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How to purchase an EU citizenship or EU citizenship for sale has been something I get a lot of questions about. The purpose of this post is to clarify the rules on how to buy an European Union passport and the alternatives to getting a citizenship or dual passport.

Obtain an EU citizenship

Law on getting buying an EU citizenship

I want to be clear it is illegal to buy an EU citizenship and the I am not recommending you buy an EU citizenship. However, there are legal and moral ways to obtain an EU citizenship without paying for your passport.

Marriage an EU citizenship

Marrying for an EU citizenship

If you are married to an EU citizen, in most countries can apply for citizenship. This is only if you are in love. Real Love. You do not marry for a citizenship. This means after you have been living in a country with a legal visa first. Then you can start the application process, which I think takes about 3 months to get all your paperwork together. Then you submit your application for review and from that date you wait about three to five years. However, you must live in the country you apply and the police check you in many cases to see if you ave a real marriage.

The good news is if you are married and it is real it is no problem but if you trying to get a passport with a fake marriage you can face criminal charges.
Many people write and say why not for love and for citizenship. I know several cases where it messes up people’s lives. They have tax and legal problems when one partner over the years changes their mind about the fake marriage agreement. Further many times, for example Arabian men, who wanted to Passport to work in London, have married Polish girls after paying the girls 15,000 Euro. The girls are happy until they try to get a divorce and the guy is not around. Then they can not get married legally anywhere in the world. I think there are easier ways to make 15,000 Euro, like pick apples in Norway or something.

Citizenship granted for contribution to an EU country

If you are a world famous football player or scientist there are cases EU countries have granted citizenship as these individuals will contribute to the country. They give more than they take in a big way.

European roots and getting a passport

Citizenship by ancestry

If you have ever wondered if you can get an EU citizenship because your grandparents were German or Polish citizens, the answer in most cases is no. But the good news is you can often get a visa to live in the EU. Basically it is about piling papers and providing as much documentation as you can, legal documentation, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates all supported by a family tree. Once you have a visa just life and work legally in your new country for five years and apply for a citizenship. Even if the wait might be a year after that it is worth it. Having two passports have countless benefits I can not go into in this post.

Being a political refugee

If you have been persecuted for your religious or political beliefs and you feel your life is in danger, you could make an argument to an EU government for refugee status. It requires proof and commitment, but it can be done. A lot of Jewish people were able to get visa’s for the US because they had such hard times in their own countries, real hard times.

Buying a EU citizenship

I think some countries like Bulgaria allow you to bring a lot of capital and set up businesses that would have a long term positive impact on employment they can set you up with a citizenship. But this is not buying a citizenship directly. Russia you can do this also but again it is more a matter of having a large amount of capital and Russia is not in the European Union.

You can buy a fake passport also. But I do not recommend this. A professional fake passport will cost about 5,000 Euro. One that is done really well with official numbers etc. This more common in Eastern Europe, however, if you get caught you will be in prison for at least ten years and there is little you can do about it. I can only recommend legal ways to get a citizenship.

What if I want an EU citizenship and can not do the above

You still have many options. You can get an EU citizenship if you really want.

Work for your EU citizenship

Best way to obtain an EU citizenship

Live and work legally with a company sponsoring you. Develop some skill, that a company would shire you as opposed to someone else. This may take years but if you work legally in a country with time there is no reason you can not get a citizenship. My brother lived in the UK for 20 years (he is American) working and in a second he could meet a UK citizenship. I have been living and working legally in Poland for over 5 years and my EU passport is around the corner. Why not do it with patience, like my brother and I did. This is the way to obtain a EU citizenship.

If you think you can just meet a passport and be an instant citizen, your dreaming there are billions of people waiting in line ahead of you. Do it the old fashion way, develop yourself and be valuable and then work and live there and then apply after many years legally. This is the way you can buy an EU citizenship with patience and honesty.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions I might be able to help you. Also look for some immigration lawyers if you feel you have a special case where you need to be a European citizen, sometimes they can help.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

237 thoughts on “Buy an EU citizenship”

  1. I am English, born and raised. I have lived in the UK all my life. I am disgusted by this kind of website, encouraging people to buy their way into the EU. Once in the EU, we know where all these people will want to go – the UK. Well I can tell you, as a British person, that the British people are sick of foreigners being allowed into their country from the EU and the rest of the world. They are sick of their pathetic government allowing this to happen, when the British people themselves don’t want it or need it. Sooner or later, the UK will leave the EU. If it doesn’t happen peacefully soon, it will happen by force. The UK people have had enough. Don’t any foreigners think they can buy their way into the UK. You’re not welcome an you’ll regret it if you do make it here.

    1. On the contrary I am not encouraging anyone to purchase an EU citizenship but work within the law. I might understand your nationalism of a true English if it were not for English history and their conquest of much of the world. Do you not think it is rather Karmic? The English are a mix of many people from the start, Anglos, Saxons, Pic, Jut, Gallic, Latin etc. Under a democracy it is more the idea than the ethic group of people.
      But yes I understand that you do not want the country you were born and raised in overrun with people from all over the world. The charm and beauty of the English landscape will be changed.

