Buy an EU citizenship

How to purchase an EU citizenship or EU citizenship for sale has been something I get a lot of questions about. The purpose of this post is to clarify the rules on how to buy an European Union passport and the alternatives to getting a citizenship or dual passport.

Obtain an EU citizenship

Law on getting buying an EU citizenship

I want to be clear it is illegal to buy an EU citizenship and the I am not recommending you buy an EU citizenship. However, there are legal and moral ways to obtain an EU citizenship without paying for your passport.

Marriage an EU citizenship

Marrying for an EU citizenship

If you are married to an EU citizen, in most countries can apply for citizenship. This is only if you are in love. Real Love. You do not marry for a citizenship. This means after you have been living in a country with a legal visa first. Then you can start the application process, which I think takes about 3 months to get all your paperwork together. Then you submit your application for review and from that date you wait about three to five years. However, you must live in the country you apply and the police check you in many cases to see if you ave a real marriage.

The good news is if you are married and it is real it is no problem but if you trying to get a passport with a fake marriage you can face criminal charges.
Many people write and say why not for love and for citizenship. I know several cases where it messes up people’s lives. They have tax and legal problems when one partner over the years changes their mind about the fake marriage agreement. Further many times, for example Arabian men, who wanted to Passport to work in London, have married Polish girls after paying the girls 15,000 Euro. The girls are happy until they try to get a divorce and the guy is not around. Then they can not get married legally anywhere in the world. I think there are easier ways to make 15,000 Euro, like pick apples in Norway or something.

Citizenship granted for contribution to an EU country

If you are a world famous football player or scientist there are cases EU countries have granted citizenship as these individuals will contribute to the country. They give more than they take in a big way.

European roots and getting a passport

Citizenship by ancestry

If you have ever wondered if you can get an EU citizenship because your grandparents were German or Polish citizens, the answer in most cases is no. But the good news is you can often get a visa to live in the EU. Basically it is about piling papers and providing as much documentation as you can, legal documentation, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates all supported by a family tree. Once you have a visa just life and work legally in your new country for five years and apply for a citizenship. Even if the wait might be a year after that it is worth it. Having two passports have countless benefits I can not go into in this post.

Being a political refugee

If you have been persecuted for your religious or political beliefs and you feel your life is in danger, you could make an argument to an EU government for refugee status. It requires proof and commitment, but it can be done. A lot of Jewish people were able to get visa’s for the US because they had such hard times in their own countries, real hard times.

Buying a EU citizenship

I think some countries like Bulgaria allow you to bring a lot of capital and set up businesses that would have a long term positive impact on employment they can set you up with a citizenship. But this is not buying a citizenship directly. Russia you can do this also but again it is more a matter of having a large amount of capital and Russia is not in the European Union.

You can buy a fake passport also. But I do not recommend this. A professional fake passport will cost about 5,000 Euro. One that is done really well with official numbers etc. This more common in Eastern Europe, however, if you get caught you will be in prison for at least ten years and there is little you can do about it. I can only recommend legal ways to get a citizenship.

What if I want an EU citizenship and can not do the above

You still have many options. You can get an EU citizenship if you really want.

Work for your EU citizenship

Best way to obtain an EU citizenship

Live and work legally with a company sponsoring you. Develop some skill, that a company would shire you as opposed to someone else. This may take years but if you work legally in a country with time there is no reason you can not get a citizenship. My brother lived in the UK for 20 years (he is American) working and in a second he could meet a UK citizenship. I have been living and working legally in Poland for over 5 years and my EU passport is around the corner. Why not do it with patience, like my brother and I did. This is the way to obtain a EU citizenship.

If you think you can just meet a passport and be an instant citizen, your dreaming there are billions of people waiting in line ahead of you. Do it the old fashion way, develop yourself and be valuable and then work and live there and then apply after many years legally. This is the way you can buy an EU citizenship with patience and honesty.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions I might be able to help you. Also look for some immigration lawyers if you feel you have a special case where you need to be a European citizen, sometimes they can help.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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What if I am studying in EU country but I am not EU citizen and I decide to get married with my boyfriend, who is also non-EU citizen, in EU country. Can we get EU citizenship or get a visa to live and work and study in EU countries? Will this marriage be legal in EU countries and in my country?

Hi Good question. In the EU citizenship is based largely on blood not where you are born, and certainly not where you are married. Marriage of two non EU citizens does not affect your ability to get an EU citizenship.
Further, if you are married in an EU country, you are married all over the world. Married is married.
I was married in Poland and in the USA I am considered married for all legal purposes. In fact, I just got my daughter a US citizenship at the US embassy, no problem. Student visas as work visas are independent of marital status. If you want to stay in the EU get a work visa if you can and start to learn the language and try to live there legally for as many years possible and research the laws of that specific country. With time, years, you have a very good chance of getting a citizenship.

What if I marry an EU Citizen ( who lives in the US ) get my citizenship through marriage and then once all the paperwork is complete, we get a divorce. Do I lose citizenship?

Jay, you should not even consider this because this is illegal and if you get caught you are in trouble. But if you are really in love and get married and take many years of visa and living together (they check) and citizenship and then it does not work out, I think you keep your citizenship. But like I said I do not recommend this and in fact recommend against it as it is very unfair to people who get citizenship for real.


