Buy an EU citizenship

How to purchase an EU citizenship or EU citizenship for sale has been something I get a lot of questions about. The purpose of this post is to clarify the rules on how to buy an European Union passport and the alternatives to getting a citizenship or dual passport.

Obtain an EU citizenship

Law on getting buying an EU citizenship

I want to be clear it is illegal to buy an EU citizenship and the I am not recommending you buy an EU citizenship. However, there are legal and moral ways to obtain an EU citizenship without paying for your passport.

Marriage an EU citizenship

Marrying for an EU citizenship

If you are married to an EU citizen, in most countries can apply for citizenship. This is only if you are in love. Real Love. You do not marry for a citizenship. This means after you have been living in a country with a legal visa first. Then you can start the application process, which I think takes about 3 months to get all your paperwork together. Then you submit your application for review and from that date you wait about three to five years. However, you must live in the country you apply and the police check you in many cases to see if you ave a real marriage.

The good news is if you are married and it is real it is no problem but if you trying to get a passport with a fake marriage you can face criminal charges.
Many people write and say why not for love and for citizenship. I know several cases where it messes up people’s lives. They have tax and legal problems when one partner over the years changes their mind about the fake marriage agreement. Further many times, for example Arabian men, who wanted to Passport to work in London, have married Polish girls after paying the girls 15,000 Euro. The girls are happy until they try to get a divorce and the guy is not around. Then they can not get married legally anywhere in the world. I think there are easier ways to make 15,000 Euro, like pick apples in Norway or something.

Citizenship granted for contribution to an EU country

If you are a world famous football player or scientist there are cases EU countries have granted citizenship as these individuals will contribute to the country. They give more than they take in a big way.

European roots and getting a passport

Citizenship by ancestry

If you have ever wondered if you can get an EU citizenship because your grandparents were German or Polish citizens, the answer in most cases is no. But the good news is you can often get a visa to live in the EU. Basically it is about piling papers and providing as much documentation as you can, legal documentation, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates all supported by a family tree. Once you have a visa just life and work legally in your new country for five years and apply for a citizenship. Even if the wait might be a year after that it is worth it. Having two passports have countless benefits I can not go into in this post.

Being a political refugee

If you have been persecuted for your religious or political beliefs and you feel your life is in danger, you could make an argument to an EU government for refugee status. It requires proof and commitment, but it can be done. A lot of Jewish people were able to get visa’s for the US because they had such hard times in their own countries, real hard times.

Buying a EU citizenship

I think some countries like Bulgaria allow you to bring a lot of capital and set up businesses that would have a long term positive impact on employment they can set you up with a citizenship. But this is not buying a citizenship directly. Russia you can do this also but again it is more a matter of having a large amount of capital and Russia is not in the European Union.

You can buy a fake passport also. But I do not recommend this. A professional fake passport will cost about 5,000 Euro. One that is done really well with official numbers etc. This more common in Eastern Europe, however, if you get caught you will be in prison for at least ten years and there is little you can do about it. I can only recommend legal ways to get a citizenship.

What if I want an EU citizenship and can not do the above

You still have many options. You can get an EU citizenship if you really want.

Work for your EU citizenship

Best way to obtain an EU citizenship

Live and work legally with a company sponsoring you. Develop some skill, that a company would shire you as opposed to someone else. This may take years but if you work legally in a country with time there is no reason you can not get a citizenship. My brother lived in the UK for 20 years (he is American) working and in a second he could meet a UK citizenship. I have been living and working legally in Poland for over 5 years and my EU passport is around the corner. Why not do it with patience, like my brother and I did. This is the way to obtain a EU citizenship.

If you think you can just meet a passport and be an instant citizen, your dreaming there are billions of people waiting in line ahead of you. Do it the old fashion way, develop yourself and be valuable and then work and live there and then apply after many years legally. This is the way you can buy an EU citizenship with patience and honesty.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions I might be able to help you. Also look for some immigration lawyers if you feel you have a special case where you need to be a European citizen, sometimes they can help.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I am a Singaporean. Can I open a shop to do retail Business? What is the procedure to do retail business in France? Can I apply to get a Permanent Residency or EU Citizenship in France if I do business?

    1. I think you need about a 1/2 million dollars typically. But you could get a business visa no problem if it is a real job creating business.

      1. Appreciate all above declarations.

        My Question:- I’m without papers in EU, me and my Danish girl wants to get married in Spain, how long would it take to get my papers which is EU Family member card, through marriage what are the necessary documents.


        1. You need legal papers to have a civil wedding in the EU, maybe you can get married out of the EU and then to reenter it will take about three months if your paperwork is order and money to support yourself for a bit.

          1. Thank you for your answer, but I am afraid to mention that you are absolutely wrong, I can get married in Denmark being illegal, as well as in Spain, Thanks for your information..

          2. I have no idea why people want to go the illegal way when they can do something legally. I mean it will be less stress. If you tell me you can get married even if you are not legal in the EU, I do not know. I know you have to go to a court and they have to review your case before you can get a marriage license, but maybe some liberal countries have made allowance under the law.

    2. Do a little research, use Wikipedia and soon you will figure out that Singaporean passort is recognized as the best passport in the world! Why having other one?

      1. Why would you want an EU passport in a world with such a great nation as the USA? Europeans are angry with their own governments and barely making ends meet; most are desperately trying to go to America.

        1. America is a country where Libtards.
          Welfare scum and we spend more money jailing everyone.
          Any country that supports the highest percentage of people in jail of any country in the world is broken.
          Any county that supports welfare and sends money overseas to terrorists and does not feed its hungry and starving is a country I am ashamed of.
          In America poor people find they have more income and things if they go on the dole. Why work let others like myself pay over 40% in taxes while Warren buffet pays 14% America is not a free country I know every time I put my seat belt on. Yes I wear one in other countries also but in the other countries a driver does not get stopped and a ticket for not wearing one.
          America has GMOs America has Ovomit a traitor to America. America has over $200 trillion in Debt (17 is a lie) I served my country and am a veteran retired. I am ashamed of America. I wish it was a free country like it used to be.


          1. It is tragic the way the USA is now. The founding fathers with the ideals of governments role of protecting the individual rights of citizens has not been forgotten. Now the idea of socialism for the common good is what people believe. I have no problem with a just and even equal society, however, the whole point of the USA when it was founded was on an idealism of when we all act on our own enlightened self interest society as a whole will benefit beyond what governments can achieve.

            Debt is an issues. I might take issues with some of your specifics as I am not a big fan or large corporate welfare of the industrial military complex either and this might exceed the harm of the social welfare programs.

            But I would rather live in the USA than the EU and I have a citizenship in both. The EU is great in many ways, but the USA is still the land of the free despite its problems.

          2. People who aren’t willing to stay and try to fix the problem are more than welcome to go to the EU and never come back. I hope if things are ever more like you want them, then don’t let you come back.

            If you really pay 40% of your gross in taxes, either you or your accountant is an not correct. When I was young and poor I didn’t pay that much, and now we make a bundle and don’t pay that much.

            America isn’t perfect, but we certainly have it better than most of the world, and we all know what country every other country looks to when it needs help.

