Good Ukrainian Catholic girls – Romantic and idealistic

Romanticism in Europe including Ukraine stems from a mixture of Christian ideals and a current in the collective unconsciousness of European culture.  You can say romanticism is a human universal because courtship is a culturally accepted ritualization of instinctive needs for physical relations with the opposite gender. However, from country to country how this is manifest and transmitted vary greatly. Even from the Americas and Western Europe to Eastern Europe, specifically the language of love with Ukrainian girls. In the classical sense it is the combination or Catholicism and rebellion. This classical argument is beyond the scope of this post. This post’s purpose is to explain why those Western Ukrainian girls are so darn romantic and really are perhaps the best girls on earth to marry.

Think about history and how the interaction between men and women have changed relating specifically to mating and marriage or even in cultures today. Roman and pre-Christian cultures treated women as an object or subservient. Contrast that with the idealization of the female in the romanticism of the high middle ages.

In modern times contrast countries like Sweden or the UK where Christianity is waning and the way people have such a casual nonchalant attitude towards  flipping partners and Poland or Ukraine where people date and mate for life. Statistically the number of partners and the religiosity of a country  is inversely correlated.

In countries like Ukraine, specifically Western Ukraine, the region from Lviv to Ternopil women are seeking partners based on criteria that would create for them a life that combines virtue, love and marriage so they can raise a family. You can argue that this is an economic practicality, because the economy is more difficult so it just makes sense to do so, but that is not the case. I am Ukrainian and I understand my culture.

It is connected with the ideals of Catholicism, Orthodoxy and the combination religion of Ukrainian Catholic. What was taught to us from an early age was to serve God. This could be actualized in a religious service like being a Priest or a Nun or though getting married and bringing children into the world in the context of a loving relationship. It is what the church teaches and what is in the Bible.

Therefore, no how cordial the women of Western Ukraine seem, with their heels and miniskirts, reading books on a park bench in the summer, behind that is a complex thinking aware female who has a simple dream of marrying and being a good wife. All dating games aside and the honey which these girls use to bait your match, the core motivation is a romantic ideal that has a religious basis.

Do you want stories? I have countless but I think this is something you have to explore for yourself. You have to take a trip to Kiev, jump on a train and go west young man. Go west to the Ukrainian cities where the line of Russian influence is less and towards the area that had an influence of 500 years of Polish culture. Here in the villages amidst the amber waves of wheat you will find women who look like they should be on the cover of Maxim but just want to be a wife to an idealistic man.

If you are a player, you might want to check out Moscow or Prague, if you are an idealist take a trip to Western Ukraine.

Being an American with Ukrainian roots, I can not tell you how different

Ukrainian girls love romance

Ukrainian girls are from American girls.  It is like night and day.  There is nothing I can do to describe how a Ukrainian woman thinks other than romantically idealistic about love.

Why girls seem not to have ideals

The reason why some ladies in Ukraine seem not to have ideals is the world around them disappoints them.  The reality of primitive men and gray skies and concrete blocks s the life out of them.  However, this reality does not destroy their romantic inner vision of love. It is only buried waiting for someone who can slay their dragons.

Love Ukrainian girls adventure and romance

When Eastern European girls are young they are so idealistic and romantic that outsiders would even think them naive.  American girls do not have this same innocence of belief or purity of vision.  Even if Ukrainian girls have never talked about this or would never even dare dream of these ideals consciously, in their hearts they are waiting for their champion.

What is the secret to Ukrainians

Men are stimulated by the eyes but for a women, the ears are the doors to her heart.  Win a girl from Ukraine with sincere words of love and love phrases. If you want to marry them tell them they are your princess.  I truly with all my heart believe that for every women in the world there is one prince.

However, Ukrainian girls have a huge radar for falseness as post soviet society is full of fakes so do not think even think about being insincere with your words of love.

However, if you do this falsely for your own motives that are insincere, in my opinion it is one of the wost things you can do.  Dante even alluded to the fact that the lowest circles of hell were reserved for people who destroy other people’s faith.

Know and talk something about the culture and literature of the country. If you can do this and learn a little Ukrainian (not Russian) then you will be all set.

How to win a Ukrainian girl for love

Step 1. Read some of the ideas on my site and look at the sites I recommend for finding Ukrainian girls or Russian girls in Ukraine.  Step 2. When you find yourself chatting with a Ukrainian girl for love, take the higher ground and appeal to her ideals and visions of true love.

