Russian girl characteristics and traits relevant to dating

I lived in Eastern Europe for a decade. I think I can write with some authority about what to expect when dating a Russian girl. Do not give credence to the cliche recycle information on the web on Russian bride dating websites. Here is the real deal from a social observer.

Of course we are all different, but observed social trends still relevant as one of the determinate criteria for influencing dating and relationship behavior. Therefore here is a rule of thumb list of some traits you will find in girls from Moscow to St. Petersburg to the cold post industrial city of Vladivostok to the mystical expanse of west of the Ural mountains.

Russian women have many desirable traits for relationships and dating.

Russian girl dating behaviors observed

  1. Russian girls are easy  (to get to know) –  Get your minds out of the gutter. Russian girls will just give you their cell phone numbers no problem on the street. I am not exaggerating. They seem almost desperate for love, like we all are, but they are just more honest.
  2. Smart – Northern climate people have nothing to do all day but play chess and read Tolstoy. It is kind of true. Darkness develops the mind.  Living in small spaces (Da Vinci said ‘ large rooms make minds weak) with long winters forces the brain to seek sensory experience in the imagination rather than the real world. This creates very smart Russian girls. If you are some Okei from Skodokie who things they can just import a Russian girl because you have a blue passport think again. Win her with your brains.
  3. Educated CIS girls – Free education in the USSR is one legacy that is positive and most Russian girls have a university education unless they are some detka or dev  from the blocks.
  4. Worldly – Not hyper-consumptive like their counterparts in the West, but devoid of spiritual belief in restraining their limbic drives makes their appetitive fantasies unrestrained by conventional morality.
  5. Make good wives – On balance I would marry a Russian girl over an American.
  6. Not churchy – The Soviets were not good at most things except unfortunately eradicating religion.
  7. Ethical relativism – Up is down and down is up is the American girl way, rebellion and feminism. In Russia the girls are more like a mix of hedonistic values and scientific materialistic cynicism. Another legacy from the Soviet system of thinking.
  8. Skeptical – Why would they trust, they had 70 years where the government was watching them, it was better to live in the shadows and not trust anyone.
  9. Not positive – This is a good thing in that you can be their prince and rescue them.
  10. Russian girls speak English – This is a corollary to Smart and educated. English is the universal language of travel and Russian girls under 30 universally speak it, even with an accent. They learn British English which is mildly annoying for me.
  11. Close to nature – A positive characteristic, you do not need to spend money on a Russian girl, walk though the park and read poetry.

Who would you rather date?

  1. A politically correct American girl who believes in divorce and the basis of her selection for dating is on brawn or worst what you do for work.  She her self is ‘well feed’ and semi neurotic, but ironically has so many suitors nothing you do she will be special as its all been done for her before, so she uses a monetary yard stick for make selection. OR
  2. A Russian girl who believes in true love.  A love based not on money or looks but a love based on no limits.  A  naturally athletic and lithe Russian girl who reads literature and history and loves to cook for you. A Russian girl who bases her selection of her other half on their soul.

Russian girl – expect

I am not an Expert on any girls. However, I am an American that has lived in Eastern Europe for years now and happily married.  The above choice is what ever man in America is faced with. However, they do not know they have an alternative, that is a Russian girl.

Beautiful European Russian square with girls everywhere.

Why choosing a Russian girl might bring happiness?

Look I am telling it to you straight. I do not sell dating services or anything. I just live in Eastern Europe, and am writing learn Russian language learning software, but that is unconnected to my sincere desire to tell you the message about marrying a Russian girl.  If I could help just one guy out there with regards to being aware that the world is a big place and you do not need to marry only American girls.  I will feel I have done something.

A Russian girl can change you life in ways you never could have imagined. Explore my site as I give you ideas on where to meet your Russian girl.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

2 replies on “Russian girl characteristics and traits relevant to dating”

Will give a phone number on the street? Close to nature and need nothing else but a walk in a park? Great idea, especially in December,somewhere in Yekaterinburg, Free education in former USSR states? Really? you got this idea about Russians during your 1 week trip to Moscow 15 years ago? or something like that? And on the pics I don’t see any Russian woman or Russian town. Bible teaches not to lie, so maybe you will stop lie to people?

Ok So let me ask your assessment of Russian women? Really I am curious to see how your view differs from mine. I am not criticizing Russian women. I am saying they are smart and beautiful. Remember you are the spokes woman for all Russian women so make it good. You know I am only joking but seriously I appreciate your comments and would find of of value to here your point of view on Russian culture.

For nature, I think I walk in the park is a great start. I mean I know Russian girls who take their $1,000 dollar trip to Egyptian 3 star hotels in Sharm or their week in Krym but but for a date, nothing beats sitting on a park bench reading with a girl, could be something modern like Ночной дозор, Nochnoy dozor/Дневной дозор. How would that not be a great date. Sure you can go to the village and drink Kompot and birch juice and gather mushrooms and wild berries or horse back ridding, but what the deuce I am talking about a start.

Are you saying that the Soviets did not try and were pretty successful at eliminating religion? I think theological development in the CIS is lagging. People are either material rationalists or Bible based, as the traditional Orthodox services are too long and the Priests are influenced by a different era. I mean I do not see too many Russians reading Hans Kungs or Gustavo Gutiérrez. I think it will take years to rebuild what the Soviets destroyed. There are many private schools in Russian but Russian education is primarily run by the state.

Remember I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life and am Slavic and a citizen, and my family lives all through the Eastern Europe/CIS. I have been studying Russian culture since I was a kid and that is a lot longer than you were alive, you may have a different opinion so articulte it in a clear enlightened way about how you see your culture.

Literature transmits distilled experience, from generation to generation. In this way literature is the living memory of a county’s people.- Aleksander Solzhenitsyn

Even if you read Russian literature you see this brilliance and darkness and depth and pain of the Russian soul.

Just explain what in your words and mind a Russian girl is like. Does every Russian girl look like the stereotypical Oksana Akinshina. Russia is a mixed country. If you think you have photos which better represent Eastern Slavic women let me know.

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