          3. If you aggregate state and local taxes as well as sales tax and fees and social security medicare and all the taxes you do not see because your employer pays but it comes from your bottom-line then you pay more than 50% in taxes. I do not believe in fixing the world in that way as you can not. You just pay your taxes and vote against it. If you do not like it than you have the right to leave.

  2. I am a Palestinian national, holding temporary Jordanian passport, born in Jerusalem (lived in Jerusalem) and was working for EU- Embassy in one of the Arab countries for more than 20 years.
    My wife and 4 kids are stateless (we all have Jordanian passports but temporary and family can not go back to Jerusalem nor live in Jordan). Can I find a way to obtain an EU passport based on my long service for an EU embassy, being stateless and refugee at the same time?
    I am very worried about the future of my wife and 4 children. were to go when I reach retirement age.
    I know if I am rich many countries will open doors, but what about if I have no money. Does this means that my family and I should vanish.
    Could any body, any official, any well connected people help me and my family please find a place to live safely.

    1. There is no way I can answer this question. I understand you are worried about your family, like everyone is, but you have given me no information.
      Why are you stateless? When I was in Palestine I was talking to Palestinians and they showed me their passport? Why can you not live there or Jordon? What EU embassy did you work for? This is rarely a legal justification for anything.
      If you are a stateless person because of religious persecution for example, you need to build a well documented case with all papers and support and list of places you lived and what happened with sworn statements from people who saw this persecution.

      1. Stateless:
        it is a very complicated and long short my family are stateless because my wife used to hold an Israeli Id., she joined me in Saudi Arabia, delivered two children in Jerusalem and two in Riyadh. Usually, we get permission for three years to leave Israel. Since we are in Riyadh, we could not add children in Israeli ID. Therefore, registering the children, requires to stay in Jerusalem. Israeli authorities do not register children unless parents are in Israel (residing). Renewal of Identity cards is very difficult for us since we are residing outside. It is not like other countries where you can just register your children and make them legal entry and exit. I think you know the situation of Palestinians and the pressure to withdraw identity cards mainly from Jerusalem people holders of Israeli ID.

        Why not Jordan:
        Jordan has two type of passports (permanent with national number and those have the right to live, work in Jordan) “temporary one, and holders of these are only carrying travel documents which allow them to travel abroad but not stay in Jordan and there children can not go to school (private or public) even you can not have a driving license.
        All this was based on agreement between Aracorpulent and King Husien when they made what is called “Fak al Ertibat” disconnecting the east bank from the west bank. A kind of support to what is called Palestinian Authority or state?!

        Which EU state:

        1. Your a good man and you care about your family. I do not have a solution. I think what I would do is list the countries that you could stay in. Develop a list, I think somewhere in the world you can stay. Then you have an economic issue. How do you support your family in your stateless situation. My recommendation is you speak English and maybe a few other languages and I would focus on being a language tutor. No education other than a talent for languages and a passion required. I also think the food, like Pizza business is low start up or even online something.
          I think the economics is the easy part. You can do this in Palestine, also Dubai work is a consideration. I think an EU citizenship or residence will be hard unless you can prove persecution. Being stateless does not do that, I think. So I would do a lot of research and develop a list of countries about the world that you could live in. Do the research but in a global economy, I think Palestine is not that bad. I was there it is a beautiful place. The economics is not super but you have the Internet. If you could find a home in Europe, it is easy, food services or languages is the way to go to get your feet on the ground.

    2. Why not Brazil? They have signed every treaty on stateless people possible. I even remember something on the news where the Brazilian government paid to transfer some Palestinian families to Brazil. I think the Brazilian government should let people in, especially stateless people, but not pay for them because that’s not fair to everyone else.

      There was a stateless African who appeared in the news recently because the government is going to issue him an ID card because they signed every treaty on stateless peopple. After some years, or if he has children here, he can apply for Brazilian citizenship.

      The beaurocracy in Brazil is a real pain, and very time-consuming. Nonetheless, this should not discourage anyone. Give Brazil a try. I was born in the US, but I like Brazil very much. I am married and have a young child in Brazil.

      After I get Brazilian citizenship, I can go live in Portugal (due to an agreement with Brazil), and get Portuguese (EU) citizenship if I want to.

  3. Hello Mark, I read on your previous post that certain countries (including Filipino citizens) can obtain Spanish citizenship in just 2 years of living legally in Spain.

    I just finished my High School in the Philippines, I have an option to study a 4 year course in Spain, will living in Spain as a student is also applicable for this? Does it mean that on my second year in college I can automatically apply for a Spanish Citizenship provided that I have all the documents required, (Birth Certificate, Police Clearance, Father and Mother Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract – all translated in Spanish)?

    Thank you in advance. Awaiting for your answer.

    1. I believe so and I would go for it. I think a lot of Filipinos are not aware that it is that easy to get a Spanish citizenship. I mean the Philippines is a nice place, but lets be honest the EU is a rich place and very exciting, despite the crisis and 21% unemployment in Spain today. I think in 10 years Spain will be back on its feet.

      1. Yeah, a lot. I’m wondering why many of them are dying to go to the USA or UK to obtain these citizenship while in fact, one of the most advantageous passport is just in the corner, easier to obtain than those countries.
        I hope you can clarify if living in Spain for 4 years under a student visa will qualify me for the Spanish Citizenship for only two years of staying there as a student.

  4. Hello. If I might say I’m stuck between the borders of Israel.
    I was born in Moldova and my mum took me when I was 7 and moved with me to Israel.She thought it will be a better place for me. When you immigrate to other country you loose your Moldavian citizenship. She got Israeli citizenship cause her grandfather was Jewish but it doesn’t works for me. So meanwhile I grew up and Im already 19 and I am stateless. I can not travel around the world and I cannot go to other countries but only if I have a visa for them(for every one of them).. I don’t think Israel will give me citizenship because I’m not Jewish and I did not apply to the army here, do you have any solution for me? Because I want to move to Europe and build a better future.

    1. It is untrue that you love your citizenship if you immigrate to another country, only if you become a citizen and swear allegiance and serve in the government in a high position do you. I would confirm and claim my Moldavian citizenship like nothing happened and would build a case if you had to. Now Moldavia is not a rich country so I understand if you want to try for Western Europe. But no country will give you a citizenship because you are stateless, there is little advantage. You need to find a reason such as your family is from this country or you know the language and have a company sponsor you. The whole would would like to live in London for example if they could, but you need a legal justification for it.
      I would also try applying to Israel. It is a country with a high standard of living. You are 19 and need to develop skills and show a country that you are invaluable to them with your intellect or skills. Maybe stay in Israel and studying something you love and get a PhD in it and the world will be open to you, the whole world. But at 19 and little education, most doors are closed.

    2. Dear Michael,

      As for Israel citizenship

      I would advice you to go for giyur – that way once you finish your course you can get your citizenship you will become jewish and you will have rights as Israelis.

      But !
      1) you should go only for orthodox giur ( as any other giyur can be canceled later)
      2) it will take at lease 3 years and rabi can check on you any time- so i advice to do it only if you really love Israel and want to leave religious life – do 120 bracordial daily etc.

      As per Moldova – you were underage when your mother took you so you can easily apply for citizenship as you never gave up – she did, so based on Moldova law – right by birth – you can get your citizenship back . Just get yourself good lawyer.

