Beautiful Turkish girls

Turkish girls are beautiful. Turkish women are often educated and most of the times quite nice. In fact, I think they are perhaps some of the most loyal and best wives in Europe.  However, there is a problem with ladies from Turkey, if you are an American or British guy.

Take girls from Istanbul for example, they have a mix of exotic ancient people’s like from a fairy-tale or a primordial dream of what love is, yet often with a snowy complexion.

The fundamental reason why Western guys have a challenge to get mobile phone numbers of Turkish women and date them is, woman from Asia minor come from a radically different culture than you.  They are a Mediterranean culture which makes them usually warm and friendly, however, they are Muslim and this is a different religion than most Americans and English guys. I believe in the commonality of all people, however, culture plays a role in how people see the world.

Turkish Female Y DNA Haplogroups – This is science, so to say for sure a female from Asia minor has to look a certain way is very closed.

In theory, it should not make any difference, as ‘you are your religion’, however, for a long-term relationship this could be potentially a show stopper.

Meet a lady in a club or on the street and find out latter where she is from.

In my experience the relationships that work best are those that have two people who are most similar to each other.  I know people say opposites attract, but this only for the short-term.  I think people who are similar in beliefs attract and stay together longest.  It is just common sense. This has nothing at all to do with race or look, but rather world view. Birds of a feather flock together.  People who have different world views can become friends later in life if they stay together, but people who are similar,  fly.

Girl in a Turkish cafes, lounges or discos are there to relax with friend, not to get hit on by guys. If you want to meet a princess from a hikâye I recommend meet them during the day int he market and take them to the club later in the week. Or just go to a dance club they will be there with their girlfriends not an inner circle of mixed couples, which is not optimal for picking up a Güzel kız. By the way, Turkish for beautiful girl is Güzel kız.

There is a lot of debate about what a Turkish girl looks like.   Pour a Turkish girl into tight jeans and Western makeup and she could be the girl next door in Anytown, USA.
Below are some photos of “Turkish girls” lets say and can anyone tell me if they are real or just look like an exotic Eastern Mediterranean?

People say they can spot a Turkish girl in a crowd, bar, disco. They say a Turkish lady can be recognized in a photo on on a street corner. I disagree 100%. Although there is a general commonality of features from the Eastern Mediterranean because of adaptation of diet and climate, you would be surprised about the diversity in Turkey with female facial features. Come on Dr. Oz is Turkish, but dressed smart on his show he looks like another American.

Once you get a Turkish girl in Western clothes (or out of them, mind you) and her hairstyle and make up is like a European, it is hard to discern where in the world she is from.

For example if you see a Turkish girl in London with Parisian style you will not definitively be able to say where she is from. She is out of context.

The reason being The ancient people of Asia Minor are the Hittites, the Phrygians, the Cimmerians, Lydia, Caria and Lycia,  Anatolian and Thracian Turchia with the Seljuk Turks coming latter. Even if you have someone who is speaking the Turkish language they are only a percentage mixture of ancient peoples.

Turkish are 70% of the people that live in the borders of Turkey.  And mixed in that I would estimate the majority a mix.  Although 85% of Turkish people speak the people are a melting pot reflecting their history. Oğuz Turkic are famous but who are the others?

But even with the Turkish majority the question is, who are the Turks? Are they Seljuk Turks  or Aeolian and Ionian Greeks. Are they remnants of the Odrysian Kingdom or Levantines.

In addition to the Kurds there are a lot of Sephardic Jews, Armenians, and Greeks

The Turkish Constitution article 66 defines a Turkish person living in Turkey as a citizen.

Turkish girl looks

Turkish girls are actually from Asian origin, but over 1000 years there is big mix.  First, there are Ancient peoples, like the Hittites that are mixed in.  Then Byzantine for sure mixed in as well as others. So I have noted variation of looks between Turkish girls in the east and west of Turkey. Read some summaries of The Book of Dede Korkut to get an idea of this mix.

They basically have a very classic ancient world look.  They tend to have wide hips and thin waist.  Their faces are broad rather than long, like northern Europeans.  Turk girls are attractive and generally all around nice people. I really like their look, but on the other hand I think every woman in the world has her special allure, so do not ask me.

There are a number of reasons why women from Turkey are top for wives, they are a combination of sophisticated, sensual and have high morals. To date a girl with this combination of virtue in the west you basically have to be rich, a movie star or football player.

How to get a Girlfriend from Asia Minor

I will keep this short and sweet, go there, I did.

Here are some ideas:

  • Istiklal street or Cicek Pasaji maybe clubs next to each other to find a girlfriend.
  • I personally recommend 360 located in Istiklal Avenue in Taksim
  • Baykuş in Taksim.
  • Ask the hotel  concierge,  but make sure you specify nice girls or he will send you to Laleli after some Russian girl who are lets say ‘tourists’.
  • Go to clubs where you will find skinny young and hip girls there that listen to house music. I personally love DJ and house clubs.

Turkish girl risks – know them before you get their mobile number

The risk with Turkish girls is, however, small, that if you are looking for love, they could break your heart because they are looking for money not love. However, I think this is 100 times less than dating a cosmopolitan western girl.   Turkey was once called is the poor-man of Europe, I would not say that is true anymore. Maybe there are some women who would love to escape poverty, even if it means marrying a western guy. However, I do not see this as a real factor as Western Europeans and American girls have a high flight factor according to marriage statistics and this by far outweighs any chance a Turkish female would try to take advantage of you. Maybe this was more true years ago, but I have many Turkish friends and I can not see this.

Is this Cyprus, Greece or Turkey? – When your heart is moved by a girl from Istanbul you have to leap with your heard as much as your heart or down the road you will have relationship crossroads of choosing your culture or your love. Make sure you know what you are committed to. I married a girl from another culture, I choose love.

I mention this risk only because I know guys are concerned about this issue. But this issues is becoming more of a non issue, as the world is changing and I do not think it is a problem with ladies from Turkey, but some people in general. If you go to Istanbul or Ankara its like any city in the world, there are good and bad people everywhere. I personally love Istanbul and the Kapali Carsi or the Grand Bazaar, also go to the Sultanahmet Camii, try the food do it all. Do not go there to just pick up cell phone numbers of Turkish girls. Which is not bad mind you, just enjoy the city a bit and let destinies hand guide you, instead of going for the direct approach and playing the numbers game.

There are 37 million women in Türkiye, like 5 million in Istanbul alone and another 4 in Ankara. If you can not find a nice gal in Anatolia then you have to examine the way you pick up women.

Turkish girl’s names are easy to remember and most have a sweet shorten form and they are not written in Arabic script. This is all good for the linguistically challenged western guy like me (I actually have a language site, still).  They usually take names that mean something connected to natures. This is one of the first things you can talk to them about, that is what does their name mean. Some examples are  Melis, Berra, Ecem, Sibel, Tuana.

