Beautiful Turkish girls

Turkish girls are beautiful. Turkish women are often educated and most of the times quite nice. In fact, I think they are perhaps some of the most loyal and best wives in Europe.  However, there is a problem with ladies from Turkey, if you are an American or British guy.

Take girls from Istanbul for example, they have a mix of exotic ancient people’s like from a fairy-tale or a primordial dream of what love is, yet often with a snowy complexion.

The fundamental reason why Western guys have a challenge to get mobile phone numbers of Turkish women and date them is, woman from Asia minor come from a radically different culture than you.  They are a Mediterranean culture which makes them usually warm and friendly, however, they are Muslim and this is a different religion than most Americans and English guys. I believe in the commonality of all people, however, culture plays a role in how people see the world.

Turkish Female Y DNA Haplogroups – This is science, so to say for sure a female from Asia minor has to look a certain way is very closed.

In theory, it should not make any difference, as ‘you are your religion’, however, for a long-term relationship this could be potentially a show stopper.

Meet a lady in a club or on the street and find out latter where she is from.

In my experience the relationships that work best are those that have two people who are most similar to each other.  I know people say opposites attract, but this only for the short-term.  I think people who are similar in beliefs attract and stay together longest.  It is just common sense. This has nothing at all to do with race or look, but rather world view. Birds of a feather flock together.  People who have different world views can become friends later in life if they stay together, but people who are similar,  fly.

Girl in a Turkish cafes, lounges or discos are there to relax with friend, not to get hit on by guys. If you want to meet a princess from a hikâye I recommend meet them during the day int he market and take them to the club later in the week. Or just go to a dance club they will be there with their girlfriends not an inner circle of mixed couples, which is not optimal for picking up a Güzel kız. By the way, Turkish for beautiful girl is Güzel kız.

There is a lot of debate about what a Turkish girl looks like.   Pour a Turkish girl into tight jeans and Western makeup and she could be the girl next door in Anytown, USA.
Below are some photos of “Turkish girls” lets say and can anyone tell me if they are real or just look like an exotic Eastern Mediterranean?

People say they can spot a Turkish girl in a crowd, bar, disco. They say a Turkish lady can be recognized in a photo on on a street corner. I disagree 100%. Although there is a general commonality of features from the Eastern Mediterranean because of adaptation of diet and climate, you would be surprised about the diversity in Turkey with female facial features. Come on Dr. Oz is Turkish, but dressed smart on his show he looks like another American.

Once you get a Turkish girl in Western clothes (or out of them, mind you) and her hairstyle and make up is like a European, it is hard to discern where in the world she is from.

For example if you see a Turkish girl in London with Parisian style you will not definitively be able to say where she is from. She is out of context.

The reason being The ancient people of Asia Minor are the Hittites, the Phrygians, the Cimmerians, Lydia, Caria and Lycia,  Anatolian and Thracian Turchia with the Seljuk Turks coming latter. Even if you have someone who is speaking the Turkish language they are only a percentage mixture of ancient peoples.

Turkish are 70% of the people that live in the borders of Turkey.  And mixed in that I would estimate the majority a mix.  Although 85% of Turkish people speak the people are a melting pot reflecting their history. Oğuz Turkic are famous but who are the others?

But even with the Turkish majority the question is, who are the Turks? Are they Seljuk Turks  or Aeolian and Ionian Greeks. Are they remnants of the Odrysian Kingdom or Levantines.

In addition to the Kurds there are a lot of Sephardic Jews, Armenians, and Greeks

The Turkish Constitution article 66 defines a Turkish person living in Turkey as a citizen.

Turkish girl looks

Turkish girls are actually from Asian origin, but over 1000 years there is big mix.  First, there are Ancient peoples, like the Hittites that are mixed in.  Then Byzantine for sure mixed in as well as others. So I have noted variation of looks between Turkish girls in the east and west of Turkey. Read some summaries of The Book of Dede Korkut to get an idea of this mix.

They basically have a very classic ancient world look.  They tend to have wide hips and thin waist.  Their faces are broad rather than long, like northern Europeans.  Turk girls are attractive and generally all around nice people. I really like their look, but on the other hand I think every woman in the world has her special allure, so do not ask me.

There are a number of reasons why women from Turkey are top for wives, they are a combination of sophisticated, sensual and have high morals. To date a girl with this combination of virtue in the west you basically have to be rich, a movie star or football player.

