Russian girls – Your guide from Moscow to Siberia for women

Meeting and dating a Russian girls for love

This is the only guide to meeting a Russian girl you will ever need for American or Western European men. Newsflash: The heady days right after the break up of the Soviet Union are over. In the 1990s you could fly to Eastern Europe wearing cargo shorts and American t-shirt, not speak a word of Russian and a big innocent American smile on your face and women would flock to you like you are a movie star.

However, times have changed. If you want to chat up a Russian girl you need to know what you are doing. You do not need money that is for sure. I outlined in my other post about women and money, cash might get some girls excited, but does not create magic for the type of girls I recommend. If you want to win a Russian girls heart for love you need to enchant them, put a spell on them and spin them around.

Dramatic looking Russian girls who could be models or at least actresses, but most likely just having some fun.

Basics for charming a Russian lady

  • Have a purpose other than picking up woman in Russia – Men are too direct and straight, too much cream not enough milk.  Everything about woman is about the dance. If you are going to Russia you can not tell the girls, I am here to meet a wife. It might work, but I think would turn more women off than it would work on. The ones it might work on are desperate for some reason. Nobody wants to join a club that would have them as a member that easy. Think about it. Therefore, have a secondary purpose that will shine as your primary purpose for traveling to Russia. Your purpose might be to learn some Russian for a couple of weeks. It might be a cultural interest in the country. You could go to Russia as you love Russian caviar, going to a chess camp, visit Russian churches or simply just a tourist. I think  learning the Russian language, even at the basic level is a very good reason. You do not even need to enroll in a school, just learn a few phases before you go and practice on the street. This is how I did and do it.
  • Learn Russian – a few words– At this point, everyone is usually rolling their eyes and telling me they are bad with languages. They have not the gift for languages is what I hear ad nauseum.   I have taught 100s and 100s of  students languages and they all say they stink with languages. Further they will tell me some fable about someone they  know who is a language genius, that just picked up Russian or English because it was in the air. This is a myth. I teach and learn languages in Europe. I only know people who learned Russian or any languages because they did one step at a time. Learn a few verbs and phrases and then practice them with some pretty Russian Studentka. They will be happy to help you in all cases. I have never been turned down that I can remember. When it comes to languages Eastern European girls are really helpful and will want to practice their English with you. Remember Russian girls and Eastern European girls have a lot of intellectual curiosity, especially in high-minded things like languages, culture, music and literature. This is not Anytown, USA.
  • Try a different style to catch the eye of a Russian girl – I am not saying wearing a suit to a disco, which would be interesting and attract girls, but dress well. Americans, which I am one, tend to dress with less style.  A crew cut and sneakers will not turn heads in Moscow.  Further, the American treehugger look will not fly with a devetchka from Moskva. You can wear sneakers if they are cool and clean. But do not be the average Johnny. Have a nice stylish hair cut.  Americans cut their hair close their head. Remember hair is a secondary sex characteristic and an expression, if you have it, flaunt it. I spike my hear up a little. Wear a nice white designer t-shirt or stylish button down or one of those black mountain climbing shirts.  Lose weight. You do not have to be some guy with big arms and a tight silk shirt with white pants and skinny legs and sandals on a cell phone, but try to look cool.
  • Be Apple pie for a Russian girl to like you – Life is hard. I do have to tell you that. Everyone has family, money, health and existential issues in life that weights them down. If you can be an easy-going cool sunny American, Russian girls will love you as long as you accent it with some seriousness and intellectual curiosity. Many Russian girls see America from the movies or on some trip they took once to the USA. These were vacation memories where everything shines. Play up some of that mythology that American is the land of dreams and fun, not by talking about it but by being a light a breezy guy. Does this sound superficial? It is not. We all know life is hard but the less we dwell on life’s sores the better.
  • If you want a princess be a prince –  Class and charm will always win over money or anything base or primative. Moscow or St. Petersburg or village girls want a real prince. Read to them, kiss their hand go to church with them. Be a prince.
Princesses are everywhere on the streets of Russian waiting to be rescued.

If all else fails trick a Russian girl

This comes under the category of all is fair in love and war. My story of my Moscow adventure started like this. When I first went to Moscow my world (after I did all the sight-seeing) consisted of McDonald’s (food), Starbucks (checking e-mails) and the Metro (getting from point A to B).  Now I was riding the metro in Moscow and not married and I noticed that girls where not checking me out. There were 40 something devetchki looking down but not at me. I was like what is going on here. Even in anti-male Boston on the red line though Cambridge I might get a glance. I am not a movie star just an average guy, but this is nature forces more powerful are at work. I meditated on the situation.

I realised that I was not marriage material for these leggy Russian girls. I was just another tourist passing though or some business consultant on a gig that would be gone in a week or two. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Russian girls want guys for marriage and home not some guy blowing through town to break their hearts or use them.