      If your idea is to get Israeli passport – just for travelling – then it is quite hard to get it through giyur – I would definitely advice to go for Moldova passport.

      Chapter II
      Article 10. Grounds for Acquisition of Citizenship
      (1) Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova shall be acquired by:
      a) birth;
      b) recognition;
      c) adoption;
      d) recovery;
      e) naturalisation;

    3. I am not sure but heard that, as citizen of Moldova you can apply for Romanian citizenship and then EU will open for you.

      1. This true as there are good relations between Romania and Moldova are good and there is a Moldovian and Romanian unification movement.

        1. Not that true. Romania gave citizenship for Moldavians who descended from Romanians. Moldavia used to be part of Romania when Russia took it. So part of Moldavians are in fact Romanians. It was a time when citizenships for Moldavians were granted easily based only on having a grandpa or uncle that apparently was Romanian. Not anymore. Mostly since Romania is in UE. Now you have to live 5 years in Romania, pass the test. Like all the other countries. If he is Romanian, then yes he could try, but if he is not a Moldavian with Romanian ruts. But with money you can arrange it in Romania for sure.

  5. As follw to the self-explained titles and in addition of having Computer engineering, CCIE certification, and 9 years experience at IT field. I born and live in Saudi but ….

    I would like to know madly what I can do to be cetizinship of any country.

    – Can’t travel any where without Visa.
    – Can’t leave the country with permision.
    – Can’t buy home and rented as investor.
    – Can’t do any thing around me without permission.
    – Can’t travel even to egyp which issue the travel document.
    – Can’t back to home .. palestine.
    – Can’t continue my study, or improve myself as if i’m cetizin of any other country and like other people.
    – Can’t move to another company without permision.
    – Can’t move freely, Like a human being.
    – Can’t see my sister in jordan, becoz i need visa.
    – Can’t visit my unle in qatar becoz visa.
    – Can’t work in any gulf country because am palestinian. I got an perfect offer from Cisco System company in Qatar and it was my dream to work with cisco; but at last rejected because i have no right to work in Qatar. Same for dubai.
    – Imagine that I lost my job due to saudization system. what should i do, from where my family can eat?

    It is kind of big jail for me.

    Pleasewhat in the name o f God I can do in my life?

    I have much ambitions, dreams, and energy but i’m stick due to restrictions.
    Please don’t tell me you are good and plan to do retails shop localy. I need to feel free like any other who can travel in weekend, have protection from government, have permision to do any thing.

    1. I do not have the wisdom for this case. However, I would say do nto give up. God sees all things and undestands your suffering. Ask God for wisdom and patience and acceptence.
      While you are doing that I would continue to search for answers many an international agency can help you, like connected to the UN for example.
      I think money also solves many problems. I mean what if you had 1 million dollars, many countries would let you in and welcome you. I would say, in the next 10 to 15 years slowly and honestly try to think of ways to make money. Many people have done it before you. Read Napoleon Hill think and grow Rich for example.

      1. Thanks Marks. I appreciate your support in advance. However, I have contacted local UN and till now no reply.

        If I need to have one milion $ I need 10 years or more. I may have 100K $ if i accepted as refugee i may support myself for one year.
        In one trip I meet a person who is working in UN but he didn’t contact me back. It seems like complicated or odd case. I donno.

        Anyway, you are so supprotive and wish you good luck too.

        1. In many ways it is still an unjust world we live in. I have personally suffered injustice myself. However, the main thing is always trust in God and remember that Plato the philospher said, ‘nothing bad can happen to a good man in this life or the next’. It might seem bad at the time, but God sees everything.
          I also believe that in any place in the world there are great opportunities to make money. The world now pays for intellectual capital rather than physical or financial capital like in the past. Further, we all have the mind to add value or so soemthing intellectually, everyone in the world. So if you can increase your income some how I think this would help a lot with your case for citizenship somewhere. It is crazy but in the world money still talks, even in the the rehlm of legally obtained citizenships.

      2. Hi Mark, for investors, what countries will issue citizenship based on investment, i can show several million USD$ for investment and business, I,d love to shoot for Norway ,Sweden, Denmark , Switzerland , Belguim, Netherlands, Austria, or any other EU country , Norway is my favorite, i already have bank accounts and a social security number in Norway, though any EU country will do if Norway is not possible, your feed back is highly appreciated.

  6. I have a cypriot passport. the are part of the EU. is there a way i can sponsor or help get my half brother EU citizen ship and eventually a passport?
    We have the same mother but different fathers and I obtained my EU passport from my father.
    We have different surnames but was just hoping there is a way to get him to the EU.
    Any guidance and information will be greatly appreciated!

    1. Immediate family does have preference with a US passport, however, in the EU it goes more by bloodline, that is, is he Cypriot or not. That being said I think yes. Did you contact the embassy as they would have all the details. I think the first step is to apply for a Immediate family visa.

  7. Hello Mark,
    I have Permanent Residency in Czech Republic for 6 years and Family Member Residency in United Kingdom for two years where I live with my partner.
    Do I have right to keep both of residencies in the same time or I should close one?
    Most of my time now I live in UK, but I keep business in CZ.
    I am thinking in the future of applying for permanent residency in UK, and after for UK citizenship.
    Look forward for your answer

    1. My grandparents were from Ukraine by the way. I am not a legal expert so I do not know the specifics. I personally would focus on the UK residency and citizenship. It might be a longer route than a Czech citizenship but a UK citizenship is like gold in my opinion. My brother got a UK citizenship and once you have it you and your family for many generations will enjoy a high standard of life and prestige. It is like being an American, once you have this passport it opens many doors.

      I have a Polish and US passport. I think this is fine, because even in the UK people will see me as American. I am very proud to be Polish as well as Ukrainian but in terms of business sometimes it makes a difference.

      I think you can keep the Czech residence if you just do not say anything. I mean if you have a place to hang it, a flat and an adress, no one cares or knows. But all this is up to you. I personally would focus on the UK, it has been a center of business and culture for 500 years and that is not going to change soon.

  8. I have been based in France, working on a yacht, for some years now. I have been paying non-resident tax in France, for four years, have a mortgage in France, and really, have been living here for all intents and purposes. Is there any way to cement my ties here with residency so that I may start my own business or perhaps work here in the future?

    1. I think for your situation you need to build a special case. I do not know the laws of French immigration, but I do not almost universally if you put all your documents in order and make a passionate argument in writing how you feel French and want to contribute to French society and give specific ways, and take this to an immigration lawyer there is a chance you can get special consideration. Really play up your ties to France. I know someone else that did this and it worked but in their bloodline they had French blood.

      1. True, I know someone who illegally “emigrated” a log time ago to Australia, from an east European country! He lived for 15 years at a farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere, when he decided to come back to his birth country, see family and remain and start a new life. He couldn’t re-adapt, couldn’t get a job, didn’t have where to live and he had no visa to go back to Australia of course He wasn’t young any more to go back in a container. So he wrote to the Australian embassy, his story, including how he got there in the first time -in a container, how he loves Australia and how he will end his life, if they will not take him back. No joking. They gave him citizenship granted on the 15 years spent in illegality in Australia, maybe him saying that he will set himself on fire in from of the Australian embassy did the trick also.

