Slovakian girls – overlooked Slavic women

Slovakian girls are beautiful, similar to Polish girls and Czech girls but more country, perhaps less materialistic. Because of the proximity to Hungry, Slovakian girls have a broader darker look than say Czech girls. If you like dark haired or blond-haired girls from the countryside often with blue eyes, then consider falling in love with a Slovakian girl.

Slovakian girls speak Slovak language of course. This is similar to Polish and Czech languages in that it belongs to the Western Slavic branch of the  Indo-European languages.  In lieu of an immediate vacation trip to Central Europe I recommend to chat with Slovakian girls is to go on a Slovakian mail server. You can use online dating of course, but try a Slovakian mail server, you will get locals trying to find the guy next door. Then you show up and you will be unique. At first this might be hard because of the language, but you can use a translate tool or simply learn a little of the Slovakian language.

Slavic blond in resort town in Slovakia.

Chat with Slovakian girls


These are Slovakian mail servers where you can sign up and chat with Slovaks for free. But only use this if you are looking for love and marriage and a Slovakian lady friend. Why hurt Slovakian girls hearts if you are not sincere?  Slovakian girls are romantic and idealistic, play with players not with Slovakian ladies.

Vacationland for central Europe – Where there is fun there are females

Slovakia is the playground of Central Europe. The Tatras jut high with snow whirling around mountain peaks and green mountain meadows and wild flowers in between. There are an infinite number of hiking trails and mountain pines with wooden cottages that look like from a fairy-tale here and there. I use to go to Slovakia for the thermal mountain springs in the winter. Others go there for the women.

Slovakian girls are an uncovered gem in Europe. Yet the problem with finding a Slovakian single is there are so few of them. Think about it, there are like a billion Indians and a billion Chinese, yet only 5.4 million Slovaks, which calculated to let say about a million single females in dating age. Not bad for a city, but this is a whole country and a rugged mountainous one at that, not exactly like picking up girls in clubs and on the beaches of Ibiza.

So my point is if you go looking for Slovakian wife, you have the advantage that isolation protects women from the corruption of the West (debatable). Yet, if you you have the challenges of raw numbers of finding a compatible mate and the logistics of getting to them.

Therefore, I have a few recommendations to catch a Slovenian princess

  1. Focus on the capital city Bratislava – This is always an easy play, that is going to the capital city. The downside is many guys who know about Rynaair has thought of this strategy. They take flights for less than a 100 dollars from the UK to Slovakia, even for a weekend, for stag weekends and general prowling. If you do this, focus on the university are and parks. Ibis hotel, the Dukla hotel or my personal favorite the Kijev hotel which is a retro looking no frills hotel from the communist times. If you look mature and have style, ladies will find you, if you are young and restless hit the nightlife.
  2. Village sleeping beauties – Take a biking tour through the countryside for a week. If you visit any town market on a Saturday you will see a hordes of single student age women shopping in traditional open air markets, for food and clothes with their mom’s. Village girls are mostly bored. You will stick out like so be cool. A lot of little towns that are charming. I think it is more sunny than Poland, it is brighter and the air is crisper. The roads are excellent as Slovakia got a lot of EU money and applied it to tourism like the cordial springs and roads as they knew these would be an investment with annualized returns ad infinitum.
  3. Resort girls – The tourist areas like Liptovský Mikuláš and are good also. Here you will notice the broader psychosocial structure of Slovakian women in bikinis. I do not know if it is the mountains and food, but it seems these girls are more mesomorph in stature (many top models are). If you are going around Eastern Europe in general, I recommend going to Krakow, Poland a popular Easyjet destination with flight costs under 80 dollar from the UK. Then after taking in the sites there, take a bus from the main bus station, called Dworzec Główny PKS. Krakow to Liptovský Mikuláš will take about 2.5 hours. You can return that night or stay a week. I did not stay on campus at the thermal spas but always in guest houses around town. One time I missed the bus back to Poland from Slovakia it was winter and night but these nice Polish guys game me a ride back. Everything is possible with friendly Western Slavic people. The salts and sulfur is good for your skin, you can soak there for hours and it will be good for you, slides and beautiful mountains int eh background to look at.
A lot of love bird couples vacation in Slovakia

Romantic Slovakia

Slovakia is so beautiful, it is a cheaper more affordable version of Switzerland. The people are more peaceful than Germany or Poland but I think it is because they are some the countryside and nothing much is going on. It is not for obnoxious people. No reason to get stressed. The standards are good you can rent a cheap apartment, if you have tons of money you can find luxury places.