What if I am an American citizen who is married to a Norwegian citizen for four years, does this allow me to work in other countries?
thank you,


Hi Jill, Norway is not an EU country of course because it is oil rich and can not afford to comply with the EU regulations. However, the EU has great relations with this peaceful beautiful country. Therefore, if you are married to a Norwegian than you can work in Norway. Also it would be no problem to get a visa to work in the EU, but you would have to jump though paperwork hoops, but not a problem.

I am the brother-in-law of an EU citizen and we are sharing the same house hold since September this year. Is there any chance that I can apply for the residence permit based on being the family member of EU citizen.
thanks a lot

EU citizenship is based on nationality or marriage. Visa’s are also based on this but there are temporary visas for workers. So unless I am wrong, I think this is not possible.

I need Schengen visa or Swedish passport so please give list of price and how you will send me and how I will pay to you I need all the information.

I did not delete this comment as it was interesting. I do not sell Schengen visas nor EU passports. It is not legal to sell or buy an EU passport.

I came to Ukraine by student visa. And I’m legally living in Ukraine forl 17 years. I’m married with Ukrainian girl & have a kid. I have also Permanent residency in Ukraine. But we (with wife) would to like live & work in western European countries. What we should do to gain to the aim? How much time it’ll take as well?

Ukraine is not the EU so, if you want to live in Western Europe you need to apply for a work visa. That is it. Until Ukraine is part of the EU, Ukrainians have to apply. However, the good news is Ukrainians do get special treatment in my opinion. However, the bad news is you are not Ukrainian, only a resident. You have to apply under the rules of your nations passport, it has nothing to do with Ukraine.

Hi, I am pregnant, if I have the baby in an EU country will I get citizenship? and how long will it take?

Your child might, but not you. You might after many years, but citizenship is transferred from the parent to the child not the other way around. I would search this out for every country in EU. However, I would think that is a very strange way of getting EU citizenship. Many people do this in the USA for their children, because a child born in the USA is a citizen, no matter what. But for the parents I think no.

I am 20 and my and my girlfriend is from Estonia and Russia will I get EU citizenship if we get married and how long will it take to get it. Does she has to loose her any of citizenship from either country?

Estonians do not hand out citizenships even if you are married to an EU national. If you love her marry her, but not to get an EU citizenship. Russia is part of the CIS not the EU of course.

I have a daughter that is 2 years old who is a Polish citizen, born in Germany. I was in Poland off and on for a couple of years. As her father what are my right to work in EU and be near her? I am on here birth certificate and was present for the first year of her life. I returned to the States but desire to share in her life. She lives @ 10 miles into Poland across the German Boarder.

Thanks for your time.


Unless you are married to her mother I think it would be hard to have any claim to a visa in the EU.
The law so citizenship passes from the parent to the child, not the child to the parent.
If you are married then you can certainly make her a US citizen also.
However, if you have no legal relation with your family from Europe, than you have no legal rights.
I would recommend getting a lawyer to confirm this as I am not a lawyer and I think it is very good of you to want to participate in your daughters life.
I do not know your personal circumstances and it is really not my business, but you could always get married to the mother. That is not that crazy of an idea. I know maybe guys do not like the idea of marriage to a woman they have a child with, but you can just say, this is my destiny.
Also consider getting a teaching contract with a school that will sponsor you if the above options to not work. Americans are generally well regarded in the EU but the law is citizenship is based on blood not being a father. If that was so half the guys in the world would knock up a woman and get US and EU citizenship. All the benefits of being married but none of the responsibility. Sounds like Peter pan, ‘I want to climb a tree, be a child’.
Again sorry I could not help more and the best of luck as your intentions seem very good.
Kind regards.

My husband is employed by Ikea Germany but is working in Russia. I am British but he is South African. Tax is paid in Russia. Is he able to apply for an EU/German passport being employed by a German company but working in Russia on contract?

I think no. He has to be either German blood or go through a long process of naturalization which means living in the country. Just because I might work for at Toyota making cars (I do not) does not mean I could be a Japanese citizen. Any Mexican working at McDonalds in Mexico city, could be an American citizen.
If he is married to you why does he not get a British passport?

Hi ,

I am married to polish girl 2 years back . I know I can work in Poland but I am just curious to know if I can work in Europe and how ?

If yes then is it a long process and what it takes to work in Europe ? I heard some countries allow to work by marriage reason which countries are they ?

By the way I hold Indian passport so will I get benefit in such case ? Please advice.


Yes, if you are married to an EU citizen, in many countries, I think the UK being one of them, you can get a work visa. However, you must apply. Do not think you can just get one, just because. Basically if you are living with your wife in the UK for example, it would not be hard to get a work visa I think if you have skill the country is looking for.

Thanks Mark for a prompt reply in no time. I appreciate that much. As you had mentioned I would have to apply it means I will have to live in that country first and then go for immigration and labour department or visa office ?

Are there some countries which allows a person to work to EU family members without applying visa (Even though they are from Non EU countries ?). I am currently based in US and pretty happy here but I was just curious to know if we plan to live in Europe for few time lately then where would I be able to work without any hassle.

