Citizenship by marriage

Citizenship though marriage, how do I enter the EU or US?

To enter the EU or or the US you have to set up a plan before you get married. The process is similar for visas and citizenship  in both Europe and the US. Just because you are married to a citizen, does not mean anything. Just because you have the intention of marrying a citizen it also does not mean anything. Disclaimer, I am not an immigration lawyer some anything written here is nothing more than what I know, which could be wrong.

I have a dual citizenship. I got this citizenship based on jus soli in the USA and in the EU by jus sanguinis not citizenship though marriage, however, I am married. I do know something about these things as my friends and I have all gone through some parts of the process personally.

As a general statement the most important things is the marriage licenses.  Everything else, temporary visas etc can be worked out.  They are just paperwork and nothing to be afraid of or intimidated by, do not be scared. Go to the embassy and get the facts and the documents.  If you love someone you can do paperwork, do not complain about the process or think they are unfair.  The law is the law for everyone and we all need to abide by the law and the process.  If you need help get a lawyer to help you.

Marriage for citizenship is wrong, marriage for love and then citizenship is ok.
  • You need to file a K-1 fiance visa to enter into the U.S. to marry a U.S. citizen. Your United states citizen fiance needs to file Form I-129F.
  • In the EU the process is the same but the forms are different for each country, therefore I do not list them, they are basically a fiance visa, every country has one.
  • My point is nothing is automatic, it needs to be approved though an immigration application for a visa. These visas are temporary. If your marriage is real then do not worry.  If it is false you are subject to arrest.

Can I apply for a US or EU green card before getting married?

No, marriage documents must be translated and presented and given in addition to birth and other vital documents before you can apply for a visa for the US or the EU. Therefore, green card visa or citizenship by marriage requires a series of applications processes that all start with a valid marriage certificate to a citizen of the country you want to enter.

How long is the non immigrant visa good for?

A non-immigrant visa that is valid for the waiting period, however, in some countries in Europe that are trying to restrict false marriages for citizenship, I have herd that the non immigrant visa is shorter than needed.

How soon can I work after I get my green card application which I got by marriage?

In the USA about 90 days after a partition has been filed. The EU it depends on the country.

Green cards though marriage are only temporary?

Yes, there is a trial period. Further, you are not a citizen and do not have the full rights of a citizen.  If say after two years they find the marriage was not in good faith then they can deport you or arrest you.

The good news is there is rarely an language requirement for citizenship in most countries.  If you have a real marriage, and they check your neibhoors etc, then you have nothing to worry about.

Citizenship application though marriage 19th century

Is citizenship by marriage permanent

Yes unless you lied on your application, in which case you can be deported or arrested.  Once you are a citizen you are a naturalized citizen though marriage.

The whole process in the US is faster than the EU.  The EU could take ten plus years, in the US I think about five years or less.  Why the difference? Because of the bureaucratic processes and different complex laws. The US has more immigration lawyers I think who know how to work the system. In Europe there is sometimes no way to speed up the process as the government works slower.  Even if the laws on the books say one thing, the processes are so back logged it might take forever.

How hard is marriage?

Easy, both the process and being married.  The process, you can get married in Vegas in a wedding chapel with just your passports basically as the marriage licenses in some states are easy.

Being married is a lot of fun.  But if you are an egotistical person or can not humble yourself to your love, than why get married? You will  only cause the both of you unhappiness.  However, if you have humility and submissiveness in your heart than marriage will be fun.  You need to submit the ‘I’ to the ‘us’. No exceptions to this rule or law of marriage.

Brooklyn – Immigrates use to get citizenship then marry, now the converse is true, citizenship though marriage.

My thoughts on citizenship by marriage

I believe in marriage.  I believe to get married and have a family is a gift.

One of the rewards of falling in love with someone from another country is a dual citizenship.  However, this should never ever come into play in the love equation. However, I know many international couples and they are very happy, I am one of them. I and my wife in our hearts are truly deeply in love and will stay together our whole lives no matter what or where we live. It does not matter, rich or poor or anything.  Marriage is about love.