The country is not a large country and you can drive and see the whole country in a week. I can recommend it. If you have a girlfriend, Slovakian or not, it is a place to get away for romance. You see a lot of lets say lovey dovey people there.

Give your eyes and neck a rest from gawking and ride though countryside to experience natural scenery besides just women.

A note on central European history and people

Remember Slovakia is not part of the post Austo-Hungarian, communist Eastern bloc country that no longer exists. For some reason I keep meeting people who think Prague is the capital of this non-existent county. I guess to European it is like confusing Indian with Illinois, it is just out there somewhere.

This region had a lot of Celtic influence and if you do genetic testing you will see DNA R1a and R1b mixed.   Čakany, Velatice then subsequently the Lusatian culture. Then came the Huns, Slavs and the development of Moravian culture. Slovakia is an anthropological laboratory and the end result is beautiful women. You see Slovakian models like Alena Martanovicova, Michaela Hlaváčková or Andrea Lecordialská walking down the street checking their cell phones everyday.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

46 replies on “Slovakian girls – overlooked Slavic women”

Hi over there,How are you?I would like to get contact with slovakian nice girls for good reasons. over a month I would visit Bratislava so it is good to know somebady to show me around and to get a nice hostel.and of caurse you are all the to time welcom in holland.

I have just returned from australia, i would like to meet someone who has a good sense of humour and a nice caring personality.

Hi I am looking for a girl to have a good relationship with. maybe more

I am very good friends with a Slovakian girl and secretly been madly in love with here for a long time Slovakian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world i would love to marry a Slovakian girl.

Try to win her heart, maybe slow and subtle Slovakian girls love romantic ideals and fairy-tales.

I plan to visit Slovakia this summer and i like to meet nice Slovakia girls for friendship and traveling.

Have you tried a few Slovakian websites? Frankly, the best place to meet Slovakian girls is when you actually go there. But dating websites can give you a jump.

Slovakian girls are not romantic and its hard to understand what they like, very unpredictable, have short love life, always hurting people’s hearts, not bad in bed when trained, alcoholic. Not good material for marriage, but for pushing life.

Tony, thanks for the comment but that is a huge generalization of Slovakian girls. The ones I have meet are pretty normal women, certainly better in terms of morals than Western European ladies.

Admin, You are so right. The girl I fell for recently has very few vices if any. She does not smoke, she does not drink. She is a veggie, but will eat fish. she works out and is very friendly and will talk with confidence to anyone, but, she is a very private person and that makes it difficult to do anything else but be a friend and go out for dinner.

Hello admin,
Would you know any Slovakian dating websites which are good
I would like to date some Slovakian women, Do you have any suggestions where I could find Slovakian girls.

To find Slovakian girls try Facebook and ICQ if you speak English. These are both used a lot by Slovakian girls. But also try this site it is in the Slovakian language but is the most popular dating site in Slovakia.

i do use facebook but cant seem to find slovakian girls especially girls which talk to you and are up for a relationship. the site is in the slovakian language any slovakian dating websites in english. i do speak english so want an english based website for slovakian dating

I like this Slovak girl.
I chat to her online.
She lives near to where i live.
I fancy her.
We have never met.
I do not think so I am handsome
but she obviously is beautiful. However,
she has a boyfriend.
I have asked her are you single.
She has said no I am not.
Therefore my question is how do i get to go out with her its now a dream?

With women often when they say they have a boyfriend but chat with you online they are not happy. I think women are free until they are married. If they are married it is a different story. If you like this Slovakian girl, write some beautiful words in the Slovakian language. Write it like you mean it even if you do not know Slovakian well or use a translate tool online. This is what I would do. I would start to create a fairy-tale for her in your imagination.
Also if you are not good looking, then get good looking. join a gym and get in shape. Buy a few nice clothes. If you have hair than get a good cut and if you do not shave it. Anyone can be good looking. Besides, love see the heart and not with the eyes.

What type of words shall I write in the Slovak language.

Write in the language of love, that is with metaphors like you would write in your own language. Tell her she is like a flower and you are a bee, something like that but not that. Write what you really feel in your heart then use a translate tool to put it in the Slovakian language.