The reason to know on this as I am an IT consultant and luckily pretty much in demand all where but while applying in EU job vacancy online there is section of “Authorized to work in EU ?” which is pretty confusing as I am entitled to work there as per theory but not sure if I am entitled to work there straight away or not if I am . (For example country like Germany , Denmark , Switzerland or so on)

There I find catch 22 situation. Hope you understand my worry so I was trying to figure out solution for that. It would be appriciated if you can throw some light as well.

Thanks again for your time.

Best regards,

Unless you are an EU citizen I think you have to apply. I think, but this is what I have herd. Even me, I am a US and Polish citizen and if I want to work in Austria or Germany there is an application process for a work visa. I think the EU considers citizens, but if your married to an EU you need to apply unless you have an EU visa or citizenship. EU visa is like a green card that allows you to work anywhere on my my Ukrainian friends had it, but it is issues by a country.

HI mark,
i was lived in u.s 11-years and i get marry with u.s. citizen but its not work out its break and she went to her boy friend and i cannot take divorce yet.and i have no legal statues in u.s. right now i’m in ‘india’it is possible to i get visa or green card from u.s.i like to go back.
and i can get marry in india or europe its not against the law. pl, help me and tell your good advise ….thanks a lot.

If you are married to a US citizen I think you will need her help to get citizenship. It is that simple, as many marriages are false and just for citizenship.

I am an Australian citizen but my father was born in Britain and was still a citizen when I was born. am I eligible for EU passport? and will this allow me to live and work in the UK as well as around Europe?

The short answer is no. Why? You did not apply before you were 18 years old. However, that said, if you wanted to try to apply via a longer application process you would get EU citizenship eventually.

I am having a difficult problem. I came to the United States in 1995 as citizen of USSR but passport was issued in Turkmenistan (ex former Soviet Republic). My passport was expired in 1999 and got lost the same year. I am stateless right now and only have a working permit to live and work in USA. My parents are Russian citizens now and live in Russia. I am trying to obtain Russian citizenship based on parents since they have this law but Russian Consulate require to provide document stating that I am stateless or my passport which I do not have. Embassy of Turkmenistan refused in my citizenship, so the Embassy of Azerbaijan since I was born there. Russian Consulate asking for US Travel Document which I can not obtain as I am in removal procedure from US. So, what document and where should I take stating that I am stateless?

Can I apply for US Travel Document stating that I am stateless and want to travel to Virgin Island? Will they issue my travel document based on this circumstances?


This is very complex, when it comes to stateless persons. However, I think the answer is yes, but I do not know for sure. The main thing is you have permission or work and live in the USA. I think this will let you travel on a US travel document of some sort.

quote: “If you have ever wondered if you can get an EU citizenship because your grandparents were German or Polish citizens, the answer in most cases is no.”

I think, this is quite false, i am originally from brazil and i have both brazilian and german citizenship… as my greatgranfather was german it entitled all of my family to have german even if most of them werent interested in it. But,y mother, brother and i have it… here in south brazil is extremely common that people hold brazil + one EU citizenship (normally italian, german or portuguese) as people immigrated to the southern parts of brazil around 1900-1950…
in virtually all cases its based on blood right from grandparents, greatgranparents and greatgreatgranparents (the latter just for italian citizenship)

It depends, if you think you can just meet at the embassy no. But if you like I did moved to Europe, got a job, learned the language and documented your case and proved with legal documents you can show your bloodline if from a country in Europe than you are right, you can get an EU citizenship like I did and you did. But most people write me that they had a grandparent from Europe but do not know much else or something like that, if I tell them to document it and build a strong case, they start to lose interest in EU citizenship. Thanks for your comment.

Yes, of course, my family, and all the ones who managed to get it, have to have the documents proving that.. including very hard to find documents from 70, 100 years ago… it’s also important to stress that depending on the country, it’s much rather, we have a strong Polish ancestry community in my hometown, and most of them do not have the citizenship because they require documents that either people didn’t keep or they are unable to find.
It was a strong case for us definitely, it took 4 years from the scratch to arrange all the bureaucracy and become German citizens, just it was entirely done remotely through the consulate and it didn’t require learning the language or living there. But great blog =)

Thanks for the kind words. Yes if you have documentation you are all set. The Polish government will even help you research this in their archives for example. I have 90 year old passports for example and was able to collect birth and marriage documents. Citizenship is all about paper, that is providing a case to convince someone based on documents.

My brother is an EU citizen and we are from India.
I have been living in Ireland for 3 years on student visa.
Is there any chance that I can apply for the residence permit in Ireland or any other EU country.
Is there anything at all?

Ask yourself what would you base this on?
Citizenship by marriage
Citizenship by blood
Citizenship by special contribution to society or service
These are the main ways people get citizenship to the EU. I think my birthright is the biggest way as this is the way EU laws are set up.
However, my brother worked in the UK for over 20 years with a full work visa and got a UK citizenship based on longevity of legal stay in the EU and work contribution as he ran a large business in London.
I think there are many ways for you to get an EU citizenship. You have to figure out if you fit any of the requirements to apply. There is no easy way.

Hi. I am interested in a following question: if I buy for example real Estate in Spain , can I get an EU citizenship? I heard Spain gives citizenship in this case, is it true??

