US Dual Citizen

Is dual citizen allowed

In clear, straight terms, can a US citizen be a dual citizen? Yes. Do you lose your US citizenship? No. So you can relax and be a dual citizen. You can keep your US citizenship and have another in your draw at home.

How can I lose my US citizenship

Now the warnings. 1) Check with the state department on all this just to make sure as I am not an expert. 2) You can lose your US citizenship if you basically formally renounce it, serve in a foreign government, serve in a foreign military. The general rule is, if you swear allegiance supremely to a foreign government and renounce your US citizenship. I am American and I love America, I would not do that and there is no reason for you to either.

Why have a dual citizenship

Most people get or keep dual citizenship for fun. It allows you to stay in a country longer than 3 months at a time and six months in total. Also, it allows you to work in the country. Also, its fun to have and you feel more part of the country and have greater motivation to learn the language of another country.

What are the rules of having a dual US – foreign citizenship

If you are in another country and you break the rules, the US might not be able to help you out if you entered that country on another passport, which is citizenship. It is all about what citizenship you enter with.  If you are an dual US and UK citizen for example, you must enter each home country with their own respective passports. When in the UK you are a UK citizen when in the USA you are a USA citizen.

Can I marry someone to get a dual citizen

Marriage is a serious thing.  If you are getting a citizenship of another country by marriage, I think that’s wrong.  Besides marriage will not help you, much. It will only get you a green card and then you have to live in the country for about 5 years. Also if you are a US citizen and try to trade citizenship, it is illegal of course.

Is there an easy way to get dual citizen if you are a US citizen

Yes, you can buy it. I think what the lawyers do is something like setting up a business for you in the country and argue you are a valuable asset to the country. Or you if you have the ancestry to the country its actually not that hard. Or you can write the president of the country and that takes about 5 years. You put together a case arguing how much you love and that country and feel a part of it and you have or are learning the language, and the office of the president can grant you citizenship.

What is required to get dual US citizenship

Paper. Its all about throwing paper at people. Mostly birth records which you can order form your state you where born translated into the language by an official translator of the country you are trying to get dual citizenship for. In fact, many states in the US have an explanation code that you are obtaining these birth records for the purpose of dual us citizens. Give the country you are trying to get citizens from, lots of paper.  Their embassy website is where you start for the requirements.

To be a dual US citizen and that of another country, do you need to learn the language

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