Ukrainian girl

Be sincere with Ukrainian girls and explore my website and you will find romantic love in Ukraine with the woman of your dreams. I have specific sites that will help you either travel to Ukraine, meet them online or get their mobile numbers so you can establish a rapport. I did a lot of research and these are the best. So explore my related post section or ask a question in the comment section.  Brush up on chivalrous etiquette and find the starry-eyed girl of your dreams in Eastern Galicia.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am going to Kiev next month and looking for advise on the best agency to find sincere women who are serious for marriage. Also any idea for staying at a hotel or should I rent a flat?
Thank you,
Steven in San Diego, California

I highly recommend you rent a flat. It is easier. Meeting girls is no problem. All you have to do is walk up and start talking to them. It is not the USA. They will be thanking you basically you are talking to them. Ukrainian girls want to get married and find a decent guy. These girls are not flakey Western girls. I do not have any specific places to go, I recommend start testing the waters on some of the dating sites I recommended. If not there, when you get there will be countless girls on the street, clubs, shopping malls etc. I recommend focusing on site seeing like the cave monasteries or the museum of the Great War and the Churches. Hire a local tour guide for short small tours. These girls will have idea also. Sorry I am being very general, but I really think the best way to meet women in Kiev is just walking up to them. You can meet 100 a day if you want. Buy a cell phone card at a Kiosk and collect mobile numbers of Ukrainian women, e-mails everything. When you get back home you can think about establishing a rapport with a few.

I to am flying to Kiev in April and I looked online and compared prices, renting a Flat is defiantly, the way to go you just have to buy the food.

Hello I live just out side Indianapolis Indiana USA. I am a technical sales representative. I am divorced and have 10 and 13 year old daughters whom I love more than life it self. They live with there mother. I long for a very close relationship I have not dated in over 16 years My divorce is final November 10 My experiences with USA girls is the main thing is $$ and I do not like that.I am very active golf, running,basketball,swimming,working out at the gym.I would love to start up a potential relationship on line and see were it goes Looking forward to response your friend John

You might want to meet Ukraine girls but here are some words of wisdom. The bride sites are “largely” a scam designed to keep you talking whilst your cash evaporates. The girls that chat at such sites have little intention of hooking up with anyone unless they appear to have mega bucks. Odessa is a great city but mirrors Liverpool and Napoli in terms of “scammers!” Beware the majority of girls in chat do this as a business. If there is a video button you see her and it gives you confidence to chat because you see the girl before you….this is a mirage. The girl has no intention of meeting you and if you ever got her proper address and turned up she would run a mile. Avoid Odessa because it’s a city of chances.

Be careful with these girls, they are clever and they can sus you out. Avoid eastern Ukraine unless you are accompanies because its poorer and more Russian. Avoid walking around the streets late at nigh, do not wear anything flashy.

These girls know their worth, just get a pre-nup to protect yourself.

“These girls know their worth” – any girl who projects that type of attitude is worth next to nothing to a person whose sole intention is to find love or friendship on at least something close to an equal footing.I think the perception and quite often portayal of Ukrainian women as these ideals of female virtue and beauty has been built up way beyond the reality of what they are really like.There definitely seems to be a collective arrogance with alot of these women(the ones online anyway)not found in other East-European females that is quite amusing when you come across it.I don’t know if this is because they have been completely sold on this idea that the world’s men desire them or because they do get more attention than women from other countries.Saying that personally I hav’nt found anything particularly unique or interesting about the ones I have spoken to(although I admit most have been physically attractive)apart from like I already said their belief that all men desire them which is amusing for the first 10 seconds then gets boring real quick.

You need to go to Ukraine and meet normal girls, not the ones with English language profiles on the Internet which get 100s of replies from guys. Normal girls from Western Ukraine, not Dnipropetrovsk or Odessa or Kharkiv, which are Eastern (Russian culture) Ukrainian industrial cities where women try to use their beauty.

Meet normal Ukrainian girls what are overflowing with humility and gentleness.

I am using Anastasia I did as much research as I could and feel confident that it is a pretty good site. My concern is that being a American and only being mainly exposed to western ideology. My idea of what to expect from a Ukrainian women is making me paranoid. Is there anyone who has met and dates a Western Ukrainian woman tell me what it was like. Here’s what I’m looking for I been talking to a few women and gotten I think really close got a good connection, so I’m taking the next flying there and spending time with her. I told her about me buying the ticket and seemed happy but she never offered to help me with the travel arrangements, like helping me find a place to stay while I was there. Am I expected to make most of the decisions and she is be quiet and obedient Christian girl? Am I being played?

I think you have to determine what her world view is. Without a sense of what makes her tick, her raison d’être or meaning of life, you can not have an accurate assessment of her who she is and what she wants from life. The meaning of life is in the living. That means rather than abstract words, but concrete actions. If you are looking for a Christian girl, how does she react to hypothetical questions about life and values. Does she know anything of the Bible or know the Rosary?

Many Eastern Europeans have a classical education. This is a legacy from communism. This does not mean they are good people. So do not confuse the ability to talk on high minded subjects with authentic devotion to values that transcend human understanding.

For example this Russian girl I know can talk about literature and classical subjects and history. I asked her about her dreams. She said she wanted to start a ballet school for girls. I thought this was noble. Latter, I realized I heard what I wanted to hear. She really said belly dancing school. I also discovered she was shopping for her third husband and although went to church from time to time, had no internal struggle for self betterment. She was all about herself. You need to ask questions beyond, do you go to church. You need to see what her life meaning and struggle is about.
The gift of discernment is what you need to see if a persons heart is pure. Our faith is based on forgiveness and grace so a person should not be perfect, just have the intention of loyalty to ideals. You need to have conversations about this.
I remember, I would ask basic questions of philosophy and life to American girls and they would reply ‘my head hurts, why are you asking me this’.

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