I changed my style and attitude. I did not do the typical tourist, expat thing but rather sat on a bench and tried to read a Russian newspaper, even a few words and fed the pigeons with old bread. I went to bookshops and places that expats and tourists would not go. I ate in cafeteria style greasy spoon dinners with eating Russian borsch. I dressed less like a tourist and more like a person living here for the longer term. I paid for some day passes at a gym, not at the Sheraton hotel but a local pumping iron free weight place. I took some aerobics classes in the evening after ‘work’ when it was packed with office girls.  When I left my apartment in the morning I left at the same time and took the same train and look as if I was going to work. I also did the same around rush hour on the way back. I would get my coffee at the same shop every morning at the same time. After about two weeks of this routine, Russian girls started to notice me. I was no longer a one-off guy but someone who might live there for the longer term and with a purpose.

Zag to get girls to notice you

You do not have to go to the same extreme I did but the rule in life is when people zig you have to zag. When every guy off the plane from the land of Apple pie are doing the same thing, do the opposite.

This gets your foot in the door. That is all. The rest is you have to sell yourself.

What to talk about with a Russian woman

Anything that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the stock market, talk about it. I personally thing trading stocks are the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  If you love something classical like literature, even better. I actually do. I read Russian fairy-tales, literature and a real Russian history buff. I used to know by heart all the Russian rulers starting with Kievan Rus and the Primary chronicle in the 800s. You know stuff like that, it is better than having money in Moscow.  Smile and be a flirt. Learn some Love Phrases in Russian. Even if you never master Russian learn about Slavic language and culture in general. I have a lot of interesting things on the root of this site.

One sensitive topic – I am a religious guy. So much so my bed room use to look like a medieval church with Icons and crosses.  I also recommend a spiritual girl for a mate as if you are going for your soul mate then they have to believe in a soul. However, when you talk to girls be a flirt, do not start off with the heavy serious stuff. Be light. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Be light not heavy, if it is in your nature to be spiritual than this will come up anyway in conversation and you can talk to her about it, but do not start with this (I actually use to and it was OK but not magic).

What about Internet dating before you go to Russia?

Sure have some back up Russian girls mobile numbers  in your black book, but once you get there, more often than not, the girl working at the flower kiosk or you meet on the street will more to your liking than a girl off a Russian dating site, unless it is a real Russian dating site like from  Here is a real one:

  • Russian girls dating – I recommend you try this site or at least browse it for a specific location. For nothing else to see how different Russian ladies are than our Western gals. Use a translate tool if you need it. Or just to Top-100 to see some models who are really nothing more than the girl next door living in some block of flats and would love to meet you.
  • Look  on my website for other websites  where you can find Russian princesses,  I have mentioned them a lot, no need to duplicate anything.
Capture the bride. Go to Russia, find her, slay her dragons and fears and rescue her. Every Russian girl wants to be rescued and be a bride. Trust me they dream of it.

Women from Russian – I am your resource

My whole website is jam-packed with info so explore it and put the pieces together about CIS ladies.  The CIS is candyland if your intentions are pure and honorable. Even if you did not find everything you need in this post, then I will be your resource.  You do not have to be an American guy, peace and love I believe your other half could come from any nationality or culture.

If you have any questions about women from Eastern Europe, or how to travel there or get a visa for Russia or information that might help you I would be more than happy to reply. This site is not about picking up women for fun and to satiate your appetite for pleasure, so keep it real.  I am an American that has lived in Eastern Europe for a long while and I have a perspective on the culture of the Slavic world and dating and romance within. It is not America, that is for sure.  Ask any question you like in the comment section.  I will tell it to you straight, no sales and no alternative motives other than to get you to find your princess. I did and I live a fair-tale everyday.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

48 replies on “Russian girls – Your guide from Moscow to Siberia for women”

I like the style of your writing. You lead in with something like ‘the heady days of the Soviet Union’. Did you always have such an interest in Russia or was it just the girls that attracted you?

I loved Russian culture since I was a kid. I am America and my grandparents came from Ukraine and Poland. But I am interested in all things Slavic. I use to love reading Russian stories when I was a child, even if they were in translation. I grew up in snowy New England and I would imagine myself living in some deep Russian pine forest in the a wooden house. Kind of silly I know but I have always like Eastern European history and things, my interest in girls followed.

I used a dating website. This is not the one I use but they offer very useful advise.

I especially like the statistics part. It says out of 10, expect to meet one!
Here is my statistics (out of 10)
– Meeting (1)
– I am out of country. Call me when I return (1)
– You are not my type (1)
– No Email (1)
– Awaiting Reply (6)

I’ll update the statistics as I get more replies 🙂

Very well written article and very useful tips!
What have you seen in term of men-women age difference that Russian ladies are comfortable with? I’m 45 year old guy and I would like to know what could be my realistic target in terms of the age segment of the Russian population… Thanks.

