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There is mystery around Pakistani girls because many guys do not know where to look for them when they are looking for love or marriage. The purpose of this post is to tell you the best ways to meet Pakistani girls online for free. But also to explain a little about their culture so you have a better chance to win the heart of one for love or marriage. This post is only about romance and love in a respectful way.

To understand them you have to know a little bit of the history of Pakistan.
I have divided this post on Paki girl into  sections, please read and comment.

Why Pakistani girls

Sixth most populated country in the world. With about 100 million Pakistani girls.  That is a lot women. You could spend a life time just looking for love in Pakistan. It is a paradise for men looking for women and potential brides. Karachi and Lahore are the best places to start looking because of the population and sheer number of beautiful woman. But in the cities they are more western, so I do not know if this is good.

Covered Pakistani girl models

Most Pakistani woman are Muslim and are respectful to their family and their husbands.  Society is hierarchical and traditional values rule, It is a patriarchal society.

A typical girl from Pakistan is very exotic, thick black hair. Some girls like to keep their hair really natural, thick and wild everywhere and some like modern hair. Many have big noses which are a sign of sensual vitality, which I love.

Shy Urdo girls

Most of them look like Bollywood actresses.  There is no need to go to Bollywood to find a model or star. Any village have potential brides that look better than most Bollywood stars, really.  All these ladies look good if they find their unique style.  I believe every girl is a beautiful princess, you just have to be poet enough to see her beauty. Every Desi or Urdu or Paki girl is a beautiful flower waiting for her bee to find her to transform her life into sweet honey.

Pakistani girls

Does the Culture of Pakistan interfere with love for women

Islamic culture, despite what you hear in Western media, treats women with love and respect. Most women want to be in this culture as they believe in the words of their holy book. I am not from an Arab culture but I have respect for their book. These girls are looking for love.

Remember this about girls

In the whole world, women tend to me more open minded than man with dating guys from other races and cultures, I think the same is true in Pakistan, so if you are from outside this country you might even have a better chance, in my experience.  I call this the ‘Hollywood effect’. Average guys get girls that look like models,  that is beautiful princesses that back home only music stars like or sports stars could get. Why? Pakistani girls like exotic foreigners.

The contrast here is the these same women that are traditional are very open minded towards new ideas and adventure. If you are their prince you they are ready to ride off into the sunset with you, where ever your heart leads you.

Pakistani girl in love

Pakistani love phrases and words of romance

Pakistani and Arabic girls are really into poetry.  I do not know why, but I think despite all the media about the middle east, people here are really poetic and into Romance and love phrases. This is just a hint if you are trying to win someone’s heart. Do not think its silly. It really works, love enters a women through her ears like love enters a man through his eyes.

Indian vs Paki girls

Besides cultural differences there are big genetic difference. Pakistanis are more Arab in origin, while Indians are a mix of Ancient Indo-European peoples and Dravidians which were darker people from the south.  They look physically different in a subtle way.  I do not know who is more beautiful, I guess it is a matter of preference.

Pakistani girls to chat and love

Pakistani girls How to chat and meet for love and brides

The best way I think to chat, meet or see videos or photos of Pakistani girls is the Internet.  Women are very plugged in in the middle east to the Internet.

These are in my opinion the best sites to look for a Pakistani princess.  These are good sites as they are the most popular and are free, that is non commercial sites in Pakistan that Pakistani student girls hang out on.

Websites to chat, see photos and meet women from Pakistani, desi, larhore, Karakchi for free  Classified for marriage for

الفتاة الباكستانية more an Arabic dating community – More Indian girls and students and are western sites that are popular in Pakistan with women.

In summary try the sites I recommend and also please leave a comment with good grammar and punctuation, not in chat room style; if you have questions, comments or if you are looking for a Pakistani girl for marriage or love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I’m a British guy, I was married to a non asian woman and had a son together, marriage didn’t work out as I caught her cheating. Financial tsunami was to insure, but I met a Pakistani girl online. She was sweet and clever and very sexy. We hit it off very slowly, but 5 years later after I’d survived all the carnage and rehabilitating my relationship with my son she was the one that kept me afloat all that time. Despite whether she was seeing other guys, there was a purity about her, and sometimes as pure as the driven snow – but I don’t blame her. Very emotionally hooked to this girl like ‘cat-nip’ I love her, we speak every day. She says she wants to marry me, but if even converting was challenging as the racial and religious prejudice would probably resemble another tsunami (and I’ve surfed one, and the surf is ROUGH!). But I can see things changing, she’s purposefully distancing herself ready to make her parents proud, but she deserves a man who loves her and I would dearly. It would be like trying to fill a hole the size of the pacific without her, but that’s just psychological – part her like a shard is buried deep in my heart and will have to live with it. Alas life can have many different chapters, like the saying better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. Love yourself and what you do in life. Peace

I am sorry you had to go through all that with your first marriage. Pakistani and other Middle Eastern women have a warmth and loyalty about them. I think like you know the biggest problem is cultural. And I do not mean the problem is with the man and the woman. These feelings are pure. What I mean as you know is others in their society including mostly the parents have trouble accepting a relationship with a non-muslim guy.