Well I`m a real Slovakian girl and now as I`m reading this I must laugh 😀 but you`re right Slovakian girls are the most beautiful and I`m pleased that not only our Slovakian boys realized that…:)
If you really want to know some Slovakian girl so use facebook we use it a lot or and try to know some of us,and don`t be afraid of language because a vast majority of Slovakians understands English

Moj drahy admin
Ja som studoval na slovensko. Chcel by som najst mojich spoluziakov, najme Eva Chylova ktora byvala vo Banskej Bystrici. Ja budem vdacny ak my to pomozete!
Prepacte my pre zlu slovencinu lebo ua som zabudol vela slov.
Somozrejme, slovenske zeny su velmi pekne a mile!
Bashir Bhutto

Have you tried looking for her on Facebook or even on something like in Slovakia?

Dear Admin
Thank you for your reply.
I have tried on Facebook, skype but could not find her. I will try on your suggested site.
But if you can spread word for help.
Thank you.

I find Slovakian girl are not romantic, they would liked to be loved but can’t reciprocate. Introvert they are and not really good in … in their conscious state when I say this it means they need to be drunk or sober state. I wouldn’t settle with for a marriage with them.

What about Slovenian women then? I always get the two countries mixed up. 😀

I have been in a relationship with a Slovakian girl for almost a year now and so far its been the best relationship I’ve ever been in not only is she absolutely beautiful but she is also very honest and straight forward and in some cases a bit too honest and it can cause arguments. I think their way of looking at things is completely different from how we do in Ireland and this takes a little getting used to but not exactly a bad thing however sometimes I’m left confused and completely misunderstand what she is talking about and can take it way out of context and vice versa. I am visiting Slovakia next month for my first time and am really looking forward to it but I am equally nervous! I can honestly say now that in my opinion Slovakian girls are not romantics and I do know a good few Slovakian girls now they are not gold diggers either they just like the simple things in life and a clever man.

I think Slovakian girls are great. I agree they are not gold diggers at all. In my experience they are really nice and easy going girls. The country is beautiful by the way. It has wonderful mountains for skiing and hiking and fresh air and it not over commercial. I like Tartralandia the cordial springs and highly recommend it.

I agree with you mate, I have a Slovak girl and she is the best thing to ever happen to me, not materialistic, loves to cook, wants to be treated like a princess, Slovoak girls are marriage material.

The only girl I liked in my whole life the one I had heart for was from Slovakia. From the day I saw her she melted my heart.Sshe was so pure and simpleIi could see no evil in her at all. blonde hair (not sure if dyed) blue eyes, black solid eyebrowns, brownish skin, cute face, friendly, humble, peaceful hcaracter, mmm. The girl of my dreams. And the only actress I was atracted to was Barbora Babulova I found out it later she was from slovakia. he..he funny. I need ten most popular Slovakian girl names to start my search for love.

hey everybody

At first, I am an Slovakian girl. 😀 but it´s not that important.
I´ve read most of these comments and I have to agree with that slovak girls and women are very pretty. Specially for foreigners, because in west Europe, girls have different kind of beauty.

I am the type of girl ganging at the bars, having fun and meeting new people. Specialy the bars I usually go to are full of foreigners. I love to chat with them about what do they think about Slovakia and so on, when they are nice and polite company I don´t mind to stay with them partying. I´ve met so many nice men, but on the other hand I´ve met a jerks, which thought that Slovakian girls are like cheap or whatever. So my advice is don´t come to Slovakia with illusions…slovak girls are mostly very friendly, polite but it´s not synonym for stupid and easy going.

Zuz, you seem like a nice girl.. But perhaps the best foreign men are not the ones who hang out at bars looking to party with local girls? The more moral and upstanding men are usually found at organized social functions, religious groups or structured activities than at nightclubs, bars. Many of the jerks go to these countries and hang out with pretty girls at the clubs for a reason. Upstanding men generally want to form close connections based on spiritual and intellectual bonds than just getting wild, drunk and partying.

I think if a person really wants to experience a culture and way of life, he will travel to the villages, towns or spend time with some local families. He will learn their way of life, some of their language and interact with the culture. Going to clubs where foreigners and pretty local girls hang out is usually a bad mix.

