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Are Russian girls romantic – below is the answer

This post is a discussion that examines the roots of Russian romanticism to the heady days of the 1990s and 2000s and the current state of love in Russia today relating to Russian girls and foreign men.

What you have heard of Anna Karenina or Dr. Zhivago? A recurrent theme in Russian literature is love and tragedy combined.

Weather, poverty and its influence on the female mind and body

Cold weather and dark skies tends to be an incubator for romanticism. If this true, combined with prolonged hopelessness in self actualization via the economic system, the human spirit tends to go back to fulfillment with romantic notions to active happiness.

That is why ‘physical relations with the opposite gender’ are the poor man’s opera. What else is there to do if you are living in a gray block of flats and have no money to buy the latest iPhone or gadget. You go back to the old ways of human fulfillment. What you do is read, dream and take a lover. But not only study literature, art, language and history and hope your life dream of finding a prince, the prince you read about in fairy-tales will transform your life. You do not believe on a level but you know it is possible.

Borderline poverty elsewhere in the world besides the USA yields a crop of skinny women. In near poverty, women who consume intellectual nuggets, like read literature, instead of ladyen McNuggets.

Combine Slavic beauty and rustic conditions and you have a nation of women, that look like models, no matter who they are dressed. This is Russia.

The economy is poor, cold and dreary, moral is one level below pessimistic, conditions excellent, I go prowling for women. This is Russia. This is what love is about in Russia. It is an odd mix between dark pessimistic apathy and tremendous romanticism and hope when there is hopelessness. In the darkest hour, is when you see the light.

Russian girls of today

Forget the nonsense you read on Russian lady friend site or even from guys traveling there that have a superficial understanding of the Russian soul. I am Slavic and I come from this culture.  Idealistic Russian romanticism is coming back.

However, the history of love in Russia is not that simple, read on.

Historical ties to Russian Romanticism – the currents of nature and Orthodoxy
There is more behind the idea behind Russian romanticism besides weather and economics, it is connected with nature, mystic (historically stemming from orthodoxy) and Pan-Slavic.

Nature of Russia

The vastness of the Russian landscape, from the riches of Siberia and the deep forests to lakes of central Asia makes Russians closely connected to nature.
Mysticism of Russia

Have you ever been in an Orthodox church, it is Icons, incense, bees-wax candles and liturgical chants? Think about it, most of your week you live under rustic conditions the greatest sensory stimulation of the week was Sunday service, beautiful stain glass and purity. Further, since service is hours long your subconscious would absorb this. The ceremony is more ornate than the Roman mass. Again this imprints on the mind.

Golden age of Russian lady friend

Considering what I have written above, at the end of the Romanov era, Russian girls and women were perhaps the most idealistic and romantic creatures on earth.

If you had a time machine and could fly back to 1901 and snatch a Russian lady friend, I would highly recommend it. It does not matter if you are talking St. Petersburg or Moscow or some remote village, it would have been all good. You would have had a pure princess from Russia with Slavic beauty features whose dream would have been to be domestic, raise your children and growth with you spiritually.

You can not beat that.

Soviet women

With the success of the Lenin’s revolution the people were dogmatically taught the new religion of (enter dark sounding music) dialectical materialism. Lenin wrote ‘Materialism and Empiricism’, where he explains his world view and the failing of other ideas. When you read this (and it available online) you start to nod your head and say this guy was pretty smart. He jettisoned the projections of other philosophical systems and brought it to reality. Yet if his ideas were so bright, along with Marx why did they yield nothing but 70 years of suffering? The answer man is not one-dimensional.

Regardless generations of Russian girls were stripped of their idealism and programmed to think religion was non-sense, a fairy-tale. Yet, when they wake up and find their marriage and love life is no fairy-tale they wonder why.

Why? Because humans are not one denominational. Without spiritual ideals to sustain romantic love your marriage, relationship, life will crumble. What is left slightly nihilistic pessimism.

Post communist women and Russia of the 1990s, 2000s

A mix of nihilism and looking down on the religious as naive, fueled the biggest love fest of all time for western male travelers. The third Rome became decadent as the first Rome.

Russian women retain their Slavic and Asiatic looks, yet, a roll in the hay was not big thing, like shaking hands, just something you do. Maybe I am exaggerating, but not really. I personally was over there and indirectly propositioned by virtually every woman who I smiled at. I lived and traveled all over Eastern Europe and Russian women are unstoppable in that regard. They do not have feelings of guilt as that ‘naive’ thinking was eradicated years ago over something simple like an exchange of DNA. All women love it, some might find it awkward, but universally there is no boundaries in the countries of the old USSR.

Men took advantage of the economic collapse of the CIS and money exchange hands behind hotel room doors. Freebies were not even a challenge. You could go to a disco during the evening \, have some adventures and order one in the evening for a nightcap.

Russian lady friends recycled women

You would be surprised how many women on those old Russian lady friend websites were or are open to some sponsoring on the side. Even today, if you cross-reference birth dates and location and names on Russian lady friend sites with girls on VK looking for a sponsor you will find quite a few hits.

The silver age of Russian dating

All hope is not lost. I being a hopeless romantic and idealist want to believe that beneath the permafrost of the 20th century experience with love in Russia, sleeping beauties and snow whites are emerging. It is the great thaw. The next generation of Russian girls are starting to get into religion again or at least spirituality and ideals. It is woman’s nature to be romantic about love but to be romantic about love and religion is their crowing glory.

Yes the prevalent culture still is somewhere in between, but more and more I am meeting young Russian women who are returning to their country’s Romantic roots.

The net effect is maybe you will not need a time machine after all to find a Russian princess. If you are wise in your search you will find her today. Follow the recommendations I have about finding a Russian lady friend on my website and you can not go wrong.

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  • I would say that Russian girls are not materialistic or concerned about looks when it comes to love, make good wives just make sure you choose one that has the stick to it ideals based on religion, as others tend to have a high divorce rate and will be leaving comments on blogs like this that Russian women are scams. They are not, just choose the right one.

By Mark Biernat

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