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Skinny girls – How to be a thin girl

To be beautiful is one of the strongest drives for people. It is connected to our deep longing to reproduce. Our DNA wants to spread so it sends messages to our subconscious to develop a
strategy for mating. Beauty and allure is one of the what our bodies want. Let your conscious brain yield to its wisdom.

Skinny girls – how to be thin and beautiful

Skinny girls are not born they are made. Who is this post for?  This post is for girls who want to be thin and beautiful but do not know how. I received a lot of comments on my skinny girls posts. That post was more for guys telling them why to date slender girls.  Well this post is to give ideas to women how to be thin.

This post is how be slim and beautiful which is almost synonymous. My thesis is thin and beautiful is all in the mind but also one key ingredient most diet and exercises books and websites do not tell you.  Being a slender is all about your mental attitude and one thing.  If you want to have more allure you can be.  Here is how.

When you are young and in school nature bathes you in hormones and you retain your slim shape no matter how much you lay around. But even these women are showing signs of weight gain. If you look them up in twenty years you would see a different photo.

I am writing to tell you what others will not

Like in the fairly-tale ‘The Emperors new clothes’ I have no reason not to be honest about this. I am not going to shower you in false socially acceptable praise.  I am a guy and will tell you like it is. I am also a compassionate person and not writing this to be hurtful, rather, to make you aware so you can take positive action.

I am writing this from a man’s point of view. I hope to give you insights that pop culture and women’s magazines do not. Therefore be of real value, not just recycled information of little value, as it is too watered down and will not change your life.

My wife who does not have the fancy clothes nor is she 21, yet she has a natural beauty and lightness because of a simple lifestyle of outdoor activities and cooking only from scratch.

Here is my story, I have been a tall thin, lanky guy a good part of my life. I personally was somewhat tortured by my weight, being thin and male, whereas, American women I thought women prefer meaty, husky guys guys.   Therefore, I struggled with weight issues too.  I did not like the way I looked (I know, I know guys should be super confident alphas and only eat grilled meat and watch football on the weekends).

I tried to distort my natural genetics,  I even once became a gym rat and was super pumped at over 220 lbs or 100 kgs plus.  That became a lifestyle. I could study languages and travel the world or be a slave to the gym. I decided on the former.  My point is:

Let go of the fight and start to enjoy my life and be in shape at the same time .

I will tell you how.

I have been in shape and out of shape, and it feels better to be in shape. Why not look good?  Why not enjoy your life?

I am very athletic.  I tried every vitamin you could imagine, read every book on cooking as I was a cook for many years.   I used to work in a bookstore and read every book there was on fitness on many a late Saturday nights when I had to close the store.  So I could talk all your want from a technical well-informed perspective about how to be a thin girl. But that is not the secret to how to be a thin girl.

Polish girl from the city who is delicate and ethereal. Country or city girl you have to move.

Therefore,  I want to talk to you in a simply way about being slender from a guy’s perspective. Being thin and beautiful is very easy. No need to read too much on it or think about it.  The less you think about it the better.  Just read my post on how to be a skinny girl.

After all is said and done,  ‘the truth reveal itself after the complex has been exhausted’. Here is the simple truth of being a skinny girl.

Featherweight female with a date, and larger girl without. You choose what you want to be like.

Evolution has already made you beautiful

The first thing and most important thing is to realize that you are already beautiful and thin, no matter what you look like.  I am a guy, I know what I am talking about in this regard.  I have never seen a woman who was not beautiful. Every girl has her own beauty. No matter what you look like, tell yourself you are beautiful and do not need to change. This is right from a guy, not from one of your girlfriends trying to make you feel better. I am a guy and I have guy friends who mostly agree on me with this point.

Women are way too critical of their looks. I have seen girls with no make up and do nothing with their hair and do nothing with their body and you know what? If you look close enough, you will see how beautiful they are.  It is instinct and evolution, you have been honed to look good and it is encoded in your genes. There is now way you are not attractive.

In contrast I have seen legions of over done women, a modern phenomenon of people who fall prey to the image marketing specialist in women’s cosmetics and clothing have sold you.  Women living in the wild in the forest five thousand years ago where very attractive with little clothes or cosmetics etc. These ancient girls were so sensual a modern metro man would not know how to handle this primitive rustic beauty.

There will always be a guy that will fall in love with you no matter what you look like, why? Because every girl is a beautiful princess.  Why would I lie? Who ever told you, you are not beautiful?  I mean this from all my heart.

Women not looking too gangling nor gaunt. Think about the future and what you will become.

