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Why another blog post about Saudi girls?  Because most websites about Arab women are extreme and usually are disrespectful in one way or another.

What can this post do for you? At the end of this post I give you exact places to meet Saudi girls.

The purpose of this post is to explain what these ladies are like and tell you where you can meet them or at least chat with them for love.

How to understand Saudi Arabian women and culture

First, understand the the country of Saudi Arabia is the center of Arab culture and religion. It is not a typical country. It is like Italy or the Vatican for Catholics, or the Ganges river to the Hindu Indians or Tibet for the Buddhists. Therefore, understand that of course the people who live in this country are going to have fairly passionate views about maintaining the orthodoxy.

The world is a war of competing ideas. Every system of ideas will try to influence another system, whether political or religious or scientific. Each system will have their center, either geographic like the Arabian peninsula in this case, or a paradigm to maintain. The people in the center will be responsible for maintaining respect for their codex at their core. While on the fringe there will be liberalization.

Therefore, there is no freedom of thought in the Kingdom. This is nothing else this place in the world. If you are from any other belief system you have to practice this in secrete or you will be arrested and I do not know what after that. You can not even have a Bible.

The people, I have worked with from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are peaceful normal people. However, the customs regarding women for me are very different than my culture. First, I like women that are humble. However, this humility must not come our of fear, but because they want to be this way. If they choose to be humble and strong, not because they fear that they will be punished by their society, then I can respect them. If a women freely chooses to live in a pious way then I can respect that not matter what her culture is. In fact, some people think the greatest good in life or the Summa is loyalty to your beliefs. However, if she lives this way out of fear, than I can not respect that or the people who rule her by fear.

What are Saudi girls like?

  • Saudi girls are generally chaste
  • Saudi girls are mostly respectful to men, however, they are hot blooded.
  • Arab girls live in the shadows of their husbands, but want more in life than to live in the shadows. Therefore on one hand they want to marry someone in their culture, but on the other hand if you are a foreigner and get them in the right environment then they are very flirtatious. However, flirting does not mean everything, it just means they are open to talking to you if they are single and will smile at you an you might even get her number.
  • Saudi Arabian girls are dark and exotic and have tempting smiles. Some people consider them the most desirable women in the world for marriage and love. They love to dance and their music is very rhythmic. I think in men’s minds the image of a sensual Arabic girl dancing provocatively behind veils is common in our collective unconscious.  An example of a traditional dance (not club or disco) is Mizmar.

How to meet Saudi girls

Of course you can find an Arabian woman anywhere in the world. Many live in France, the UK and the USA. However, if you want to find one in the Middle East and going to KSA the read on.

If you a foreigner in Saudi Arabia read my lips, meet Saudi girls online before you get to KSA. Once you are there, if you are Indian or Pakistani or working there as a guest worker, you will have to know someone to really be able to connect with girls in Saudi Arabia. You need to meet a Saudi girl online.

If you have not connected before you get there try to talk to expat guys. The British and Americans there are in the know about things like drinking and women for some reason. They might be able to tell you the real story. But again if you are not chatting with one before hand you will have to be introduced.

Types of girls in Saudi Arabia

There are Indian girls working in Saudi Arabia in the IT field and Filipino nurses ladies from all over the world. There are about ten million single Arab girls there. I think maybe another two million foreign girls who work there of which about a half million are single and seeking men for love. Filipino girls in Saudi Arabia might be your best choice as it is very possible to meet and chat with these females.  It is recommend if you are looking for something your more accustom to in terms of dating, love and romance.

Chat with Arab and Saudi girls

Try these websites.  They are the ones I recommend as perhaps the most popular with women in the Arabia.

  • – Muslim girls matrimony site
  • Facebook – A top site in KSA as all over the world, screen for geographical location.
  • – I think the best social net working site for Saudi girls.
  • – This is a Saudi chat site. It is free, but you will need to use a translate tool to figure out how to chat on this site.

Riyadh and Jeddah are the largest cities but do not think you will go there cruising for women, the police are everywhere. Mecca and Medina can not be entered by non believers. Even if your intentions are for love and to find a bride, you are in trouble. If you are really in need of meeting a girl fast you are better off meeting a Russian girl in Dubai.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I would like to establish a sincere friendship with a Saudi girl not more than 20 years old. What is the best way to go about this?

Well did you read my post on women from Saudi Arabia, there are a few ideas for site to check out for chatting a friendship. Also look at my post on Arab girls I think I have a few more ideas. I would not be so restrictive with age unless you are young as women in their 20s are often the best for marriage, but I do not know age, if you are 21 or even 28 for example, then I understand.

Saudi girls very beautiful and good mannered shy and the best ones for marriage.

Is there an email list available for Foreigners to reach Saudi girls?

Not that I know, nor a mobile phone number list of Saudi girls. I recommend in my blog that it is better to meet women in real life. However, there are some Arab dating sites that you might want to check out.

Some of details and explanation here is wrong,
I’m a native Saudi man and real Saudi women are very very hard even impossible to reach, Remember that I’m talking about real Saudi girls not half Saudi or naturalized girls, So That because thy are not believe on any shape of relationships outside the marriage, So if you are serious to make a relation with Saudi girls there is a long procedure you have to follow .

Briefly, Saudi Girls by natural looking only for life-time holy relationship.

Sorry for my bad English but I’m trying And special thanks to the admin of this website for his efforts.

Thanks everybody
Peace from Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Thank you for the clarification. Saudi girls are very conservative and really are about long-term relationships that are about marriage. That is they are looking for their one and only life-time holy relationship.

thanks a lot for the information,but still it’s hard to interact.Do you know any chat rooms or any another place where i can interact in english.Thanks a lot!

I’m Arabian and O know every thing about Arabic girls you can not date them or even talk with them in the reality. However, I think you can talk easily chat and communicate with them on the Internet. However, if you are looking for Arabic girls it is better to look for Indian or USA girls for a relationship. The reason being Arabic girls just they want to marry Muslims because they are Muslims and dating in out of our religion sin.

I am a Saudi girl. We are a bit more open to the idea of meeting guys from different cultures I think a lot of us Saudi girls would be interested in dating Western guys, not all of us want to marry Saudi guys or even Muslim, time changes.

actually, you summarized this post by the last Sentence

“If you are really in need of meeting a girl fast you are better off meeting a Russian girl in Dubai.”

I find it interesting what made you write the above comment! I think because you know that real Saudi girls are well behaved and impossible to reach. it seems that you cannot distinguish between the genuine Saudi girls, those of tribal origins, and the forefinger girls since all of them are wearing Hijab (veil).

Regarding Lubna comment, it is obvious from her name that she is of Lebanese origins. as you know, not all Lebanese are Muslim. there are Christians, and Jews Lebanese. As far as I’m concerned, Islam prohibits the marriage of a Muslim woman from a non-Muslim man. Lubna said that she can marry a non-Muslim man which implies that she is not a Muslim, and necessarily not Saudi.