If you want to have kids, I would say 30 to 35 should be OK but if you do not, which I can not imagine why not, older or younger would work.

Not always, but if the man and woman are around the same age, often there is too much competition. Ten years is good but 15 in your case for kids is also fine if you take lots of vitamins, no bad habits and eat moderate etc.

Is it normal for big age differences in dating and marriage in Russia? My husband is Russian, and he’s quite a bit older than me. I’m 23, and he’s much, much older than that. Is that a normal thing in Russia?

It is not uncommon at all. Look up this girl. Alexandra Kosteniuk, she is the world chess champion and model and she is 23 and her husband is like 40 or more. So I think it all depends on the couple. My wife is 13 years younger than I. For us this is great for us, I am healthy and take care of myself. No one knows how long they will live, all you have is one day at a time.
How big of a difference in age?
It depends on you and your happiness and what you want out of life.

My husband and I have a huge age difference. We’re talking decades here. I’m 23, he’s 56. We’re happy and work well together, I was just wondering if it was normal in Russia. (It’s normal here in America as long as the man is rich, which my husband is not.)

I think it is more common than in the USA.
Do you live in Russia or the USA. How is your Russian coming along. Russian is a hard language so be very patient, if you do not speak it yet.

We live in the US at the moment, but I want to live in Russia someday. My Russian is coming along slowly but surely. You’re definitely right, it’s a hard language. I’m thinking of taking classes to help move it along a little quicker.

It is a magical place. You could teach English there of course. I know it seems cold and foreign, but it really is not. I have lived in Eastern Europe many years, it is a very interesting place. But you know I love the USA for the weather and often times contemplate a move back right about now on a dark winters night.
If you learned Russian it would be invaluable to you.
Look the words are really hard. Break them down and make mnemonics, learn how to make pneumonia. When you get up to lets say 5000 words than you can get more serious about the grammar. The grammar is a case based system like other Slavic languages or most languages in the world. This makes it impossible at first. Only forming basic grammar less sentences are what works, then slowly learn one case at a time and drill it.
Russian food is great, I love borscht.
If you ever did live there it would take about 7 years and you would be a Russian girl. 🙂

My only concern about living there is that I’ve heard life can be hard there. My husband moved here because he was making very little money and lived in a tiny apartment and he wanted something better. (His words, not mine.)

Life is hard there. But more as a Russian not as a foreigner. What this means is this. As a Russian if he is not an owner of a business, even a Kiosk or a Kebab stand he will be working for a wage which is not that great. Even if he is a smart man, which I am sure he is, he will not get paid what he is worth.
So his options are to try to develop his intellect in a way that would help him on his own or develop his own business. This is easier said than done.
For you, you could do anything. Translations from Russian to English with him or Teach English and you can live an upper middle class life if you teach to businesses or work with business.
Also as an American and Russian girl now, you could import and export, but I do not advise this. As it is complicated but possible. I have done it all. I prefer intellectual selling than physical goods.
But if you are talking basic economics, you are right the USA is much easier than Russia. But that is for the worker. For someone starting a business anything is possible. Many of my friends in Eastern Europe got rich owning a business. Immigrants start basic things like clothes from China or anything. But when you own you win, when you work it is hard.
But maybe you guys are better off in the USA and you can save money and if you ever do go to Russia your capital will go further. Or just stay in the USA, the weather is nicer and travel to Russia for vacation.
Plus if you are in the USA you are closer to your parents and friends and have a network of support which is more important for girls than guys. Guys are like cavemen and we can live like this. Girls need community. Sure you can connect with Russian girls but it will take a while for you to make friends. More likely you would meet expats.
This is why I think the USA is a good choice for now.
Apartments in Europe are small. That means nothing by the way. I mean it is nice to have a large apartment but small is cozy. I lived in a 180 square foot apartment for a while. It was just a bed and washed my clothes in the shower. I guess wealth is relative.
If you want to get some interesting views of Russian watch the films or read the books by Serei Lukyanenko. Watch or read them in order. They are in English.

On the other hand, if he or you can do a business yourself, you will be relatively richer than in the USA because of if you are frugal your purchasing power should in theory be more in Russia.
It is not really a matter of wages but lifestyle, experience and weather in my opinion.

I agree. Wages shouldn’t be important. Teaching English sounds like fun to me. I would be able to meet new people and share knowledge. On the other hand, like you said, moving halfway across the world would keep me away from my friends and family, and again, like you said, girls need community. I’m willing to make sacrifices, though.

