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Love is fun so make this a fun site, how?

  • Please comment often, bookmark this page or hit the RSS comment and post buttons.
  • The intention of Find true love is to help guys find their dream wife which could be anywhere in the world. Why not marry a model who is devoted to you?
    However, this site is also a discussion on cordial girls and issues around the world and different cultures.
  • When you comment please do not use bad words or insults to people or groups. Peace and love to all people in the world. I wrote this site because I married someone from across the other side of the world and want people to realize that true love is possible. Be open-minded and respectful towards other cultures and religions and groups of people, we are all equal.
  • Please use good punctuation and spelling rather than chat style.
  • Try to make an intelligent point or pose a question that will be of value to others.
  • I do not censor comments based on point of view, rather, only if comments are derogatory towards a country or people.
  • If someone writes or has written something offensive, including me contact me and I can moderate it.
  • If your comment does not get posted it was most likely capitalization, punctuation or you said something that was offensive, which I will not allow. Women are to be respected, keep it respectful and fun.
  • I have thought of creating a dating site, but at this juncture, it is more of a forum/blog about love and girls. I get a lot of women writing to me, but they are shyer. However, it is thought to make a free online dating site, if I get more girls on here. What do you think?

Please comment often as people have different experiences with relationships and countries.

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