Russian blondes from Moscow to India

Are Russian girls naturally blond? Is a blond-haired Russian desirable? In the Middle Ages blond hair was closely related to goodness in girls. In Europe, people actually believed that external physical characteristics like hair and eye color manifest different personality types. If you want to find blonds in Dubai to Moscow, there is a good chance they will be speaking the Russian language or some Slav language. Eastern Europe Blondie-land and when these girls travel to places like India or UAE or Turkey they get a lot of attention because most of these populations are darker hair tones. I have experienced it myself. If you are different or unique you stand out. And in mating and dating that is a good thing. This is the biogenesis of blond dating and why there is a premium on platinum even if light pigments are recessive genes they keep popping up as for a marriage and reproductive strategy they are effective.

Actually the Russian population of females if the hair is unlatered is dirty blond. This is actually the most attractive statistically for males according so some research. Would you agree?

Russian Blonds and personality
Blonds were thought to be more sensitive and ethereal. While dark-haired ravens were sensual and even witchy. Angelic blonds and dark-haired temptress. If I were to look at correlations and screen for multicollinearity, I think there is little if any truth to these old wives tales.

I am a blonde as are most of the members of my family. The blond gene is nothing more than an adaptive response to the environment your ancestors lived. I have met headcases that are blond and warm loving saintly brunettes.

If a Russian blond with light hair is in Dubai or India or Istanbul she will get more attention than she will know what to do with; my recommendation is find women in Russia online before they travel as you will have less competition.

However, being objective about it, there may be personalities associated with hair color, even if not for genetic or biological reasons but for feedback reasons. Similar to if someone wears black clothes all the time in contrast with a gal who dresses in light aqua-marine and pastels. The way people react to you can reinforce psychological tendencies. If a blond gets attention, what does this do to her confidence or ego or attitude to life?

I am blond and I can tell you I was treated different. I being this sweet blond hair haired boy with a boyish face could basically walk into any party uninvited and past any security without a check. I am not saying it is good, I am just saying whatever exclusive club there was, I could fit in without question. I think blonds do have a lot of fun. That is why Russian women who love the flamboyant styles semi-hedonistic approach to life love to bleach their hair.

Why are people from Russia blond?

Russia has two currents working for blond hair. Once is the Slavic genes combined with darker skies or at least radical day light various in the winter. Have you have been in St. Petersburg in November? I have. It is dark.

This works against the fact that scratch a Russian and you find a Tartar, this is connected to the 12th century Mongol invasions and its influence on the gene pool in Russia. The net effect unlike Poland you have a higher percentage of dark hair Russians girls.

The further north and East you go in Russia you will see more blond women. Any Baltic coast population is the center for this genetic anomaly of blond-ism. St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad regions having the highest concentration of Russian blond females. Between two-thirds of the women here are natural blonds. As you move a little south and East towards Moscow it goes to 50% and of course the Eurasian states of the Far East has few and fewer. In Siberian there are many blonds not from the weather but because of the people who were sent there came from Western Russia. I have observed a lot of light-haired gals from Vladivostok.

Hair color shades in Eastern Europe

The range of Blond hair is from platinum or bleach to golden or even yellowish to light chestnut or dirty blond.

Statistically I think dirty blond is what guys find the most attractive but the lighter shades get the most attentional initially.

The genetic mutation occurred about 11,000 years ago corresponding to the last Ice Age and relates to the Vitamin D requirement from lack of sunlight. Lighter skin pigmentation and hair allowed for the synthesis of greater Vitamin D. Eventually this became a mate selection characteristic as women competed for males and this made them stand out as different or unusual. Yes men like freaky or usual women.

There were do all the Blonds in Russia come from? Many are natural but many, if they have a trace of dirty blond roots, transform themselves into a full-fledged Russian blond Bombshell.

Strawberry blonds and redheads are also common in Northern countries. Not this one is fake from the darker roots.

Traveling Russian blonds vs countryside peasant girls and university students

A typical Russian style you will see at any resort from Dubai to Egypt to Crimea is a Russian with bleach or strong blond hair, a red dress and gold jewelry. Totally cliché but I lived and worked and my family came from Eastern Europe and I can spot a blond from Russia from subtle cue a Kilometer away. But this is just one look. Others are more sophisticated. I like locks in hair, long golden locks and this is popular in cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Many ladies from Russia in the countryside rather than cities like the natural look. That is a dirty blond uncolored treated. I speculate university students do not have the cash to alter their hair shades or it is too much work. Regardless the dirty blond look I think men find the most attractive. Natural hair looks eons better than altered hair in my opinion as altered hair color strips the hair of it natural vitality. Better is to invest in conditioners. Flaxen or tow-head that is natural looks striking, as long as it is not chemically stripped hair.

Another look I like is the Goldilocks look, that is Goldilocks clip in hair extensions. Sure short blond hair can get attention but I like long. The proper length is to the small of the back. But even beyond the shoulders is good.

If you want to look more blond and I am one, what I did was use lemon juice in the summer. This is a lightener. Marigold or Calendula, chamomile, I have heard but not used mullein flowers. I recommend Chamomile as you can get the tea in any store. Make several bags so it is a high concentration. If you do something natural you have to do it like you mean it.

How to meet a Russian blonde

Please explore this blog, I have given you many exact ways to meet Russian girls.  -> Russian girls but also other ways. I recommend on my website very specific places to meet Russian women for dating and online or even their mobile numbers. They are everywhere as I am from Eastern Europe and one thing I can say is Slavic women have an inordinate appetite for travel.  So you will find them in Mumbai, India to Novosibirsk.

Russian girls unlike American girls want to meet you, get married and have a family they can take care of. So if you want a Russian blonde princess, the girl of your dreams you can.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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