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Do you want to have photos of girls on your mobile phone? You can go to a random video chat site and capture the image and save it to your cell phone as long as this is permitted in the terms of use and is legal etc. Chatting on any video site has one major drawback, the ratio of men to women is poor. You will not be collecting a lot of photos from these sites.

The most popular random video chat sites like Omegle or ChatRoulette, where you talk to strangers, see their photos make you feel empty as there are mostly guys here. I do not like them and offer alternatives. The categories of alternatives are as follows:

  1. Mobile video chats  – These are psychologically healthier because of a better ratio of male/females. It is all about the percentage of female chatters who are socializing. Mobile chats have more compared to online video chats are girls are more into cell phones, in my experience. You can freeze their images or capture them while viewing them if they are pretty. Women are into cell phones.
  2. Foreign language mail servers  – Prettier, more normal girls, the girl next door but in Russia, less gross stuff.
  3. Take a trip to a foreign country to meet girls – I met my wife abroad on a vacation. Nothing beats reality.

If you want more female strangers to in your video chat world here is my review.

The issue with sites like Omegle

It all seems so mind numbing, like junk food of web experiences. Why? The man to woman ratio is ridiculously skewed when talking online video chats. Therefore, sites that are akin to Omegle with more girls or interesting ones do not exist, unless you pay, and who wants do to that. The bottom-line is, all these video chat sites are choked with guys.

Yes, there are occasionally girls online, mostly from Eastern Europe who will communicate with you. However,whenever you see a geographic location appear of Western Europe or the States it is some dude doing who knows what. It is a frustrating and boring experience, like the people online on the other side of the webcam.

So lets get this out of the way first – here are two of the better quality sites congruent to Omegle, yet I still have hesitancy to recommend only as they will leave you feeling disoriented and empty like ChatRoulette and do:

Sites similar to Omegle:

  1. – The normal chat on this site is the same, but the distinction is the ‘girls chat’, if you want to just browse professional girls. These professional chat room women are from Russia mostly and have nice makeup, but can not see you unless you registrar on another site. The other site has a poor WOT quality rating and recommend you avoid it, for security and privacy reasons. By the way if you reload the page you will see a new selection of females.

The issue with this alternative site is if you want to chat with women it redirects you do a site with a poor WOT quality rating. The normal chat is green.
  •  –  Minor registration slows the process down, but not bad as ads some quality control. Too much skin and you are banned.
  • – A lot of French, Italian and Spanish chatters, but still if you want to move to a “more girls” section you have to go to a red WOT area.
  • Fun yo, Flip chat, ChatVille, and Cam stumble and so forth are all more the same so no need to go down the list. Go ahead knock yourself out, but you to see something distinct, read on below in the mobile section. I only  use these examples, so you do not waste you time thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it is not.
  • Cell phones and Mobile for real alternatives to ChatRoulette

    If you want to go mobile I can recommend the following for chatting and room, they are a better quality experience than the above. Remember most of the developing world, where all these high quality women are, are not wired with the web like the USA and the UK are, they are more into wireless mobile communication. Just a different technology base.

    Mobile video chats – the new Omegle with more girls:

    • Tinychat mobile video chat – This is a video chat on your mobile device. You can use it on your iPad, Andriods, Windows 8 OS or any of the new ones they are coming out with (Like Firefox OS).  So basically you can connect with ladies from India to Russia.
    • oovoo mobile video app  – It is another Mobile phone chats with video experience I have tried. You can do it online or with a mobile app.
    • Fring, Facetime and QIK are also OK.
    • – Unique from the above but worth checking, a location based social networking site.

    Women have always been more verbal than men and into phones and now cell phones. Texting and calling is a verbal form of communication women love. Men are more visual with mate selection. So it does not make sense to go to a simple video chat site and expect female to be there. Better is to try mobile chat sites.

    Better experience with webcam chat for nice girls –  think international

    I think that the best video chats for girls are always from local mail servers like Russia has, Poland has or

    That is each country has their own ICQ AOL  Skype try chat service  that also has video ability.

    Sign-up and then after you are established you can meet them on a webcam after trust is built. These are not video chats per say but rather after you get to know a girl she will turn on her web camera and chat with you., eventually. These are usually the chat that is most popular in their country and not in English.  You do not need to learn a language rather just use enough to navigate a few Icons so you can install the chat on your hard drive.

    Similar chat software

    More traditional PC software can be found on – it is called – camfrog video chat.  This in my opinion is the most popular. However there is a problem with camfrog video chat if you are a guy looking to chat with a girl for love.  You guessed it, there are mostly guys there.  I tried downloading the software and using it to help me learn a language.  I wanted to learn Russian in fact.  But the reality is its mostly guy looking for girls.  I could not learn anything using this.  However, if  you want to give it a try there are a few girls there.

    What to expect in the foreground and background of the cameras you will see

    If you are initially intrigue by cultural difference and the ideas of seeing what is in someone’s flat or apartment around the world, this is an interesting part of this whole game. The background is more interesting than the foreground as too many guys doing bad things. Summary of that you see in the foreground and background on video chats:

    • Eastern Europe highest probability of a meaningful rapport, sparse backgrounds, books on the shelve plants on the window sills.
    • Western Europe, well dressed, but still guys cruising and indulging in (fill-in the blank). More spacious better decorated backgrounds, but quality of chat poorer.
    • USA poorly dressed tattooed people, just hanging out, typical American roommate man caves.
    • Middle Eastern guys in white t-shirt and short hair, poorer background but good light for the camera.
    • Universally a few old guys that should know better.

    This gets boring pretty fast. What are you to do?

    The morality of the modern water cooler

    On one hand video chat is the ultimate in making the world smaller. You do not have to drive or fly somewhere to see a girl. You can do it on your mobile with a chat.  Men stimulate their brains with their eyes and women via verbal communication. Therefore, a video chat is a win win for both genders. The issue is where to go? If you go to ChatRoulette the ratio of guys to girls is not favorable, nor is the quality.

    Yet I am not a fan for guys looking for girls, because the female gender love sees with the heart and not with the eyes.  No girl who is looking for love is going to be on a video chat.  You will not find any respectful girl who is on a video chat.  Girls want real.  They want brains, they want intellect not a video chat.  Any girl on a video chat is not a girl for love.

    Look I did not get introduced to my wife via a video chat or mobile phone chat. I flew to Europe on vacation and met my wife by chance and by destiny. I conversed with her face to face, got her mobile number, won her heart and now we are living happily ever after.

    The real alternatives to video girls chat

    I would recommend traditional online dating services or, just taking a trip to the country of your dreams.  If I was an American or UK guy I would consider a trip to the CIS. This is 100% better than any internet video chat for meeting girls.

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