Finally, as far as I know, if got caught chatting with a veiled woman, the consequences may be dire. in the best scenario, you will be imprisoned.

No Marei I think you’ve drawn conclusions based on maybe previous knowledge I’m actually a tribal Saudi not a lebanese and it is not like degrading to date a foreginer or non-muslim and about your idea that saudi girls are hard to chat or talked to or even to date is an old idea or maybe you are still living in a place that is not Saudi Arabia anymore …..and by the way your comment about my name that is not saudi is really funny I mean Saudi girls nowadays are called lin an Tolin and god knows what, really fuunny …..

I don’t know really how I came across this website and it’s really nice to see people talking about sensitive issue in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. According to my experience as I lived there for a long time, it used to be hard to date someone over there but now so much private parties going on I mean after the introduction of Facebook and blackberry messenger boys and girls can easily reach each other and hock up. I remember 10 years ago guys used to use a big paper has mobile number on it and when they see girls in a car they try to show them the number maybe the girl might call one day lol sounds funny ay? but most were looking for long term however now it’s changed last time I was in SA my friends told me that girls love parting and other things..

With a Saudi girl love must come from the heart not eyes
I don’t know really how I came across this website and it’s really nice to see people talking about sensitive issue in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. According to my experience as I lived there for a long time, it used to be hard to date someone over there but now so much private parties going on I mean after the introduction of Facebook and blackberry messenger boys and girls can easily reach each other and hock up. I remember 10 years ago guys used to use a big paper has mobile number on it and when they see girls in a car they try to show them the number maybe the girl might call one day lol sounds funny ay? but most were looking for long term however now it’s changed last time I was in SA my friends told me that girls love parting and other things..

I am a Saudi girl. We are a bit more open to the idea of meeting guys from different cultures I think a lot of us Saudi girls would be interested in dating Western guys, not all of us want to marry Saudi guys or even Muslim, time changes.

I’ve been living in Saudi my whole life. I have to admit that things in Jeddah have changed dramatically. It is much easier to date a Saudi girl (Unfortunately I never had the chance). They tend to be confusing though, as they are not very transparent with their personalities, conservative at some things, and liberal with other things. You may compliment her beauty and she will get offended. weird.

I’ve been living in Saudi my whole life. I have to admit that things in Jeddah have changed dramatically. It is much easier to date a Saudi girl (Unfortunately I never had the chance). They tend to be confusing though, as they are not very transparent with their personalities, conservative at some things, and liberal with other things. You may compliment her beauty and she will get offended. weird.

Lubna; are you serious? I mean, are you willing to marry a non-Muslim? Time changes, but the last time I checked, Islam didn’t…

I do think that people should be allowed to marry from different cultures and ethnicities though.

Lubna , I would like to marry you.. LOL .. I think that would be interesting to marry a Saudi girl. LOLOLOL ;)) I guess we couldn’t get marry in Saudi though.. dang..

Abbud and Marei,

Check the Quran again. Yes, a Muslim can marry a non-Muslim but she/he has to convert within one year otherwise they have to divorce (again, as per Quran).I was a Chrisitan before, I know.
Nice website by the way, I am very interested in Saudi Arabia!

I am saudi girl. ..REAL Saudi (we use the word ‘real’ means that my origins are tribal and from saudi and not from anywhere else). God blessed me with beauty..and more..
although when I was a teen I have always wanted to marry an american, it was so hard to meet a decent availabe man. all men are either old or just looking for fun. Now I am in the US studying and I get so many advances from…but I don’t accept any. You know why? because they don’t know how to approach a saudi girl right?
You don’t come at us so forcefuly. You don’t compliment my body and forget to talk about my mind…you don’t allow yourself to touch my body without asking first. You need to make me feel that you care…you want to protect me..
I need to feel your care…your warmth…and your emotional and intellectual connection before you tell me that you find me physically attractive.

A saudi girl would take care of you …make you feel like a real man..and much more,,,but she is hard ot get…this is true!

I would date a christian but we need to discuss relgious issues as we go on.
I am now attracted to a spanich guy but he does not know even though that he tries his best to take me out…but I can’t let him know. This is the power of culture…if you aks me why? we enoy the chase much more than any women in the world but at the end the reward is VERY NICE…I would think so:)

So man has kissed me illegally …no man has touched me illegally…still a good muslim:)

Thank is a nice comment and backs up my belief that generally Saudi girls have virtue and protect their purity from anything less than true love.
I agree, Americans and westerners generally are too aggressive in their approach to women. Too much cream not enough milk.

I think this comes from the highly competitive society. We compete for everything. I do not like it when it comes to love. Love needs to be more subtle and romantic and let there be some mystery in the process. It should be like in the movie ‘Remains of the day’. Two people working next to each other and they fall in love but both the man and the woman do not let the other person know they are in love. It is a secret they keep in their heart. Eventually, the truth comes out, but after a long time, and the imagination has had a chance to work romantically and idealistically.
In Saudi culture this is possible. In American culture, I think we are too impatient for that.

Saudi Gal… YOu seem to be a bit demanding.. I am sure there is lot of bad guys.. But maybe you can just lighten up a bit and realize that American men, as well as most other men are humans and not God-send perfect angels from heaven to appease your every whim and desire.

Please don’t take this a bad way, but you seem to have a very high self-opinion of yourself. You say you or “Saudi girls” will take care of the man, but you seem to be a bit more focused on everything he can do for you. Have you ever considered ever thinking what you can do for them? Men tend to let their guard down and remove their macho facade if they see you are genuine. Men are the most fake when they feel they have to impress you. If you want a good man, show how genuine and modest you are and you will then see clearly if he is the same.

I know most American men are not so aggressive with approaching women like you say. Perhaps, these are the American men that you attract? Yes, there are the “PLAYERS” who are looking for a “booty-call”. But, the majority of men are afraid even to approach a woman so liberally in this country. Maybe you are not looking in the right places for men. Well, it seems you already found some guy. If you think he is good, then try to engage in some beneficial activity. Games lead no where and you’re not impressing anyone.

I know many women enjoy the games, but to men it is a real headache and we question the woman’s integrity, overall. Sometimes we think she is shy, other times we think she maybe is insecure or even worse, playing us around. I rather find a woman who is filled with love, virtue and honesty. I know if she plays games now, she will not be serious in the most critical times of our marriage. It’s better to be upfront about what you feel than to make people try to read your mind.

BTW.. What would your parents think of you dating a non-Muslim? I fell in love with a Muslim girl once.. Big mistake.. Her family said “NO WAY”, unless I convert. She did not have a choice in the matter. I left quite sad.

American men have a lot more expected from them than many from other countries and therefore may be more stressed when dating. Dating in USA is very superficial and more like a business meeting to gain acceptance of the opposite gender.