I spend a lot of time in Istanbul and the people there are very warm (I think it is the sun, similar to other Mediterranean cultures, watch the movie Mediterraneo and you will see what I mean).  The Istanbul girls are like western girls but a little warmers and more conservative. Which in my opinion is actually a good thing. For marriage or a you want a conservative bride, not some crazy women who will tell you how wrong you are all the time like many ladies in the USA.

I think this risk they will leave you in marriage is low if you look at marriage success rates compared to the USA.  I call this the flight factor, this is because many are still very traditional.  In fact, it is much lower than the flight factor of an American girl in general.

My conclusion is, Turkish girls are beautiful and educated but the difference in culture and economics could make a long-term relationship hard.  But with love all things are possible.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. The Turkish girl that was buried alive was Kurdish origin. They are the ones who practice honor k___ing!

  2. In the western world, husbands, wives k_ll each other for life insurance. In the western world, mothers kill their children in the most horrifying ways and justify it with a couple of bought psychiatrists by using excuses such as “postpartum depression”, “insanity” defense. You don’t have those things in Turkey. You have websites that encourage affairs…just a few examples:

    so before you dare criticize some other culture, country, take a look at yourself first!

    1. I do not like western culture that encourages that behavior. I think many in the west there are many loyal to their partners and many are not. I think part of the reason is the media portrays it as OK. It is not OK to betray your husband or wife. I agree. And many people make excuses and justifications and rationalizations that you can have love on the side. That is hopeless.

  3. Dear Damla,

    You are unnecessarily representing a very nationalistic approach in this subject. I would never adopt such method of sorting out the girls living in Turkey as Kurdish and Turkish when mentioning about their common fate and consequences. I refer to all female Turkish citizens as Turkish girls while I am speaking about it, and I should also stress that my approach is not a nationalist one; plus, there are honor k___ling also in the Western part of the country if you consider the statistics, which could be considered as resulting indirectly from the Islamic way of life and ignorance and poverty, you cannot just attribute a group of criminal cases to a whole group living in Turkey. That is just wrong.

    Personally, I am not talking about the origins of people here, and this is actually what I am against: that meaningless generalization and categorizing of people according to their region and national identity. Equally, I never can say that the people of the West are all mean or cynical, but in class societies, which exist in a variety of degrees all countries across the world, corruption can be observed from time to time.

  4. Gamsiz:

    Perhaps you have not readand understood what I have written to provide you with the context behind why I went back to Turkey to essentially prove my hypothesis right/wrong.

    You suggest that my hypothesis was preexisting but this is incorrect. My point is that I had already been to Turkey and had Turkish friends since 2003 but their behaviour was such that I could only really come to my own conclusions. For instance, one person I knew lied about having cancer to prevent me from going to Istanbul as per our prearrangement – she did not want me to go because it was obvious that she had a boyfriend, but instead of being honest with me and admitting it, she preferred to lie. When I was in Istanbul she also lied about her grandmother being seriously ill, again to prevent meeting me – yet while I was in Cavahir I actually saw her, when she was supposed to be on the Asian side of Turkey where her grandmother was ‘dying’. My other ‘friends’ also lied to me for a number of years and used me which meant that I could only really come to my own conclusions…

    …however like I have said many times but you keep missing it I JUDGED THEIR BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ME IN LINE WITH MY OWN VALUE JUDGEMENTS (as you have said, but confused the context), THE PURPOSE OF MY GOING BACK WAS TO ASCERTAIN IF I WAS CORRECT ABOUT THEM BY BEING AROUND THEM, IN THEIR CULTURAL AND VALUE ENVIRONMENT IN ORDER TO >>>>>>PROVE ME WRONG<<<<<< YET THEY PROVED MY HYPOTHESES TO BE CORRECT. Do you not understand Gamsiz, I was not going there to do anything else but ALLOW THEM TO PROVE ME WRONG AND NOT PROVE ME RIGHT. The difference is this: Had I gone to prove myself right, it would have been a negative behaviour, and I would have been judgeing them precisely by my western values. On the other hand, what I actually did, was to conduct positive behaviour, by allowing them to prove my hypotheses to be INCORRECT. Can you not understand this and can you not understand the difference?

    You have totally misunderstood, non-Western people are not there to prove western people to be correct…rather us western people have the ability to critically analyse behaviour and have such open minds to undertake positive behaviour. Fundamentally my behaviour was positive because had I judged them in line with my wetsren values and NOT have gone back then I would be guilty of placing pre-existing values onto them…BUT I DID NOT DO THIS!!!!!!

    As it turned out, my hypotheses were correct, they proved themselves to be liars despite me giving them every opportunity to discount my hypotheses – their behaviour as I keep saying merely reinforced ideas in my head that lying, deceit, deception, falsification etc etc etc are key elements in Turkish society and in all fairness you cannot really say I am 'wrong' about this because this was my true experience and my experience of Turks, Turkey and Turkishness in this instance lasted for half a decade, and in all of this time the Turks, Turkey and Turkishness I experienced merely worked to build up my current opinions. No-one else is to blame but those people, no matter what you say, you cannot deny the experience.

    and Damla:

    Please provide evidence for your statement about western people killing each other for insurance. I understand that in western society there are murders for insurance payouts, and there may well be a 'compulsion' to assisted suicide for inheritance purposes in the future in the UK 'if' assisted suicide becomes legal – to my upbringing this is of course ethically wrong. But do not be under the impression that psychiatrists can be 'bought' because if you understood how the academic and professional system worked in the UK you would realise that if a professional such as thosethat you claim can be bought are caught their careers will end…it is simply not the case that bribery in this manner can take place in such numbers as your statement suggests.

    I for one do not deny these incidents exist, but it's a massive generalisation because the difference between honour killings in Turkey (admittedly predominantly amongst conservative Kurdish communities such as the Sufis)and insurance payout murder and baby killings is quantifiable. In Turkish society there is a large islamic conservative tradition whereby less educated elements of society interpret the Koran in a way that allows them to believe honour killings to be acceptable in terms of protecting the family name etc. In the UK, we have a totally different social structure, a different society, culture, class system and lifestyle. Some of the reasons behind why babies are murdered are the very same reasons that rarely exist in Turkey due to the specific cultural and societal system, so a comparison is almost pointless. I for one know a Turkish girl in London, not Kurdish, whose parents committed suicide 2 weeks after her birth because they wanted a son – leaving her to be brought up by her 78 year old grandmother. This itself is an example of Turkish cruelty to children. There are incidents of the murder of babies in western society of course, but just because we do not have such close knit family units as there are in Turkey does not mean we randomly kill family members for insurance (not many people can even afford life insurance if you care to investigatethat issue seperately) and nor are there regular incidents of baby murders with the protagonists simply 'buying' professionals to deemthem as depressed or clinically insane.