If you did teach English you can teach in a school at first but private lessons are always better, just FYI or even setting up your own school. It all depends on you. I like living on the other side of the world and keep in touch with Skype.
I still think the USA has nicer weather though.
If you were to move to Russia do you think you would move to Moscow? Or St. Petersburg or the countryside. I have always liked St. Petersburg as it is a Russian city with a very European feel. A lot of culture and not overwhelming.

When my husband and I visited, we went to Moscow, as that was where he lived for most of his life. If we live there, I want to live in the countryside. I’ve always wanted to live out in the country, I think it would be an amazing way to live.

The Russian countryside is very beautiful,it really is like out of a fairy-tale. The issue is what you do for work out there. As I said you are a team of native speaking Russian and English. There is a lot of potential to make money and live in anywhere. Russia has such beautiful deep forests, when you are there it is like the outside world does not exist.

Building a small house in the Russian country-side in the forest is about 70,000 dollars, a wooden Russian house complete with everything.

Are you serious? That’s incredible! If we did that here in America, the price would be outrageous!

It all depends what you want. If you want to build a huge Hollywood size house it can cost a lot. But in a Russian village you can build a wooden style home with Russian lumber from Siberia and it is not that pricey at all and it looks very nice in my opinion.
I think life in Russia can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be.
The problem is what source of income do you have if you live in a Russian village. I think there are many options. You do not need to work at a traditional job to make money. The world is global.

We wouldn’t want a big Hollywood style house. The house we have now is small and simple, and we like it that way. If we were to live in Russia, I would still be able to do voice overs, as I can do that from home and work for companies all over the world through the Internet. And I would definitely teach English, because like I said, that sounds like tons of fun.

When living out in the country, is it completely remote, or is it a short drive to town? (Do you know what I mean? Am I making sense?)

You make perfect sense. It depends where you live. Me I might live about 1:15 minutes from Krakow (1 million people) and 2:15 south of Warsaw. (2.5 million people). However, 5 minutes from a town of 25,000 people.
This means on a train (or car) I can be at an airport, major shopping malls museums etc in a little over an hour. And in a 5 minute range there is a Walmart type store. But it is total countryside. My wife’s family has a farm and there are huge forests and wild animals everywhere even. Dirt roads, horses and carts and total Appalachia. In the USA there is more suberbia and civilization is even in the countryside in many place.
I prefer this type of remote, that is living in the country but not feeling totally out there. I mean with Skype and the Internet not matter where you are in Russia you would be OK to an extent. But I also like the idea of an Airport close so I can go to warm sunny Greece if I want, many Russians do by the way.
Or at least a train stration, so I can take a train to Crimea (A few years ago we took a 26 hour train there and it was cheap and beautiful).
So I think you want to be near some transportation point.
If you get too close to a major city than land is ridculous in price.
If you are talking Moscow I think 4 hours or more away is more realistic and acceptable by my standards because it is the largest city in all of Europe. So it all depends.
Also there are many small cities that are near things like lakes mountains which makes life nice in Russia.
I love Crimea, but that is Ukraine. Crimea is warm and sunny.
Russia is the world. If you live there you will see there is the world and there is Russia. It is not a country but it is like half the world. It is so large and the culture is independent of Western Media and thinking. It is like there are two planets on earth. Russia and the rest of the world.
You have a lot of choices if you were to do this.
Utilities can be very cheap. For example, natural gas is cheap in Russia and so are other things. If you use a local company to build a house and organize it yourself it is even cheaper in terms of labor.
Like I said it is as cheap or expensive as you like. If you ever wanted to build cozy wooden house in a Russian forest I do not think you would be alone at all, if you are a few house from the city by train.
You are a young girl. I think in life the most important thing is to accrue experiences when you are young so you can take them with you no matter where you are in life. Experiences like speaking Russian and living in Russia could lead to you writing a book someday ‘An American girl in a Russian forest’ or something. Or you could teach at a University if you moved back to the USA. Of course by the time you did you would have become a Russian girl. In fact after many years in Russia you will see the shinny, freckled American faces with big smiles of tourists in Russia, and you will ask yourself, did I look like that once? I mean this in a nice way, of course I just mean the Russian experience will have an impact on your if you ever did this.

If you build a house in the Russian countryside the top choices are:
Log or rectangular wood blocks. Of course you can do stone, brick or exactly like an American home with a frame. But check out photos of modern Russian countryside homes, the styles are different than the USA but very interesting. Wood is a very warm material and brightens things up.

I like the idea of writing a book. The thing I don’t think I will be able to get used to is the way a young Russian girl is “supposed” to look. A lot of girls that I saw there that were my age wore fancy clothes, tons of make-up, some of them looked like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine. That’s not me. I wear natural make-up, I wear jeans and nice tops, I don’t like the made-up look. I like the natural look. I don’t want to look out of place there, but I don’t want to try to be something that I’m not comfortable with. I guess what I’m saying is, if I stay there long enough and eventually become a Russian girl, I hope it’s not expected of me to try to look like a supermodel.