Second thing you have to do is stop thinking about losing weight and diet. If someone tells you ‘do not think of a pink elephant’, the first thing that comes to your mind is a pink elephant.  If someone tells you can not have some type of food you will want it.  Therefore I do not believe in diets.  Diets do not work.  What has to change is the way you perceive yourself.

Here comes the hard part. Be honest with yourself.  What in your heart of hearts do you really want to look like? Try to imagine yourself as you would really like to be. Be honest, remove all the clutter and mixed messages from your brain.  Remove expectations of other people and just try to create a mental picture of yourself as you really would like. If you would like to look like a model, see yourself this way. If you want to look like a Romanesque baroque angel, see yourself as this.  I recommend visualization and running through scripts in your mind.  See yourself in various places doing things as you want to be.  Do this as you fall asleep for example a couple of nights a week when you want to. If you really want to be a thin girl, than see yourself as a slender, lithe girl in various situations.

Visualization was popular a few years back and now it is a little out of vogue because self-help books over did it.  However, it is effective.

An example of visualization – think yourself thin

There was a guy who was a prisoner for three years.  He had no choice to but to eat less as they feed him little.  So he visualized everyday that the small amount he ate was a huge meal.  He did this in so much detail that be was actually full on basically bread and water.

My point is the mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary.  If you eat an apple and tell yourself you are full you will start to believe it. The good news is to be a slim female you do not have to do this, nor do I recommend it.

I recommend visualization for simply seeing in your mind’s eye the image you want to look like.  This is a much easier way. Your body will start to respond on a subconscious 3D holographic level and in some way start to conform to your image that you see in your imagination.

Note the shape here, it is more about proportion to your frame.

My way to be thin and why you are not – secrete ingredient

What is the most effective for losing weight? Only eat organic unprocessed food and your body will naturally balance itself out.

Me, I only eat organic food and do not eat out except on a rare occasion. I only shop in the organic produce section of WholeFoods.  If you did that and that alone you would lose weight. When I came back from Europe after living for ten years and started eating ‘healthy’ American food, I gained 30 lbs. I figured out even the best American food has been stripped of their micro-nutrients because of poor soil using fertilizers like that add macro-nutrients but not the micro-nutrients. Fertilizers add 10-10-10 NPK but not all the trace minerals. The soil is depleted and the result is you are fat.

It does not cost much if you cook. If you can not cook and eat packaged foods and dine out, quit your job and career and take the time to learn. Ditch your girlfriends who like to eat all the latest causal dining place. Get new friends. Connect with permaculture people.  I am sorry life is about choices. You want to be fat and slothful or you want to learn to provide and cook and take care of yourself. If you can not do that, you kids will be eating processed package foods too.  Look do you want to get married and be happy or have a trouble internal dialogue your whole life.  Here is a way out. Just eat organic veggies and home cooked meals.

Men instinctively are attracted to thin girls because they know that after kids and marriage they will gain a few pounds but still look good. But if you are starting from a base of obesity or overweight, even a little than you will inflate like a balloon after marriage. So learn the reason and cause of your weigh problem now, it is you are a packaged food person.

Stop being a packaged food person and having people cook for you. Live off Organic produce and free range protein and you will see the difference.

When I switched to organic I lost all the weight I gained.  If you do not believe me comment below, and we can dialogue about it.

I now grow a lot of my food organically in my backyard. It is my yoga and aerobics class in one.

You can watch channels like:

John Collier from Grow your Greens


Jean-Martin Fortier the Market Gardner

If you want to get inspired and learn how to grow your own food.

But read my lips, only eat Organic food and you will be thin.

What old movies from say the WWII time, people did not have skin problems and were not overweight because this obesity is a modern plague cause my the food industries greed to make you eat packaged food and big agribusiness to give you food grow with pesticides and chemicals that will destroy you hormonal balance. I mean there are girls in their 20s that are already ten pounds overweight. It is tragic.

Diets do not work. Really this was studied.  So forget about food.   Therefore, do not get to complicated about your diet just be normal but eat organic make your own bread and drink organic milk. It is different. My daughter can tell immediately if based on taste and she is a kid. If your taste buds are that insensitive, then you have to make the switch now. If you can not do it for yourself do it for a higher ideal like religious reason. Eat the things that are in the Bible, or that Jesus would eat, and make sure they are Organic as that is all there was back then. I am not trying to make you feel bad about your lifestyle, rather I want you do look good and feel good so you can actualize your potential intellectually and spiritually rather than obsessing about food and weight.

What about exercise?

Actually just exercises will do it also but I do not want to be a slave to exercise, I would rather be active.   Every body is different, however, there are some universal rules that can be applied.