    …you do realise that the people most likley to kill their babies are the ones least likely to be able to afford to 'buy' (even if they could, and they can't!) professional expertise.

    Your argument is simply a fallacy born out of anti- western propaganda that I have seen first hand in Turkey on many occasions.

  5. Former Turk Lover,

    I regret that your experiences with a bunch of liars resulted in your becoming as racist as to say “This is an example of Turkish cruelty towards babies”. This is very upsetting because killing babies are cases that could as well be observed as the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE OF A SOCIAL BLAST WHICH EMERGED ESPECIALLY AFTER THE MILITARY COUP in 1980, and cannot be associated under any circumstances with Turkishness or Turkish cruelty and also can be seen in any other part of the world. You should not deny the existence of the majority living in Turkey who are very upset about such cases. Your value judgment about the assumption that lying is a bad behavior is an assumption that is also dominant in Turkish culture and what is taught us by our parents. So, your personal value judgment does not make you special, or it also does not make a whole society of liars out of us because of your social misfortunes with the people you met.

    Consequently, if I were you, I would not share such experiences here, especially by attributing these to Turkish Republican system or the existence of Turkish people; because your experiences are indeed irrelevant to the entireity of Turkish girls, to the subject of this page etc. I am not obliged to leave you a reply here, but the people who are now read this should note that this is not anything to be generalized.

    Besides, I have no problem in apprehending your intention and the irritated and belittling tone you are using when mentioning about Turks and justifying your tone with your experience. This is disturbing and that is all I can say about my EXPERIENCE with you here. And you cannot deny this experience too. According to my experience, I got the impression that consequently, you have turned out to be a racist.

  6. And, to conclude, if we are talking about our personal experiences that are already subjective enough, (but can never be denied as you say) I would assert that my subjective experiences with Turkish girls around me so far can be regarded as more reliable since I have been living in Turkey for 26 years, have met girls from all across Turkey and have been observing things for a longer period than you did and also have been abroad and met people from all over the world and made my comparison as well. I’ve been watching Turkish TVs, reading Turkish newspapers and meeting new people here everyday… And I can assure you that first your method of criticism and then your idea is not the correct one when it comes to Turkish society. And you cannot be regarded as an objective non-Turk who can make independent observations since the things you have experienced are very personal such as “that girl said this but did this, that woman spat on my face” and you cannot, I admit, remain objective when you encounter with such things. I warn my friends from abroad before they come to Turkey as “watch your purse, or do not go to Xmas celebrations in Turkey without a well-built male friend of yours”; this is for precaution because we are a mixed society and anything can happen. There is no guarantee and this is my self criticism. I actually wonder about what yours could be, or are you just the perfect person bullied by a very large group of bad people for half “a decade”?

  7. Gamsiz, you totally missed the point about my illustration of a point referring to the painting at the Anit Kabir which dealt with the issue of the painting of ANZACs bayoneting babies on the cliffs of Gallipoli. It is quite interesting how you skirted around this subject to turn it into something else. The fact of the matter is, as I keep saying, the to many Turks this painting represents FACT – yet very few people question the painting by saying “Why would there be babies on the cliffs?”

    Gamsiz, if I was ra*ist, why then do I still have Turkish friends, why did I go to Turkey (and no doubt go to other countries)? If I was a racist Gamsiz I would have made my mind up about those people without deeming it necessary to actually be in their company (as many of the Turks I met openly ‘hat*d’ Jewish, ‘hat*d’ American and Western Imperialists’ etc). Surely dialogue isn’t constituted as racism. Perhaps you would prefer that non-Turks take the Turkish Nationalistic line on issues and just do not talk about them in order to resolve them, well I’m afraid to say that this is not the case.

    As for my quote “this is an example of Turkish cruelty toward babies”, well I am totally correct. If the perpetrator of the crime was a Turk and the crime was against a baby, then yes, it is an example of Turkish cruelty against babies, just as the Baby P case in England 18 months ago was an example of British cruelty towards a baby, as the murderers were British!

    I do find it funny Gamsiz how you and your fellow Turks find it essential to quote state propaganda as being your own personal opinion in capital letters as if it makes ther point more valid. If it is your personal opinion then perhaps you could describe what a ‘social blast’ actually is, because I’m perplexed.

    No one said my value judgements made me special, rather the lack of values displayed by the majority of people i met in Turkey (Turkish people as ambassadors for their country) and through their consistently poor behaviour to me I believe is representative of a society and culture that posseses lower standards than the values I have grown up to live by. It is a shame that Nationalism (which you Turks cannot differentiate with Patriotism) has clouded your perception to such an extent that you absolutely cannot comprehend any other viewpoint than your own.

    In my country, if I or my friends andfamily see a native British person behaving poorly towards a foreign person (a guest) then we do our best to step in and prevent that bad treatment as after all, when we have guests then this makes us as native people ambassadors for our country so that those guests can pass on positivity regarding their experiences to their friends and family and therefore promote cross cultural understanding and knowledge exchange. In Turkey it does not work like this. In my experiences (which as you say are subjective but in reality they are objective because I went to Turkey with an objective of having an open mind and taking in the society and culture). When I told my friends outthere of the poor treatment towards me they initially apologised but then, ironically, decided to treat me poorly. This happened daily, they were not ‘occasional’ events, but daily regular incidents, across a broad spectrum of society, taksi drivers, shop keepers, bus drivers, pedestrians, policmen, coach passengers, hotel owners, university students, university graduates, the list is endless. Unlike in some countries where these people would not usually share the same upbringing to a certain level, in Turkey there is one thing that unites all of these people despite their obvious class divisions, professions, interests etc … that shared experience is the unique for of Turkish Nationalism as manifest by state run media (interesting how you say you have listened to state TV, state newspapers and state radio for 26 years, no wonder you’re a fully signed up member of the Cult of Kemalist Indoctrination). And, as I keep saying but you keep skirting around the issue, the unique position Turkey is in, geographically, socially, culturally, politically, genocide denially, racially etc results in this type of behaviour as experienced by myself.

    You say my experiences are irrelevent to the entirity of Turkish girl – hold on a minute Gamsiz, the topic here is Turkish girls, I am talking about my experiences at the hands of (primarily) Turkish girls and am passing on my knowledge of why they behave like that. It is quite interesting how you are oblivious to the fact that everything |I am saying is actually 100% relevant – but then again your education system doesn’t produce critical thinking, rather just followers of cultish behaviour – and it is even more interesting how what you are essentially doing is ‘blaming the victim’ of disgraceful behaviour, because of yes, Turks can never be wrong, Turks can never behave poorly, rather it is the rest of the world that is wrong – because remember Gamsiz, Nationalism says “Turkey is the most important country, Turkey is the most important place, Turkishness is the most important perspective, the Turkish political system is the best and so on”…where else have we seen Turks blaming the victim, ah yes, Turkey still blames the Armenians for the Armenian gen0c*de – in fact Turkey has gone to such extreme lengths to portray the victims of the genocide that they have made it illegal for Turks to admit that the geno*ide happened (Article 331 of the Turkish Penal Code).