My friend wrote a book, actually several of my ex pat friends have. You can see his website – he lives in Eastern Europe down the street almost from me.

Forget stereotypes about Russian girls. I think your style is great. It is the same style as my wife (and she is Eastern European). I tell my wife better than caking on cosmetics, use natural skin care creams and take vitamins. A much better investment in the long run. Her skin glows without the need for make up. Maybe she puts on some natural lip stick from time to time, but more skin protection cream and night cream, anything from the body shop or L’Occtaine or Burts Bees or Whole foods, whatever, but natural creams to nourish your skin or protect it is the way to go. But at 23 you do not need to much foofy stuff unless it is fun for you.
I always had the philosophy that it is better to be in good health than spend money on covering things up.
I have a number of Russian friends and not all of them have this style. In fact, a lot of Ukrainian girls I know can not afford cosmetics but they look great naturally.
My wife from the countryside for fun made her own masks etc.
You can make a honey mask you know and it does better than any thick expensive cream to remove impurities.
Natural style is the best. Keep it.
Oh and if you ever did move across the seas, there is nothing you can not get in Europe that is in the USA.
Today I just got a shipment of herbs from Germany, the other day books from the UK (free shipping). So if you are set up than you are all set.
That being said, it is not for the faint in heart. It is really hard for about thee years emotionally. After about five years you feel at home and really do not want to go back, except in the winter. I am complaining all winter as this is the first year we did not go somewhere sunny. Last year we went to Florida and Greece for example, in the winter.
But you know you do not have to move to Russia to learn Russian. It is really all about you personally where you would be happier. If you are set up in the USA and all is fine, stay in the USA and enjoy the warm weather.
If you want to experience something new, like I did, I would do it. But things never turn out the way you expect. Often better but never as you expect.
And Russian girls, they will love you if you came over. Why? You would be a totally new experience for them. Wow an American girl in Russia. Again, it could be the title of a book.

I hope Russian girls would love me. From what I experienced, Russian girls are a little more demure. That’s not to say they don’t have personalities, but here in America, it’s normal for a girl to be cheery and smiling all the time. I didn’t see that much at first glance in Russia. Maybe I didn’t meet the right girls.

Your are right. Americans are smiley and cheery. But that does not mean anything. It is more about the weather and communism I think. When you get to know Eastern European girls they are very nice.
They are more reserved, but not all. I know some more perky than any Americans. Also times are changing and as things get better people are so less serious and hard.

I want to ask you something about Ukraine and living. I, like you, have loved Slavic culture since I was a child. Now I’m learning Russian and everything you said about it is true.
My problem is that I may not have enough time to learn Ukrainian, that is, let’s say, more sophisticated.

How do you see living in Mariupol or Kiev, for example? Maia nebietskaya is a lovely Ukrainian. We are going to live in Mexico, but I do not want to lose the chance of living partially in Eastern Europe. Thanks so much.


Ukraine is a wonderful place. I think some Russians and Ukrainians look at me odd when I say that sometimes, but most understand how unique a country it is. But it is true. Eastern Europe, where I have lived a good part of my life is very interesting for someone who has lived elsewhere. Everything becomes a magical fascination from the grey buildings, grey skies and grey eyes to the beautiful architecture and deep subtle feelings of people who are so introverted and restrained like a Jane Austen novel.
Ukrainian food is the best. I have never tasted such rich food, maybe because of the black soil it grows in.
Russian or Ukrainian is fine. Ukrainian is better in the West of course but as a foreigner Russian is OK and certainly English is good. You can teach Spanish as a second language and make a lot of money if you want as you are a native speaker.
I would say once you learn one Slavic language and understand the vocabulary and cases a bit other languages are not that hard. To learn Ukrainian focus on words not grammar. Words are the basis of any language and grammar only slows you down at first, unless you are a real natural linguist. Learn as much of Ukrainian as you can before you go.

I am very grateful that someone takes the time to inform others for the proper protocols involved in life situations. Information is everything if you want to make an informed decision isn’t it. I have recently become quite taken buy a young Siberian woman who lives in the states but I am struggling as to how to win her heart. There is much information on your sites and again, thank you for posting it. Anything, words of advice or otherwise, that might help in my quest would be appreciated. I have some questions that I would like to ask if you would be willing to talk with me.

First of all there are no standards of winning hearts. If your girl lives in US then perhaps she has changed already: her mentality her hobbies her interest in money and her opinion about family life.
Then some Russian girls are also have money addiction. Especially when they take decision to marry. As Admin said, high salaries – it is hard work and long work for few year to achieve this goal. Not everyone is lucky. Before creating a family money problem is important as we are future mothers and want proper future for kids.