If you eat less you will lose weight and exercise more, but it is what you eat, is most important.

Story about Danish Island and very thin people

There was an Island cut off during the second war.  This was a small Danish community.  They survived on potatoes seaweed and herring.  At the end of the war they were examined for their health.  They are in beautiful physical condition.   Living a simply diet reversed plaque build up in their arteries they lived long happy lives.

The biggest easiest way to tell how long you will live is your hip to waist ratio.  Hip to waist is not only very attractive when your waist is thinner than your hips but it will tell you basically how long you will live.  People who eat less live longer.  As long as you do not become anorexic or anything extreme you will live longer and be happier.

My point is you do not have to get to complicated about diet.  Eat natural.

You know what to eat.  All the vegetables you want in a rainbow of colors, also fruit until you can not eat any more.   Then you need protein.  I like fish but many people are vegetarians or meat eaters, whatever, as long as you eat a natural balanced diet.  You do not have to get too technical into things like the glycemic index or anything, as if you have a mixed diet this will smooth it all out. Forget food combining or anything fancy. Eat normal food that is not processed.  I like international cuisine. See if you can eat a different dish every night if you like.

This old Doctor I once knew from the bookstore once told me all you need is one good meal a day.  I guess have light meals to supplement but I think he was right. I basically eat one meal.

Be proud of your body on the beach and in front of a mirror.

Now here is my disclaimer.  I am not a doctor and do not recommend anything to anyone.  Anything on skinny girls is just my personal observations.


I take a very good multiple vitamins I get at Wholefoods, Alive energy is the one I take.

Exercises  I do

I simply walk. I work in my garden. I transformed my backyard into a food forest.  I do not have a car as I live in the old town of a European city and walk everywhere. (Moved to Florida and have a car now).  You think this is too hard?  The biggest correlation between obesity and anything else is how much time you spend in your car.  Really, more than diet or exercises or genetics what will determine your if you will be a slender lady is if you walk instead of use a car.

I do not work out go to the gym or anything else, I guess gyms are boring for me.  I just walk.  That is it.

If you are into working out, the best looking girls do yoga.  They are the ones that are the most balanced and beautiful.

Summary of the skinny girls strategy

  1. Know you are already a beautiful women.
  2. Visualizes yourself as you want to be.
  3. Do not worry about diet.  Just eat an organic self prepared natural diet. The less you think about food the better. I make soup and Pizza from scratch and it will last.
  4. One good meal a day from an international cook book and maybe light meals or snack.  Take the best multi-vitamin you can find. I pay about 50 dollars a month for one.
  5. Walk everywhere and always.  Or get into yoga class.
  6. Enjoy your life and focus on your life not your body.
  7. If this does not work move to Europe and enjoy your life, it will come off naturally as you will be around women who live a good lifestyle (not the UK).

There is a huge industry formed around weight loss and fitness for women to become skinny.  Forget it,  change your mind and your life will change.  The weight will come off if you change your mind. Food is not that important.

Hip to waist ratio as well as leg length plays an important part in dating.

Read literature and travel around the world and stop thinking about body image, or only in a positive way.  Then it will happen. be humble and peaceful and positive toward others and enjoy your life and the weight will come off. Learn a language and travel to counties or regions where you think guys are the hottest. Enjoy your life and want to be sexy.

After all when you die and get up to the pearly gates St. Peter will ask you how was the party?  If you spend your life being unhappy with yourself  thinking about food, you will say, what party?  My point is enjoy your life and take your mind off yourself and get over yourself, and you will take it off and take off. Pun intended again, but it is true. Live with your mind focused on ideals and high things and enjoying the best things in life, rather than obsessing about yourself.

I want to create a post on how to be a thin girl or to look like skinny girls that is of value, so I need your feedback. Tell me what you think and how I should revise this post and I will consider it.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

110 replies on “Skinny girls – How to be a thin girl”

Great article! I have been struggling with trying to not care about diet and researched ways naturally thin people eat in hopes of becoming like them.

I read lots of things about eating ‘natural’ diet but how exactly do you define that except for the obvious fruits and veggies? For example, if a store makes their own gelatine ice cream than is that considered natural? Or if bread comes in pre-packaged-store-bought form does the bread become unnatural even though it is whole grain and ‘healthy’? And what about things like rice or milk that is technically processed? I’m sorry for asking lot of question but it has been plaguing my mind for awhile whenever people say that they eat natural diet. I obviously know things like junk food doesn’t go into that category but what about homemade cookies or high quality chocolates?