In my opinion, Eastern men are much more aggressive with women than Western men. Maybe I am biased, LOL.

first of all let me thank both of you for your responses to my post. Mr. Admin..I will buy this movie you wrote about it…it seems very romantic. And yes…I like the way you explained about falling in love…so natural and no forced.

Mr. Yontan. thank you as well for everything you wrote. You don;t know me so I am not at all offended by anything you wrote. First of all you said that I might be demanding since I wrote what I expect of the guy. I can see how you would think that since this is the ONLY thing I wrote there in addition to few ‘general’ things in return. well..I can say I am not at all demanding but would you beleive that? I know that I offer and I give and I never ask anything in return. I know that I don’t care what your color or relgion or culture is if I fall in love with you …and I know that I have no limits to please a guy if this guy is mine and I am his…and yes I would enjoy serving him in every way while still being a working woman …I like the challange of the balance 🙂
hmmm..I can go on. oh I can tell you I don’t care if you are rich or not…have a college degree or not…but I care if you are a man of moral..a virtue…if you are a christian I need to see that you care about church..if you are not relgious I need to at least see that you are a decent man with well grounded ethics. You said how about my family? prepare yourself…THEY KNOW!
BTW..I don’t go asking for men or looking for male attention …but things happened !
Have I found a guy? well this guy is the most beautiful soul…I like him a lot and I wish I can be with him but he has a lot of past unresolved issues and I am a clean slate no past. . ..he is still bruised of whatever he went through and this is not a healthy start. I told him I would be honored to get to know him in a more intimate way but ONLY when he is emotionally ready.
Am I wrong? I think not.
You said eastern men? well …an eastern man (the educated open minded ones)…they are aggressive with you while in relationship but when they first try to attract your attention they can be reaaal tricky. I am not sure what God has hold for me? I just ask that I make the right choice.
by the way, how come this girl you dated never told you if her family had issues with relgious differences?
I wouldn’t date a christian if my family would be ALL THE WAY AGAINST IT. …but that’s just me.
I wish you find the right person..muslim christian or whomever.

Hi Saudi Gal.. Sorry, I believe I misjudged you greatly. I apologize.. Well, perhaps I am just a bit mistrusting of women, growing up in USA. There is such a high demand in this society of what a man needs to do to impress a woman and it is rarely reciprocal. Many men have lost their morals and ways around here, because of the excessive and unrealistic demands many women have placed on them.

You seem to be a very kind, loving and respectful girl. If this is the case, your best bet of finding a good man in USA would be in a structured environment. Night clubs, bars, college parties and the lot are generally places that attract the wrong type of people. Also, if you are outwardly attractive, it is usually the “Player/Mack-Daddy” types who will approach you so boldly, but the more respectful gentleman will take their time and may try to find a more structured setting to approach you. The attention from the loathsome types, may even mislead you to think most men are like this, whereas many of the good ones have not made themselves known to you.

Basically, if you want a good Christian man, you should go to Church to find him. Good Christian men will most likely marry a girl from their church. If you want a good Muslim man, then most likely it will be through mosque or family connections. Good Muslims are close to family and spend a lot of time at their mosque. There are many who say they are Christians, Jews, Hindus or Muslims, but they are only so in name. If religion is not important, you can find good people in various places. Have you ever consider volunteering at some humanitarian type of event/group or something? I think the better type of people are found in places like that.

Sorry, to hear the guy you are interested in has issues. Please be wary and know there are many others out there I am sure. A true woman of virtue and integrity has nothing to worry about. If she is faithful, she will find a righteous and caring man to love her and care for her; that is, assuming she loves and cares for her man as well!

Eastern men are clever.. True.. They put on the “Romeo facade” and flatter women to attract them, but once they are involved they are more aggressive. However, most American men know “No means No”, which many other men across the globe don’t quite understand. My mother could tell you story about her and her friend being chased all over Paris, by some very determined French men.

As far as the girl I fell in love with. Well, lets just say I was good friend with her family. Her brother was a friend of mine. I knew all along their beliefs, but it didn’t stop me from falling for this girl. It was a big mistake, one I care not to replicate. I tried hard to convince the family, but even though they would have wanted to, because they liked me, they could not because of their religious beliefs. Actually, the brothers were the ones responsible for finding her a husband (the father passed away), the girls in this family could not pick their own mate. I felt sad in a way, because I know she will end up being with someone who cares less for her than myself. know what? I feel sorry for this girl that she couldn’t find it in herself to stand up for her love….that’s if she really loved you.

I go for sensitive caring guys. That’s all I want…I want a faithful loving man who appreciates what I offer. But I get really scared whenever I hear of guys cheating on thier women ..and I feel that relationships can be a true headache…maybe that’s why I don’t actively search for a guy. being saudi and I am sick of conservative traditions…I am sick of relgion dominating everything …though I respect relgions in general and I believe in God and I say I am a Muslim but still I am not big on marrying a muslim. But if I meet a decent muslim and maybe even a saudi guy of the same mentality as mine..I won’t have a problem getting to know him.

I like the idea of voulnteer work. ..but since I am shy (dont forget I am Arab) it is really hard for me to take the first step. I said I was pretty and I know I am ..(light skinned ..tall ..dark hair and pretty dark eyes..) I have no idea what I am attracted to shorter men..I also don’t like them to be really handsome..average dark is I am not physically demanidng but I am really demanding when it comes to the guy’s morals and mind.

how to find a good man? am I doing something wrong? am I too liberal for arabs and too conservative for western guys?..hmmm I don’t know !

Saudi Gal.. I believe she did like me a lot.. But it doesn’t matter if she did. The family had full control of her and she did what they said. As far as standing up, if she did such a thing she would be thrown out of her home and left to fend for herself or possibly beaten. This happened in West Africa, not in USA, so the culture and laws are different there. She was the sweetest and most traditional girl I ever met. I believe she loved me, because she would smile at me all time. It made her brother nervous, I could tell. Her brother, Gebriel, my friend, would never let me be alone with her ever. He didn’t trust me. He was afraid I would kidnap her, possibly, or she may run away with me.

Gosh, I hate thinking about that and want to put that behind me.

Well, SaudiGal, you really sound like an amazing and wonderful woman. Most women in USA tend to want a man to be tall, handsome, a fat wallet and then his personality and morals would come after that. Many American women chase after the tall and handsome guy and end up raising his children alone and never seeing him again. It is great that you are one of the rare type of women who seeks a man for his integrity and virtue rather than his outer-appearance and financial status.

A woman with your mindset will eventually find a man with a great heart. Nothing is easy in this life. I think it is easier for a good woman to find a good man in USA than a good man find a good woman here. Good, wholesome women are hard to come by in the US. Really, there are so many loving guys just waiting to meet someone who is accepting and caring as yourself.

