Easiest way to learn a language

I believe in the hard way to learn a language. I believe in doing such things as sitting down and either listening to the radio for a few hours a day in your target language or doing exercise in grammar books. I think there are many methods that will make studying easier to learn, such as music or travel or flashcards, but you have to approach it with persistence. In this post I will also tell you the easiest way to learn a language.

The hard way to learn a language

When I have a student tell me they are not making progress, I dump them with homework.  I tell them to buy a book and do three chapters of grammar exercises a week and explain the ideas in the exercises to me. I also make them read a book in English and write papers on it. There is no way you will learn a language without learning that the responsibility rests on you. You are the one, not the teacher who is responsible for studying. Study every week for x number of hours and then go to class to practice. If you complain you are not good, ask yourself do you study five hours a day?

For most people they have the will and will take the hard way, but they do not have the time. Therefore it becomes a time management issue.  Even for me I have not time to improve my Polish and I live in Poland. I know I have to go back to the old ways, the hard ways and make time and do it.

The easiest way to learn a language

My wife learned English just by speaking to me. It is an easier way then the above mentioned methods. She never studied English in school and spoke only a few words when we meet. I overloaded her with English until her brain hurt as I love to engage in conversation. Now she is fluent in English. I guess that can be called the easy way to learn a language.

If you are trying to learn a language on your own I would recommend tools to make it easier:

  • Make your own language flashcards and carry them with you. I have a box of several thousand words and phrases.
  • Download audio mp3s and use them. There are many places to go, such as the gutenburg.org.  I am starting a free site with audio mp3s for language learning www.mp3languagelearning.com  – If you send me files I can use them on the site.
  • If you religious read the entire Bible in your target language. By the time you finish you will speak the language
  • Buy a grammar book and do every exercises in the book and outline the rules
  • Practice with native speakers, that alone will help, if you are somewhere in the middle of Kansas try Internet chats.

I have notices women love to do grammar and book work while guys prefer conversation, ironically.  Both are effective, but to work both need overload and work. This is why I believe in the hard way to learn a language.  I think there are easy ways to learn a language, but you have to take those methods and apply them with will and determination. And again the easiest way to learn a language is fall in love.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 thoughts on “Easiest way to learn a language”

  1. Ciekawa jestem czy najłatwiejsza metoda nauki języka działa w obie strony :), skoro żona mówi płynnie po angielsku można przypuszczać, że mąż po polsku również. To żart oczywiście. Wydaje mi się jednak, że nauka poprzez konieczność komunikacji jest bardzo efektywna ale ograniczy się do pewnego poziomu posługiwania się językiem (co często jest wystarczające-przyznam to chętnie) ale aby być prawdziwie biegłym w obcym języku potrzebny jest jednak duży samodzielny wysiłek przy poznawaniu nowego słownictwa. Obawiam się, że jednak trzeba ciężko popracować choć obecność obok native speakera na pewno bardzo pomaga w tej nauce, efekty są po prostu bardzo szybkie.

  2. How true! I could have written it by myself.

  3. For me the quickest way to get the basics going was using Pimsleur Method. Just by listening to the audio daily, the language just clicked in your brain. Of course, the learning can be accelerated if you immerse yourself completely in the new language by watching tv shows and videos in that language as well as practice speaking it as often as you can.

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