How to be slim and what is natural? These are big questions for day to day practical life.

There are a lot of definitions floating around out there with regards to what is natural. For me natural, I rarely buy anything is packages, or boxes or cans and rarely eat out. Of course rules are made to be broken, but I live in Europe and I am fairly frugal. I eat like the others around me to. That is, I have one of those hand blenders that are really easy to use and clean. I make my own tomato sauce or pesto or smoothies, nut butter or anything. Once you get in the habit of preparing food this way it is really easy.

I buy lots of fruit as these do not require preparation. Often when I am lazy I buy frozen vegetables, but mostly at farmers markets. But frozen is not bad as it takes less time.

I can recommend a website: tell me what you think? I think the author whose name is Heidi has a pretty good handle on what is natural.

Eat anything you like but focus on more of a Paleolithic diet. Just do not go extreme or deny yourself too much. I certainly do not. There was a guy that just ran the best marathon time of his life only eating at McDonald’s, one of my favorite places.

I buy bread but often my wife makes it. She makes Pizza from scratch. But we buy bread when we are lazy, this is fine. As is buying butter of course and olive oil and canned tuna and things like that.

Regarding desert carbohydrates, I notice these tend to put weight on the most for me. If I eat carbohydrates they go right to my stomach. That being said, from time to time, I eat ice cream but not junky stuff, where I live you can buy natural ice cream fairly cheap. I have made my own but too much work. I also eat chocolate (I prefer white as I do not do caffeine as I think it tends to exacerbate blood sugar fluctuations), cookies I am not into. Carbohydrates like these tend to put weight on. If you crave them it is most likely you are a girl and estrogen makes you dream of these things. In contrast, Men tend to be excessive on fatty foods I have observed. So do not ban yourself for life from these but rather moderate. For example, maybe if it is Saturday night and I have been hiking all day and will watch Netflix I will have a box, yes a box of Ice cream. But then nothing for a week or two.

 Maybe consider taking a good multi vitamin and magnesium and even chromium to curb cravings. I think a lot can be done nutritionally to being harmony to your biochemistry and this will have an effect on your mentally and physically. I think fish oils or flax seed oil gives one a good supply of essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and this often increases mood and decreases the desire for sweets naturally. Combine this with walking or or yoga or whatever you are into you are on track for a lifetime of not worrying about your weight.

I am 48 and to be honest in pretty good shape and do not work out. I am so lazy. I think we will be moving to the USA near the beach and I will do more there.

The secret to being slim and looking good is really two things. Educating yourself on nutrition and exercises. Then forget all you learned and make the process a habit or subconscious. I do not think about food much, rather I just live my life. I read books, travel and have many adventures in my life I do not write about here. My life is full so my stomach does not have to be. If you can take this attitude then you do not have to worry to much about weight.

Fantastic article and so refreshing that it is written from a man’s point of view. I agree with visualization it has always worked for me and when I am negative and hate who I am, I change somehow. Love yourself and don’t think about diets and skinniness will come, also reconnect with the earth by being in the sun and hearing nature sounds that heal your brain. Most people put weight on because of mental stress i.e. after a break up or work stress.

Well done on this article I love it.

If you are struggling to get skinny and have been torturing yourself with diets I got good news for you – there’s an easier way. Diets are not bad of course, but they only work temporarily. It’s ok to get on Duncan diet for a few weeks to look good on your wedding day, but can you imagine eating nothing but protein for the rest of your life? It can get old and dangerous pretty quick.

First of all, you need to get your mind off of food, especially if you are a fan of sweets, and most girls are. My advice is be active. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you stay busy and enjoy what you do. Sports are great because they keep you busy and make you lose weight at the same time, but it can be anything. Avoid lazy days at home- boredom makes you want to eat. It’s natural that you want to eat junk while watching tv, so do something fun and absorbing. Stay away from any soda drinks as they can contain 50 tablespoons of sugar a bottle and stretch your stomach. Not to mention the chemicals in them. Your body will thank you for that.

I’m not a health or skinny freak at all, however I had to give up a lot of things that I liked to eat such as sweets because of health reasons. It was hard because I was the biggest chocolate lover on the planet, but my choice was either eat it or feel good and I chose the second one. The good news is, once you get through the first few weeks, maybe even just two weeks, you don’t crave those things anymore, so don’t be afraid of fighting your chocolate hunger (or whatever it is you are addicted to) for the rest of your life.