    Oh dear Gamsiz, intellectually I am running rings around you and in the perfect illustration of Turkish denial you have no way of replying other than turning the blame around onto me…just like the way you have been indoctrinated to do by the process of Kemalism in light of the Armenian genocide…which of course is a lie…or is it a Turkish lie or an Armenian lie? Perhaps the best way to make sure a lie becomes truth is to ban the discussion of the topic (Article 331) and for anyone who does raise the issue for members of the Nationalist movement to kill those ‘enemies’ of the great lie, such as Hrant Dink in Sisli…remember?

    If you’re so disturbed, then maybe you should read what I am writing as constructive criticism, rather than racism. You Turks must raise your standards and accept that the way you are, the last 80 or so years of Kemalist Cultism may actually be incorrect and you may have to accept that there are big problems in Turkey as I have illustarted…

    …but then again, it’s easier to deny isn’t it? It’s easier to smokescreen issues with lies, that is, until a society cannot remember what lies have been said before and there are contradictions in a society (Nationalism v Patriotism, Article 331, genocide denial etc etc etc).

    My self criticism = I should have been more rac*st. I should have said to myself “these people are treating me so poorly that the reality is these people are not in fact my friends, just people using me and manipulating me”. I should have said “My values all point to these people being extremely cruel to me”. I should have never gone back to Turkey. I should have said “The way they are acting is the same as people act in England when they are being cruel and exploitative so there’s no point me going back”…

    …it’s just a shame I don’t value others according to my values and a shame, for your argument, that I am not a rac*st.

    If you are so

  8. My grandma is from leningrad, and although i haven’t seen Russia i have many Russian friends from Istanbul. I want to compare Russian and new generation Turkish girls, which are completely different. Turkish girls think that they are the most beautiful girl in world(but they are not) and they are arrogant mostly. you probably think that they are not having s** with people before marriage, but they do! so the only difference between turkish and russian girls are beauty. Turkish girls use make up so much but they are not beautiful at all. When i go to very common Turkish mall i see many turkish girls and among 500 girls I can see only 5 beautiful. but russian girls are really beautiful and more kind. i really don’t advice to marry or get relationship with Turkish girls! I think marrying with a Turkish girl would be the worst thing for you… escape from them!

  9. Former Turk Lover,

    I think you mean the article 301 of Turkish Penal Code, which I have also once appended a signature against, in a campaign. I did not say I deny the Armenian Genocide before in any of my statements here, I have also appended a signature in the I Appologize Campaign towards the Armenians and also walked in the protest march on the anniversary of Hrant Dink’s assasination, about which I am much sorry. And how can you have the right to make a conclusion about me and my political stand this way and claim that you are intellectually superior
    while you cponfuse the article 301 with 331?

    Your interpretation of the side I take is totally wrong and is another sign of how you classify Turkish people into “the ones who deny and the ones who do not deny”. You do not know me, so you have no right to label me saying people like you do this and do that in Turkey. I am not a restless believer of Kemalism and often criticize some of Mustafa Kemal’s deeds in his efforts of creating a nation state to sweep away the 7-century long Ottoman social heresy and the Islamic non-secular state order, according to his own. The state crimes in Dersim and the bombings by Sabiha Gökçen are the examples given. And I do not justify the nation state structure by saying rac**m is everywhere around the world. Also I reckon there are lots of wrongful practices in Turkish Republican history especially in the education system such as the bans on the teaching of languages and other religions and imposing the cult of Kemalism instead. And I have experienced this education system in practise thoughout my entire education in Turkey, so I presume I have the first-hand knowledge about that. But things are much more complicated than you think. My argument is this: “You cannot expect most of people to question their system when they are so much surrounded by it. It is not simply about Turkish people, what I mean is, this is typical in all nation-states. Take a Turk and educate him on another cult, let’s say, radical Islam for 15 years and you may see him later on bombing the American Embassy. This is how ideology works. A milder type of this is what has been done in Turkey for the past three decades in some private schools, some which are also legitimized as Imam Hatip Schools; as a move against secularism, although a minority of the people are affected from this. Personally I support the secularist part of Kemalist thought, which was the most correct thing to have been done at the time of Atatürk. This is part of my feminist approach in the ideological structure and the role of Islam in Turkey. It should be kept as distant from Turkish women as possible as a religious practice.

    With social blast I mean the degeneration resulting out of corruption in society, in its universal sense and this has examples everywhere. You seem to be forgetting about the Victorian Era, the time of William Blake and Charles Dickens in England, or as worse examples in today’s Afghanistan or Sudan or some places where women are circumsized. Should we belittle the people with good will and conscience who are trying to exist in such societies and such Hard Times? This is what I mean to say about the Turkish Girls subject, that the wrongful generalization that you insist on making, which you also have done about me in your latest post.

    And patriotism is another stu*id ideology. Also, I can claim, according to some independent British films I have seen, there is quite a lot rac*sm in England. You should start your self-criticism from that side, instead of saying I should have been rac*st againts Turks. Although it is a good thing to see some nice British guys doing that, such as Ken Loach and Amma Asante (in A Way of Life).

    I never turned the blame onto you. There is a misunderstanding here. I only reminded you of your mistaken method of criticizing, and it cannot be read as constructive when you keep on saying “you Turks should not lie, you should treat people this way, or you should raise your standards and should not deny or lying is central to Turkish culture” since this is not actually your problem and it is as easy to label a group of people according to their nationality, as it is to “deny”. We, Turks are already dealing with such issues and although a minority, people continue talking about these things, don’t worry about that, if that is your mere concern. But I presume, according to the impression I have acquired, your mere concern is not something like this, since you can suddenly associate my objections with my being a Kemalist-cult-nationalist who denies everything.

    I never deny the injustices that have been made to the people from other nations here on this land. And you have no right to say that I have done that, if you read my posts, there is no trace of this. I did not say we are perfect, I said, it is a much more complicated social structure than you think with your limited knowledge of Turkey.

    You are totally indifferent to the discrimination that Turkish girls face thoughout their life in a patriarchal Islamic society, and the danger they face because of the “rule of chastity” that is imposed on them; but instead, you say it is because of the character of an entire society and especially the women of that society. That is where you are mistaken and you do not understand that. And you will never understand unless you ever try to understand how hard a woman tries to survive in an Islamic society as being always considered inferior to men.

    You are welcome to Turkey again, I’ll inform you when we have raised our standards according to your wish.