I understand, Saudi arabs are very conservative and most western guys are quite liberal. I am somewhat in this situation with my own culture. Well, I am actually pretty conservative, but I have different beliefs from the people of my own culture, which keeps me apart. I am a Messianic Jew. However, I have hard time blending in with American Christians. I am a middle eastern person myself.

Anyway, I understand you are shy. Take it nice and slow. Don’t try to get involved with any activity that is too daunting at the beginning. There are places for like-minded people to come together.

I would say from the sounds of it, a man like me would be a perfect match for you. I am not tall (should I be proud LOL), somewhat handsome, fairly smart and full of honor, respect and dignity. LOL. However, I am Jewish and I know being Saudi, you would not want to marry a Jew, and even if you did, your family would look very down on you. Like you, I am untouched, a 32 year old virgin.. I am still a good Jew. In USA, most women make jokes about this, but I take them with ease.

Anyway, I wish you the best in your search for love. I really think you will get what you are looking for, as your heart is in the right place. Have you ever considered joining a meditation group, bird-watching, hiking or some type of more relaxed activity. Putting yourself in a non-threatening environment like this may be better. There is lots of shy people who take part in these type of groups. You can get to meet other intellectuals and associate with people who have more passionate interests in life, rather than those focused on getting intoxicated or indulging in lewd acts of carnality.

wow you are jew. I have never openly talked to a jew before. I guess I have always thought that they wouldn’t like an arab…maybe I thought they would assume we all hate them. the superise is that many young saudis have no real problem with jews ..they only in fact have issues with isreal (I know there is a difference 🙂 ) even that …not black and white.
Politics aside…I am honored that you think we could be a match. know why I said “honored” because you do sound ike a nice smart guy and for that your opnion mattered to me. However I would feel bad to meet you or get to know you like this…out of a website …after I poured my insecurities out there. ..that would not be something I could be proud about.
although you do sound like a guy I would go for in a hear beat, I am not sure if I actually would like this…(I swear it has nothing to do with you being a fact this might be a plus side since I have always wanted to learn about jewish people but never found the right way to do it)
I am not big on online linkages…they are too risky and being emotional I know I will not handle a heartbreak real well 🙂 not to say that you will break my heart…for all I know you maybe the one:) …it is just something on the back of my mind.
let me tell you something…there was this guy in one of my classes whom I know was jewish and he was from NY. The guy though I was a jew too (I am not sure why..but I must say I don’t wear a hijab and my name is common in the west as well and I speak perfect american english so you would not know right away from where I am or what relgion I identify with) he was nice and would use any chance to talk to me. HOWEVER..once I told him I was Saudi..he almost died!
I must say I enjoyed shocking him ..but I also felt bad that he chose to pull back so dramatically that he even stopped talking to me at all. ..why do you think that was so? I was not interested in the guy but was just carious about his culture …

Oh I have a question…

you mentioned it is easy for a good woman to find a good man? … are men more genuine in thier feelings? I know many women are eager to get married so they make fake who they are..but in one of your said that men do that too.

I wasn’t born yesterday..I am 28 but I am in no rush for marriage…when it comes it comes !

Shalom/Salaam Saudi Gal.. Yes I am a Jew, half of us live in Israel/half in USA, and some in Europe.. I won’t say anything political here out of respect for the Admin, my friend. I will say that I love and respect people from all over the world of every race and country. Let’s put it aside now.

Well, I must say I am honored that you would think so highly of me and even consider me as a man you could love. Actually, I am blushing a bit from your sweet words; pardon me, I am a sentimental type.. It is not too often when somebody makes me feel so special.

I understand you came here to share your personal feelings, but I hardly think you revealed anything bad about yourself. I think from your posts here that many men will respect you and be even more eager to meet you than before. The fact that I or anyone else who reads the blog knows yours and my personal feelings means we have a bit of connection that would take a much longer time from acquiring from a stranger you meet in person.

Well, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable SaudiGal, as far as meeting me. I am in no way obligating you to marry or go out with me. I was just saying from your criteria that a man like, myself, may be a good match. Of course, there are other men like me out there. However, I am a bit conservative, maybe you would even find me a bit too much. Who knows, right? I am just being honest. Yes, I am quite upfront about things.

You being Arab doesn’t bother me at all. I am a Messianic Jew and I was removed from the Orthodox community I was with when I was young. I was suppose to have an arranged marriage, Shidduch, which would be ordained by the rabbi. However, because I believe in Yahushua (Jesus), I was no longer accepted by my own Orthodox brothers. They also refused to give me a Shidduch (wedding).

In this respect, I am open to marry a woman from another culture. My own younger brothers look Arabic, more than I, so it’s not like we would look all so different. I, myself, look more European than they. It’s funny, but my younger brother gets hassled at airports all the time; he also speaks Arabic, strangely enough. He spent some time with Bedouins and really enjoyed their company.

As far as the Jewish man you met in your class, I would say its strange. Perhaps he feared of your family if he got too know you. I really cannot say. Yes, there is always those who will not like you because of your race. Well, I can say I have not been accepted by all Muslims. That’s not to say I haven’t had some Muslim friends. As you know from my love story, I did. I even lived with these Muslim people for a month. Don’t let one person’s rejection make you judge an entire people. If I was to do so, I wouldn’t be talking to you now, SaudiGal.

Please don’t misunderstand what I was saying about it’s easier for a good woman to find a good man. The reason I think this is there is a lot more devoted and lonely men out there looking for their princesses/beloved brides and would bend over backwards to find her. In contrast, many of the women in USA are selfish and spoiled and are looking to fulfill their romance novel fantasies of their superhuman man who will appease their every selfish desire. Most women today end up divorced and single mothers, because their fantasies turn to dust after the realities and hardships of marriage/relationships take in effect.

What I am saying SaudiGal, is American women are spoiled and don’t appreciate the loving, hard-working and kind men that are looking to care and love them. Most of them will go for the hot, handsome, studboy who has lot of girlfriends. Because women are financially independent in USA, a man is more like a trophy. This is the “Sex and City” mentality that is common here.

Sorry for any confusion.

True, about online linkages. I don’t believe in them either, thats why I have been single and alone for the last 32 years. Most likely, I will take Mark the Admin’s advice and travel to Eastern Europe or some other country to find my bride. I am quite old-fashioned, I like to do it face to face.