I really do not think so, but let me know if this is the case. If that was true everyone in the world could buy 1 square inch of land and get EU citizenship.

hi there, I’m a Brazilian and have a Italian passport because I’m married with a Italian.
question is: can my twin brother have any chance to get EU citizen (Italian one) or not? thanks

Your brother will get favored status but does not automatically get a citizenship, but since he is a close relative, I think it will be eventually possible. Even in the USA you have something like this.

Dear Mark,
I am a Kazakh citizen. I am married to a British citizen. Currently we live in Kazakhstan. As I said he is British, but he lived in the Republic of Ireland for over 20 years. His father and brother are both Irish and British citizens.
He came to Kazakhstan because of me. We got married in Ireland in 2008. In short, he wants to come back to Ireland of course with me. But we don’t know whether i am eligible to live in Ireland, because he is an Irish citizen.
Thanks for your attention and time,
Mariya Mulrooney

Mariya, you will have no problem whatsoever. You are married to an Irish citizen and that gives you the right to live Ireland. You have to apply for a visa and I would do that at the Irish embassy before you leave your country to make it easier. However, you might be able to do it when you arrive. Call the Irish embassy or write them an e-mail. You have nothing to worry about with Ireland I think. After 3 years of living in Ireland you are an Irish and EU citizen. I married a Polish citizen, but stayed in Poland as Poland is Europe and for me not too much of a culture shock as my family was Polish. Further, I live a very nice life here, so I return to the USA only for vacation. While I can understand he would get homesick as Kazakhstan is a very exotic and beautiful place but it very foreign. I think you will like Ireland and Europe, minus the rain and cold and darkness. But even that can be cozy.
Let me know how you do. Bests Mark

I am Indian and legally working in Italy as an Engineer . At the same time my GF is Romanian and studying in Italy. We were together for last 3 years and and intend to marry in India.

So therefore, am I eligible for Romanian citizenship ?

Appreciate your response per return

If you get married and live legally in the country of Romania for five years and learn the language, then you can apply for Romanian citizenship, however, marriage itself nor your relationship with a Romanian citizen does not affect your citizenship status.

Hi, I am 26 and living in the US. I am interested in moving to the UK and am wondering if it’s a lost cause. I am not a student, not engaged to a citizen, and have no special skills per say that qualify. How difficult would this be and where do i start? I have ancestors from France that i may be able to trace a bloodline, but that’s it. thanks.

I think it is easy for Americans to get a job in the UK because of language but you have to be clever about finding a company to support you. You could start with English as a second lanuage teacher for foriegners in London that want to learn American English.
Citizenship in Europe is based on where your grandparents came from basically, so yes France is a possibility but of course it all depends on the situation etc..

Hi, Mark,
A question with several parts, actually—
My spouse is from Former Yugoslavia (Kosovo) and as you know, it recently gained independence. Was wondering if it’s even worth gaining status there, as it is a new country and without EU Status. Would I need to do 5 years though with the hope that I could gain citizenship (being married to a native) and hope that Kosovo gets EU status sometime before the end of the world??? There is such a dearth of info on the web on obtaining citizenship in Kosovo.

Do you think it will gain EU status any time in the near future?

Great site! Your answers are quite informative and humanely administered!

Thanks for the kind words. If it is not too much trouble I wuld get citizenship. Why? Its a European country and this is a major plus. This means even if it is not EU it could get favored status. Further, you can in theory with two passports say in Europe legally. I think there are no downsides to having a European passport.

The EU has made a public statement that they back Kosovo ingreation in March of this year. Now that might mean 7 years from now or something, but it does not matter. It will become a beautiful place to live. Look how Macedonia is becoming the new Posh place to take a vacation. I want to go there.

My friend Aida was from Kosovo and she was able to find work no problem working for the EU, so I just think if you can get moving on the paper work and in a few years who knows what the future will bring.

You claim that Norway is not a member of the EU [and can not afford to comply with EU regulation]. Furthermore you claim the American woman [married to a Norwegian] needs a *visa* to work in Europe…

Norway is a member of the EFTA group and has a Free Trade agreement with the EU. This gives all Norwegian citizens the right to work and live in the EU. It also gives EU citizens the same rights in Norway. No visas needed either way.

Norway has to implement *all* of the relevant EU laws, the exact *opposite* of what you claimed. Norway is in fact more compliant than many EU states.

American citizens don’t need a visa to live in and look for work in several European countries. Germany is one of those countries where she can stay for six months without any visa.
If she is married to a Norwegian she is welcome to become a Norwegian citizen, if she surrenders her American passport, and would at that point have all the rights of a Norwegian to work and live in the EU.

Thanks for the information, it will help others.

I deleted your rude comments that was basically saying I was wrong and you are an expert.

Lets look at the facts:

However, lets start with this. You say I claim Norway is not an EU country. It is not an EU country. Norway is not in the EU. This is a fact.
Second, it chooses not to be in the EU because of the oil it has and the EU regulations about the oil. So Norway is not an EU country because of this. This point can be argued. But its about money and regulations. My friend works in the Norwegian oil business and this is what he says clearly.
I do not claim Norway is not a EU nation. It is not an EU nation.

Lets talk about Germany.
Go to the US embassy website in Germany you will see it clearly written:
US citizens can travel to German for 90 days. Travel is not work. That is only 90 days. Please read the website. 90 days is not 6 months is it?