    Dear Half-Turkish Russian Guy,

    Feel free to escape from Turkish girls, and think about the possibility that out of 500, only five or a less number of them would find you handsome. I’ll also warn all Turkish girls around me to stop making efforts for getting married to you. Don’t worry about that.

  10. I write this to Lioness, former Turk lover, and Gamesiz and the rest. Gamesiz needs to chill out and so does Damla. Former Turk lover has got a broken heart because of this love affair and he is trying to make sense of his trauma. Gamesiz has an inferiority complex and a chip on his shoulder. Turk lover is not out to get “oriental” people. Turkish identity or nationality doesn’t need defenders or apologists. Turkey is a nation, not an ethnic group. Turks are not the grandchildren of Genghiz Khan but the modern residents of “Turkish Anatolia.” Former Turk lover and some of his conversationalist are right on the mark when they admit that lying is a common tactic of daily survival among salesmen, dealers, girls, and quick lovers everywhere in Turkey, especially. Is Turkey exceptional for its scoundrel liars and pushers? In some ways, Istanbul is exceptional for its pack of lying scoundrels. Paris and New York and Moscow and Shanghai have their share of liars, also. What seems strange to outsiders is the hypocrisy of the schizo nature of such a place, religious and very licentious and hedonistic. Most city have such contrast, however.
    What is sick about Turkey is the way that the country peasants along with the national citizens and especially the government lives in such a state of denial about their incompetent way of dealing with the religion abuse of “Turkish” “moslems” against their non-Turkish Christian, Armenian neighbors or Shiite neighbors – or neighbors of any other groups such as Greek Orthodox. The Turkish government and its scoundrel lackeys have abused and failed to do justice to its Armenian Christians or its Greek Christians – and it ought to be ashamed of its record and act like a nation of secular law and order, not a nation of punks.

  11. I went very wrong, I saw the comments really nice girl .. Russian girls have a friend with the above comparison. rus girls girls motley pale-skinned, but Turkey and they are not descendants of the Mongol khan cengiz turkler are. come before it knows

  12. I back up FTL’s reasoning, and find it fascinating but all-to-familiar to read replies that say pretty much the same thing as his posts with “Turkey is the greatest” tacked on to show how he is wrong to say what he does.

    Nationalism/Indoctrination in Turkey is an incredible danger. My cousin who has never left Istanbul and the Med coast is so full of himself that he utterly fails to recognise his lack of understanding about the rest of the world outside of what he’s been spoon fed by the state. Echoes of that here. To an outsider (and to well-travelled insiders still capable of reason and introspection) the self-deception fundamental to Turkish culture/politics/society is impossible to ignore. Lying to your older brother about your s_x life is a simple matter compared to propping up an entire belief system.

    Turkish girls are friendly and fun, like girls everywhere. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

    1. Negative cliches about Turkish girls are one of the biggest boggie mans out there. You might here this or that about Turkish girls being bad but the reality is, one a one to one level they are very sweet and are for sure marriage material if you find the right one.

  13. On the matter of gruesome murders…rapes…crimes..USA is no.1 and so are the other so called Develped countries..UK…Ireland etc…

    So yes please do look into your own culture and countries before pointing fingers at how some1 cheated you…honestly man…

    I am a Pakistani man and in my 22 years of walking the earth…i have come accross many women…Turkish women definitely are beautiful…maybe not as religious as other muslim women…but that depends on the guy…

    There are decent and evil people in every culture and country…your integrity is tested when you are given a choice of whether you go for the first or second class of people…

    And Turkish culture is quiet alike the Pakistani one…i may just try for a Turkish girl…who knows…

  14. In USA our crimes are concentrated into small ethnic ghettoes. In places like Pakistan the crimes, such as terrorism, or widespread, unpredictable and sporatic. There is no place on earth that is safe, but most of USA is quite safe. I always like it when people who never been to a country tell me how unsafe where I live is.

    I have been to West Africa and I will tell you every day you hope to live between the mosquitoes (malaria), car accidents and bands of thieves they wander the remote areas or inner cities.

  15. Hi Former Turkish Lover

    I am %90 agree with your comments that you posted on 6th feb as a Turkish guy. Our people have a lack of integrity and honesty against their own community,but we are much better than all islamic countries and even some countries in europe continent.

  16. I am a Turkish girl who left Turkey for good.
    Turkish men neither appreciates nor respects Turkish women, I found happiness with my English husband and been living in UK since 2008, not going back.

    Turkish girls are:

    .Honest: They are not the kind to cruise from one man to another or cheat.

    .Dedicated: They are good mums, housewives, daughter-in-laws

    .Delicate: You don’t see drunken and loud Turkish girls out. If they are on the chubby side, they dress accordingly. There are not fat girls squeezed into tight skirts unlike some western countries

    .Pretty: High street shops do not even sell above size 12 (EU 42) because there is no need. They also have very small feet compared to other countries

    .Classy: They do not overkill makeup like Arabic countries, Lebanese or Iranian women are famous for their tranny makeup! Foundation is a rare make up to use, as much as fake nails or lashes. We don’t need them

    .Respectful: I am from west-end of Turkey yet I treat David’s family like royals. I cook for them, remember their important days, throw out a five-star accommodation when they stay over.

    I will not raise our future children in Turkey, especially if it is a daughter. Turkish men are sleazy, ignorant and unpleasant towards women. They should stick to their russian brides and f** off to Russia, leaving decent men (very few) alone.

    1. Thank you for the comment.
      When I was in Turkey I found the women to be very educated and interested in the world.
      I married from across the seas also and I am very happy. I am a big believer in you do not have to marry the girl or guy next door.

  17. Hi to all. Regarding the subject it is just about the ways of living and is very hard to change(An eastern can never feel better in western culture (although there is more freedom in all respects of life)and western can’t even survive in the eastern culture ( but exceptions are there )SO it is all about culture. I had a Turkish girl friend two years back, she was so nice, gentle, loving, caring yes a bit jealous but over all she was perfect and i wish to merry a Turkish girl as they are sincere to their families.

  18. David’s Wife.. You sound like an awesome woman and David sounds like a very blessed man. From what you say , it sounds like a trip to Turkiye would be in my best interest 😀 I think what you are saying sounds honest. I hear western girls who take trips to Turkiye have quite a time when it comes to overcoming the very flirtatious and overzealous men looking to betroth them.. LOL

    I find many Turkish women to be quite beautiful. Perhaps the fact that Turkiye is not so fanatical like Arabic countries, means that you can actually get away with marrying a Turkish woman and not being a muslim. I assume by the name, David, he is not a Muslim, am I correct?

    Thanks for sharing your story, David’s wife.