  9. My father was held hostage and threaten to kill him and our family lucky he escaped and they managed to capture two suspects but since their was no evidence they were released now we fell in danger can’t sleep thinking they will come for us we do not wish to stay here would it be possible to get a EU citizenship in this case? living currently in Mexico

    1. Sorry you ha all that trouble. That is something else. There has to be some evidence that all this happened, even circumstantial.

  10. My nationality is British National (Overseas). This type of British nationality was given to Hong Kong born people before 1997 if their parents were Hong Kong permanent residents. Just wonder why people on Falkland Islands and other overseas British possessions are British Citizens but we were deprived of it. Basically people born here in HK before the implementation of the British Nationality (1982) Act were Citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKCs).

    1. It does seem unfair, I think it has to do with the idea that Hong Kong was never really British in the permanent sense but rather rented space for 99 years.

  11. I am married to an italian citizen and we are going to finish 3 years of our marriage, I can apply for Italian citizenship through marriage after 3 years. But with all this economic crisis in Italy, Do you think its worthwhile to get an Italian Passport, currently I am also a citizen of a country which does not allow dual citizenship, so I will lose my current citizenship.

    1. Italian citizenship is a great citizenship as it is an EU passport. You can live anywhere in the EU and work. The crisis will someday pass but until then, I think Italy is a wonderful country. Maybe you are from Ukraine? Where is your other passport?

      1. Hi Mark,

        Thanks for your reply. I am from India. and since it is an upcoming economy, I am not sure if it would be great to lose my Indian citizenship.

        1. You are right, India rocks so I would just get maybe a resident card for the EU but keep my Indian citizenship. I mean India really is the future of the whole world if you look at the demographics.

  12. Hi Mark,
    I’m writing cuz there are few things I really would like to clarify. I am a Filipino citizen got married to a German national and right after our marriage, we moved to China, then after a year to the USA, we got a child who was born in the USA so she is in fact a US citizen and at the same time German since her father is. We acquired those 2 passports for her. Now we are thinking of getting a divorce because we are both not happy with our set up anymore. I’m back in the Phils. now with my daughter. Can I still get a Filipino passport for her even though she already has two? I still keep my citizenship as a Filipino and not planning to go back to Europe unless necessary, our divorce paper is still on the way but should I allow him to take our daughter to his country even though we have not come up of an agreement regarding child custody? I know he is the father of my child and I do not want to deprive him from seeing her nor my child to her dad but at the same time I am scared what if he is not going to return my child back. Not sure if my problem is relevant to most of the posts here but been searching online for answers to no avail. Hope you or anyone can help.

    1. jus sanguinis is the law of the Philipines and since you are Philipines you will have no problem getting a citizenship for your daughter and she can keep her other passports in my understanding. I am not an expert but this is the way I read the laws.

  13. Hello Mark,

    Great website. I have a few doubts regarding the euro citizenship.
    Suppose if I am studying in one of the member nations of the EU on a student visa. I am also a football player and would like to play football on a professional level with a club. And I would like to get a passport of the country I am playing in for this reason since there are some rules regarding playing football professionally in Europe and there are some advantages of having an EU passport. I also at the same time happen to be a citizen of another country, India.
    Is there any chance I could be eligible for citizenship in the European country I am studying in? If not, as a footballer or as a student, can I get a citizenship through some other way?

    Thanks a lot for your help, Mark. Truly appreciate it. 🙂

  14. I am an Albanian citizen 24-year-old. I have been living in Greece from 1997 until 2007 when i was granted a uk student visa under tiers category. I stayed in UK one year and in 2008 went back to Albania were I finished my university studies. three months ago I came to Greece with my Albanian passport but I don’t have anymore the right to live and work here in Greece, since I left the country for UK.
    It seems to me unfair after living 10 years legally within the EU and finishing the high school within the EU now not to be able to live within the EU anymore but only visit it as a tourist. I want to go and small my head at the wall when I think that I have to go back to Albania to make my living. Where can I complain about what is happening here. I can’t stay here in Greece anymore, I cant go back to UK because I don’t qualify to be granted a visa of any category and I cant more legally to any other country within the Eu to work and live. Am I destined to go back in Albania which I left since when i was just a little child?

    1. I do understand how you feel but this is the law. I know many people that have lived in the USA, even from rich Canada and have had to go home once their visa has expired. Lok you need to try to get a company to sponsor you, and get a work visa for the EU this is the only way I can think of for you to get a visa. My brother was able to live in the UK for many years on a work visa and they eventually gave him citizenship.

      So there are many ways to get a EU visa but for you, someone educated I recommend a work visa. Focus on this.

      Albania is not a bad place to live. I would live there, but again the whole thing is economics, how can you make your way in this world. This is the question that we all have to discover the answer to. However, I would say it is not as dependent on poltical boarders as much as skill set which you develop.

  15. Hello Mark,

    Great website. I have a few doubts regarding the euro citizenship.
    Suppose if I am studying in one of the member nations of the EU on a student visa. I am also a football player and would like to play football on a professional level with a club. And I would like to get a passport of the country I am playing in for this reason since there are some rules regarding playing football professionally in Europe and there are some advantages of having an EU passport. I also at the same time happen to be a citizen of another country, India.
    Is there any chance I could be eligible for citizenship in the European country I am studying in? If not, as a footballer or as a student, can I get a citizenship through some other way?

    Thanks a lot for your help, Mark. Truly appreciate it.

  16. My question can a child now 52 whose parents were Polish and fled the natzi regime in Poland become a Polish national and reside in the UK.

    1. I think yes, and being Jewish has nothing to do with it as Jews were Poles. I think you just apply by presenting Polish government documentation from that time, like birth records.

  17. I am a USA citizen – born in Israel – came here when I was seven. In Israel we had a different last name -my sister tells me it was legally changed and all our relatives use that name in Israel – my sister’s citizenship papers show that last name – mine doesn’t – don’t really know why-maybe it was the age difference – anyway, I want to apply for an Israeli passport under the name used in Israel but would like to research before I apply – any suggestions – maybe a cross reference web site?

    1. Name changing is a non-issues and is very common for lots of reasons like marriage, adoption, and I knew a guy that did it three times just for fun. But many people change their names for other reasons like to make it more American. Whatever the reason, just provide all legal documents to trace all this. Birth records are obtained though the Israeli local governments/hospitals for sure.

  18. My friend is living in Germany for more then one year now, but he has 6 months visa it extends every 6 months and he can’t go out of Germany. If he caught by police in any other Schengen-country what would gonna apply to him?
    What would it be fine or something else?

    Thanks, am looking forward for you response.

    1. If your visa is overstayed in the EU and caught by any police, your friend will be deported for three years I think. Generally they do not fine people for overstaying the visa, just ship them back to the country they came and they can not reapply for 3 years or more.

    2. Thanks for your information, actually he doesn’t have Schengen zone visa he has 6 months asylum visa he is asylum seeker in germany if he has the right only to move around the Germany if he go out of the Germany and caught by police in any other country in Schengen zone countries what charges going to apply to him or fine?

  19. I’m a Filipino separated but not legally annulled or divorce is there anyway I still can marry a EU citizen?

  20. Hi Mark,

    I am a Chinese and holding the BNO (British National Overseas) passport. I am now under the Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) to do the working holiday in UK. I know there are some countries recognise the person who holds the BNO as a EU citizen? Is that true? Which countries are they? In this case, does it mean I can go to these countries to apply for a EU citizenship? What criterion are up to?