I still eat homemade yogurt based cakes with fruit or even a donut every now and then, but the important thing is if I could not eat them I would not get depressed nor would my world collapse. Eating little amounts and right stuff will make you feel good, once you know the difference you won’t ever want to go back to your old eating habits. I used to sleep 9 to 10 hours a day and still be tired and yawning all the time or getting migraines every week. All this went away. Now I only get 6 or 7 hours of sleep and I feel much better.

Eat simple things. The less processed and simple, the better. If you feel like breaking some rules on that one, do it in the morning. Try new things, there are a lot that taste good and are good for you, you just have to find them. Do not starve yourself, eat all day if you feel like it but choose something that will not hurt you, like vegetables. Never leave the house if you’re hungry- you will end up picking up ten candy bars or stopping at McDonald’s and you don’t want that.

And the last thing – do not drink while eating or just after your meal. This is not about losing or maintaining weight really, just a good eating habit that will keep you from stomach problems.

That’s good advice, Kinga!!! I used to spend free time watching TV, which like you said, made me snack more. Now, instead of doing that, I draw or read or go for a walk, all things that are much more fun than sitting in front of the TV or eating junk food.

Thank you Abbey.
TV and junk food just go together for some reason, this is why I rarely even turn mine on. Have you tried doing something else while watching tv though? Sometimes if there’s a movie I really want to see I will fold laundry or knit while I watch it, and that works too.

Yes, today, when my husband and I were watching a couple of movies, we did a jigsaw puzzle, which was fun. I used to knit, but I lost interest. Maybe I should take it up again for future movies. 🙂 I also draw while watching movies, but the problem there is that I get so focused on drawing that I hardly pay attention to the movie. 🙂

I am a 19 year old female and love your article.
I hope this doesn’t come off as sounding to personal but can you make a post giving a general idea of what your wife eats just ammount wise. I think so of us are so used to big portions we dont even know what a proper diet is anymore.

This is a good question, what is the portion size to stay thin? Here is my answer and you will not like it. She does not think about calories, weigh herself, we do not even own a scale and portion size is not something measured or counted. She focuses on other things in her life like travel and languages.

Lets see why. She grew up in the Polish countryside. There was nothing to do except develop humanistic aspects of your life. She could afford nothing but potatoes but still took French lessons. This is the idea. If you had a choice to make your life happy would you buy junk food or take langauge lessons.

She grew up on a farm and was not exposed to western culture like we have in the USA. For beverages she drinks water or tea, this is very European. She does not drink any soda or drinks that are loaded with calories, not because she is watching her calorie intake, but rather in the Polish countryside where she grew up they drank water and maybe Kompot or tea, which is basically the best for human. I mean we evolved on water.

She saw her first real candy bar as a teenager and did not know what it was. It was a Mars bar and she picked it up and examined it and could not figure out what it was. There was no junk food at all.

So when we came to the USA now and saw all the huge girls who are 22 and obese her conclusion was, besides sincerely feeling bad for them as they are condemned to live a life that could have potential problems, it is the diet in the USA. There is something to be said for the level of activity also, but mostly diet. The American diet for many is horrible and girls resent it if you tell them to eat healthy. Maybe it is an attitude.

Polish girls can be lazy and lay around all day but for sure they are thin. They think about being beautiful to attract a mate so they can have children have a family and be a good mother and wife. This is how Polish women think. The hottest ones just want to make their husband’s happy and be a mother. American girls I have noticed postpone their instinct for marriage and reproduction and focus on their career. I think they channel a lot of their libido energies into eating. They feel they do not need to deny themselves and fall to the whims of their appetites and American junk food.

So to make a long story short, we shop only on the outer aisle like fruits and vegetables and potatoes. Whatever she grew up with she buys. That is everything from a farm. No soda, chips processed food on a farm in Eastern Europe. If we have fries, she makes it. She eats moderate amounts and does not go hungry as we have so many other things in our lives. We ride bikes, read, travel, she learns languages, too many other interesting things to do that eat.

If you eat natural things you will be think. You can eat celery and cucumbers and pickles and salad and apples until you are blue in the face and never gain and ounce. You can not get fat on vegetables.

We do eat normal things like Pizza and every exotic dish you can imagine. She makes her own Sushi often. You can not get fat on Sushi.

I am from Boston and make homemade Boston baked beans. You can not get fat on beans.

Another example is, we know people who own a famous Pizza place, we got the recipes and she makes Pizza homemade from whole wheat. We eat Pizza a lot. But if it is homemade it is ten times better and healthier. She does not deny herself of anything but eats normal, and does other things in her life. If you read my posts on how to be thin, I recommend girls do this. Focus on travel, Italy, France, Europe, South America, languages, reading, finding a husband, but not food. Food is boring after a while. Portion size does not matter. If you start down the dark side of counting calories, portions and dieting, it is a bit of a torched life. Ask yourself what is missing in your life that you might be obsessing about these things? I think when I was obsessing about these things it was because I did not feel good about my life nor myself, mostly because I did not have a girlfriend. Once I started dating and have friends and traveling ans studying languages and reading food ment less to me.