  19. Former Turk Lover should change his name to Former Jaded Lover.

    David’s wife – I agree with all your comments except one:

    .Classy: They do not overk_ll makeup like Arabic countries, Lebanese or Iranian women are famous for their tyranny makeup! Foundation is a rare make up to use, as much as fake nails or lashes. We don’t need them.

    I see many Turkish women totally ‘dolled up’ and with an overk_ll of makeup, including foundation. I live in a very affluent area of Istanbul and there are many women like this here. I also often wonder just how many women have fake hair. There’s so many wig/hair extension shops in Beyoglu that there’s obviously a huge market for it.

    For the record, I’m British and I have a Turkish girlfriend. Her and her friends, and many Turkish people that I’ve met are nothing like what Former Turk Lover describes.

  20. “There is no place on earth that is safe, but most of USA is quite safe.” This is the best joke I ever heard (after the come of course)in my whole life and I’m 34 years old :))) You should do stand up show man :))

    1. Why do you disagree? State facts not sarcasm.

  21. David’s wife…..

    women turkish or not have their good and bad sides..
    try to look for turkish women outside your country..i have my turkish bf but i never get angry to any women..but there were times when we went out with turkish cant imagine how they tried to seduce my bf even in front of me..everyone can see everything from the swimsuit they’re wearing…the thing i hate most…my bf told them that he’s going to marry me…but still flirting and said..still you are free..the nerve..they’re muslims but never act as one…i’ve high respect for muslims but got this time got a bit disappointed..
    my point is we can never really tell who’s depends on the person to know if this woman is the best for him or not….

  22. Celine your are so right about woman in general, no one can pin point or generalize the issue.

  23. well celine your english is so bad i guess you are the “turkish boyfriend” over here so..

    i dont believe this “turkish man” you talk of is worth anything either,”real hot” turkish men who are chased by turkish women like rockstars as you describe don’t bother marrying overseas people out of desperation. To white women, hot turkish guy means : short-ish, very hairy, bad hairdo, break dancers at 3rd class pubs of turkish beaches. turkish girls automatically cross this type out as these men are “kurds” from iraqi border who not only does not have a clue about the world i.e how to wash your hands after toilet but also never respects women.

    when i was at Home, i worked at a travel agency with british women, when my friends and them went out at night, the turkish boys who were suppose to accompany these girls ended up asking for our phone numbers and of course we said “no” . I bet, if any of the britons asked the boys what the fuss was about, they would say “these girls asked for our numbers” if you know what i mean.

    my recommendation to you is “learn turkish” , if you want to survive that relationship in turkey as it is a bonus to any turkish husband that his wife doesnt have a clue what is going on =)

    @ Fruko: So great that a british man adapted a turkish soda brand as the username, maybe you are a turk bearing a UK passort, anyway, beyoglu is the only place you would see hollywood wannabes as i lived in istanbul, antalya, marmaris, mersin, izmir and been to Black Sea but never EVER saw girl with fake hair, fake tan or nails. well, if you count hair dye as fake hair that is.

  24. I have lived and worked here for 8+ years in a diplomatic delegation. Premarital dating is prohibited by Islamic law and if you are not Muslim then the family of your bride will sooner or later convince her to leave you.
    Your bride will be considered a whore for marrying a non Islamic foreigner openly by uneducated people and behind your back by the educated ones.
    Once you marry one they will use you for money and have you help them move to your country.
    Foreigners are treated very well here. Turkish people are friendly and super nice but they don’t want you to marry their women. Turkish girls want financial security and children. These people are stuck between modern or Western culture and the stone age.
    Most foreigners here that “hook up” are with the wrong mate.
    Uneducated people here marry at around 20-23. Educated Turks marry after college. Love? Well if you marry an educated Turkish woman you will usually not have a problem with her family. Educated Turkish women speak on average 2-5 languages fluently and the real super smart ones get out of Turkey ASAP. S_x? Well if I had to grade them then I’d give most an “F”.
    If you decide to marry any of them take a real close look at their mother. That is what you will end up with in 20 years. Also this is a culture that lying is a national trait. If you find anyone here that is honest then you are lucky. It is nearly impossible. But the honest ones will always protect you because you are considered a family member. They only give you one chance and if you betray them you are done and they will block you in business and life.
    Politicians here talk all day in chamber and it is televised. They do nothing. There is no government here. It is the wild west. When I first came here it took all my might to keep from trying to understand these people. I have given up on most of them. It is not worth my time.
    If you have to come to a foreign county to find a girl then you have a problem.
    Turkish girls love the dumbest idiot to death. They will marry them and have more idiots. The “boyfriend” or husband will go to the local brothel to have real sex.
    The food here sucks and it is usually made by people that are unsanitary.
    Luckily I can go to my Embassy commissary for real food.
    There is no government.
    There is no heath inspector.
    There are no veterinarians.
    Do not try to figure them out. You will lose your mind!

  25. This is rubbish. what poverty? Turkey is not a third world country goodness sake. Don’t write nonsense before you know what you are saying and knowing how true is that information!!! Turkish girls like foreign men because of the same reason why English girls like foreign men, it’s the mystery which makes it more exciting.

  26. To Grant H

    I am not going to waste much time on trying to answer the every point you made but you need to know that you are not right and it sounds like you have personal issues with some Turkish people!!! Things you wrote here are unreal especially about the food, i don’t know where the hell are you from? but it should be one of the countries who only eat boiled horrible vegetables meat and patatoe, so our flavoursome food might be too rich for your plain taste!! unsanitary, sweetheart there is unsanitary places everywhere in the world, if you are so tight about money and look for the cheapest place to eat that is where you would end up!! Turkish girls, god you are an idiot if you can resist their motherly attraction, they are witty, clever and mostly honest!! you are just embarrassing yourself man, just chilax!!!

  27. Which stupid guy is saying that they love foreign men? Get off Turkish girls like their men, because only Turkish men can understand them. Not a Western guy for sure.

  28. Turkish women are certainly classy and graceful. Motherly and wonderfully feminine and sensual and of course have shortcomings like all people.I find their company often refreshing and a relief from North American woman and mentality. I love their mentality and dated one.

  29. I love Turkish culture and Turkish people but I have found that Turkish women have a particular affinity for my African American husband. There have been emails inviting him to lunch (sans spouse) and inappropriate advances in my presence. I found this behavior shocking especially coming from the educated women that we have come in contact with-one of them was a doctor and others have been university teachers and students. There seems to be a slight perpetuation of a “Harem” mentality in which women hope that they will be preferred over other women. On the other hand, I have made some of the strongest friendships of my life with Turkish women, particularly among my married Turkish colleagues and acquaintances. I have been told by my Turkish girlfriends that it is terribly inappropriate for a woman to express feelings such as “I miss you” and “can’t wait to see you” with married Turkish men but when it comes to my husband all boundaries seem to be weakened.