Further this does not give a US citizen right to work during the 90 days. If a US citizen wants to stay more than 90 days (not 6 months) they must apply for a visa.

If they want to work they must apply for a visa, a work permit in addition. It is a Aufenthaltserlaubnis. They do not just hand this out because you are American. No way. EU citizens like Polish citizens can not work in countries like Austria and Germany and must apply for a work visa.

In Norway, EU citizens can not just live there. Even though Norway is part of the Schengen countries. This permits EU Schengen countries citizens to look for work in Norway for up to 3 months and 3 months only. After which you need to apply for a oppholdstillatelse and prove that you can support yourself financially in this very expensive country. If you get work you must again get a visa to work in Norway visa the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Norway does have strict dual citizenship laws, but under Norwegian laws there are many ways you can be both a US and Norwegian citizen.
If you are confirmed a citizen instead of applying for citizenship, and a series of exceptions if you obtain citizenship.

So some of what you wrote is not correct, mostly is just talk, especially that US citizens can just work in the EU or live in the EU for 6 months. That is not true. You have a 90 day tourist and transit visa (including a business trip) but not the right to work and live. A tourist for 90 days. Next time do not be so rude (I deleted your rude comments).

Why don’t you read what you said earlier? You claim that Norway does not have to implement EU regulations because we “can not afford to comply with the EU regulations”. This is patently not true.

The EFTA countries have to implement EU regulations in all the relevant areas. While we don’t have *full* membership, it is as close as you can get. With the free trade agreement between EFTA and EU we are part of the European Economic Area [and Schengen].

The only reason Norway does not want full membership is not related to oil. While control over our oil & gas is obviously in our own interest, that would not change under the EU. The EU does have a policy calling for “protecting” the EU supplies, it would not change the ownership in any way.

It has always been about our sovereignty, land rights, farms and fisheries. Your friend in the oil industry here doesn’t have to be an expert of Norwegian law and politics.

Other European countries have destroyed their fish stock, Britain and Spain are good examples, and they would love to fish in our waters. This is unacceptable to us.

We also have a wide variety of support mechanisms to fund our [unprofitable] farmers to continue to support our rural population. This is a political and cultural goal we would not be allowed to continue under the EU.

You see now? You missed the point, while Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein (and partially Switzerland) are not EU nations – we’re very much a part of the EEA.

US citizens do have special privileges in terms of seeking employment in Germany. The normal 90 days visa don’t apply to US citizens seeking employment in Germany, I won’t bother looking up the links now, but they are in fact far better than 90 days. My German friend who worked in Immigration certainly claimed as much.

I did not claim you could do this in the *EU* but in certain nations. Germany being one of the exceptions, probably because of the US military.

You said: “In Norway, EU citizens can not just live there. Even though Norway is..”

EEA/EU citizens don’t have to apply for “oppholdstillatelse”, they need only register.

First paragraph:
“If you are a citizen of an EU / EEA / EFTA country, you no longer need to apply for a residence permit, but you can make a preliminary registration online.”

Why would people who have no money want to live in this “very expensive country”? Why would they come here to live and not work? The EU is not made for welfare state “shopping”, but the free flow of workers, capital and goods.

If they want to retire [or work in another EU/EEA country] they don’t have to qualify!

“As an EEA national, you have permanent right of residence if you have had a residence or work permit or right of residence in Norway for a continuous period of five years, either as employee, self-employed person, service provider, person with sufficient funds, student, family member or a combination of the above. The document certifying permanent legal residence is issued on application and it is valid indefinitely.”

Norway has strict rules on dual citizenship, I have several American friends here. The rules are different for children with parents from two countries, they however have to choose before a certain age. The official policy is no dual citizenship, and they don’t offer many exceptions. Renouncing the second citizenship is often without consequences, but your host nation might require it.

I’m not going to claim I like you either, quite the opposite.

Andrew, I have never meet a person from Norway I did not like. In my experience the country is a great place and culture. Norway can afford the EU but does not want to from my understanding because of the EU regulations connected with North sea oil, this is what would make like difficult for Norway. Lets cut through the political smoke screen. You do not really believe all that horse hockey the politicians are saying.
I am not an expert on Norway’s politics but I think the , liberal democrats and Christian democrats publically state that EEC is enough but the socialists and centre believe it EU has too much free trade and capitalism etc. Which is ridiculous for me. I can not respect that type of argument. It is politics and money and the standard of living the people of Norway do not want to give up once EU environmental regulations hit the North Shore oil business. Therefore, the EU would be something they do not want to afford.
Therefore, whatever the political platform is, I think it comes down to economics and the economy of Norway is Oil.

Great and informative article, Mark.. My God, the search for the EU citizenship is not easy.. Also, being an EU nation now, it makes travelling to EUrope very hard for an American. I mean, now I am only allowed to stay in EUrope for a few months, as compared to the past when I could go from country to country and get my visas /passport renewed with exit/reentry. Tough situaiton.

Hi, I heard someone, seems to be from UK, claims that he can arrange Slovak Citizenship within a couple of months or about. His solution is to design one as a one who will bring great contributions into Slovak. As a result, he can get things done. The service is about EU10k or about. How you think of his solution? Possible it’s genuine ? Your professional guidance will be highly appreciated. Have a good day !

