20 female fantasies – that get a date

Women think different from men, this is cliché. The important point here is, what each gender fantasizes about, tells your something about the collective unconsciousness of women and men. Why do you need to know about what goes on in the deep recesses of a girl’s imagination?

Because, if you are a guy and understand the female mind you will get girls interested in dating you. Even if you do not do any of the things listed below,  just talking about it will get you in the door with a girl.

Films (good) brings to life our collective unconsciousness related to dating

To illustrate this point, do you remember the film ‘Kate and Leopold’ when Leopold starts talking about Paris, to a group of hipster girls? The result is they immediately listen and warm up. Well guys you have to know how to talk to women and this includes knowing what is going on in their subconscious.

The mind is an iceberg where only 1/7 is seen in the conscious mind – Sigmund Freud

Understanding what a woman daydreams of,  is like learning to speak her language. It enables you to chat with them, build a rapport and break the ice. And guys don’t you want to talk to girls?

What do women want to experience in life

  1. Strolling around Paris – this could include shopping for perfumes, seeing the Louvre,  or holding hands by the Seine.
  2. Dancing in Latin America – tango in Argentina or disco in Brazil and forgetting who they are and all the restrictions on them for being a Western woman. I recently saw Hillary Clinton do this on the news,  and she looked like it was the happiest moment of her life.
  3. Driving the Amalfi coastline in a red convertible with a cordial Italian guy.
  4. Living on a tropical Island, as long as all the comforts of home are present.
  5. Visiting New Zealand (since Lord of the Rings  a lot of girls mention this).
  6. Getting married in Vegas, with no long drawn out dating or living together for seven years.
  7. NYC and walking around 5th avenue seeing the tall buildings, going to Greenwich village or SOHO and browsing alternative clothes shops and looking at the interesting people and then doing lunch in Chinatown.
  8. Hanging out in alternative coffee shops in Seattle Washington or Portlandia drinking foofy coffee and reading books.
  9. Reading books in any cafe in a trendy section of town, perhaps something they picked up in a used bookstore.
  10. Going on a spiritual retreat in New Mexico or a Yoga retreat in Costa Rico
  11. Taking their top off on a beach where they can just be free and no one cares, somewhere like southern France or a Greek Island.
  12. Visiting a Middle Eastern market in a safe place like Morocco or Istanbul and getting a good deal on things like handbags made locally and that look unique.
  13. Going to India and observing spiritual practices.
  14. Speaking French – The French language conjurers up images of elegance and culture (I think the French developed this wealth as they were good imperialists, like the English by the way). So mentioning you know some French is not a bad idea.
  15. Pampering make over day, spa day, massage and mud masks and seaweed wraps. I use to do this in the French quarter of Montreal. I can not believe I was so self-indulgent.
  16. Sweets – Anything involving sweet, gooey, chocolate cakes. Estrogen is the primum movens and guys will not understand it.
  17. Culture – having a conversation about classical art or art museums. Women are the vessels which transmit culture from one generation to the next so they like art , languages , dance, religion,  music and fashion.
  18. Going horse back riding – girls like it. Or anything to do with animals for that matter. But riding a horse on the beach seems to a pretty common female fantasy.
  19. Having a house on the Ocean – Preferably near a lighthouse. Talking to women and dreaming with then about houses is a lot of fun. Contrasting different interiors and exteriors. Talk of materials and colors and light, and landscapes are like talking to men about sports.
  20. Talk about children or babies – It is so deeply ingrained in their unconscious that it is exciting to them just thinking about it. They get all giddy and smiley when talking about babies as they should as they are the ones that protect and nurture the next generation. Evolution has programmed this into them. Girls that do not get into baby/children conversations, you want to avoid, as they are not females in the true sense of the world. You want a girl who would love to have kids someday, even one that is baby crazy.  This is a sign of a healthy body and mind.

Male concrete cognitive thinking repels women and stands in contrast to girly sensual imaginative creative projections of the female mind

All the above, is in contrast to the male mind fantasies, which could be something like being in a heavily forested area in the mountains in rustic cabin. This is the male mind.

Girls get lucky when they find a guy who understands their dreams and envisioning. It makes their life easy if they find a guy who likes living this girly life or at least talking about these things. I mean I kind of do, I live on a semi tropical Island and have a dual EU – US passport.

You can say this or that about this approach to develop your mind and cultural side, but I always could get more girls than any macho guy or pretty boy because I have a gentleness, I am well read and traveled.

  • The main take away here is women are the ones that transmit culture to the next generation and in their subconscious they are seeking someone who will help them with this. Take advantage of this by getting to know the world of female fantasies.

In contrast my friend, George, likes to do Colonial war reenactments and spend a great deal of time in the mountains of New Hampshire, unshaven and unwashed for a three-day weekend. That to me is interesting, but he has not found a girl who would like to cross the  corpus callosum gender fantasies and join him.

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow – The Beatles

Guys, you can exist in your bubble world of abstractions, left braininess or rugged male concreteness but you will not get quality ladys if you do.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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