    1. After five years in the UK you can registar to be a UK citizen, and do not even need to be naturalized. I think that would be the best. Howevever, I am not an expert, but I think Germany, Norway and the Netherlands as well as Sweden has a very liberal interpretation of the Lisbon treaty and allows BNOs to work and live there with a simple registration. I think Germany is the easiest, while the other countries you might need a job first.
      I think you need to apply at the local police to get a residence card, documents required are rental contract, medical insurance and your BNO passport.
      I do not want to give you wrong information but I think this is what you could do, you might want to double check with the German embassy. I think it comes down to how they inturpret the Lisbon Treaty and you are right many countries recognize BNO as citizens. I think if you could work in the EU you would find it a very nice experience both in terms of money and culture.

      1. Thanks Mark! Your provided information does help me a lot. But one more thing I want to ask, can I study in UK with holding BNO since I looked into the UK border official website, person who is British overseas territories citizen does not need to apply the student visa to study; however my tier 5 visa is going to expire this July, do I need to go back to my home country then come back to UK again?

        Thanks for your reply.

        1. I wish I knew the answer to that one. I think you really have to talk to the British Home office – UK Boarder agency. I think they will be the only ones to know for certain. I wish I could tell you good news but this is complex stuff and I would speak to them directly.

          But if you can please let me know what you find out as it will be useful for other BNO. I mean I personally think it would be great if you could just stay. I believe in more freedom of good people to move accross boarders and work and live and study. The more open the world is the better off we are.

  21. Hi Mark,

    My daughter’s father is a French citizen and we are getting her EU passport. We were never married. Once She has her passport can I apply through her to get mine? I am a US citizen- She is 7 years old.



    1. It would be a long process of naturalization as European citizenship passes via blood though parent to child not the other way arround. You do not have French blood, but your daughter does. Since you are not married you can not get it that way (why don’t you guys get married you have a child together?), you can live in France with a visa and eventually get one but not confirmation.

  22. Hi Mark,

    I am of a Pakistani nationality and I wish to know what is the minimum investment required to get started with a business to get permanent residency in any EU states? My priority is United Kingdom though.



    1. If you want a 3 year residence visa in th UK a tier 1 you will need to be an investor with 1,000,000 GBP or a business owner with 200,000 GBP in funds to run a business. From there you can keep renewing it if the UK sees you as a contributor, a wealth or job creator. Eventually you will be able to apply for a permanent residence.

      Other EU countries are less, such as Poland as the currency is not in GBP but Polish Zloty. However, it is a far diffrent country. So you can live in the EU if you have a business plan and the funds to back it up, but to get a greencard you will have to live for many years there.

      1. Thanks mark, how much Polish Zloty would do you suggest I should have to start a business?

        1. It depends on the business, but I think you need lets say 20,000 pln to start. Lets say a shop where you sign a 1 year lease and pay some in advance would be 1,000 pln depending on the area, then you need inventory and set up fees and other things. If you have 20k pln in your pocket it would be no problem for a successful business in Poland. You could do it for less. You could teach English and have a small English school that goes out to people’s homes to teach for example it would cost you nothing, except taxes on earned income. So it all depends on what you want to do.

          1. This is Brilliant Mark, I can afford much more than 20k pln, and I can speak good English with an American accent and I have dome some English Language Courses as well. However, my ultimate destination is UK, after how many years I can move to UK from Poland? And, how and where should I start doing the paper work? I don’t to go on a visit visa and start something illegally.

            I have also over 8 years experience in travel industry and have dome some courses in this field too.

            I really appreciate your time and patience with my questions.

            Kindest Regards,

            Essar Karim

          2. You need to connect with a firm that has done this type of thing before. I can tell you the steps of going to the Polish offices and you need to create an business plan and they need to approve it and you need to apply for a visa and they have to check you. So it is a complex process. For me it took a lot of work, but it was easy as I was there on my passport for three months and I could figure it all out while I was there. I devoted myself full time to this activity. You I think would be better working with an accounting firm that helps foreigners set up busineses in Poland.

  23. Hello Mark,
    I am a Moroccan citizen living in Morocco. My father works in Spain and the company he works with helped him get his citizenship and he is now a legal Spanish citizen but he doesn’t have the nationality yet. Three months ago, he applied for Family reunification and my mother got her citizenship. I didn’t get it yet and I will turn 18 years old in 2 days. I am applying to universities now and the Statutory Tuition Fee is lower then the Institutional by far. It says if you are a member of the EEA, then you are eligible for the Statutory Tuition Fee. Do you think they will accept my case if I become a citizen or should I have the nationality to be eligible?


    1. I think you need to make a clearly written, and documented case with a very passionate argument about why you could get accepted with the Statutory fees. I have worked on my case and helped others here and there and I know the people behind the law are just humans like me and you. If you write a clear argument that makes logical sense, I do not know what your position will be but some documents that will appeal to both their logic, like your father is a Spanish citizen and you love Spanish culture and it has been a dream to study here type of thing, I think that you will have a better chance. I wrote something similar, and I was sincere a few times and it helped. I do not know all the details of Spaish law but try to research this and find a way, I think it is possible.

  24. Hi Mark,
    I’am Palestinian married to a Hungarian girl, we are living and working in Dubai with my 2 kids, i have permanent Visa, and we own a house in Hungary, but the issue here my VISA it will be expired end of this year and I need to apply for 10 years permanent card, kindly could you advice what paper is needed and is there any chance to get it.

    1. You need to be living in Hungary for this visa, and if you have a residence there maybe you could put your adress there and it would be OK, but I think that you need to download the application from the Hungarian embassy website.

  25. Hi, My GF was born in the Czech Republic- but when she was 3 yrs old her family moved to the Ukraine. Si her Birth cert is Czech- so in this case is she allowed to just move to any EU member state?

    Any help would be much appreicated. Kind regards

    1. If she is of Czech parents then she needs to get confirmed a Czech citizen and everything is fine. If she holds a Ukrainian passport and nationality she will have to give that up. Or she can get a greencard visa for the Czech Republic. But a birth certificate is not the same thing as having Czech citizenship. Two different ideas. She needs to have a pice of paper saying she is and go to the passport office and get a passport, or the embassy in Ukraine. She can work this all from Ukraine. It should not be a problem.

      1. Hi Mark, Many thanks…I cannot imagine she will want to give up her UA passport and nationality as it might be a problem to go home to UA and see relations for any long stays? so she can just get her CZ green card and eventually get dual citizenship? will the green card allow free movement in any EU country and stay for any lenght of time? and you say about passport…do you mean the Cz one she needs to obtain with her Birth cert- by going to Cz or writing…usually they want to see you in person right?
        Thanks so so much for the advice!!

  26. I am Moroccan living in poland studying in a master degree.
    I heard that after 5 years of living I can get the polish citizenship. is it possible? and does the years of studying counts as well in those 5 years of residency. (I have a karta pobytu).
    Thank you in advance for the answer,


    1. The clock starts when you have your permanent residence card. This is a card that allows you to stay in Poland forever (ten years renew not a students visa).