However, if you are ever in Pacific NW USA on a non-rainy day, I invite you for a day at the park, Saudi Gal.. The autumn colors are quite spectacular right now. I enjoy the large trees, walking past the ponds and watching the ducks and birds. The heavy rain has made the grass and plants so green and lush now.

hello Yona…you know what? I will take you up on your kind offer if I ever go to the NW 🙂

This is the first time I learn about the different jewish relgious ways…thank you for the info.

about being valued after the posts …well remember when you wrote that I thought highly of myself…it is somewhat true but this is only becuase I know that I offer real and genuine generous things (maybe compared to girls my age)but I am also hard on myself..I have this idealistic view of how I should go about life in general. Would you believe I get embarrased from my own self if I ever find myself doing something beneath what I like myself to be at ..thank God this does not happen a lot ..I mean doing something i get embarased from ..but this is just to tell you that it does not take others to know about things for me to feel bad or somewhat bad if I do something not all that good in my eyes. ..that was in regards to online confesions…:)
well…I have enjoyed talking to you.,,and wow your brothers enjoy the bedoiun life…we are bedoiun in origin but no more though and my grandfather works with a prince so life has changed but not sure if this change was a good thing…we lost our authentic touch:) thank God my family is open minded and I am all the way far in the US…I don;t like saudi drama though saudi people are so warm despite what you might have heard in the media about my country 🙂

have a great life…

Well, don’t be too hard on yourself SaudiGal.. You seem like a genuine and good person. We can only strive to do our best and serve God with all our heart, soul and mind. Everything else we just have to except is beyond our control. I too put myself to a very high standard, but I have seen enough in life to accept my shortcoming and work in a humble manner to improve upon them.

I enjoyed talking to you as well. I am sure Saudi Arabia is very interesting country. However, bringing me home to your parents, I am sure would be problematic. I did attend an Arabic Church once. The people were kind and accepted me.

Well SaudiGal.. If you ever make it out to NW, let me know.

Mazel Tov.. L’Chaim!

Salam Every Body

This topic is very interesting. Actually am a Lebanese guy who moved recently to Jedda. Honestly I feel life here is a simple 1 and not that complicated,meeting a Saudi girl is not an easy task to do outside compounds but inside compounds you ll feel as if u r in a different countries I liked what Lubna said but I think she was too extreme. I feel Saudi Gal is a smart women with high self confidence but borne in the wrong society hope she ll get married soon because from what I know such thoughts are not so acceptable by Saudi guys.

Peace from Jedda

yes you are right ways of thinking is too much to a tradtional saudi but I don’t care. I know i didn’t do anything wrong. Also I am not big on marriage just for the sake of it. I would like to choose to get married after I fall in love. …:)
peace to you too dear:)

Well it seems both we agreed about ur strong personality but the idea of falling in love than get married in KSA, maybe you should explain it more. I mean do u get the chance of meeting guys that easily maybe if you are in jedda it could be the easiest way, but are you? than during these few weeks i saw how saudi guys flirt with the girls chasing them in cars or just waiting outside a mall i mean this is silly and far from beiing romantic. Unless u see such behaviours romantic I dont know how ull fall in love.

I didn’t realize open mixing of the sexes and courtship was allowed in Saudi Arabia. That is interesting to learn though. Maybe more Saudi girls should come to USA to find husbands. We are in desperate need of loving, kind and modest women. Perhaps we could give all our fair skin American girls to the Saudi men.. I think American men have been bullied and abused by their ungrateful and dominating American women for too long. It’s sad that a place with so many nice ladies there is few loving and compassionate men.

As places like Eastern Europe and Asia become more Americanized, perhaps ladies from Saudi Arabia should consider that they may be a novelty the men of the Western World. Even though I Think Eastern European are great, they are slowly becoming more like American women with all their values and the feminist, dominating and egotistical traits are starting to show amongst them.

Just look at Western Europe 60 years ago. In the 1940s, French women were amongst some of the best women to marry in the world. They were homely, pretty (ew-la-la), took care of families and even tended their own gardens and decorated their houses with greatest care. Today, they are some of the worst women to marry, side-by-side with American women. Even 100 years ago, American women were very modest, humble and family-oriented.

Anyway, in the next 20 years, there will be few countries left with decent women to marry. I know some will be angry at me for saying this, but I think us Western men should do what we can to take women from Muslim countries and marry them.

Indian women also make good brides, but they have the caste system to impede them from marrying outside their ethnicity.

if muslims(man and women) marry outside then there are no longer a muslum, muslim is not a race

Dear Hassan,
You are right…these guys are a total disgrace…and I agree with you what they do is anytning BUT romantic. They are just playing around..and girls who respond are dirt cheap ! …that is my opnion 🙂

In saudi I only met guys at work and none of them was compatible …it is funny that they come up to me asking for my family name then my age …then the next day they tell me that they would like to speak to my father and I was like about what…and he would say (typical answer)..I need to ask your hand for marriage and I would just say but I know nothing about you…! my answer throws some off and some would think I am not the marriage type but I don’t care about this none sense…so no boyfriends from there// the us …i have better and more chances but I think girls need to be smart …since arab ladies have thier special charm so maybe some may appear interested but only to say that they have been with an arab person since arab women saudi being no 1 are so hard to reach 🙂

peace to all.

Well Yonothan Why u thank they should go to the US to find Husband. You have 1 of the worst society in the world you have a very high rate of divorce and a very high rate of cheating. but you explain it by freedom. I like to be open minded but not to the extand to allow my wife to sleep with other guys coz she feel that she is in the mood to do it today and vice versa. ur writing let us feel as if your country is a female dominant country and you guys are helpless. well you are over exagerating, if you admit that your women do not treat you well you should ask yourself why? Where you the loving husband? did you care about her enough? if yes than you should not have a problem every women want safety and stability in her life no body want to grow older whithout a person to take care of him and love him. But from what I see both women & man in the US do not play the love game in a clean way and thats why u have problems.

Salaam Hassan..

Listen.. I don’t think USA is necessarily a good place. Many men here are bad as you say. IT was American men who let American feminism come to life and cause the destruction it did. Most American men want a woman who is independent, professional and will send their child to a day-care center. Most kids do not even know their parents. I agree there is many problems in the USA. The divorce rate is out of control. But, most of the divorces in the USA are initiated by women. American women are veyr emotional

There are many great American men who want a woman they can love, cherish and care for. I thought women from eastern countries are more family oriented, loyal and respectful to their husbands. American men are very hard-working, devoted and loyal to their wives. Not all American men are what you see in movies. There is lot of lonely and religious guys here who want a girl who can fulfill her duties as wife and mother. You cannot blame the deviants of a society on the entire society.

As for me, I am a loyal, loving, diligent and faithful man. I believe marriage is for life and in my religion divorce is not acceptable, except for the most dire of circumstances. I, myself, don’t go around sleeping with girls. As a matter of fact in my belief, women and men are not even suppose to intermingle before marriage. Of course, this is not so practical in American society. I have stayed a virgin my entire life and would expect the same from my wife. Very few American girls even stay virgins anymore past 16. I would die for my wife and children, that is the kind of man I am. Nothing comes before the love of my family. I know there is many other American men just like me.

Yes, most AMerican guys have given up on being husbands, because the women are so abusive and refuse to act as a wife. I think if a stream of loving and kind women came to the country and sought out men who have yearned for a true wife, they would do everything in their power to be good husbands and would cherish these faithful women that they never have met before.