I would not say I am a professional, however, if you make a significant contribution to any country they will grant you citizenship. For example, helping their team win the world cup, winning the noble prize etc, but not for anything small.

Dear Mark,
He is not Irish he is British citizen.
I am a Kazakh citizen. I am married to a British citizen. Currently we live in Kazakhstan. As I said he is British, but he lived in the Republic of Ireland for over 20 years. His father and brother are both Irish and British citizens.
He came to Kazakhstan because of me. We got married in Ireland in 2008. In short, he wants to come back to Ireland of course with me. But we don’t know whether i am eligible to live in Ireland, because he isn’t an Irish citizen.
Thanks for your attention and time,
Mariya Mulrooney

PS: I just made a mistake he is not an Irish.

Dear Sir,

Someone in Slovenia claims that he can arrange Hungary citizenship and slovenia citizenship within 2 to 4 months. His charge for this service is not that expensive ( USD12K or about ).

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your commend and guidance.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Kim Huang Tan

I do not know anything about this, let me know what you find out, but I find it highly unlikely.

Hello, I have a question. I went into the EU some time back, I stayed my time and I can’t re-enter. I was attempting to close a business deal and I didn’t exactly finish, I used the tourist/business visa to handle this. The problem is, I can’t re-enter, I am in Croatia, and all of my things are still in Hungary. Hungary has a terrible bureaucracy and all the people I can talk to here in Croatia at the US embassy are…Croatians. Yes, in the Americans services department, I could only talk to Croatians who could care less what situation I was in. What I want to know is this, are there any provisions, for ANY country in the EU that are lax enough for me to get some sort of extension on the typical visa? I even have people in Italy, Slovakia, and possibly Poland willing to meet with me right now but I can’t re-enter. I have been put on some kind of no-entry list…I have been searching around about this, I just can’t find any information about which country would most easily work with me on this.

All countries have the same requirements to entry in the EU but the visas differ. No one is lax, but if you have the right papers there should be no problem. I have never herd of someone having trouble with a business visa if everything is in order. You need to detail your business intent and apply that is all. I know many people that travel and stay on business visas as long as it is all clear. However, if you are just living in the EU and doing some abstract business without brick and mortar or real partners who will help you on the ground it will be hard. What type of business do you do in the EU?

I have been working with language schools to build low-overhead on-line sections in their schools, mainly using my contacts in China to facilitate served market growth. It hasn’t been moving as fast as it should, as I was injured on arrival, yet I have some potential partners in Slovakia and Italy that are wanting to continue conversations on this and what I could do to help them. So, I am dealing with them, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get them involved in the grunt work of simply getting me back in the country. (well, not to say it seems so simple at this point) My plan would essentially provide more jobs to citizens at home, but as of yet I haven’t found an official doesn’t just tell me “go home.” This is a real headache…

Additionally, trying to find another company to sponsor a young entrepreneur with a “job” seems impossible at this point, I even tried language school just looking for teachers, but they want to meet directly and its a deal breaker if I can’t enter. I would take a job in various countries, just to be able to do what I can on the side. I think the people I want to meet can meet on the weekend and most of what I need to do can be done remotely anyway.

Hi Mark
Thank you for all of the above information you mentioned.
Actually I’m single male 30 years old without nationality borne, raised, studied and have all my life here in Kuwait
I’m holding MCSE with 8 years of experience
Any Idea to help getting European citizenship for better life.

Thanks in advance

I guess you mean you are a stateless person, that means you do not have a passport from any country or citizenship. Certainly you have the right to live in some country? I guess my first question is why do you think Europe would lead to a better life?

Hey Mark, Is it possible to get a UK Working Visa for a Kosovan?

Yes, if and only if you get a company to hire or sponsor you. This is a European country and a future EU candidate country so it is not as hard as a non-European but you still need a job with skills that a company would help you out in this regard.

I’m an American who desperately wants to be an EU citizen for political and cultural reasons (if you knew me, you’d understand). I just don’t have the money or the interest to develop the skills required to maybe, if I’m lucky enough that there’s a real need for such and such occupation in Europe, get in. Honestly, I’m thinking my best option is a fake passport, jail or no jail–I just can’t stand this country and I feel like I really need to risk something to live out my dreams of a better life for me and, maybe one day, my children. So, where can I get this? It might be a risk even mentioning this on the internet but really, I’m desperate!

Hi Brian I would not do anything not legal. I am not saying that to be a boyscout or goody two shoes, but because really they are very good at finding people with fake passports. Everything is electronic now and you would have to get a passport that is entered into the system somehow via a government worker. I think that the risk is too big they could sell you one where does not work. So I can not recommend this on both legality and practical reasons. The EU is really looking for things like this.

I understand where you are coming from as I have lived in Europe for seven years.

However, why do you not get citizenship based on your grandparents bloodline? I mean you are European descent right?

Am I the only one who thinks you can buy a Legitimate passport? I mean in countries like Romania and Poland and a whole slew of others bribery runs the show. You want your medical problem to be treated first? Show some cash. You want the cops to turn the other way? Pay some cash. I can’t help but think that if you grease enough palms you can get a real passport in a timely fashion. Maybe I’m naive but that seems like a real possibility to me as long as you’re willing to drop a fair amount of cash.