False marriage  for citizenship is a sin.  Why would you sell you self for a citizenship.  Why would you pay someone to try to get married for a citizenship to the EU or US?  You might say oh, it is for work or a job, but that translates to money.  You are lying for money.  To lie is against the law and God’s law.  Therefore, call it like it is, you sell your body for money.  You lie to get a citizenship by marriage.

I understand life is hard.  I really do.  However, marriage is sacred.  If you are so clever, use your creative talents in a positive way, rather than a criminal way.

I believe if you are smart you can make money almost anywhere you live. You must have the right attitude and believe in yourself.

Many lives I have heard of lives destroyed by citizenship by marriage.  I knew one girl who I think got married for a US citizenship.  Her false husband used her and destroyed her life.  I have herd of other girls who when the guy got citizenship though marriage the guy disappear and the girls could not get divorced, therefore could not get remarried.

I have herd of women that play also, and get assets and attachment of wages on the man’s income for is money.

I have a few other posts that pertain to citizenship mostly to the EU. I invite you to look through these as there is a lot of information in these posts in a question and answer format in the comments section. If you do leave a comment I will try to answer it but this advise is not legal, rather just for fun.  However, on any comments please use proper punctuation and grammar on my citizenship through marriage post, thank you.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

28 thoughts on “Citizenship by marriage”

  1. I am an American citizen and I have been married to my husband who is Kuwaiti for more than 5 years now and we have 3 kids. The problem is that we haven’t lived in the US for the past 5 years, and I am a housewife. My husband wants to move to the US to study so i thought he should get citizenship so he would not have to pay international tuition. How should I go about it? With me being a housewife I will not be able to prove income.

    1. You can only get citizenship after living in the USA with a full visa for three years. Then you can start the process. Your husband can not get citizenship until you both live in the USA for a number of years. I have been married also for a number of years and we live in the USA, my wife has a green card but still we can not apply for her citizenship.
      The USA will not give a green card unless you have US based income. So I recommend he comes over on another visa, you or he get income here and then he apply for a green card in the USA. Talk to the US embassy as they can guide you. He can get a visa but just not citizenship yet.

  2. Our situation is similar, My husband is U.S. citizen by birth and we have been married for almost 4 years and just had our second child. He is also Finnish because of his parents. We got married in Finland we both live here, and he works here.
    We want to move over to the States now, fairly soon and are pondering what we should do. Wait for a K3 visa here? After some research it seems that K3 visas might not be granted at all if the I-130 and I-129F forms arrive in a specific order at the Visa Center, and who knows if they try to manipulate the arriving of the forms, so that the K3 visa case closes before you were able to apply. Now then again, even if we apply for this visa, it would be silly, because in order to get K3 or immigration visa or anything else of the sorts my husband should be able to show US based income, and have a residence there. So he/we would have to move to the states anyways, and then start the immigration process there, and simultaneously move his address to the states, and get a job so that he can have the income level required.

    Personally I don’t care for the green card or citizenship, and I don’t care how long it takes for them to come, but I’d just like to legally be together as a family in the same place, USA in this case. so I wonder is it possible to just go there, legally on a tourist visa (6months) or e.s.t.a visa (max 3 months) and not overstay that either, but to then establish residence, seek for job, and start the “immigration” process from the states? What do you think? I mean we( at least my husband, but we don’t want to separate our family at all) have to move there anyways because we wont be able to get the visa we want (K3) while my husband lives and works in the EU country, or am I wrong with this?

    1. First your situation is one of the most common situations people face when coming to the USA. That is they do not want to separate their family, yet visa immigration law has people jump though hoops like show income and residence for a green card. I was lucky that I had a US business and residence and showed with US tax returns income. So the process was easier for me.

      I would go for the K-3 visa as if all your paperwork is in order you should have no issues and can stay for 2 years in the USA. Two years is more than enough time for your husband to get a job.

      I understand 100% where you are coming from. The EU is great but it would be fun to be in the USA. I mean I live in Florida, on an island, by the beach and life is nice. I love driving to the bookstore and the outlet malls and doing the American things and experiencing the USA. But to get there it takes work. The most important being showing that you can support your family as a US citizen with US income and residence and stability.