  30. I’m not hot on Turkish girls.
    All the negatives are there.
    I prefer hot willing American blondes.
    I’m too independent.
    I don’t need a foreigner mothering me.
    I live and work in Istanbul.
    I have tons of female friends but never go for any
    games with them
    I’ve lost a few female friends for not going for their advances.
    I know what I like.
    I’m not looking to use them.
    This is why I don’t go there with them.
    I’m sure they will all find someone special within their own culture to fulfill their everything.
    Most these girls are worth gold but I’ve seen the other side of them over the years with domestic and foreign partners. It’s not worth the drama. So beware.

    1. Here is the thing, you are just in the game to play, not to marry. So if you are a player than American girls as you state are your style. However, I am recommending Turkish girls for marriage. If is not a matter of mothering, it is a matter of when you are working like crazy and trying to live in this world, you want a partner who is there for you. That could include cooking and watching the kids why you are a provider.
      Considering that, Turkish girls are not that bad. In fact if I were an expat living in Turkey I would be collecting Turkish girls mobile numbers just in case you ever change you mind about them. I think they have one of the lowest divorce rates, and make very good wives. The one issue is they are a slightly different culture than Americans.

  31. If you are not looking for fun or exoticism get away from Turkish girl. They are a mixture of bad parts of European and Asian girls. It’s not stereotyping. If you fall for a Turkish girl and if she understands you have fallen for her, she will make you useless. She will drain your self-confidence. There are billions of bad parts she have that I can not explain in there. That was a warning about them.

    When it comes for fun, a Turkish chick is an easy fish to catch especially for foreign guys. If you are not Arab you can easily get them. Even conservative turkish girls. If you can confuse them, they will proud to be with with a foreign guy. But I warn you again. Never fall in love.

  32. Dear Can,

    I have read what you write and it totally satisfied what I think.Everybody should know that being a girl in Turkey is not something very easy because you should obey some rules otherwise you may be called as a bad girl.It may change from time to time but owing to the education style in Turkish families,Turkish girls are more emotional and self sacrificing that’s why they more appropriate for marriage than any other country girls.

    Besides, I can’t deny that some Turkish girls seem very oriental (phisically) which is a result of being a country right between the asia and the europe.Thanks to my experiences from abroad I observed that Turkish girls who are university students or graduated far more sophisticated, good looking and fashionable than Europen girls.

    And GOD created Turkish Women 🙂

    Enjoy it…

  33. Turkish girls are all mixed.They have got many roots,not just anatolia.especially anatolian people are ionian,lydian,(western and northern part),hitities(middle part),galatians,urartu(black sea region people),armenian(middle and eastern part)…and also have genes from places european,mid-eastern,asian. So that they have good behaviours.some of people discussing about education;turkish and kurdish girls want study but their father,husband or some of men dont want it.some of see them as slaves(a few men in here like this especially eastern part of here)European type girls you can see western/northern parts.Mid-eastern or mediterreanean type girls you can see also.They care their family,looking feminen.they have different attractions who arent so good-looking.Marriage is a bit difficult so people here havent good ideas for marriage foreign guy.(especially turkish men dont want it:)

  34. and some of turkish guys are discussing here for not getting one of them:)

  35. Concerning your story about Turkish women, I would like to add some important issues.

    First of all since you summarize things from a religion point of view, and ignoring the fact that Turkey is a secular country and not live their religion strictly and in every day life, I would you to remind you that not the USA, nor the other Christians (I am generalizing now about your religion, since that is what you do about other peoples religion which is not yours)are not apparently doing well since there is such a high rate of divorce in other countries. You were mentioning that two different religions are not compatible with each other in relationships.

    Then may be you can explain for me why people from the same religion, in your case Christianity has such a high rate of divorce in every single country. According to your logic they should keep together since from they are Christians and are from the same religion!

    Secondly, Turkey is one of the largest economic powers in the world. Turkey is in G-20 and giving directions to the world´s economy. Turkey is also according to the CIA and WTO a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC):

    Turkey is nowadays one of the most important economical powers in the world.

    1. Why do people of the same religion not stay together in marriage? Easy, lack of ascetic practices, ego, not really believing in the law of God, only in name only, pride, not believing in submitting yourself to God and your partner in marriage.

  36. I think here is nobody left wearing like this 🙂 It is too old fashion, our girls wear this at 70’s or 60’s .

    you should change the picture. also this girl isn’t Turkish. it must be Indian or Arab. Turks are different.

    you should check our lifestyle. our city. Search “Eskisehir”, Or Istanbul,Ankara picture. there is no difference between Europe and Turkey.

  37. From a Turkish girl to Admin =),
    Firstly, thanks for this great article. But I want to tell somethings (some mistakes about us). We are not as poor as a woman who marry with a western guy for his money and escape poverty. Our economy is already not as bad as that.
    Also we are not from Asia origin. Turkishes were migratory and in fact we are from Europe origin (Alpine race).
    Finally, the girl in picture is not Turkish. Also Turkish girls are wearing like the other Europeans, not like that.
    Thanks again…

    1. I think Turkish women, at least the ones I have meet and I have know many, are not poor. But rather educated and bright and making a career. I agree with you. However, I think if you study the history of Turkey, Turkish people are related to Ungric. But of course ultimately it does not matter, just an interesting note and certainly there are many peoples that are not Turkish because of the history.
      If you have a few nice photos of yourself I would be more than happy to post them.

  38. Being a Turkish guy, I have to admit that the picture on this post is so not – Turkish! She looks like anybody but Turkish 🙂 Turkish girls are mostly beautiful, quite curvy, (unfortunately) little shorter.

    Turkey’s economy (being an Economist) is in much better condition than most of the countries in Europe. Average net salary for a teacher is above $1000. Being an expat in USA, I can easily say that life in Turkey is at least 2 times cheaper than USA. We buy food in kilograms not one-by-one! That makes the Real Income of Turkish people close to European standards.

    Turkish Girls? Again (unfortunately for us) there are some girls that like Western people. Probably not for money, but they want to live a western style of life. I have seen some Turkish-American married couples in USA. The Turkish woman in this type of marriage usually come from a much wealthy family than average Joe. However, women is not happy. They miss their family and mostly hang out with Turkish community in US.

    P.S. If you want I can send you some photos of Turkish women 🙂 How do I do that?

    1. I really do think highly of Turkish people. If you think I should alter the bog post I can not problem. If you do not mind working on it with me a little, as you know more. Let me know how it should read. I fully invite any economic ideas, or photos. If you think those Photos are old fashion. I can change the whole theme to the post. I studied Economics but not Turkish economics.
      I have a contact on the bottom right side of the footer. I tried to send you and e-mail but it bounced back.
      Turkey I have spend a lot of time there, but I am not an expert on life and may have some misperceptions.