How to get a Girlfriend from Asia Minor

I will keep this short and sweet, go there, I did.

Here are some ideas:

  • Istiklal street or Cicek Pasaji maybe clubs next to each other to find a girlfriend.
  • I personally recommend 360 located in Istiklal Avenue in Taksim
  • Baykuş in Taksim.
  • Ask the hotel  concierge,  but make sure you specify nice girls or he will send you to Laleli after some Russian girl who are lets say ‘tourists’.
  • Go to clubs where you will find skinny young and hip girls there that listen to house music. I personally love DJ and house clubs.

Turkish girl risks – know them before you get their mobile number

The risk with Turkish girls is, however, small, that if you are looking for love, they could break your heart because they are looking for money not love. However, I think this is 100 times less than dating a cosmopolitan western girl.   Turkey was once called is the poor-man of Europe, I would not say that is true anymore. Maybe there are some women who would love to escape poverty, even if it means marrying a western guy. However, I do not see this as a real factor as Western Europeans and American girls have a high flight factor according to marriage statistics and this by far outweighs any chance a Turkish female would try to take advantage of you. Maybe this was more true years ago, but I have many Turkish friends and I can not see this.

Is this Cyprus, Greece or Turkey? – When your heart is moved by a girl from Istanbul you have to leap with your heard as much as your heart or down the road you will have relationship crossroads of choosing your culture or your love. Make sure you know what you are committed to. I married a girl from another culture, I choose love.

I mention this risk only because I know guys are concerned about this issue. But this issues is becoming more of a non issue, as the world is changing and I do not think it is a problem with ladies from Turkey, but some people in general. If you go to Istanbul or Ankara its like any city in the world, there are good and bad people everywhere. I personally love Istanbul and the Kapali Carsi or the Grand Bazaar, also go to the Sultanahmet Camii, try the food do it all. Do not go there to just pick up cell phone numbers of Turkish girls. Which is not bad mind you, just enjoy the city a bit and let destinies hand guide you, instead of going for the direct approach and playing the numbers game.

There are 37 million women in Türkiye, like 5 million in Istanbul alone and another 4 in Ankara. If you can not find a nice gal in Anatolia then you have to examine the way you pick up women.

Turkish girl’s names are easy to remember and most have a sweet shorten form and they are not written in Arabic script. This is all good for the linguistically challenged western guy like me (I actually have a language site, still).  They usually take names that mean something connected to natures. This is one of the first things you can talk to them about, that is what does their name mean. Some examples are  Melis, Berra, Ecem, Sibel, Tuana.

I spend a lot of time in Istanbul and the people there are very warm (I think it is the sun, similar to other Mediterranean cultures, watch the movie Mediterraneo and you will see what I mean).  The Istanbul girls are like western girls but a little warmers and more conservative. Which in my opinion is actually a good thing. For marriage or a you want a conservative bride, not some crazy women who will tell you how wrong you are all the time like many ladies in the USA.

I think this risk they will leave you in marriage is low if you look at marriage success rates compared to the USA.  I call this the flight factor, this is because many are still very traditional.  In fact, it is much lower than the flight factor of an American girl in general.

My conclusion is, Turkish girls are beautiful and educated but the difference in culture and economics could make a long-term relationship hard.  But with love all things are possible.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Since I think my marriage is a bit related with the topic, I wanted to share my experience. I am a Turkish Muslim woman and my husband is an Ukrainian Christian man. We’ve been together for almost 5 years and we never had any problems about religion. We both respect each others when it comes to religions and do not force each others to convert or anything. I think sharing the same religion has nothing to do with happiness. So many couples who share the same religion have problems and they get divorced. What matters are love and respect, not religion.

I am sorry for my English, hope I made some sense. I am way too busy with Ukrainian language and couldn’t study English properly.