Again maybe it is only my point of view. there are as many opinions as many women in the world.
Some are expressed by financial background, some – by talents and future perspectives of a boyfriend, some – by organization of inner materials like same mind-understanding-same life position-same aims-or love just love to her.

As personally for me i would be definitely impressed in your good thoughts about country. You have to love New year eve celebration. and understand that we use this TREE for new year but not for Christmas. I love snowfall and blue deep snow layers which hardly can be found in big cities. I just adore to go to forest and collect mushrooms so you must also like. It will be great if you will like what ever I cook especially Russian cuisine. You should be cosmopolitan. And teach me play guitar.

And I like to travel and explore new things like culture of different places and how other people live.
But I know Russians who only want to go to the ocean beach and that is what they enjoy of.

See now. the girl like me can be any girl in the world.

Universal advice is impossible.

Anyway thanks Admin for this article. I actually was trying to find some Russian poems translated into English. and somehow got here.

(sorry for my grammatical mistakes)

I am an American going to Odessa in late May for two weeks on my first sojourn to the Ukraine. Rest assured I am reading you and heeding you.

A few questions, if you please:

1) Can you provide a link or pic of a mountain climbing shirt? I am not familiar with that term (not a mountain to be found in Florida) for a shirt so I’m remiss in what it would look like.
2) For trousers, what colors do the zolushek prefer on men?
3) For shirts, other than black/white how about royal purples or royal blues, gold and/or sky blue?

Thank you, again, for your help and support.

If you are going to Odessa you can read my updated post on Odessa, check I recommend a few places.

Regarding clothing, basically I am conveying any tight shirt that shows your body like a Nike sphere dry 1/2 zip with collar or half collar. Colors stay darker, Eastern Europe is about gray and black, black makes everyone look better. I prefer solids than patterns. Do a search and look at the images and you will get the idea. I mean would you not want to see that on a chick? I would, so the same applies to a girl.

You could alternatively look at the style on some DJs or browse images of fashionable guys. Clothes are very important to women. If you want to stand out, be stylish.

Thank you for your prompt response. Yeah, I’ve scoped out all of your Odessa related blogs, you bet. I am also a world traveler and my confidence or lack thereof to hear “no” more than “yes” is no issue for me. I’m making the effort to be, at minimum, survival Russian capable when I hit the ulitsa in May.

My purpose for the color scheme recommendations is I read on another blog that red is a women’s color and purple is a man’s color.

So, you say I do my best Johnny Cash (R.I.P.) and I’m good to go style-wise? Replete with fine-made shoes, of course. Hah, I shall make my namesake proud then.

I’m only in Odesa for two weeks but this is really just my initial recon. Certainly, my target is a Ukrainian bride ’til death do us but I’m interested in living there part/half time as well so the landscape is important to check out, too.

Again, thank you for your insight, sir.

Color is an interesting subject. I know there are a lot of theories on attraction and color and I think they are certainly valid. I believe purple is both a spiritual color and has a unique attractiveness if played right, as does red. However, for simplicity I think black looks attractive on both genders. Who does not like a girl in a black dress or a black top and nice jeans. The idea is not to be too extreme. If you use some color to accent this is the best but very little.

I think one of the best colors on women is black with an accent of dark purple or dark red.
Now spiritually, this are not great colors (pastels and lighter colors are better) but for dating they ironically turn out to be. I think it has to do with the whole dark side thing.

Eastern European women do like gray and nature tones which reflects the nature and climate. I at first thought it was odd to see so many women in drab clothes. Then when I returned to the States and saw women in flashy clothes I think I like the subtle styles of Eastern Europe better. But it a matter of taste.

Now that I am married I wear pink and orange shirts all the time and I like purple, but I do not think I would have been as successful if I had not worn some cool clothes and a good hairstyle.

Shoes are important to girls but I have had a bad back from working at UPS and I always wore athletic shoes, of good quality as I moved more comfortable in them and felt more natural. But that was just me. Also depending on your look some very well kept facial hair can accent your look, but I would be careful with this, it depends on your style. I generally look like a good boy so when I have a little it evens me out. While my friend looks like a Harley dude and it scares girls away.

If you are looking for a really good girl read my post on Ukrainian girls where I talk about the different regions of Ukraine. I believe Western Ukraine from Lviv to Ternopil and all the regions around have the sweetest most idealistic girls in Ukraine. It is because they are religious, but if you are not I would not go there as it would not work and Odessa or Kiev is a better play for you.