Food is not something you can give up. It is not a bad habit. You just have to change your relationship with food and that means first changing the way you see the world. Food is one of the first things young people have trouble with as their parents try to control people with food and intake of food is often the one thing teens can do to strike their independence. My message is there is not need to go though all that. know that everything in life will work out and focus on doing something like traveling to Italy and getting a hot Italian boyfriend who you know will be wrong for you but you can not help loving him anyway, a much better life experience solution.

thanks for replying to me
you are right
I am currently a size 10 and would love to be a 6
I am in law school and most people here are at least a size 14 to 16
i think people here eat because of the stress
thanks once again

Can you please pass us this healthy Pizza recipes that your wife makes?

I do not know if I am the world expert on being thin girl, nor if my pizza recipe will help, however, I am a girl in my 30s have had a child and my husband does not complain. For me that is all that matters.

That being said, here is my best attempt to give you a pizza recipe for a thin body.

I have tried different recipes for pizza, but because I like having fun while cooking and like to experiment and modify recipes.

I can’t really speak about exact numbers and amounts of ingredients, but I’ll do my best. It is one of those ‘is is an art not a science things’.

What I use to make pizza dough is:
– 2 glasses of whole wheat flour
– 2 glasses of white wheat flour
-yeast (one package)
-half of a tea-spoon of sugar (yeast grow better with it)
– 1 glass of warm water
– two tbsp of butter (makes the dough crispy)
– salt

Depending on how much dough I want to make I use less or more ingredients. When I make more, I store part of the dough for 2-3 days or freeze it.

This recipe is for 2 large pizzas (flat or thin crust as we like it this way) or one if you prefer thick crust. However, deep dish or thick crust pizza just feels heavy.

I dissolve yeast in water, add sugar and leave it for a while (about 15-20 minutes).

Then I mix flour, sprinkle a little bit of salt, add butter and yeast. I work the dough – it shouldn’t be to watery, if so I add more flour, but if it’s too hard I add some water.

I do not know if you have ever worked dough but it is a lot of exercises in itself. But it is a nice feeling, like you are doing a labor of love.

It should be pretty solid. I worked it for about 3 minutes and then I live it in a bowl (glass, wooden) covered with clean cloth for about 40 minutes – 1 hour in room temperature.

After this time I take it off the bowl, cut it in two, store one part in the fridge in a plastic bag, and use the other part to make my pizza.

The dough or crust is really the secrete to good pizza. We use a pizza stone of course which you can get anywhere, we bought ours for 15 dollars.

The flour has to be good quality. It could be a mix of whole wheat and white or whatever you like, but flour is cheap so do not cheap out. Get good flour as the dough is the real reason pizza taste good.

If you have a good crust, not too heavy, then the rest is for your imagination.

I usually put tomato sauce with herbs of Provence, favourite veggies (green pepper, onion, olives) and ham (or whatever meat we like).I put cheese on top, the good pizza shops use fresh mozzarella, but you can use any cheese, I have used every type of cheese.

Tomato sauce can be made by blending some fresh tomatoes and adding a few things if you like. Or store-bought sauce is fine.

The key is try not to be too American and put too much of everything. It should accent the crust not bloat it. My husband is very American and puts blocks of cheese and sausages regrets it as it way too much.

Of course if you use fresh herbs it can taste even better. We use to grow herbs in our apartment by the window. But you can buy quality herbs but it all according to your budget. If you have a good crust and herbs then this goes a long way.

I bake my pizza for about 15-20 minutes in 400 F, pre-heated oven.

Really that is it. I do not know if that will keep you thin, but I think there is a lot to be said for satisfying your taste buds in a natural way. I have noticed with junk food or processed food I eat it and am hungry. However, homemade pizza or chicken soup with rustic ingredients satisfies me and I do not feel hungry. I grew up on a farm in Poland and there are strong healthy and fit Polish girls in the countryside. I think it is partially because the food is nutrient dense and you do can achieve the same nutrient saturation with less food.

If you ever wonder if it is your fault you need to lose a little, I would say generally no. I think if you eat natural nutrient dense food, you feel full before you can finish.