1. People living in big cities like İstanbul or Ankara or İzmir, Bursa, they are genetically very mixed. The biggest reason for that is Ottoman Empire, and the second is globalization. Even though Ottoman Empire was originally a Turkic based empire, throughout history, Turks in Ottoman empire were not respected and tried to be assimilated because they were feared (if you look at Turkic history, it will become very clear why Turkic groups are afraid of each other. Hint: Mostly they killed each other, and Ottoman Empire was not the strongest of the groups to be able to unite them, but perhaps locationally the luckiest). So during the Ottoman Empire, the prestigious ones in society came to be from other nations, and you may guess how historically this ended up by people getting mixed with other nations especially in bigger cities.
As for globalization, we are all familiar with how globalisation mixes races up, taking this internet site as an example.
so, you may confuse girls living in big cities of Turkey with other girls from other nations, but people living in countryside tend to be genetically more pure(maybe Kurd or Armenian or -mostly- Turkic , but will be pure, so physically distinguishable).
2. This America example was a very absurd one. Is your girl next door a Native American in USA? Can you have any insight about the original race of your possible neighbour? You wouldn’t be surprised to see an Indian in tight jeans coming out from your next door as you will not be surprised by a Turkish girl in tight jeans.
The physical distinguish ability of American race, is determined by tight jeans more than any characteristic genetic feature. It is funny that a nativeness country is used for comparison.
Perhaps the second most genetically indistinguishable country is France, and you used a Turkish girl with a Parisian style as a supporting argument.
3.Turks are not Seljuk Turks, but Suljuk Turks are Turks.
4.Turks are not Greeks. Turkic genetics and Greek genetics are very different. It is true that Turks in Turkey mixed with Greek people a lot, but it has nothing to do with Turks in general.
5.Turks are not only in Turkey. Turkmenistan, Azarbaijan, Kazakhistan, Kyrgyzstan, Khakasia, Ozbekhistan, Tajikhistan (to some percentage), Tatar Turks, Kypchak Turks, Uyghur Turks, Yoruks, Macars(to some percentage) are all from Turkic race (I am sorry for my mistakes about the countries and the ones I did not write). I think the confusion arises from defining the word Turk based on Turkey for lots of people. Which is a great mistake because, we are one of the most mixed Turkic races.
The word “Turk” comes from the confederation “Türük-bil” in Siberia at 8th century BC. It was consisted of many groups which were later to be known as Turks, some of them mixed with each other and some of them did not. Enough information about the topic cannot be obtained, even if obtained cannot be revealed, due to politics and lack of researches and the difficulty of researching about nomadic cultures. We (or I) do not know their exact migratory routes, but we know they had to migrate from Siberia to other parts of the world in several waves. So most of the civilizations you are talking about are established by different groups of Turks (not Greeks, not Persians of course) Oguz Turks are said to be the largest of these Turkic groups, and Turkey is said to be consisted mostly of Oguz Turks. This is a bit of a superficial classification, but whatever, the point is, Oguz Turks are only one of the Turkic groups.
6. “Turkish are 70% of the people that live in the borders of Turkey.” Where did you hear that?
7. Only some portion of young Turkish girls studying or working in bigger cities have those names, people living in countryside (or just the girls you didn’t meet because of where you hang around in İstanbul, which is “most of the Turkish girls”) have names with Arabic meanings, usually adapted from Quran, or related to old Turkic beliefs, which refer to moon and light a lot for girl names, most commonly with pre or post fixes of Gül, Nur and Ay. Those names that are about nature are recently popular, maybe for the last 30 years, like my name, and are being used mostly by families seeking “modernness”, which again means they are only popular in big cities.

My name is Yağmur and I am girl in my 20s from Turkey. Thanks for the comments regarding Turkish girls. I agree that we are beautiful and loyal to our boyfriends/husbands etc. We respect and care for the man we are dealing with. At the same time, we also wait for the same respect from others. I dated one European before and found that he had been really rude compared to Turkish man, so I think that not all Europeans are perfect fit for Turks. Girls mostly care about kindness and care, which is not existing too much of the countries of North Europe or Germany. Due to the project I joined, I observed that friendship and good approach I provided to people from other nations had returned me in a negative way, with disrespect and selfishness. I think that other nations should be more polite when they are dealing with Turkish girls.
We are very emotional and sensitive, so please be careful about not hurting our feelings.


I am Turkish girl and I live in İstanbul.
I would like to be with a foreign guy. However, to me what God says is more important. I am not very religious person, I just stick at the basics, like no alcohol, no bacon, praying etc. Although I would date a foreign man (cause I am doing it away), but would not have relations with him and I would not marry with him (unless he choose Islam). Indeed I really love to learn about different cultures and I love interact with the people around the world. But marriage with a non-Muslim is not a kind of sin that I can dare.

Believe me, your English is pretty good. I am very happy for read such a wonderful words about respect and tolerance. I’m not a religious man, raised as Buddhist and married with a Catholic woman. We share all your values. Congrats for your wisdom.

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