Ukraine is a wonderful place and you have to write me ideas and feedback. If you need to know anything about, money, travel the girls specifically let me know. Remember there are two cultures, the Russian culture and the Ukrainian Culture. I am partial towards Ukrainian as that is my heritage, but also because Russian culture is more imperial and Ukrainian more democratic. It is connected to history of course. Having read Plato I use to like the idea of the philosopher king but after studying Russian history in depth I think the ideals of the enlightenment are more my style, John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. Thank you very much for your comments and you are welcome here anytime especially about Eastern Europe.

Many thanks for your illuminating posts here about Russian and Ukrainian women. I wanted to ask you a question regarding a particular situation. How open are Russian or Ukrainian women to interracial relationships and marriages with men who are Asian or Asian American? Are women from Russia more open due to the country’s closer proximity and influence from China and the Far East? Ukraine seems far more West-leaning, with Europe representing the dream for many Ukrainians it seems. Do Russian women have a more positive impression of the US or of China? (China and USSR being allies during history, stronger trade with the East, etc could be factors supporting the view that they would be more open to China). And in what ways do you think people who don’t look like Russians, especially non-white foreigners, need to think about the approach and courting process with Russians/Ukrainians differently? In my experience, Russian and Ukrainian women seem to be more open to these relationships than Western or Anglo-Saxon girls but it is still a major (negative) consideration for most. I appreciate your insight.

Slavic countries a different experience from Western countries historically with racial problems. This is because they did not have the type of Slavery like England and the Americas. Their experiences are different and hence the way individuals see the world are different.
Russia is a Eurasian country. England or the USA is not. Russians for hundreds of years have had a large percentage of their population and land connected to Asia.
Russians love Americans. China, they feel like the whole world does, it is interesting but because of the media and films and movies, the world looks to America. China is developing but not a place to go to Disney.
The main thing is you will find most people do not care. Some do. Stay away from the people who do as they can be dangerous and connect with the people who do not. It is the same as in the USA.

Hi, my name is Ronnie, I’m a young older British citizen who lives in the UK. Around six weeks ago I happened upon a Russian dating/chat site. A 35 year old Russian woman said hello fairly quickly and asked me if I had Skype. Shortly after, the same night she Skyped me and we started chatting. I was immediately struck with her beauty and the tonality of her voice. With a combination of her basic English, animation and translation tools we was able to have a decent conversation. She is an educated lady who studied for five years at University and works as a Child Psychologist. She has a seven year old son and left he partner of 11 years, two years ago because of his drinking problem. I own my own small renewable energy company in the UK. We Skyped every evening and 23 days after our first chat I booked an apartment in Tiraspol, Moldova where she lives, for five nights. She had her son cared for by her ex-partners mother for four of these nights. We slept in separate bedrooms the entire time. We (she mainly!) cooked at home and we started to ask about each others life. Both her parents died young and she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. (I have four grown up children from a broken marriage) This woman has enchanted me with her intelligence and family values. Her direct approach for answers to her questions about me and want i want are different from anything I have ever encountered. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. I met her son and noticed immediately his good manners. She is a devoted mother for sure. We spoke about a standard visa for her to visit the UK on her own from the 2nd January for a week (her holiday time) and I said that I’d put the wheels in motion.She came with me in the taxi to Chisinau airport when I went back to the UK and along the way she said, the 2nd January is too long not to see you (this was the 18th November) can you come back in around two weeks for five nights, then it’s only three weeks before I can see you again. I told her I would. Skype is an everyday thing and sometimes I struggle to fit it into her time zone after I have a late meeting for example, but I do. I flew back out on the 3rd December and am leaving later today the 8th. She is at work as I write this. Her son stayed with us this time and still separate bedrooms. Over the weekend she said to me, ” You are like my friend, my father and my man, now there is only one more test. I asked what that was and she shyly told me! Plans have changed now and we are going to spend 10 days in Odessa from January 2nd. She said, let’s spend five days alone and then five days with her son as well. I am blown away by this woman, she is definitely a challenge! She will embrace but not kiss passionately, more on the neck and cheek and I don’t comment on this and just accept the way she is. She has got my full attention you can be sure of that. She turns a lot of heads when we visit a store for groceries etc. I am not surprised. Can you offer me advice on how to win this lady over. I fully understand it’s going to need time and patience.

Thanks in advance,


There are some basic ideas here, you need to be a gentleman and charming. The rules apply at any age. If you can dress well, I mean stylish, with nice clothes, could be from Hollister and cheap but they have to be trendy, and open doors and take walks with her and talk about abstract universal topics to establish your intellect (Russians respect the liberal arts and classical education of a person), then you are half way there. My only warning is do not let her ask about money. Money is off topic and requests are off limits. Money and love are opposites. If you can learn some of the Russian language, by learning Russian words she will be impressed. Learn Russian history and talk to her about Russian literature and Russian food. This should warm her up and surprise her.