If you really love her, you can convert if you are not overly religious she can move to the UK and their influence would not be a strong. Somehow if she is the one you can make it work? I tend to think girls need a lot more convincing than guys, when it comes to love. This is the nature of women, to make it a challenge.

I’ve noticed you have articles for every race and nationality except for black girls. What gives?

Ethiopian girls was my only one. I have known many Pakistani as I use to shop at a Pakistani store down my street. When I worked in IT a large percentage were Indians. I lived in Europe a reasonable part of my life, Eastern Europe and there are few to none Africans. In my school, at my college and at my University, I studied economic theory and had Indians and Caucasians, but not one black, and only a few females in my classes. When I lived in Boston, I lived in Beacon Hill. All my neighbors were white or Indian or Asian that were around me. Therefore, the ebb and current of life has not brought me in contact with every culture. Although to dispel any doubt I have zero prejudice to any culture or race of course, as it is against my religion and just not me. I mean in the future, generations will all be one race again I think, we will eventually all become ‘future people’ (like in the movie Time Machine). We are all children of God.

I would say to write about this with authority I would have to do research. I have been to Africa a few times, but not Congo or anything. I would love to expand my writing to every culture including black Africans. It is on my list.

However, I would like to go in more detail about Pakistani and Indian girls first, then other Asian girls and Middle Eastern cultures as have studied these cultures, and have an interest in them, or at least I know them first hand a little more. However, if anyone wants to help me write a post about black girls I am willing and ready.

I can help you out with that, regarding Nigeria and Uganda. There are two girls in my classes from these countries. Sweet, loving girls with good family values. Also, my English professor is Russian, and she is exactly like you describe in your articles. America hasn’t changed her, thank goodness.

Would Pakistani girls in Pakistan ever be with a non-Muslim Indian guy? Does anyone know of cases where Paki Muslim girls marry Hindus and Sikhs?

Yes. I live in America now and every race and religion mix, no exceptions. Could it happen in India, yes and it has, is it common it is getting more, more the exception instead of the rule of course. It is a Romeo and Juliet tale, romantic.

Talking about the whole world is totally different thing as if you compare it with a specific country. The Muslim community in foreign countries(EU, USA, UK, etc) is somewhat different in many ways from the people living in Islamic countries, like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.
As, I am living in Paris, I have seen Muslim girls married with French, and French girls with Muslim boys. But this same practice is impossible in Pakistan, etc .
lets see.

I am Pakistani guy. I was married to a Pakistani lady for only 2 weeks. She recently got her US Citizenship. I came to US on work visa. I loved her with all my heart and soul. I was looking to raise a beautiful and loving family with her.
I promised her so many times that I will take care of her and be there for in good and bad times and love her to death. She was always questioning and doubting. I wish she did not cheat on me.
But she did and there are girls like her and there are girls not like her.
She started the divorce and took away everything. Even my heart.
Now I am lost.
From Now, I believe, Pakistani ladies do not have the character like the generation of my parents. They are corrupt and say something else but want something else. They are not pious but pretend to be pious and holy.
I believe there are beautiful ladies all over the world and mostly are not Pakistani. Thank you

I am sorry to hear about your trouble with a Pakistani bride. This is the exception and not the rule. One take away from this is for guys make sure before you import a girl from aboard you have done adequate checking into her moral fiber and world view. I can not imagine a scenario where a normal healthy well balanced Pakistani girl would leave her husband unless it was an extreme case. During the courtship phase observe her behavior not her words. A lot of girls talk the talk but to not walk the walk. If they are Muslim do they fast and pray on a regular basis and know the Koran in depth and can quote it word and verse like the words roll of their tongue. I mean I am a Christian and I can in most situations in life bring into conversation a Bible story that is relevant.
For example I can think of the man who had two children. One would protest when asked to go to the field and work and say he would not, but did it anyway. The other said I will do what ever you say father, but did not. So this metaphor should extent to women. Observe what they say and what they do. Do they have the Koran in their heart or is it just a formality?

You have your whole life ahead of you and the world is full of opportunities. See it like your chance to start over and find a real princess.

Pakistani is in South Asia, not the Middle East.

And they are mostly Indo-Aryans, not Arabs.

Some tribes may have origin from Iran, Arabia, Afghanistan and Turkey. This is why you have such exotic mixtures in this region found not where else. It is a subtle combination of old and new genetic lines.

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