I don’t care what country you are from, whether it is USA, Slovakia, Uganda or China. Good people generally don’t spend a lot of time in bars or look for bars to meet a future spouse. I’m sure there is exceptions, but bars are bars, wherever you are.

Europe has many beautiful parks. If I was to visit there and want to meet some local girls, I much rather meet one enjoying the beauty of nature and the birds, then one who is drunk and smells like a chimney full of tobacco.

Shure, you are right. Specially during summer it was hell in Bratislava, city was full of foreigners, I heard English from every single corner and the type of men coming there I don´t have to describe.
And I do not expect men like that not to be drinking, or trying to ball a lady. But there should be an level of it. I don´t really think, every single foreigner is coming to Slovakia for things you mentioned. I actually met lot of nice guys, which were visiting friends or Erasmus students, or some travelers. Nice good people they seemed to be. 🙂

and you wrote:Good people generally don’t spend a lot of time in bars or look for bars to meet a future spouse.

Good people? I mean, I go to bar to turn off…left my problems behind and have a fun. It´s not the booldy point of my being but it helps.

Anyway..the whole poin about my comment…Slovakian girls are pretty, I like to read, people from other countries appreciated it, but behave.

A clam may contain a pearl, but a clam is still a clam. That is all I can say about bars. Sure, there are some more upbeat and classy places, but generally people go there for some good intelligent conversation, not to forget the world, get sloppy and have a wild time.

I guess I am one of those traditional old world people who likes sitting reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea. I’d rather forget the world by engaging my mind in more productive activities then just getting numbed and intoxicated. Perhaps, if I would like to find a nice girl in a bar, I would find a nice place with some classical piano being played, that has a nice view and we can share a glass of wine. Although, if I was to meet my future bride, places that are centered on alcohol, are usually off the list.

And, when I was young and in and before college, I use to get very drunk and party with people. But, when I found God, I put that regressive style of life behind me.

Hi there,

I agree that girls from Slovakia are beautiful. However, they are not the only ones in the world…

About their character, I believe everyone is special in some way and it is difficult to group people according to their nationality. I would appreciate if all of you guys show a little respect to female population and stop seeking for a beautiful girl without using your brains. Slovak girls are clever, friendly and kind as well.

And the advice to use online translator for communication is weird, don’t you think? Btw, what kind of people uses chat to find a partner?

I was born in Slovakia but I live in Asia for years. I do not think I have many things in common with other Slovaks but I am still proud on my country of origin 🙂 Slovakia has many nice places but as it is really small, you shouldn’t expect anything exotic or amazing. Hope you don’t blame me for my opinion, but for me there is nothing I couldn’t find in Czech, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Germany etc. The difference might be in case you speak the language and meet people in their natural environment (not just bars and places for foreigners).

I was in Prague as I am many times on business. Walking on the main square I go into shops loooking at glass which I export. On a few occations I talk to girl and she is really freindly and I say your not Czech are you. Many times my question is answered with I’m from Slovakia, or Belgrade etc. I find Czech women beautiful and stylish etc but the ones I meet in Prague seem very guarded and people I meet not from Prague more freindly and human. Maybe its the big city or history but I can tell the difference between them . No offense to anyone intended.

Hi guys…
First of all, I loved reading all the msg people wrote.
I am Slovakian myself and I consider myself very good looking as well. I hear that a lot from others. I also hear, that I am such a good, giving person. Very caring and honest. Always happy, smiling and willing to help everyone.
I am living in the United States, and most of the men here, told me, there is something special about me. Maybe just how romantic and easy going I am.
Good luck to you all, finding your own special Slovak girl;)

Hi, I am from Lafayette Louisiana and will be traveling to Europe in the coming months.(haven’t set a date yet) I am looking for someone to show me around places that are not necessarily tourist destinations, I want to experience how normal eastern Europeans live. I am a nice 35 year old man nice physically fit and fairly attractive. I am single but not necessarily looking for a romantic interest but someone to show me around and have a good time with. Any help would be appreciated .

Have you checked Gumtree in the countries you want to go to? If you put in an annocement you would get many replies. To be honest you do not need a guide, it is better you explore things on your own as it gives you more freedom and you will not be weighted down some much with another persons conception of a tour.
Slovakia has many beautiful women by the way.