      1. What about having and working with a work permit. It doesn’t work as well?
        Thank you for the answer and for you interest.

        1. They will take that into consideration for sure, so it does not hurt but my understanding is work visas as student visas are not what the law speaks about for obtaining citizenship, rather only a permanent residence.

  27. I am just curious, can someone have triple citizenship, one by birth and second by naturalisation? Let’s say I was born in Romania, lived for six years in UK, got British citizenship then moved to states. Can I apply for american citizenship and keep the other two?

    1. Yes you can have three if you really want to. I would warm that there are tax implications for this though. For example, as a US citizen you have to report all world wide income even if you live abroad. But technically you could be like Jason Bourne and have several passorts.

  28. You are doing a really wonderful job here, cheers to our effort and time. I am an Indian and have been trying for an EU passport and with the current economic situation its been really tough procuring a job in EU and thereby patiently waiting and apply. I had done my masters firm UK and had a 2 year visa but was unsuccessful finding a job there.

    Now I hear if you spend 2 years in France by graduating in a Masters from a French school or procuring a Ph.D from a French school automatically makes you eligible for a French citizenship, is this true? Would taking up a degree from any of the EU countries help in gaining their passport?

    1. I can tell you nothing is automatic. However, if you can get a Ph.D from in France, I would not even think twice. It will change your life and open your world. Why would you even wait. You could also meet a nice French girl. But really, education is so important and will lead to respect and income as well as language skills. Now I do not know that rule about a Ph.D from France, but I can tell you generally I have no heard of too many people with medical degrees or University Ph.Ds having trouble getting visas and potentially citizenships. Countries look at a person and see if this person is educated, or has money or can contribute to society.

      I see nothing at first glance, but maybe I do not know French citizenship law that well.

  29. I am married in UK to a Portuguese national, got the 5 years residence card, we already registered our marriage with the Portuguese been married over 4 years now, how easy can it be to go to Portugal and ask for a passport, I have a feeling if you have money you will be able to buy your way in EU countries apart from UK.

    1. Unless you have a few million in the bank and are a job and wealth creator, money has nothing to do with it. It is whatever the law is on the book. If you live lawfully with the greencard for several years in Portugul, then just apply and you will get accepted as a citizen, I do not see that the problem is.

  30. Hello Mark!
    You seem to be very helpful to others, so I hope you can be a beacon for me too.
    I am looking to move to Paris and make a life there, sooner or later. I speak fluent French, and I am very aware of French culture and customs. I am an American citizen born to parents from Mexico. I also speak Spanish fluently. Since their initial arrivals, they have naturalised as American citizens now. Since my intentions are to move to Europe, I would love to figure out my path to EU citizenship.
    From my knowledge and research, I figure that I can claim my Mexican nationality through my parents and move to Spain under a student or work visa and remain there for 2 years legally, and then naturalise into a Spanish citizen?
    I know my father’s grandfather immigrated to Mexico from Spain as well. I don’t know much about him, but could I claim Spanish citizenship through my great-grandfather, of course if I did all my research and pulled up all information necessary? If my father applied for citizenship under his grandfather, could he receive it, and then pass it on to me?
    I hope you can enlighten me and point me in the right direction.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. If your grandfather was Spanish you only need one year to be naturalized. But maybe you can get it faster.

      Mexican nationality has little influence on Spanish nationality unlike other Spanish-speaking countries because of historical reasons. It is like someone from Australia getting an US citizenship. However, your grandfather from Spain might help a lot. Your father would have to be confirmed a Spanish citizen, rather than apply. If he is confirmed than you might be able to be confirmed too. The reason is it matters what your father was at the time of his birth. He is subsequently naturalized it does not matter, but you were born to a Spanish citizen it matters.

      1. Being a citizen of Mexico won’t help me? In your previous commentary I’ve read that citizens of the Philippines, and of Iberoamerican countries only have to reside in Spain two years before they can apply for naturalisation?

  31. I will turn 19 this June and I am from India. I am here in UK on a visitor visa well me and my girl who is from Portugal want to get married and she will turn 18 this June too. We don’t know the procedure how get one done and where. Can you please advise us how can to make it happen. We want to get marry in UK if possible.

    1. Denmark and Gibralter are pretty easy to get married in Europe. Remember once you are married you are married all over the world. So if your objective is to avoid paperwork find the easiest place in the world to get married, from Vegas or maybe India and take the marriage certificate to Europe.

  32. Hello Mark.
    You seem to be very helpful to others, so I hope you can be a beacon for me too.
    I am living in the Netherland with Bulgarian girl friend since from 2009. We want to married in the Netherlands but my refugees procedure was closed so I am illegal in the Netherlands. Please could you give me right information then I can legal process for marriage in the Netherlands.
    Best regards,

    1. Although I can understand your situation I do not want to help illegal immigrants become legal, because I would not have enough information to advise you other than contact an immigration lawyer. You can do a search on the web and find one that would know. I think you are right the Netherlands and Denmark are the easiest countries for marriage where someone illegal becomes legal though marrying an EU citizen. But I do not want to give advice regarding that because a lot of people write me and I can not determine if they are trying to marry for an EU citizenship, that s use marriage as their way to get an EU visa or true love.

  33. I am a Hong Kong British and own both British Nationality (Overseas: no right staying in UK) and HKSAR (Chinese Nationality). As a result of Libson treaty, EU citizenship can be classified as nationality rather citizenship. Is it possible to consider British nationality overseas passport owing right to achieve EU citizenship?

    I am looking forward to hearing your reply soon.

    1. BNO is not the same as EU citizenship and the many government officials in the EU are unclear on the law. As you know the British National Oversease gives you all the rights of a citizen but citizenship and the right of abode. I think it is unfair as it treats enthic groups as a second class citizen. I mean you were born in Hong Kong a part of Britain.

      The good news is, I lived in the EU for a good part of my life and no one on the country level knows the law on the EU level to the end. I think under a BNO you can live legally as you stated in continental European countries. Then after a number of years of living legally you can get an EU citizenship through the process of nationalization.
      Section four of the British Nationality Act of 1981 allows you to get British citizenship after living there for five years.

      So the key question is which country interprets a BNO passport in a liberal way.

      I think Germany is an example of such a country, that is you can work and live with a BNO. I would start calling embassy countries in the EU to make sure.

  34. Dear Mr. Biernat,

    First of all, I would like to thank your invaluable opinions.

    Regarding of my charter engineer from British Engineering Council, I am highly possible to earn European Engineer status in the following months. My question is whether qualification of European Engnineer will benefit myself for seeking a job in European nations or not.
    Please kindly outline the procedure for intending to achieve resident permit, if I try to stay in Germany or Netherland.

    Finally, I would give my gratitude for your kind support.


    1. You could try to simply registrar in Germany at the Bürgeramt as a resident and maybe that is all you need. Other wise you need to go to the office of the Ausländerbehörde, that is the office for aliens in Germany. Bundesagentur für Arbeit and then speak to Ausländeramt get a Aufenthaltserlaubnis.

      This is complex stuff as you can see but I would start with Ausländerbehörde and see if they have advice for you. If you are going to Berlin go to for example.

      I think this is all I can recommend. I do not know the subtle of German law connected with BNO beyond the above, which is start with the department of foreigners Ausländerbehörde.