  39. I have lived in Turkey as an expat for more than four years and I feel that the Turkish women and girls display just the right mix of traditional culture and modernity. They are good and easy to be friends with. Religion plays its role in the culturally rich Turks but it is not an impediment when it comes to making friends or to becoming a life partner. They are some of the most motivated and educated people in this region. My opinion is based on my observation outside my work place and watching a number of women colleagues in there.

    Look-wise, they display classic beauty and are not necessarily stunning as compared to many other Mediterranean countries. They are not trophies – they are intelligent, polite and lovable human beings.


  40. This is a good post but the picture is funny, this picture must be from 14th century, and she totally doesnt look like a Turk!

    1. I am working on updating the pictures of Turkish girls to this century.

  41. My father is Pakistani and he married a Turk woman (my mother) in Germany. Then he moved to his native country Pakistan where I was born and raised for 12 years. Trust me Turkish women are the most accepting from my personal view. There are modest Turks and Euro copy cat Turks. But i love those who stick to their ottoman values and distant culture from that of Eu people. I am 23 living in the US and whenever I see a Turkish woman, I just fall in love with her. Turkish women don’t give a flying _ about your wealth and status. My mother left her family in Turkey and lived in Pakistan (a viliage life) she adopted everything without complains.

  42. This girl in the photo above can possibliy be a belly dancer. The cues and details in the photo made me think of that. Her costume is so arabesque to regard her as a traditional Turkish girl. Actually none of the traditional Turkish girls prefer a decollette costume that shows their shoulders naked 🙂 Also the accesorize in her head looks like a pareo, not a traditional kind of scarf. The problem of the photo is not with the era or updating, but the girls’ lips, nose and eyes tell us that “I am not a typical Turkish girl, but a girl from Eastern descent”.
    As I look her face, yes, she can be Turkish but a Turkish girl of Eastern region origin. I bet she is not nomadic (Yoruk).
    It is difficult to say Turkish girls have standard look that make you guess her nationality. But they have some communalities like the shape of their chin, cheek, nose and lips. Only a carefully looking Turkish person can notice and even guess from which region of the country A Turkish girl is. One can just look like Chinese but another one can look like Swiss. You can see girls walking in the street with coloured eyes and curly blonde hair. They are all Turkish, this does not mean that Turkish people are all Asian and Asians cannot be blonde. Yes they can. Scientific researches show us that most of the nomadic people who migrated from central Asia to today’s Turkey and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary)had the original characteristics of Turkish physical appearance with their eyes and white skin.

  43. I see that you cant choose a Turkish girl picture for puting here. I suggest that you can put a typical Turkish girl. There are beautiful girls with evey hair and eye color in Turkey but most of them have brown hair, green eyes and white skin. It will be good example for Turkish girls. But she must to be very beautiful. Because they are the most beautiful and attractive European women.

  44. Hi!I am not Turkish girl,but I am living in Turkey. I see Turkish woman.Some of them are very beautiful and wearing too very good.Another part-another-like as they are clothing themselves from all the world,wearing strange clothes.These,who are hiding themselves,they are showing to man that they are perfect for marriage.But not all man are amazed to be married with such kind. Nowadays Turkish man are looking for girls from Ukraine and Russia.

  45. All of of you have a wrong view of girls from Turkey. First, Turkish girls have huge inferiority complex, second most of them wait for marriage before the bedroom. Third they love to be look like a western girl but the inner of the brain is very traditional more than the Arab girls, they are too big for their boots.

  46. Chico, your statements look like not only radical and irrational but also sounds racist and sexist. Listen Irina. Why would a Turkish guy look for a women from East Europe that has a huge cultural difference? What you say might be true 20 years ago but nowadays Turkish girls have the opposite of what you state. Their superiority complex outweighs their desire for marriage. This is one of the reasons why Turkish guys are looking for girls from Ukraine or Russia. and Belarus of course ))

  47. good job but there is a mistake ; we dont wear like the girl who is in this picture.. this is a traditional wearing style.

  48. I am American and met a wonderful Turkish girl in Antalya over 10 years ago. We have kept in contact for all these years and she has always expressed how much she wanted to be with me. We are both very attracted to each other and have really fallen in love over these past years. She never married in hopes that some day I would come for her and now that we came our doubts of distance, we are going to be together and we plan on marrying. I have already spoken to some of her family members as she has spoken to my sister. I have all positive things to say about her as a person and her looks. She is very loyal and always desires to make me happy. When we both listed each other as in a relationship together on facebook. She removed pictures of herself with guys that were just friends because she wants to only have pictures of us together. I found this to be very admirable and respectful. All men know that our true love language is “resepct”. If a woman gives her all to show her respect for us then we truly feel she is in love with us. My woman does this for me and she loves me purely. She is more of a traditional back ground and dresses very beautiful and keeps her self covered. I love that about her. She is not muslim but more of a secularist like M.K. Ataturk. She beleives that Turkey should remain it’s own Republic and not let the politicians suck the Republic into the EU. I agree with her on that. I would hate to see Turkey’s culture be flushed away by the EU. My woman is very gorgeous and very smart…. and I mean she is really educated. I find that sexy! :-))) I cannot speak about all women in Turkey but I can tell you that my woman which I will marry next year is my soulmate and I love everything about her.

    There is not an American woman that even compares to my Turkish Princess. American women are disrespectful, strifeful, play games, lazy, and they can nag their husbands to death. Who needs that?!?!

    I want my daughters to grow up and be like my fiance’ is. This is who I want to be my wife and the mother of my kids.

    1. You know Turkish girls are one of the most loyal in Europe, I think statistically. I think you would be hard pressed to find an American girl with the same attitude towards marriage as your Turkish princess.
      And you know if you were to marry your Turkish princess, you could enjoy that beautiful weather. Many people in Europe dream of spending the holidays on the Turkish coast. Plus the food there is not bad.

  49. Turkish girls have a classic Mediterranean shape what? All Turkish population is come from Mongolia, that is not true. Mediterranean is for Greece, Italy, Spain.

    1. Did I say all Turkish girls come from Mongolia? Maybe I did but they are a mix of ancient people, plus some Eurasian. But there is a lot of ancient people mixed in. In my experience traveling and having a numbers of Turkish girls friends they do have a Mediterranean shape. They are currently, maybe because of the diet very tall and a little bit of roundness with thinner waists. If you have observed something different let me know.

  50. I talked with a guy from Istanbul not long ago who attacked the character of Turkish women. When my darling and I spoke about this she informed me that Istanbul is not old Turkey. With so much tourism and the high population of Kurds, she said that they populate 90% of the jails and prisons. They are not the real Turkish people or Turkish women who use Western men. I have to be honest here…. There are many times I have tried to send my girl money and she refused it. I beleive for two reasons, she loves me and wants to display that she’s not using me for money and the second reason is pride. It took me a while to get her to accept money from me to help her with expenses.

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