I am married to a Slovakian girl for 3 years. I must admit, the polite, honest, hard working nature and ofcourse the beauty.
You can find good/bad people everywhere. Just the ratio varies..I think slovakia have a good ratio of decent ones, hats off.


This is a great advice column, Just so sincere, it is obvious to me that there are so many wonderful people out there.
From whats coming across to me makes me want to visit Slovakia, and I will in the New Year.
I think I will just be relaxed and go with the flow, and see what nice Slovak female I might meet. I am divorced and very presentable, and yes, I will learn some slovak. I just need to meet the one, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Never know ! I could get really lucky.

Having taught here for nearly 4 years, I would have to agree they are very beautiful. One of the problems though is that a lot of them don’t use dating sites. You apply with hope, and then become inundated with girls from Russia, Ukraine and The Czech Republic. They are very hard to win.

Hello . I am currently in Poland , Slovakia is so close and i cant resist to visit the country . I speak some polish and i think Slovak is quite similar but I need to know how could I meet some women there via the internet . where do they subscribe , what sites do they use ? As Geoff said they don’t seem to use a lot the dating sites but if someone has any information please share it with us , I have been told only good things about these girls and I need to meet them ! Any kind of help would be appreciated

I have been travelling to SK the last 6 months, I think I do have now a general impression about this country, specially concerning our topic, Slovakian girls. First then all in SK like everywhere else there is nice people and less nice people.

The economic situation convert all the population in kind of materialistic, which is logic when you get 500 USD a month.
After opening to Europe things changed for worst, having daily contact with western Europe the income difference is evident.

For some lady’s to be “good-looking” is kind of capital or investment to try to improve their living standard. The streets are plenty of young girls dressed like they are going to a luxary party. People have anyhow a very good educational level, college is for free and many people got a University degree. Almost every girl want to leave the country and start a “luxurious way of life” in the USA or in Europe, they think they deserve this.

One way to reach this “Slovakian dream” it is to find a man who is able to finance this kind of living, so if the girls go to a bar with foreigners it is not to have fun or to take some beers and get drunk, but to find a husband, if they go to a chat room it is the same. Normal girls are old fashion in many ways, except the clothes, but dont expect too much about starting a friendship in SK, except if you wanna get married.

I recently picked up my partners iPad and was horrified to read the SMS that is to follow. Now I do not speak a word of Slovakian and therefore I do not wish to pre-judge. Before sending this text I will supply you with a bit of background and trust that you will not only translate for me but reading this SMS what opinions do you form and I would like you to be as honest as you can. I can assure you that if my concerns are correct this is so bad that I fear I have wasted too many years of my life to waste any more.

For the past 11 years I have lived with the girl who is texting here and she has always been in my eyes the most beautiful of girls with the sweetest smile a lovely person. She is now 32 years of age. We have not had an easy life in terms of never having enough money to take holidays and go out that much. She is from Spisska Nova Ves and had a sheltered hard life and I was only her second relationship. Three years ago she had a liaison with a co-worker which did not develop given one day she left her phone at home and it rang then a SMS followed this indicated that she was lying to me and that the beginnings of a relationship was beginning. The guy concerned had form and was really only interested in friendship and the relationship founder after he got another girl pregnant. She now hates this guy. She and I managed to put this behind us and whilst not much changed as money was always tight however last year she indicated that she would like to have a baby and we agreed that in order to follow through on this we would get married. In January this year we applied and received the permission to marry. In February we traveled to Spisska however I had to return suddenly and she stayed with her brother and his girlfriend. During this time they had a party at which the brother of her brothers girlfriend attended and they both liked each other (all this was unknown to me) on her return it was a bit strange that she was on Skype to the brothers girlfriend for 3 to 4 hours a day. I have now learn it was in fact her brother. We have just spoken about some of this and clearly she is embarrassed and clearly there are lies a plenty. For me I am very much in Love with this woman however I know when to cut my losses. She intends to travel to London in May when he will be there for two days she plans to have friendship with him and travel to Slovakia. It is difficult for me to understand just how she can appear (and I maybe wrong ) to be acting like a , a lady a bit. I hope I don’t offend you.

I am from Slovakia and I think, that if you want find some girls from Slovakia I can recommend a website to you, go to it is a major site singles go to in Central Europe not only to read news but to connect by the Internet. It is a haven for singles online.

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