a rare trait among single people because the world is so competitive and kids are raised to ‘go for it’, rather than see themselves as equal and connected to others.

      I notices medical doctor girls are better to date than PhD or business girls as believe it or not the last two are nothing but ego pumpimg paths while the an M.D. girl is often filled with compassion. However, this is not always the case so girls do not take this the wrong way and this applies more to the USA than foriegn girls who have a gentleness ingrained in them.

      I am so lucky my wife does not try to rule over me and I do not do that to her. It is peaceful coexistence par excellence.

  8. After reading this I was curious as to what the adjusted scale would be so i did the maths, the possible results range from 0.1 (1/10) to 10 (10/1) but there are more results to the lower end of the spectrum so I fitted to possible results back to a 1 to 10 scale so to just there true value. It worked out as so:
    1 = 0.1 to 0.25
    2 = 0.286 to 0.44
    3 = 0.5 to 0.625
    4 = 0.663 to 0.8
    5 = 0.837 to 1
    6 = 1 to 1.2
    7 = 1.25 to 1.5
    8 = 1.6 to 2
    9 = 2.25 to 3.5
    10 = 4 to 10
    It works quite well, a result of 1 is equal to a 5 or a 6, by the system a 1 is someone who correctly judges her attractiveness, so girls who rated themselves too highly are 5 or below, and girls who are humble are 6 or above. The 2.5 you used as an example would actually be a 9 🙂

  9. My girl won some pageants as a teen, I think she was homecoming queen, and I’d rate her a solid 8. However, she likes to garden, takes care of herself, and understands that she’s not going to be young and bouncy forever, so in my eyes she’s a 10. I’m frequently told that I’m a very lucky man.

    1. You are lucky, as really if three is a rating, I would day it is on wisdom. What is a girl’s wisdom rating. One positive idea is try to see her as a 10 without her wisdom, because I think all females are beautiful, the rating is more about style and diet.

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