Hassan, you may put the blame on American men, but I think American men are guilty for letting American women become the way they became. However, American women are guilty for behaving the way they do.

I read a good post on another blog. The guy says, American guys are like men in the army. All they eat is army food and even though it taste like garbage, its all they know. After a year or so, they get used to it and think it tastes good. It isn’t until after they get out of the army and go back home they get a nice juicy prime rib steak and realize how horrible the food in the army was. The same can be said for men living in the USA with AMerican women. They believe American women are the only ones that exist and do not know anything else. Many don’t realized here are better women elsewhere.

Marriage is a thing of the past now in The USA, because most American men cannot stay married to a dominating, self-absorbed, overachieving, arrogant AMerican women who puts her job and social life ahead of her husband and family.

yona..I find you to be articulate and honestly very presuasive…I am no american…but I can see what you are talking about in front of me. American men can be very warm and yet they are not warmly recieved …that’s a shame!

SaudiGal.. Thank you for your compliments. You know I am speaking from my heart. This factor is probably what gives my argument more zeal. Really, I am distraught over this bad situation and many from the outside will be confused about it. American men are not as they are portrayed by the outside world at all. However, American women truly fit their stereotype as being independent, macho and self-righteous. American women don’t dream about being a loving wife and having large family. Today they dream about being prestigious and tough. The only goal for most American women today is to make a name for themselves and try to prove how manly they are, even though they are not men.

It is a cycle of doom.

Ugh, I am bit tired, so I cannot elaborate in any more detail.

I can say this though, it’s wrecking havoc on our society. Now we are suffering from broken homes, skyrocketing divorces, infidelity, chidlren born from multiple parents. Most kids have fathers/mothers from different people. We grow up thinking we have father, mother and our brothers/sisters. Now we grow up with no father and mother and with brothers and sisters with parents we don’t know.

FEminism is really wrecking havoc. Where I live in Pacific NW USA, homos_xuality amongst women is out of control. I would say that at least 30% of the women in the city I live are lesbians. Really, it is so open. HomoS_xual men are more discreet but that problem is rising here also. However, I see lot of these she-men/butch girls that are dressed funny with all their piercings all over this town. It’s not uncommon to even see two women making out.

The fact that their is so much homos_xuality amongst women here also makes it lot harder for men to find a good wife in this place.

The scenery and beauty of the area is nice, but the loose and wild culture of the people is troubling. Ultra-liberal fanaticism is rampant. Feminism has now entered the realm of the pure perversion of virtue and moral integrity. Everything that was considered good and right is deliberately twisted and defamed.

Saudi Gal.. Sorry, that I have such a grim outlook on society. Anyway, I am glad you are here and looking for an American man to marry. Maybe one day, I will be so honored to meet you. I know many loving American men who are waiting for a woman as yourself. Not just you, but others who come from countries where they want to share their wonderful virtues with men who can really appreciate them. A man such as I, can really appreciate the love and traditional values a woman such as yourself offers.

Deep inside, many American man wants to break free of these superficial and broken relationships they have with women here.

Yona first of all sincere thanks for all your kind words about me. let me tell you what happened to me today…when the guys was talking to me I remembered you as if you were talking …
well…it talked about this guy who is very sweet but really has some past issues…well this guys is back again. He tells me that he really relly wants to be with me and that he is sick of wasting his life with women of his society (he said word by word…”american women are too touch on guys” ) ..well I didn’t say anything ..just smiled ..because he is american and I did not want to disrespect the women of his country even if he was saying some negative things about them….in fact I was trying to play it cool and I told him maybe you did not find the right one and so on but he kept on saying exactly what you said..that the women of this country have changed and that he wants an arab girl. Of course I asked him why an arab…he said you girls are loyal and warm and went on and on about how he finds arab women attractive and how they are smart and yet never choose thier jobs over their homes and so on…I even thought this guy was you:)
Anyway… I am not with this guy because I will not stand his exs being around him I am protecting myself from all this pain but I felt him and I wished if I could hug him and kiss him and really make him forget all these bad memories but all I did…I listened …talked with him generally about cultural stuff and I still told him I am not ready.

how can guys here go from one girl to the next and not think twice about it? is this normal…do they not really think about thier exs at all? this is too foriegn to me.

I read my post…and wow so many spelling mistakes..I swear I am not that bad ..I am just too sleepy now 🙂

4th line: it =I
7th line: touch =tough

sorry 🙂
Good night:)

Saudi Gal… Relationships here are like cars.. When one gets old and boring, just go on to the dealer (e.g. Dating site) and find a new one. Leave the old behind. There are a few people who keep those old cars around, but most just exchange that older car for a new one. Sadly, humans are precious and love is timeless, they are not like cars. But, in USA, people unfortunately do not look at their partners as spiritually bonded. That is, they are considered expendable and once the illusory fantasies dissipate and reality kicks in, they break apart.

IF this guy is going from woman to woman, be wary.. There are many good men here, but you have to separate the roses from the thorns. Be careful when finding a noble man, that your heart is not pierced by the thorns that surround the precious roses.

Most people know that relationships here are superficial. People try to live according to their fantasies as long as possible. But, the problem with the women in USA is they are very masculine and want to have authority over the men. The men are brainwashed into thinking that submitting to the woman makes him a better man. However, when the two try to live in a relationship, the unnatural bonding that takes place results in the carnage and mayhem you are witnessing. Men cannot be under the control of a woman, so most relationships are temporary because the man cannot stay under the dominance of a woman. The women find it hard to control the man and he eventually breaks away from her grip of control. Of course, the feminazi women here will then condemn the men as being unfaithful, lacking loyalty and not committed. After the 1960s, most of the blame in this country has been placed on the men.

In the 1950s, many men in America were virgins until marriage, like myself. However, this is becoming more of a rarity than ever. Even many men are ridiculed and have their manhood insulted for not engaging in provocative and lewd acts. Many women also feel they have to advertise their flesh to appease their image.

Girls believe the sooner they lose their virginity the more honored they will be by their friends. It gives them the false feeling of reward. You can see how the women dress in a manner that is quite salacious and tries to send a message promoting themselves in a s_xually explicit way. Self-worth in the society is to make people envy the carnal and exterior components. So, many are now devoid of any compassion or reason.

As it says in our book, vanity and vexation of spirit. This is a chasing of the wind. People indulge in these carnal vanities, but their souls are in disarray. The inner beauty, passion and love within this society has become desolate. Their hearts are like the molding flowers of Autumn. Love in America is so much like the Autumn leaves that decay in the Winter. So brilliant and colorful they were, now they lie dead and dry, rotting in the cold. This is how I view relationships here in USA.

American men are like the barren branches of a lonesome tree in the snowy forest. The ladies here are like the decaying leaves which once were so beautiful and brilliant in the Summer and Autumn of their lives.