Home cooking vs. Eating out to lose weight well there is no comparison. Do not underestimate the power of home cooking. The other day we bought some chicken nuggets at a whole food store and after eating a few we throw them out. They do not taste the same and you feel not the same after eating them. The same goes with any food that is not homemade, Even Pizza it is not the same.

If you do not cook you will put on weight and not feel as well. I do not know why, it can even be from a good quality company. If choose quality ingredients and cook yourself you will lose weight. It is very hard to get fat on homemade sushi or salad and homemade Pizza.

If you buy processed food, or quick meals or eat in restaurants, you will have to pay the price and I do not mean, with cash. I mean the food is some how absorbed different and processed different in that great piece of marvel called your body. Where I am from in Eastern Europe most people, except students do not eat out at all, maybe once ever few years.

If you want to be thin, learn to cook at home. We go out to eat maybe once or twice a year and rarely buy anything but commodities in the supermarket, that is the basic foods and do not venture too much into the aisles. In the Aisle is where you spend money and all this latent kinetic energy to but on weight resides.

However, the out reaches of the supermarket where the produce is, from this area you can make the most wonderful culinary masterpieces that will warm your heart and soul.

Another complaint is it takes too much time. What time? After you eat a chow bag of junk food or a plate of instant something, you feel sluggish and go into a food coma and lay on the sofa. After you eat pre-made meals you do not feel the same. Are you tired, think about why. Ill-health takes time.

In contrast, you can make fast quick healthy meals at home in minutes. You can make some soup for a few days. It it is not that hard. I am thinking of making some videos on my cooking put it on the web for free.

You might say to yourself ‘I do not know how to cook’. This is a lame excuse. All you need to do is boil water and through some vegetables into a pot to make soup.

Who can not make brown rice? Not knowing how to cook is like saying I do not know how to ride a bike. Until you try a lot a fall and fail no progress will be made. If you cook your husband will appreciate it and if you are single you can win many guys hearts with a home cooked meal.

I know in the USA it is a sign of servitude if a girl cooks for her boyfriend, by some, but it is not. Food is love. If you make something with your heart, your man will appreciate it. If you nourish yourself with processed article meals, you life will start to reflect this inwardly and out. Even in your relationships, you will see. So my recommendation is cook at home to be a thin girl rather than food from cans, packages and boxes. I write this because it is something I had to learn myself. Peace.

I also want to state another thing that can make people sick is fluoride in the water. I never drink tap water anymore as it was giving me hypothyroid symptoms and thought I would add this to the post in case it benefited someone. As soon as stopped drinking the water, my normal health resumed within a few days. I read about about the water and saw that H_tler introduced fluoride to water in the concentration camps apparently to keep the prisoners docile. It made me angry that we would be subjected to this poison without our permission.

What is so wrong with being thin and smart? I mean in Russia girls are thin and doctors, lawyers and PhDs and it is no big deal. In fact if you think about it being obese is often correlated with poverty and lower education. In fact it is a signature in many parts of the US and the UK, while educated girls are doing Pilates and yoga and eating health food.

You can do it as long as you are moderate and are easy on yourself. It is more fun to be thin. And thin in my mind is normal and healthy, I have more energy to do the things I like. Light and nimble like an elf girl.

Another thing, there is something so wrong with the American system: teachers in America is spoiling their kids by allowing the children to behave like 2nd or 3rd graders in “time out.” I think time out sounds fair, but only for something small, like running around, and it should be alone and away from attention, with a minimum of 1 minute*the child’s age. Otherwise, for not writing in the planner, the teacher should immediately call the parents without a warning. Just like in Russia.

Your article is awsome. I felt bad about myself as I have been brutially damaged by my ex-boyfriends calling me ugly and saying they love me when they did not. And my new boyfriend is better by I was judged by his friends because he is really skinny and I am not. I thought no one could love me anymore and i thought I would never like who I am. I thought the worst about me how I was fat, easy, and ugly. Your article has changed me for the better and I will read this whenever I feel down about myself. Thank you so much to helping me get my confidance back.

You, ugly? Far from it. I have never met a woman whom I did not think was beautiful. Your allure and radiance is a gift to us. You have just been sleeping beauty and the ex-boyfriend in your past were not poet enough to see your inner light. Cast them back into the pond.

Rebecca, I recommend books by Louise Hayes if you want to explore this further. Really being thin or healthy is not about diet and exercise but about filling your life with things that are more important than being weight down by negative thoughts. When you can learn the habit of peaceful, accepting thoughts and focus your life on things like developing your mind, languages, travel, art, the old past patterns will gently fade away.