  35. I know this is not right but do you know someone who does fake passports? Hope you can get back to me the soonest. Thank you.

    1. I can not recommend anyone as that would be recommending something not legal.
      However, for a passport to work it is all about the computer chip. It has to be real to the government, not just he look but in the system. Therefore, the name andphotohas to be in the government computer system. Ussually there are people on the inside of the government who work for a crime organization that enters this information or uses someone elses. I have always thought true crime of a paper nature to be interesting. However, I always wondered why such creative people do not use their talent’s in the free and legal market to be entrepreeurs, I think they would make a lot more money. I believe there is a legal way around almost everything if you look hard enough.
      I mean I am legally a duel citizen and although it took work, I did it. I found a way for me. So if you have a goal and a question in a more legal way just ask and I can see if I can help.

  36. I being living in england for 10 years after over staying my vistor Visas can I applied for residency visa status being that I being there for almost 11 years.

    1. You have to be there legal years. I am not judging you, I am just saying under the law they only count legal years. You might want to check an advocacy agency for immigration rights, but if you are not legal I do not think so.

  37. Thanks for your kind supports on my questions which directly relate with European citizenship.
    Last week, I sent an email to European correspondant where may offer me a concrete solution about the status of British national Overseas (BNO). Unfortunately, their replies seem unclearly to definite whether BNO holders can become legal people to work freely in European nations or not. In fact, their solutions are given the guidlines if BNO holder is considered as an European citizen or if BNO holder is not considered as an European citizen.
    Anyway, my last question is whether I need to have appropriate address where is an evidence to prove myself living in that nation or not if I want to apply permanent resident in that country or do I need to have the following documents before application of permanent resident in one of European nations ?
    1. Approved address for my flat
    2. Bank statement
    3. Insurance document
    I would like to do how many European nations which have already recognized BNO holders as legal people in European nations.

    1. You need an official address, I had to register at the local government with a rental lease and utility bill in my name.

  38. Next year, I will intend to travel Germany by my BNO. However, do I need to apply a short visa from German embassy before I go. If I need it what type of visa I need to apply?
    Finally, please eagerly recommend me which city or town is easily to get Resident permit for BNO holder ? Do I need to buy medical insurance before I go ?

    At last, I would really appreciate your invaluable suggestions.


    1. This is beyond the scope of my knowledge. I would get any visa you can, but I do not know. I think that you choose a town that would make you happy. I like Munich for example. However, if you are in the far west and north you are closer to the UK and France if you like to travel.

  39. I have been granted refugee status in Greece 2 years ago and am not Greek citizenship,just have permanent residence permit. I would like to study in Sweden and can get student visa on my travel document that has been issued in Greece. I would like to know that shall I pay fees for universities in Sweden or not?
    Law says if you are EU citizenship the fees are free of charge and I don’t know with this permanent residence that I have I can be exempted from fees or I don’t belong to the EU Citizens Category.

    1. You mean even Holder of Greek Travel Document(based on Geneva Convention) granted political refugee satus can not be as a EU Citizen in order to study free of charge in EU zone?

      1. You can be an EU citizen, just to get the free education, from my understanding you need to be a citizen. I think you have to find a basis for your citizenship. Having a visa is different from a citizen. Many people live on visas, as refugees and a number of other resident classification but the laws of citizenship depend mostly of the ‘Jus sanguinis’ or contributing something to the culture or marriage.

  40. I myself am inclined with Linguistics, Traveling and meeting people of all sorts. I speak English, of course, ein bisschen Deutsch, un poquito Español and err, Filipino. I also have lived in the US, Germany, the island of Guam (US), and the Philippines to name a few.

    This is a response to an old post about “Buying an EU Citizenship”. I need your Expertise, sir. I hope you could help me out a bit. Or at least enlighten me.

    In a nutshell:
    A Filipino citizen, WAS a Permanent Resident of the US, served in the US Military but not securing US citizenship, deported due to an alleged “Aggravated Felony” conviction involving an alleged “victim” so Court Martial, a Bad Conduct Discharge, Jail time, a significant amount of fine, Deportation, Criminal record, FBI, Interpol, and all that stuff.

    The arrest and the conviction occurred in a military installation in Europe (US grounds) but the alleged “violation” happened out of US jurisdiction, an isolated event, so to speak. But since the alleged “victim” was a civilian American citizen and this Military Filipino US Permanent Resident were both bound by US laws, the European authorities refused to intervene.

    The alleged “violation” does not seem be viewed as “heinous” or “aggravated” in other countries especially in Europe and perhaps, other parts of the US. It could be treated as a “misdemeanor” the most. Nobody was hurt nor murdered nor an attempt to do so. But since the individual was a US Military personnel, a “blanket” set of violation was charged by the US Military itself upon this person. Either way, this person have had a “plea bargain”, have served time and have “paid off the dues”, so to speak.

    Now, this individual is currently in the Philippines, it being technically this person’s country of origin despite having lived in the US half of this person’s life and being highly “Westernized”. In other words, the Philippines is not “home” to this westernized Filipino in spite of recently securing a Philippine Passport.

    It is quite complicated; I know but please bear with me.

    The questions are:

    What are the chances of this Filipino individual to be able to obtain a Visa to Europe (Spain as the prospect for Permanent Residency and Citizenship opportunities being a citizen of the Philippines)?

    If not in Europe, which countries should this person pursue to migrate to being a Filipino citizen with a Crime History in the US, based on your experiences with other cases?

    And how much will this “record” affect the chances of migrating to other countries again, being a Filipino citizen with a Crime History in the US (Visa application = biometrics, background checks, Interpol, etc.)?

    As you may know, the Philippines isn’t really an ideal place to rebuild a life (after nearly 2 years of Military prison time). This person is not wealthy (and was stripped off Military pay while incarcerated) nor a “skilled worker” (though whilst in the Military, have specialized in Dental Assisting) as other Visa applications might consider. This person have tried working in the Philippines but was losing more (money wise and health wise) than gaining and we’re talking about Philippine peso here so it was a “lose-win” situation. We should not even delve on the “illegalities” and “corruption” in the country. Of course that’s everywhere but this person is willing to do “crappy jobs” just as long as it is NOT in the Philippines and the pay is somewhat worth the effort. Preferably a European (Spain) or other Highly Developed countries (as any US soil is no longer an option) to work and establish residency/citizenship on.

    If labeled as a “Convict, a “Felon” or a “Criminal” and those are big factors to start a new life with a new-found respect for authority, what do you suggest this person do? Legally of course, or should we consider otherwise?

  41. I want to thank you for helping me and all the other people here. I have read
    that advice which you have given that it may be possible to obtain or buy Austrian proper passport legally and also Russian and Ukrainian for 5,000 Euros.
    If this is possible, how do I go about it.

    1. I think for about a half million Euros you can start a business and get a business visa, but for sure you can not buy a passport for $5,000 dollars legally in the EU. That is misinformation, you can check official government websites if you do not believe me.

      In the case of CIS countries like Ukraine maybe for a lesser amount, but there is no duel citizenship. In Russian you have the greatest chance of getting a passport legally for a low dollar amount, if that is where you really want to live.