      The good news is as you have done your research the US understands this and that is why there are so many levels of visas. Rarely do people shoot the moon and get a green card on arrival without income. So I would as you have correctly stated, unless you have income it is hard. So go for the stepping stone or island hopping approach. Get the visa that will get you here and when your husband has a job in the USA which he should be able to get in one month, then start the I-130 process.

      If I was your husband I would apply and interview for jobs via and, do phone interviews and skype interviews, that is what I do. I do not know what he does for a living but if he is like an IT consultant the jobs are easy. But on the other hand the economy is hard here. Target areas that are booming like the Manchester, NH to Boston corridor or North Dakota (I am not joking, working in McDonald’s you make 20 bucks an hour because of the shale oil boom). The goal is to get you here and be strong for a year until the I-130 comes through, then you can live in Hawaii for all anyone cares. Your children will have a positive experience no matter where they live as it will be an adventure. I like Florida by the way as there is Disney and Lego land etc and how can you be unhappy in such sunshine and warmth.

      If you really want to come to the US you have to camp out at the US embassy with a series of informational interviews and let them guide you. I was at the US embassy maybe 30 times asking questions before I could feel my way through it all. I had other issues I had to deal with but you get my point. They are generally there to help you and guide you. Do not yield to intimidation of other people’s stories, you can do it.

      You have to make your own choices which visa to take, I-130 or K-3, but I would go for the K-3 visa maybe until the income comes in in the USA. The apply for the permanent residence. There should be no problem. Is it all about money? Well the US government is not against you or anyone per say, they just want to make sure you can support yourself here. Once you get a citizenship and live here a while all this will be in the past. Life is easy in the USA. It really is and once you have citizenship you can live the dream. Maybe the dream is to have a place in both the US and the EU. My brother did this and his life and family really enjoy it.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Hello my husband and I want to return to the US from Ireland. I am American as are our two children, age 9 and 15. We married in the US in 1999 and he had a Green card prior to that. We left the US in 2001 because his father was sick and died shortly after my husband arrived. I followed with our daughter in November 2001. My husbands green card has expired. Would we need to apply for a K-3 visa and then 1-130. I would so appreciate help. We desperately want to come home. All of us have social security cards.

    1. Your family can come home, do not worry. Life in the USA is nice. I live in Florida and it is not great economically but life is a nice place to live this USA. So all you have to do is, apply. Be patient and ask God to give you patience during this time. If it takes a year, it takes a year. Do not be desperate or lonely. Life in Europe is nice also. The main thing here is it is an attitude, rather than a paperwork issue. You need to live in the moment. I mean my life has challenges and I have to as God for strength. So be patient. All you have to do is get the K-3 and then get a job and go for the green card and then citizenship. You can do it. There is nothing specific I can tell you other than apply.

  4. Me and my husband have been together 12 years and married just over a year, we also have two sons together 8 and 2. We got married here in the UK. My husband is an American citizen and 5 months ago he left the UK to pursue a career in the military. Although he is not in the military yet he is in full time employment and highly admired by his employers. He also attends adult education classes in the evening. We thought if me and our sons stay in the UK until he graduated in the army then hopefully we could join him then, but I would like to know if there is anyway we could join him earlier before he enlists. We all miss each other so much as we have never been apart in the 12 years. Any information or help would be appreciated.

    1. You can join him on a tourist visa or a K-3 and than an I-130. I highly recommend you do not be separate too long. It is not healthy for the relationship. It is not healthy in general. You need to talk to the embassy and let them guide you. I would get a K-3 visa I think.

      Why is he considering the military? Can he not work at Walmart? The military is about guns it is not a nice place, and military wives are lonely and get into trouble. This is well known that divorce is high. Military is only for governments. It does not give you skills and when you come out, unless you are a lifer you are even further behind. Why not be a welder or go to the police academy? Move to North Dakota where there are a zillion jobs or Texas. But the military means loneliness. I can not imagine I would ever want to be separated from my family unless I was drafted. I know jobs are hard but on the other hand there are many jobs for those who want to work.

      I believe in love and marriage and being together and I think that should be your first and only priority. Nothing else. Talk to the embassy and ask them how that can happen. If if does not work let him come back to your country and get a trade skill and then all go to the USA with a job in hand. Like be a welder and work on oil pipelines in the gulf coast, or even a professional fisherman.