I know how some women or most women like to drink coffee. Well guess what coffee brings stress which will equal gaining weight. I used to love coffee and always have stress but now I drink orange juice and I have less stress and I lost a lot of weight. I hoped his helped

Coffee, which I personally love, initially helps weight loss because it mobilizes fat stores and give you energy. However, after about a week or two this effect wears off and you have to drink it just o stay even. It causes moods and stress in women and little lumpies in their chest tissue (I think harmless). So you are right, if you are trying to lose weight I think there are better ways to go about it then coffee, although I do love the taste.

This is the most beautiful article I’ve ever read. I was a skinny girl earlier,I was a dancer and felt good about myself. In the last time many things happened. I lived so unhealthy and pitted on much weight. But this text woke me up and reminded me how important it is to fight, to stand up and get my life and my confidence back. Thank you so much.

It is strange how I came across your article as my partner and I recently had a major discussion about the subject of my endless chase to be skinny. And it turns out, he’s theory on being slim is almost identical to yours.

My partner emphasized the basis of being slim is to simply enjoy life, travel, meet new people, be concerned with adding value to humankind & immersing oneself passionately in life’s many adventures. So it seems like your article came to me at the perfect time to reaffirm these thoughts in my head.

I have been obsessed about my weight for almost a decade! I’ve skip from diet after diet and tried all kinds of exercises. And over the many years, although not overweight(I aim to be model thin) I still have yet to achieve my ideal size. I totally agree with you that when by thinking about what foods to eat and not eat I actually think about eating most of the time. So I am constantly yo-yoing. Meanwhile, I have lost many years that I could have spent focusing on doing work that could’ve taken me much farther. I want to come to my old age and be able to look back and say that I have lived a fantastic life filled with love, great conversations, doing great work and experienced many wild adventures. instead of saying “I have managed to look keep my weight down but I have loved and learned nothing else.”

So from this week onwards, under the supervision of my partner I have reduced my grocery budget to half and carry the mentality of pauper when it comes to eating. That way I’ll have to ration my food over the week and be restricted to eating less. And it’s surprising to find that my body really doesn’t need as much food as i thought it would when my mind is focused on learning new things. Also, I am not drained from training so hard that i am zoned out all the time leaving no energy for my work or loved ones. I am now not a slave to a workout program that tells me to workout 2 hours a day and pay a monthly subscription DVD that adds up to hundreds of dollars just to stay thin.

I now have more time, more, energy more money and a smaller tummy. Being slim is easy! Life should be fun.

Thank you for writing this article. I will share it on my blog and hope that other women will read it too and free themselves from society’s image-imprisonment and actually live a wonderful life. The way it should be.

Peace & love to you & your wife.

What can I say, you are right. Being thin and active a great way to live. I would way rather be healthy in body and mind than have all the money in the world. Health is wealth. I think a lot of being healthy is being frugal with your taste buds. Once they adapt they will find the other stuff disgusting. If you refine your taste buds to enjoy a rainbow of varieties of potatoes as opposed to a variety of junk food, your body will reward you.

The main thing is not to make food your life. This means on the diet side nor the gluttony side. The main thing is to get your mind off food and focus on your life and then at some distant time in the future it can return to the pleasures of food at a different level.

The problem with food it is not like music for example. You can give up music and have no adverse effects (questionable). But food is something we always need. You can not give it up or turn it off or do it to excess. So people have problems not with giving things up as much as moderation. This is why we have such excess and extreme.

But as you correctly concluded, being thin will save you money and give you more time. You can take all the money you save on food and buy something cool like a new Kindle reader for example or DVDs or a trip somewhere. The amount most people spend on food is the biggest disposable income item in their budget.

This post is very good advice. I have read many of your blog posts and you write many interesting and intelligent things.
When I was about 25 years old I was fat, unhappy, unhealthy and unattractive. I was unhappy with my life and decided to change it and to lose weight. I did’t stop eating or any thing crazy like that, I quit my job, moved back to my home town and got engaged with the love of my life. After a year or so I was no longer fat and I did never go on some diet. I started to live a happy life and not eating any processed food, just lots of natural home cooked food. No I’m 30 years old, married to the love of my life and even thou I have had a baby I have no problem keeping my BMI around 21. I’m not superskinny but I have a good waist/hip ratio (my doctor tells me that is more important than BMI).

Just like the admin says, do not obsess over food, but eat natural food that you prepare yourself. I live in Europe and I walk everywhere or ride my bike. So does my husband. We have a car but we only use it for longer travels.
I think fat people are out of balance, but it is very possible to find your balance again! I did and now I live a happy life with my family.

I’m very sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes, English is not my first language but I wanted to respond to your very true post.

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