    2. Migration is nothing new especially not in 1000 years. People gradually suits in the society. It’s nothing, comparing to colony and more than good with legal rights. Whereas British colony is as old as 400 years old. And British colony forcefully occupied land, killied millions of people to control politics of many sovereign republic, made slaves, send slaves to England to serve them. Just dig a little into British royal family and you’ll find lots of migration, George V from Germany, first cousin of Tsar of Russia, another is from Romania. Just see full name of any one of them and find names like “Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes”. Whatever, I don’t find Mr. Cabbage’s logic interesting or reasonable.

    3. What xenophobic, horrific commentary. I live in the United States, was born in the United States and I know of countless numbers of immigrants who have worked incredibly hard and who have waited countless number of years to create a better life for themselves and for their families. Additionally, they worked hard-extremely hard-to acquire skills to make themselves valuable in the workplace and to better integrate themselves our society. I find it absolutely offensive that you should view people who have sacrificed so much to better themselves as parasites.

    4. @Mr Cabbage
      I totally agree with you Sir.
      I’m not even a European myself, yet I’m disgusted every time I visit Europe a a tourist and find that it’s Europe without the Europeans.
      I understand that you yourself can’t say it out loud because you are decent enough, but I will say it for you. most if not all of the immigrants that you encounter are should not live on the English soil.
      No body can call me a racist, I’m not even white, in fact I’m an Egyptian. but a Christian one and I can assure you I’m disgusted by all the non European customs that has flooded your country and other European countries, I get sick even when I watch the BBC and EuroNews and find more non European faces than the European ones. but it’s your government fault no one else’s.
      As a matter of fact I along with a lot of the well educated Christian minority here are big fans for all the right wing parties in Europe.
      in your Country for example we love to see faces of Nigel Farage and Nick Griffen and Tommy Robinson, and we wish they could win somehow.
      I wish Europe would be Europe once again. Every country has its unique identity. and I bet that if you visited Poland for example, you would be amazed to find out that not all Polish are like the ones who flee their country to work as a plumber in yours. the problem is not in the countries or the people generally, the problem is in the system that allows only the ones who has nothing to loose to move from their own country usually after they have failed and lost everything to go and mess up the lives of the people of your country.
      The same goes for the Pakistanis and Indians and the worst of them all the Muslims.
      I hate what you guys call diversity and political correctness, I hope for a miracle to change your media and politics.

      Greeting from a once great civilization lost to Arab invasion.

    5. I expect that the majority of people trying to buy into EU will be UK nationals who are disgusted that misinformed zenophobes such as yourself have sold our EU status down the river. How dare you suggest you speak for the “majority” of British people.

  2. I was eager to find out if my husband(he’s from Kosovo) would have any chance to work and study in UK. I’m European and we’ve already started a life in Germany. He’s having a Deutsche visa, we are both working and life is easy here, obviously. We can’t complain about it. The point is, I was always in love with England and we are only talking in English, because we are both enjoying it. I like that chic accent and we wanted a life there, but not because life would have been easier there, but just because. Now I’ve read the last comment posted by Mr Cabbage and I’m starting to wonder if I really wish for that anymore? I understand that not everyone likes to share, but when english people invaded so many lands, did they even care to ask : are we welcomed here? Must be Karma now. As I said, I always wanted to have a life in England, but obviously not by any cost and not by forcing people to accept me just because I have a visa and I’m legally allowed to stay there. It would’ve been more like giving up on a better paid job for one worst paid, but more pleasant. Would’ve, Still my question remains, since I don’t want to decide on my own, is my husband allowed to get a job and stay in UK, considering?
    Thank you, Mark. Is very nice of you taking time to answer to all these questions. Have a great life.

    1. The UK is easier than Germany because of the language and the melting pot of cultures that are assimulating there. At this point I think you will have less and less feeling of being a foreigner in England as time marches on. My wife who came to the USA now after three years feels very much at home. That is because of the melting pot culture here. London and the UK are moving towards this, althought it is not there yet. Visa for a non-EU European is not that hard to get as the EU places countries on candidate lists and has easier immigration restrictions.

  3. I am Bulgarian (EU) citizen and i like to get marry with Georgian (non EU) citizen. We are both in Germany now but she only have a studying visa until the end of November and she can not continue it. Does anyone have information where we need to go, should we get marry here in Germany, we have to go to Bulgaria or Georgia, maybe? How are the laws in Germany for this question? We would love to get all the help from everyone who can help us.
    Thanks upfront and best wishes!

    1. There are no rules for marriage. If you want to get married you can do it in a minute in many countries and once you are married in one country you are married anywhere and everywhere in the whole world. I do not understand why so many people have issues with marriage. If you found your soulmate, do not be boyfriend and girlfriend for ten years or have children and think about marriage, just do it. You can get married, just get the paperwork together, either that just take a train or plane to Bulgaria and get married. I think there are places in Europe where marriage is as easy as Vegas.

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