  42. Many thanks for your kind to support many people who want to obtain EU citizenship. For your information, last two weeks, one of local newspapers(HK)shows us that German and Iceland immigration offices state BNO holders can work or stay in two nations. Even though many nation’s representatives say that BNO holders are hardly to have freedom rights as same as people in 27 European nations, some of them treats BNO ( British National Overseas) is a kind of British nationals so that they let BNO holders can enjoy to work/ stay in there.
    In this forum is quite useful to share foreigners’ opinions and Mark’s advice.

  43. Hi Mark
    I am a U.S Citizen and Jordanian National but love to live in France or Switzerland, if i buy a cafe or a small bed and breakfast place in France can I get the Carte de Séjour?

    1. In theory not really, what you can get is a visa, not a greencard. But this depends on your ability to generate jobs and how they see the business. If they see you as a job creator you can get this eventually. Here is the other thing, you can get a business visa. But if you are a real business owner than you can get a visa but not a long-term forever visa, just a French business visa. Check with the French embassy as there is a lot of unclear information written about EU citizenships and visas.

  44. Your comments are of grate value. I am thinking of moving and working legaly in Poland (like you) with my family.

    Is it difficult to get citizenship? Do they have language exams? What is the exact process and documents needed? Do you have a link with all the info (don’t mind if it is in Polish)

    Is it worth it after all?

    Thank you in advance

    1. It is the best thing ever to have dual citizenship. You have no idea how it make you feel when you are tired of the old burnt out circuits of your old life to live again anew in a new world, even if it is the old world.
      The only real way to get citizenship besides living there is to have Polish blood. You do not have to take any exams. All you need is to live in Poland for a number of years or have Polish blood.

  45. Hello Mark,

    I am a Goan origin. I am in a process of obtaining my EU – Portuguese passport – Citizenship by ancestry.
    I want to take my family to EU-Portugal with me ( kids study’s, wife may work), however I don’t want to change their current citizenship at the moment.

    Will I be able to sponsor my family ? What is the procedure to go about this?

    Kindly advise

    1. I do not have an answer, you if you have money and a job can sponsor them, but I think their current citizenship will be affected. Except for CIS countries duel citizenship usually does not come into the equation.

  46. Was wondering if there was anything in the field of caring that I could study in the UK that would fill a slot for a needed skill that would enable me to stay and become a resident.

    I have studied IT in my home country (I hold a couple of Microsoft Certified qualifications),but can not obtain work nationally (non EU), and internationally I can not be employed without 2 years experience, and then I still have to convince a company to sponsor me to do so.

    I have 5 different kinds of EU ancestry,but each is removed by 1 too many generations to obtain an EU passport.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Anything you do will be a long term process. I would focus on one country where I think it might be the easiest, and start to build a case. I would even live there legally and teach English with a language school for example or try to get a company to sponsor.

  47. Many thanks for your cooperation in advance.

    I am Libyan, orthopedic Surgeon, studying in the UK since 2008 and obtained master of Human anatomy in 2010 with distinction and currently PhD student in human anatomy. I am wondering will I be granted citizenship as I am a doctor and scientist and which countries will be the best.

    It is very appreciated to reading from you soon.

    Kind regards

    1. You can not get it because you are a doctor, but because you could contribute something to the society. If you get a work visa and live and work in a meaningful way, for a while I think you will be granted citizenship.

  48. I have heard that some countries, notably Spain, Latvia offer some kind of residency where if they purchase property, they could get residency. It could lead to permanent residency or visa which in some time, depending on circumstances, it could lead to citizenship. Would that still be a legal option – purchase property or invest within a amount (such as Latvia, its at least 15,0000 euro)?

  49. Hi,

    I am a non EU citizen married to a Polish citizen who is pregnant with my unborn baby. Things have been difficult for me here in Poland as I have lost my job.

    I intend to move to another EU country to work and take care of my wife. UK is my first choice but I am a bit scared i might not be granted the resident permit to work over there as my wife (EU)cant work. I read that for a non eu married to an Eu citizen to get cant get a resident to live and work in the UK if she cant exercise her treaty right in the UK. As i heard, she needs to be working or self employed or studying, financially buoyant or job seeking for me to get a resident card to live and work over there. What if she is pregnant and cant work?

    I have to point out that my Polish wife is still being paid by her employer and would not need to work for the next 1 year after delivery as she has a long contract with her place of work. She earns close to 3200 zl monthly.

    We would not be needing benefit from UK government. I just want to be able to work, while she sits at home waiting to deliver.

    Do you know anything about this? or do we stand chances in Finland or Norway?


    1. 3200 pln is good money and more than enough to live a good life. This gives you the time to look for work in Poland. You could teach English or any language you speak or start a restaurant. I highly recommend you do not separate from your wife to find work in another country. That would be selfish and materialistic. But if you want to go together to the UK the money is better but so is the cost of life. If you have a visa for Poland this is good, but you will need one abroad unless a citizen. UK has stopped allowing people without citizenship from the EU and a job free and easy immigration. I would personally try to use your talent with languages to make a good life in Poland near her family where she has emotional support.
      I think Finland, Norway are excellent countries to live and work with your family, you can do something like clean fish and make a ton of money, Iceland too. But you have to get over the visa hurdle.

    2. I appreciate your reply to my post but you got my point wrong. Moving to another EU country is not only my choice but also my wife. she works as a teacher. she is smart, has 2 masters and passed all teacher exams and yet cant be promoted. She wants to do her PHD overseas and also learn English probably.

      I am black and sometimes face racism by some primitive minded polish who has never left the shore of Poland. I also fear that my unborn kid might face face racism due to the color of her skin. I want to live with my family in a more westernized country. UK would be my first choice due to the fact that its an English country. Finland and Norway are nice countries but i fear language barrier. If my wife moves with me to the UK, can i get the resident permit to live and work in the UK in spite of the fact that she cant work as she would deliver soon? I have money to take care of our rent for the next 6months. I do not need benefit from the British government.

      1. I understand your concern yet as someone who is married, I think that family and being close to family is more important for females than males. If a woman has family they can help with the baby. However, if you feel better in a the Uk which is more multinational then I understand. We each live life in different ways and I can respect that.
        I would recommend to contact the office or foreigner affairs in Poland and let them guide you or contact the embassy of the target country you want to live in. I think the the Uk might be the best choice because of English and the international nature of London.
        But I personally would rather raise a child in Poland. There are a number of multi ethic families and I know them as students and they had no issues. I think less then the States.

  50. Mark Hi!

    My name is Nora my husband and I have two little girls and we decide to get a Job in UK and live there. My husband is an Industrial Engineer specialized in Injection Molding process (plastic processes). I’m also a Industrial Engineer specialized on Procurement. We want to work and live legally in the UK and first my husband in looking for a job by Internet. What I need to know is about one question about work eligibility, they are asking as follow:

    I confirm that I am eligible to live and work in the UK
    I am not currently eligible to live or work in the UK

    What my husband need to chose to be honest? We don’t have a permit right now, but according to the requirements we need to get a permit to work and live in UK we fully meet them. the only thing we need is an offer for a Job to make it in the UK embassy.

    I’ll really appreciate your help on this matter.


    1. If you are not UK citizens you need a company to sponsor you or your husband. The spouse can not work until they also get sponsorship but can live with their family legally. If you are professionals it is not that hard.

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