You are actually talking nonsense about Norway.

Norway is a Member of the EEA (the extension of the EU) along with Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Free movement provisions apply to EEA citizens, so a citizen of ANY EEA country, is entitled to take their spouse of any nationality, to live and work in any other EEA country. That ‘third country’ spouses permanent residence card should work as a visa, but if a visa is needed, it must be free of charge.

(This ALSO works for Switzerland and the EU, but that is a bilateral treaty).

With all due respect and all the language you use, it is not an EU country. Look up Wikipedia or go to the EU official website.

You say “why do you not get citizenship based on your grandparents bloodline? I mean you are European descent right?”
My mother is German, but I used american lawyers to research my ability to qualify for citizenship and found that my mother immigrated to the US prior to some deadline that would qualify me for German citizenship. Even though I relatives living in Europe.

What do lawyers know. Layers told me the same thing and I have a citizenship.
What you need to do is create a case, yourself, with all documentation. You need to provide original documents etc with a family tree and reason behind your desire for citizenship and you are learning German etc. Then apply or at last apply for a visa and this will give you a path to citizenship.
Technically the lawyers are right and Germany has strict laws, but the reality is you can build a case yourself and apply like I did and there is a good chance you can get a visa, which after some years will turn into a Citizenship.
You must convince the government you are German.

Wow, the person who said that Germany Visa laws do not apply to U.S. citizens is wrong. I tried it and thought it would be no problem but ran into a brick wall. There are all kinds of requirements for a U.S. person to work legally in Germany. Get your facts straight please.

Germany will not give anyone a visa. If a company sponsors you it is easy as they partition the German government for you. But if you are just some guy who wants to live or work in Germany without an EU passport it will be hard.

Well, I don’t like this part with Polish girls that sell themselves since I’m Polish myself 😉

Anyway, I’m EU citizen from my birth and I would like to tell one thing to the immigrants:

If you don’t share our values, believe that you come to our Union and will be living on social or what is worst you are fanatic and extremist that will take down out society, I have one recommendation for you: Don’t come here. Europe is sick of being world’s almshouse – the cleaning process will start sooner or later and if you don’t know what I mean read a little about second war in Europe.

If you have skills, eager to learn and work hard (even more harder than in US), appreciate natural environment and you are clean (don’t drop trash on the street, take shower at least twice per week ect.) you are most welcome 😛

Glory to European Empire.

You make is sound so easy. i can not get hired by an eu company despite having popular skills. No one will hire me. I dislike the usa and want out of this place. I dislike my life here and am very unahppy. I have never liked this place or its ‘culture’. There is nothing here for me. I have lived in every part of the usa and for me its the same ol thing. I am desperate to leave this place and feel trapped like a prisoner. I am very happy in the EU and not a day goes by when I do not miss it. My experiences in the eu vs the usa are like night and day. I simply do not fit into the usa. I am not a believer in usa capitalism or its pop, artless culture. I am not into any of this stuff. I am sure that you will agree that if you dont “love it, leave it”. Well, I chose to leave it. As they often say, “dont let the door hit you on the way out”. Well, i wont bother if it hits me because I will make sure I close it behind myself, lock it and hand America the key. Because I Never want to come back to this place. I wish there were a way I could sell my citizenship. I wish they had a citizenship exchange program. Any how I am losing hope fast. And hope that i can do something to get myself out of here. Because if not something bad is going to happen. I really can’t take this place for much longer. I am serious i am really unhappy here. I miss my friends and my life. This place is dark and horrible and just filled with crime and ignorance. I pride myself on being an intellectual. But in the usa I have no one to talk to. No one to relate to. Everyone is just so stupid and poorly informed. But my problems with this place go deeper than that stuff. I just want out! I will pay someone to hire me in the place I want to be. I am serious. i would even work for free if it meant I could leave here. I have some money and I will be okay for a while. I just want out of this place! I don’t like the USA. Its not a place of art or free thinking. Just filth, ghettos, criminals and ignorance. Its corrupt. No place in the world is perfect but this place takes denial to a whole new level. Anyhow, I am asking any company owners out there. i am desperate I want out of this country.

Hi Artist, The first thing is do not despair. I would have to say after living in the EU a good part of my life, I am happy here. I also think with time you can find a way to live in the EU. Look for legal options, not buying a citizenship. In the long-run you will be better off.
1) Do you have any, and I mean any roots connected with Europe in terms of great gradparents etc?
2) I would go for a student visa. Even if you are out of school there are alway more options. I know many Americans on student visa in Krakow, Poland. The tuition is cheap and you can get a visa. Then live here as long as you are in school. It could be for your PhD for example. That will never hurt you.
3) Do the split. I know many people who spend the summer in Europe and the winter in the USA.
4) Keep looking for ways.
However, Ironically I might be moving to the USA for various reasons. I love living in the EU, but I think the USA is great in other ways. Each has its pluses and minuses. For me I have a family and want some warm weather as I live in Eastern Europe and we have only a few good months of weather. I have an EU citizenship so I could live in a warm country but I will most likely live the dream, Part time in both countries.
The main thing is do not get depressed or feel things are hopeless. Like in the movie Cast away you never know what the future has for you around the cornor. Trust me it is true.