      Love is all that matters, not jobs or boarders. And military is a racket, for old guys in government to move people around like pawns in a chess game. Read

  5. Hello, I have been living in Croatia for the past 5 years. I recently got married on December 8, 2012. I am 7 months pregnant and my husband and I are planning on after our child’s birth to move to Chicago. My parents and sister still live in Chicago. I don’t know how to go about this process. Do I get a lawyer so my husband can get his visa or do I file petions here? I read that if I file a fiance visa that I the petioner needs U.S. income which I don’t have.Please advise me so I know how to start this process and what to do.

    1. Sandra, you have every right you, your American child and your husband to live in the USA. The main thing here is you will have to be patient.

      Do not get anxious about how long it will take. If it takes time it takes time. You can get a lawyer but there are no loophole in the law that I know. It is more about filling out the forms and working with the US embassy closely. I was there weekly for about five months to get all the paperwork together. If you have a few thousand dollars you can try a lawyer, but I did not have the cash and that money is better spend on other things, like DHA for your child and high quality diet in your child’s first year of life.

      I would do it this way. Make it a priority to get your child confirmed as a US citizen. This is an easy process. I did it so can you.

      Then you have to think about how to get your family there without being separated. I do not recommend being separating, first go for K-3 visa, then in the States get set go for the I-130.

      1. Thank you for getting back to me so fast. Where do I apply for the j-3 visa? Is this on the U.S. Embassy website b/c I could not find it at all?

        1. Here is all the information. I really should make my post on Immigration visa for spouse of US citizen more robust.
          Now since you are not getting an immigration visa initially as you are concerned about the I-864 (financial support) you know that your parents can sign this and it is all set, I did not have my folks involved as I never could have asked.
          For the K-3 visa ( I make a mistake, sorry late at night) go here: It is all done with the embassy. Again I was over there all the time basically hanging out until they thought I was a pain, but it is their job to help and guide US citizens. You pay them. Go for the K-3 Visa if you can not get your family to help you with the I-864.

  6. Dear Mark,

    I am a citizen of USA and my wife is a citizen of China. We’ve got married last summer in China. My wife wants to come to see me this October, but we are not sure which visa to apply is the fast way to process.

    We appreciate your huge help.

    Best regards,


    1. Why are you not living with your wife? She wants to come see you? Does this mean be together forever or just for a visit. Forever, go to the I-130. For a visit (strange if you are marred) a tourist visa is the easiest.

      1. Hi, Mark,

        She wants to come to visit me but she is afraid she not get visiting visa B-2.

        She has a company to take care in Shanghai while I have a company to take care in Chicago. So we both have not yet lived together. I have gone to China to have visited her twice in a year.

        Any suggestion on what kind of visa she should apply for?

        Thanks and best regards,


        1. I do not have the answer. I think you have to just try one that makes logical sense for the purpose of her visit. If she is coming forever, it is I-130. If it is a visit for a short time for pleasure, than a tourist visa. Talk to the embassy and see what makes logical sense in terms of intentions. The US Department of Immigration can reject a visa or anyone for any reason. Do not be afraid, just give it a try. I do find it strange people that are married do not live together and I think the Department of Immigration would too. It is a red flag. Do you really care about your business and money to be apart from your one true love? Me I would close the business sell the assets and teach English in China to be with my wife if that is where she was from. Or try to get her here and live with her and sell her business. I would rather live in a 20 meter apartment with my wife, my one and only true love than be apart. This is your life, do not waste time be together as love is the most important thing.

          1. Hi, Mark,

            Thanks a lot for your advice. We will consider what to do next.

            Best regards,


  7. Hi, we have been married nearly 11 years and I moved from the US to UK after marriage and was a permanent resident. We decided to come home to the US and my son and I came over 6 months ago to get settled. I have a great job and earn over $80k per year so income is no issue. I have a house etc now. UK husband is coming in 4 weeks but I want to know the order of what visa to request so he can work when he gets here etc. so I can add him to insurance etc. Can you let me know what visa to apply for when he lands?

