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You can learn Polish

  • Fact: You learned your first language, you can learn Polish.
  • I am creating a program to learn the Polish language that works. Skip all the hyped commercial programs. I am writing this myself with care to really teach you the language of the Poles, not just sell.
  • Write me (Mark) at mbiernat@cordialmail.com if you have interest. I will let you know when I release it.

10 concrete reasons to try LearnFast Polish

1. LearnFast Polish has 20,000 words – This program goes from beginner to advanced in one program. Other programs do not give you all levels or so many words. In contrast I give you the whole language.  Most programs give you pet phrases about ordering at a restaurant, but we teach you to actually speak the language.  This includes economics and business Polish to talking about politics or apps.  Further, our the initial focus is learning words and verbs. Verbs are what you need to understand a language.  A language is abstract and verb centered. Most programs start with nouns like farm animals and fruits. To understand a sentence you need verbs first, as this is the action and meaning of the sentence.

2. Learn Polish with songs – What is the easiest, fastest and most painless way to learn a language? With music. We have created beautiful songs in a specific way connecting the rhythm of the language to the rhythm of music. The easiest and most effective way to learn a language is with music.

3. Learn Polish with 3000 mnemonics – Have trouble remembering words, make words stick to your memory in a fun way with a memory system that goes back as far back as ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks would remember entire epics by heart with mnemonics. It has been proven with the test of time for 3000 years as well as modern scientific studies.

4. Etymology- a true breakthrough to help you learn Polish – When you understand the word and origins there is more richness in your association with that word and your memory works better. Our etymology teaches you the history of words but also its purpose is to give you connections to English. This way you remember a word not as a foreign word but a word that is related to your own native language. This is the most effective mnemonic there is. Your target foreign word can goes into your brain not as a foreign word but as simply a variation of English, your native language. This is a true breakthrough in language learning and no other program teaches in this way.

5. LearnFast Polish Brainwaves – Have fun with this accelerated method of learning. We created specific brainwaves, delta-theta for deep learning.

6. LearnFast Polish Fairy-tales – Be a child again and read about courageous princes and beautiful princesses.

7. LearnFast Polish Stories– Short interesting or funny stories that use the words you learned in context. Using your words in context is important.

8. Very practical Polish conversation, Dialogues and the Socratic method – Learning key phrases and normal conversational situations will take you to a conversational level in your target language. But we use a form of the Socratic method to draw make you think in the language.

We show you what is really important based on actual frequency of occurrence in conversation; therefore you will learn what is modern and even slang.

9. Learn Polish Grammar – Expressing complex things simply is the hallmark of creative effective design, this is what we have done with our grammar.

10. Learn Polish with Native speakers in your home- It puzzles me to this day why almost every program I have herd uses non-native speakers with foreign accents, or speak unrealistically quick and soft. LearnFast use crisp, clear beautifully native speakers, who enunciate every syllable; when you are learning a language this is very important.

So the bottom line is, do you want to learn Polish but have been intimidated or felt it was not possible? Try my program.

I did and can help you. Write me at mbiernat@cordialmail.com and I will let you know when it is ready.

9 thoughts on “Learn Polish”

  1. I really would like to get this program it sounds what I have been looking for to learn Polish.

  2. I am interested in learning Polish can you help me with this?

  3. Does Foreign Service Institute have a Polish course? I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

  4. Do you have a date by which the Polish mp3 and flashcards will be ready, as you once stated 6 months ago – but that was back in 2008.

    1. I am working all the time. I have mp3, flashcards and software for several languages, I am programming doing the websites and everything. I am very sorry. The focus has been the flashcards first. Each image takes a day or two to draw and we are doing hundreds. Sorry for all the delays. I am teaching and writing also and have a family so although I have no excuses, I am a busy guy. I hope to get the Polish flashcards out first in the fall and I will see from there.

  5. The description of the program seems wonderful. Is it available? I would be much interested as I’ve been going at it myself for a while now & it seems I’m drowning more then swimming most of the time. Please help

    1. Every method is good. If you have been doing it yourself then you have a good base to learn Polish. I do not have a release date yet but I can let you know, all I can say it I am working on it. I think simple flashcards will be out first.

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