How I learned a language

The purpose of this post is to tell a story;  a personal real life experience of how someone learned a language. This is a story that deserves to be told and is 100% of what you need if you want to learn a foreign language. How did I learn a language? – IntroductionHow did I…… Continue reading How I learned a language

Mistakes in learning English

I teach English to foreigners.  The purpose of this post is to tell you some common mistakes I’ve seen with students learning English. Mistake number 1 in learning English There is only really one mistake in learning English, that is studying things that are not important.  People study text book English not real English.  This…… Continue reading Mistakes in learning English

Best language to learn

This post sets out to answer the question, what is the best language to learn? It will answer it clearly and objectively and I hope to open your mind when it comes to language learning. Polish is the best language in the world to learn. I write this seriously as a professional  linguist. CW and…… Continue reading Best language to learn

Russian language in Ukraine

What is the percentage of Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine speak the Russian language? About 30% of the Ukrainians speak Russian as their primary language. However, most of the Russian speaking Ukrainian are in the Autonomous region republic of Crimea. About 50% of the people in this area are ethnic Russians and about 75% speak Russian. …… Continue reading Russian language in Ukraine

Voice to text

What is voice to text A voice to text program allows you to speak into a microphone so speak, and what you speak will appear in your word document or notepad or where ever. Think of the possibilities you do not need to type any more. Chat by speaking instead of typing. You can lay…… Continue reading Voice to text

Bilingual education

Bilingual education for your child The best way to raise a bilingual child is to expose them to both languages at the same time. That means,do not favor one language over the other. Simply speak naturally to your child in both languages. After the age of nine months you can actively teach your child the…… Continue reading Bilingual education

Foreign language conversation

Foreign language conversation Do you want to learn a language, try foreign language conversation. Foriegn language conversation class The best is conversation with a native speaker of your target foreign language. This post will cover: Foreign language conversation My reasons why I think conversation is one of the best ways to learn a languageHow to…… Continue reading Foreign language conversation