    1. Me, I would go right for the greencard or the I-130. But it will take time. Lets say you have a month or so before he arrives and three months on his tourist Visa, that is cutting it close. but since you have a good job etc, I would march to the Department of Immigration and homeland security yesterday and get an informational interview, and start the ball rolling. He can not just come here and start working, no way. He has to jump through a lot of hoops bureaucratically so start moving on the I-130. If you have the cash you can get a lawyer and he can hold you hand with the process. I also have someone I can recommend he is a British judge and lawyer but moved to the USA and specializes in this, I think he charges a lot less. Let me know if you want his name.

  8. Hi, I just got married in Jamaica in June 2013. I am back in the US and I want to get my husband here as soon as possible to work and live.
    So far I have heard of I-130 and K-3 and Fiancée Visa, which I told were all available. I was told the I-130 would take a year and I could apply for K-3 Visa which would take 5 months. I am still not sure which would be the best considering time factor and important to work when he comes.

    Also, I am also worried about support income.
    Last year income was 13,535 and I know for household of 2 you need 19,380 at 125%. I do have more money and the bank and my job this year- self-employment I make more money. I just hope that is enough. I am not sure how much proof they want, but they do want 2012 return and also last three numbers for last three years.

    I appreciate any advice Thanks

    1. Abby, Assets can certainly be applied to fulfill the gap between you income and the threshold. However it is applied at a 1/5 rate. So if your differences is 5,845 dollars you would need an asset vales (It could even be in your IRA or 401K) of 29,225 dollars somewhere. Or your parents or someone else can help sponsor. If you can get someone else to help you are all set. The income part is usually the only issue most people have with getting a spouse to the USA. I think it is a little unfair since income should not separate families and if you are frugal you can live on a lot less in the USA. If you have ever lived in a foreign country you know in the USA you can do fine on 13,000 for a family. The “poverty line” is a political idea. If you live in a city and bike and work at home, all you need is rent and food.

      I would try to find a sponsor like your folks. If that is not possible, I would take a temporary job that makes more money, like at Target or something, if you do that you can even file a quarterly tax return I think. I am an online entrepreneur and my income has been high and low so at times I have had to get a salary job, which is a distraction from my life, but I had to.

      I personally think the wait times are a lot less than you stated.

      I would see if there is free legal advice in your area or next to free, many cities have this. Some have it for 25 dollars. I think I would just get the visa that would be your spouse here the fastest. I think this might be the K-3 as the I-130 would require you to get your income up. Once together you can think through the issues together a lot faster. However, could he not be here on a temporary or travel visa while waiting for processing?

  9. I am 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands, the person I am about to marry lives in the United States. We have known each other for several years and have been in a long distance relationship. I desperately want this visa so I can live with her. Where do I start?

    1. US Embassy website and start with a fiance visa.

  10. I am a US citizen, my wife is a Polish citizen. We live and work in the Netherlands for over 3 years now and we were married here in the NL. I now have EU citizenship rights because of the marriage. My question is: how can I get US citizenship rights to live and work in the US for my wife?

    1. The only way you can get citizenship for your wife is, she has to live physically in the USA for a number of years under a green card status. So the first step is to apply for an immigration visa to the USA and plan to live there. To do this you will need proof of financial support for your wife. I would talk to your wife and have a conversation if she is willing to move and live in the USA for a number of years.

  11. I recently married my husband who lives in Morocco I live in the US. I got a lawyer and we have started the process to get his Visa but there is a age difference between us I wanted to know if that was going to be a problem or look bad on our half everyone is telling my husband in Morocco that it’s not going to go good for us because of our age difference I am 34 he’s 21 I married him because I love him I’ve never been married before we’re truly in love and I would do anything to be with him can you tell me if it’s going to be a problem about the age difference.

    1. There is not affect for an age difference of only 14 years. It is not 34 years or anything, I think 14 years for a husband and wife is perfect.

  12. I’m in love with my husband we recently got married in March I have a lawyer who is helping us on getting his visa to come to America but there is a age difference between us people in Morocco are telling him that it’s not going to go good for us because of our age difference I am 34 he is 21 I am truly in love with this man and he is truly in love with me do you know if they look at the age and is that going to be a problem for us

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