I’m Thun and I’m studying in UK as of now and me and my boyfriend decided to get married after I finish my college. His a British citizen and I’m from Thailand. He doesn’t know as well if getting married for us will make me eligible for a citizenship. We really love each other. Will this make me eligible for a citizenship if we get married?

Thank you and homophobic please stay away.

A civil partnership is a reason to get a visa for the UK. There is also a movement in the UK that will make gay marriage in the UK the same as a a civil partnership. I think it is fairly close to becoming a reality. So I think the main thing is to get the visa and not worry about the citizizenship at this juncture. You will be together and that is all that matters as the citizenship is only really a right to vote etc.

Hello, Thank you for the answer, well, I like to become a citizen because it also grants you a passport which is very useful.
What about buying a house somewhere in the UK or owning some sort of property, will it grants me citizenship or at least will it helps me to be granted a permanent residency easier?

Unless you are a job creator not really. That means if you wealthy like with a half million dollars or are setting up businesses with at least 50,000 dollar invested in creating wealth and creating jobs and adding to the society in some way such as a football star, it does not help. But having assets does help. They want to know if you can support yourself and will do a full review of your financial and educational and work background when applying for a visa or citizenship. They check full disclouser of assets. Even me the EU checked every penny I had and when my wife applied for a visa to the USA they again checked everything.

Really unless you are a job or wealth creator they do not care about assets. If you start a business then that would help. They have specific laws about that in fact.

Wow you surely knows a lot.
What about in France and UK? Which do you think has a more liberal and more easier to acquire a permanent residency and in later time has an easier naturalization requirements and processing?
Can you give me an easy way in acquiring a permanent residency in each country? UK and France? I’m still a student by the way, and I’m under tier 4 sponsorship in the UK. And once again, hank you Mr. Biernat.

Since naturalization requires you live in the country you want to become citizen of, you should choose the UK I think because of the language. I mean you could learn French in under a year, but is not the UK an easier place because of language?
On the other hand, I moved to Poland and this is a crazy language and I learned it and happy here. But I had a connection to the culture.
So I would personally not base it on any particular law, but rather where do you want to hang your hat for the next seven years of your life?
Think about it would you rather be French or English?
France has nice weather and culture but England is more open and has the English language.

Hi Mark,

Both my grandparents where born in Austria. I have copies of the birth certificates as well as there passports. My grandparents later immigrated to Israel. My mother was therefore born in Israel. My uncle {who was also born in Israel} and his kids went to apply for their Austrian Passports not to long ago and they all managed to get Austrian Passports very easily. However the embassy told my Mother when she tried, that she would be able to get a Austrian Passport but her children {myself and my brothers and sister} could not. I do not understand this!? Do you perhaps know why? Do you think I have a case pursuing this? Thanks

January 9, 1983 is a key date. If you were born after this time than there is a better chance for Austrian citizenship as it is transmitted though either parent, before this time only through a male.
The other thing is Austria generally does not allow dual citizenship unless citizenship was confirmed rather than through naturalization.
However, that being said I think you could still get it if you learned German and live under a legal visa based on the principle of Jus sanguinis, for ten years or less. In my personaly experience laws are laws but with immigration laws there is a lot of latititude for those who build a case and are willing to show a real interest in living and developing the culture of the country they live in.

I just wanted to clarify, is it true that Filipino will just need to stay in Spain for 2 Year(s) then they can apply for naturalization? Somebody told me about this. Why is it like that? Is it also applicable to me, since I am also from Southeast Asia. I think Thailand is far better than Philippines. Our economy is better than the Philippines and diplomatic affairs.

Spain goes by right of blood or jus sanguinis. It also goes by historical ties that includes jus soli.
Therefore, it is only two years from countries like Philippines, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea, Iberoamerica, Andorra, also Sephardic Jews.
Thailand has no historical connection to Spain. These countries and people do. therefore, their civl code has laws that allow for peoples from these nations to get Spanish citizenship after two years of lving legally in Spain. They have to apply for citizenship of course but if everything is OK they can get citizenship though nationalization.
I personally do not know why more people do not do it as Spain is an EU country.

For the countries you mentioned above that has a historical ties with the Spain, how long will it take for the naturalization process? Is it complicated for them?
Do you really mean that I totally cannot benefit from this so called, “Jus Soli or Historical Ties” that Spain and Ph have?

Hi Mark!

Was wondering if you could help with the following question.I m non EU currently living in the UK.Married to non EU and getting divorce now.Still in a process though,takes such a long time.A year ago I met a man who I had a child with.Obviously can not marry him because of the previous marriage.The baby is EU citizen by birth(her father holds Portuguese passport and his name is on the birth certificate).Do you think authorities would consider the citizenship for me if I apply for e.g. unmarried partner?They have 3 years condition though.We ve been in relationships for a year,had a child together,planning to get married.
Thanks in advance

You can get a fiance visa, but you have to be married to get citizenship by marriage. Living legally for X number of years will help, but to get EU citizenship you need to be married and then jump through bureaucratic hoops. Let me know if you find information to the contrary of what I have conveyed, but the law is pretty clear.
If you have legally adopted this child then there might be leeway, but to do that his mother would have to renounce rights and I can not see that happening.

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