Perhaps this is just the course of life, that all which is beautiful eventually decays.

well yona..I don’t want to be another car in his list. This is why despite my feelings for him..I am trying my best to control how I feel so I don’t get myself involved in a stiuation that I can’t emotionally handle. I want to pull back from him but I also do not want to hurt his feelings. he is very nice with me..waking me up in the morning for my classes …picking me up sometimes when I need a ride..and generally a good friend 🙂

by the way..some arab guys just heard about him being around me and they went crazy and passed a message to me though a girl that arab girls are for arab men only is only arab men who can appreciate them..the girl even added don’t want some body that has been touched before you many times …and all in adultery…well sure I can see her point but still it is my call which happened to be in favor of NOT being with him..but I didn’t appreciate them getting into my personal life !

why am I saying this? hmmm…so that you know what kind of cultural issues are in stake here …those guys do not even know me…but since they are arab (from Egypt) they thought they have the right to tell me what to do. this thing is common by the way and I figured I say it here since we are discussing how western men can be with eastern or saudi.
By the way…many women of the East long for western men since they have more respect for women (many maybe not all) but eastern men try their hardest to spread the idea that any non arab guy espcially the western ones are immoral and disloyal ….etc

thank you again for the wonderful info. I really enjoy reading your posts…I even went to other topics here just to read more of you:)

for some reason…I am not sleepy now anymore..I just drank 7up and here I am I could go on for two more hours hehehe 🙂

Saudi Gal.. I understand the hardships you are experiencing. As I told you, I fell in love with a Muslim girl a while ago. It was her family that prevented me from marrying her. As heartbreaking as it was, I knew the type of problems and stigma she would face from the family. She would have been an outcast to them and I don’t know if they would have harmed her. I knew I had to walk away from her, despite the heartbreak.

I hope I don’t sound biased, but I do believe you will face resentment and ostracization from Middle Eastern men. I know in the culture that they believe it is acceptable for the men to marry foreign women, but that it is not acceptable for their women to marry foreign men. It is a male dominated society and they don’t want to feel they have lost control over their own girls. Had they not intermarried with girls from our culture, I would not hold as much resentment of them for their views. If the men can intermarry, so should the women.

Once again, I don’t want to sound biased. But, I think many of the men in the East have been spoiled by the wonderful and loving women they have there. They have lost appreciation. Even many Eastern men I meet seem to crave Western women, because they think they are fun , wild and s_x crazy and they want to try to experience, and even indulge in the deviant side of the culture.

Be wary when you tread through mysterious caverns of passion and desire. Amongst the treasures do lie the traps. If you go down the wrong path and are not prepared you may find yourself in a bad situation. Listen to your heart, which will be the guiding light in your journey for love.

It is true, it is best for you to find a virgin. However, just because a man made a mistake in his past, doesn’t mean he cannot make amends. If this person has truly repented with all his heart from his past transgressions, then it should be in your heart to give him a chance. Many have walked down the wrong road and change themselves. But, do be cautious of those who may be putting on act. Many American men may try to flatter you and do nice things for you, but you have to look into their soul to determine if they are genuine.

Really, I do know that many Western men would adore you and appreciate the kind of woman you are. To them you would be like a gem. I, myself, have always dreamed of having a wife like yourself. But, in USA, we just read about women like this in fairy tales or stories. Of course, there will be bad Western men, as well. There is bad people and good people in all cultures.

Here is an analogy of Eastern men vs modern American men. The eastern man is fed his life with sweet honey. In contrast, the American man is fed with stale bread. When you feed the lips of the American man and the Eastern man with the sweet honey, to whom does it taste sweeter? My point is, that sweet honey (loving and traditional women) are so scarce to the Western man. He can taste and savor the sweetness, whereas those who were fed it their whole lives tend to lose appreciation of it.

Glad the soda is so effective.. I use tea for those long nights.

I am very happy to talk with you SaudiGal.

as a muslim man i can not look at a women so what do u men we have been feed honey all our lives.
i have not tasted my yet becasue i am not married mate

oh you are so right. I get the sense that eastern men (arab) do not apprecaite the women they have…I can tell you so many stories but.. man.. I feel the soda effect is going away and I am sleepy again..
well..I don’t want to sleep when I am depressed so Iam choosing to stay up 🙂
happy to talk to you as well my dear jewish friend:)

Sorry you are depressed SaudiGal.. I hope I was of some comfort. You have nothing to be depressed about. Rather, you have such a great opportunity over here. I, on the other hand, well I have my share of problems. My situation is a bit more dismal. When the cold and rain hits, I can feel it more.

Hava Nagila (Let us be joyous).. Even in hard times..

Happy to talk to you as well my sweet Saudi Arabian friend. 🙂


Oh yes Yona you have been a comfort. ..I may not have met you but God I am feeling how intellectually stimulating you are 🙂

please stay safe and I know a man of your traits will eventually find this woman who will truly, sincerely and wholy take care of him …emotionally ..physcially… away that he deserves 🙂 what I am trying to say is that you are a catch, man 🙂

I am not depressed now…I was last night though. anyways I am good now..
I am sending you my dearest regards wishing a great day 🙂

Thank you SaudiGal once again for your kind words. I don’t think I will probably find this woman if you want to know the truth. I am a bit too traditional and strict to my principles for the women of the Western world. Also, I am not accepted by Orthodox Jews, Muslims or Hindus, so I cannot marry a woman from either of these religions. Unfortunately, I find that women of these religions are the ones whom which I am the most spiritually contiguous. But rules are rules.

But you will find what you are looking for, that I know!

Glad you’re feeling better.

Kol Tuv v’Shlomi Tov.

hey Yonotan I read a lot of your responses, I must say u tell it like it is and may offend these liberals with no moral integrity in this degenerate era (or civilized according to others) but must say agree with your opinions here. Anyways can I ask why you don’t marry a traditional girl.

Dear Yona…please don’t say that. For some reason I beleive you will find her ..find her very soon. You are ONLY 32 ..this is so young. Besides I am afraid you are not looking in the right places. So what ..? you are the typcial jewish and not the so westernized person either…this is perfect for so many eastern women living in the US.
Have you known arab women aside from this girl you were with? I guess not. Ok then…what about christian arab women? what about women of other cultures?
there are endless possibilites !
you said I may not have an issue with finidng my guy.
Ok …let me tell you something from a female point of view. Please please do not take it as if I am braging because I am NOT. Besides you don’t know me so what am I going to really benefit? what I am trying to say here is that pretty girls sometimes have it harder than the average or the not so pretty ones.
if you are a pretty lady, rest assured that all guys will be interested (almost all taking difference in tastes into account)…this interest in you varies from pure sexual attraction (meaningless) to being interigued and carious to really interested …even this interest level varies from serious to just game playing…so there is so much investigating a woman needs to do. Besides beauitful ladies have a bad repution…for instance,,,they only care about sex…they want their man to shower them with money…they are self absorbed ..they are bad in housework…they don’t like kids…unfaithful…etc
wallahi (I swear)…what I am saying this is SO TURE. do not get me wrong…a girl in my age I love the attention …men are almost always nice to me …but truly this is all empty…very very empty. is not as easy as you may think. the many offers I may get ..may not all worthy of serious consideration..:)

yona..please translate your last line..I went online but no help 🙂

realityofincoherence, I appreciate your comments. Well, I am glad you agree with me. You know I feel very passionate about this subject and I am just speaking from my heart about it. Really, this issue has been lingering with me for years and I wish to be rid of it in my head.