She has never asked for money and only yesterday she told me that she considers, love, peace and happiness as her “goals”. She has already commented on my smart appearance but this is something that I’ve always enjoyed anyway. I raised three of my four children alone for 12 years as they wanted to live with me and not their Mother, who left them! The two girls have always kept me trendy and smart!

I had flowers delivered as a surprise to her at the apartment and was amazed at her reaction. You would think that she’d won a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 15 white roses.

I will certainly take your advice re “all things Russian” including learning the language…now there’s a challenge!

Nice article Mark. Does it still apply today? Anything different now? I decided on a lark to visit Spb for a week. I’m 48 (take good care of myself) and would like to meet women from ages 30-40. Any suggestions, where and how I would meet them?

I wrote an article on Saint Petersburg, you can look at this also. Look the main idea is you have to ‘know thy self’. What kind of person you are and this will lead you to the type of woman you want to find. If you are religious and take that seriously you need to be involved in that conversation with the woman, in a sincere and authentic way. If you are not religious but still aspire to find love, then do not find a commonality of interests, rather find a commonality of moral beliefs and ideals that will lift you higher.
All things of this world are of this world, but love alone will transcend you to experiences you could never being single.
Love is based on ideals.
Find a girl who you share not interests but ideals with.
Where do you find these women? Everywhere. Dress sharp and talk to women on the street, in clubs on the subway, everywhere. This is how you find a girl. You have to talk to all the ones that look like they would be as you are. You have to have this sixth sense and intuition to see women as they really are, though their clothes and who they are form an ideal standpoint. Report back if you can.

Hi there,

Your topic is significant meaningful.
I have a question, regard long term relationship with a Russian girl.
So here is my story, I met a stunning Russian girl and her lovely mom during my travel, after we met on first day, we exchanged mobile numbers, then we travel together next day. that was fast. Yes, that is true. we when out together on next day, The best thing I did were organized everything during that day, tour guide, lunch and so on. Moreover, they were so happy during that day, during that night she suddenly hold my hand and kissed my face, I guess she likes me.
So now, both of we are back to our routine and own country now. However, we still keep in touch like, messages.
So we are not in relationship yet.
I met her from now not even 3 months, so do you think is a good timing to propose a relationship to her now?
if she accept, how do we keep on our long distance relationship?

Long distance relationships are not the best unless you trust the person. However, what I might do is write physical hand written letters daily and she might also. Exchanging emails is too quick and easy, but if she is willing to write letters instead of online snapchat, then you know she is willing to make the effort to be in the relationship. I know it sounds like bad advice, but think about it, she might have two other guys on the hook, but letter writing will prove she is sincere and wants to invest time and effort into you.

Hey, so I live in America, I am American born and raised in Eastern Washington, still live here as a matter of fact. Anyway, I have got a story for you, and i honestly need your help. I was 27 when i met Svetlana Oct 1st 2016, at the time she was 20. Well, we hit it off instantly, we hung out every day after she got out of university, until the evening. Well I am from a completely different lifestyle than the way she was raised. I was a college drop out who had a tough life growing up and am just now starting to get my crap together, as for her, she is from a very very Christian authentic Russian family that came to America when she was 7 years old, so growing up in Russia until you’re in about 2nd grade, coming to America, being raised fairly well off and put through private schools and always had both parents married, all siblings have same parents, picture perfect Christian family. Well 3 months into our relationship, we discover that she is pregnant. Keep in mind were not married and her extremely Christian beliefs say no children outside of wedlock. Our baby was born September 30th 2017, so hes not even 2 weeks old. Well her family isn’t happy with either of us because of this and says we have black sheep and embarrassed their family name. We love each other so much, but her family is doing everything they can to rip us apart. We plan on getting married, and they do know if its a good idea. Well regardless, i want to know what to do. What can i do? I need to make the parents fall in love with me so i can be her man that her father accepts and will give me her hand in marriage. I want to have a family of my own and i want the lack of my immediate family be accepted as her immediate family because i have no one, literally no one in my immediate family left. Idk if I have said to much, or what, but im terrified its gonna get worse before it gets better. Please reply one way or the other. Huge thank you.

Very sincerely

Nathan you do not need anyones approval. You need only to be a good father and husband. I know it seems scary but it is not. Me I do not see any problem here. What is the problem? You get married and live a good Christian life and live happily ever after. You are a man and you do not need your family or her families approval. If you live a good Christian life God the Father sees this and this is enough. In the Bible it says you choose God’s way over your families way. Read Mathew 10:37. God’s ways are not Man’s ways. Your parents or her parents might create a Romeo and Juliet tragedy but do not let them. You have your wife and child. Have courage to live your life. This is your life not theirs.
Do you believe in God? Do you understand the teachings of the Faith?

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