The world as we know it is passing away. This was the words of a great rabbi named Sha’ul. It really is the truth. The moral degradation of this society is disturbing. It seems that people strive and go out of their way to be selfish, arrogant, and uncaring to each other. Basically, the moral code now is everyone is out for themselves. People serve their own carnal whims and dismiss integrity and compassion. There is no thought or concern for their Higher Power/God or Gods or any deeper spiritual manifestation. It’s all about me. A “Me” society as we call it. Perpetual carnal ecstasy is what people strive for but are eventually torn to pieces by the grim and bitter reality of life.

Now, as for why I don’t marry a traditional girl, it is complicated. The main reason being is that I live in the USA and have a very busy job. Finding a traditional girl in this country would take a such a massive effort that my tired and overworked soul cannot invest the time here. Also, traditional girl and USA is like an oxymoron. I can search through the mountains, rivers and valleys, but the best I highly doubt I will come back with any treasure. On my search for gold, I will be lucky to come back with lead.

Also, I am a Netzarim/Messianic Jew and I am basically shunned and rejected by most traditional people due to their religious beliefs. Muslims will not marry a non-muslim, Orthodox JEws will not accept anyone who accepts Yahushua (Jesus) as the Moshiach, and Hindus only marry in their castes/genetic types. Of course, there is also the issue of how well I can manage being married to a person of a different faith than mine. Of course I would strive for harmony, but this would present a great deal of other challenges. A loving, caring and respectful wife of any religion maybe able to accept her husband’s religion and culture and abide by it as much as she can. However, I do tread dangerous ground on this regard as well.

Salaam/Shalom SaudiGal,

I am sorry to say what I have said. Believe me, I really don’t like being a pessimist, but I feel this is the unfortunate truth of life. Many have gone through lives dismembered, dying of disease or suffering and I understand we cannot all have all the joys we desire in this life. When I was in Africa, I witnessed people dying and having little opportunity in this life, but they seem to be happy with what little they did have. So, I cannot say my life will end, but I do believe the chance of me finding a traditional and loving wife who will accept my culture and way of life are very slim.

Celibacy is not something I wanted for myself, but it is something I have accepted. The chance of me scoring a quick and easy bride overseas on some vacation is also highly unlikely. I will give it to God; he is the dealer and I will play the hands I am dealt.

I appreciate your kindness and consideration SaudiGal. It is nice that you share your thoughts wiht me as I have shared mine with you. We each seem to be attracted to what one another can give. But, you will have to accept the game is in your favor, not mine. It is the grim reality of being an American man.

Now, please don’t be upset or think bad of what I will say in regards to Eastern women living in USA. A lot of the 2nd or 3rd generation Eastern women who come to USA end up being even worse than many of the American girls who are of Western descent. So many strive so hard to be accepted in the American culture that they, themselves, become even more engrossed in it and engage in some of the worst parts of what American culture offers women here. Yes, there are some good Eastern girls here but they are like fine gems and a rare find. I might as well just scratch the PowerBall and hope I can become a billionaire before I can find an Eastern woman who has not been corrupted by this society.

As far as Christian Arabs, I have attended one of their churches. They are nice people, but they are every bit as Westernized as other American Christians. Also, I am not exactly a Christian, despite my belief in a similar Moshiach. Also, there tends to be friction with me being a Jew with many of them. I am not a Trinitarian, so most Christians think I am going to h_ll.. It’s quite unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

I am willing to accept others differences, but not many can accept the religious and strict way I live. Being a Netzarim Jew is very difficult. I was apart of Orthodox Jewish community for a very short time. But I was thrown out when they saw I was Messianic. Somewhere in my heart, I feel I am still one of them. After 10 years I never let that go.

Now as far as your dilemma with being beautiful. 😀 Yes, of course I feel sorry for you there. I understand exactly what you are talking about. In USA, beauty is almost everything. You cannot even get into the door with most people unless you are aesthetically pleasing to their corrupt eyes. It is an unfortunate plague of a vain and carnal-minded society.

Well, you do have a challenge. Many will be there to flatter you and use you for your beauty. But, let’s say you have an accident, become crippled or your beauty somehow is lost, these same people will run away so fast and find another piece of flesh to appease their selfish and sensuous cravings. They have no care or concern for your heart or soul. For this reason, I am happy being celibate, because I believe very few women will ever be there for me in this society if my well runs dry; be it money, beauty or whatever.

I wont lie. I am not a stud or a supermodel. Girls say they won’t date me cause I am not 6 feet and they cannot wear heels or they will look funny in front of their friends, etc etc. Most girls where I live are my height or taller (5,9).. Yes, I live in a very tall nordic-descended area. So, it becomes a real challenge.

I use to be upset about this, but now I laugh at the situation. I am happier that I can find some who will appreciate me for not the size of my legs, but the size of my heart. People are so vain and care more about how people view them than forming a close and loving relationship. That is why most women here end up divorced with multiple kids from multiple partners. The Irony of Vanity! A chasing of the wind. They are left with nothing but smoke and tears for all their self-righteousness.

Since, you are so attractive and have gain the attention of so many men, you will definitely have a quest to find the one who can truly appreciate you for your heart and bond with your soul. In this country, you most likely will find such a man. Avoid the players and the ones who come hovering around you as if they couldn’t live with out you; yet, they don’t even know you. Obviously, it is their hormones that is attracting them to you and not their hearts.

32 is getting old, trust me. Soon I will be too old to find a virgin girl to marry. In Western culture, marrying women much younger than you, generally means they are gold-diggers. Dating is not an option for me. I live in a very liberal city and most ladies here are die-hard atheists and feminists. Not to mention how much h_mosexuality is present here. Also, I don’t really have resources to move, but I love the trees and mountains in Oregon. There is no human paradise in America for a traditional man. At least I have the trees, mountains, flowers and birds to comfort me.

It’s tough situation… 🙁 Don’t feel bad for me.. This is my calling in life.

Don’t mind my gripes, SaudiGal.. I have my own problems.. God will help me through them, one way or another. Let me know how your search for your American prince goes. You will not come up empty-handed; I assure you.

The Hebrew phrase I said to you was basically, Best Wishes and I hope all is good for you.

Barchot v’Tefillot Aleichem (Blessings and Prayers to you)

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