Odessa girls – nightlife in Odessa

The way to meet girls in Odessa, go clubbing.  It is the nightlife in Odessa that gets you a Russian/Ukrainian girl.

A note on Odessa clubbing girls

Girls have their own tusovka or group of friends they go out with every weekend. It is part of the culture in Odessa. If you think Odessa girls are good, you are naive. Any girl that goes clubbing is playing several men simultaneously. If you think she will be loyal to you, think again, maybe, but have a straight conversation with a girl and you will see your illusions melt away. If she is clubbing every weekend she will get clubbed now and then. Russian girls have a no limit idea about physical relationships, a legacy from the moral decay  brought about by the Soviet Union.

University students strolling on the beach in Ukraine’s Black Sea resort.

The flip side of this is they have outstanding knowledge of liberal arts as a result of a classical education. You will seem like an intellectually feeble even next to the ditizer ones.

The true princesses of Odessa are hidden and rarely go to clubs, out of arms reach from mere mortals and expats.

Reviews on Odessa nightlife

Guidebooks and Internet review sites mislead you they are all so generic. My goal is to tell you like it really is.

In Ukraine, it is very peaceful and no one will steal things. You can bring laptops and cell phones and it will be fine. There are a lot of police there and it makes it safe all hours of the nice. You can negotiate prices in hotels, people are nice and the girls are pretty. Food is a little expensive compared to Poland but half price compared to the UK or less, and drinks are a fraction of the price. Odessa is like Ibiza it is trendy and warm and sunny.

This might not be an ultimate destination but it definitely worth seeing. If it was ever renovated it would be a beautiful place.  Then go to Crimea.

A lot of English speaking people there but if you learn nothing else a little of the Cyrillic alphabet would not be bad as tourist words are international you just have to see them.

These are clubs and discos I would go to if you are looking for love rather than a sponsorette searching for financial help.

  1. Arkadia not a club but an area where all the action is, hotels beaches women.
  2. Club Itaka – The places with the largest dance floor and pick up disco. – Arkadia Beach, literally right on the beach.
  3. Ibiza – Odessa’s answer to an beach side disco. – It is in Arkadia you can not miss it.
  4. Palladium – A little risque but has two floors and a lot of normal dancing. –  4, Italian parkway str.
  5. Morgan Club – A place to eat and DJ club with dance floors on multi- levels – 30, Zhukovskogo str.

For dinning  – Try the Steak houses: Derebasovskaya, Compott or Yokohama or Lanzheronivs’ka on Gavanna street.

Body art in Odessa

Odessa has a body art festival every year for body painting provocative scanty art on girls. This is May 1st and 2nd. You want to go to Odessa go at the start of May and you will see things you will remember for a lifetime. For me body art is a tease, why not flirt up girls on the beach. The Black sea is semi fluorescent(only an illusion) because of the mineral content and a university studentka against this backdrop is all you need.

Tourist stuff

The way Black Sea port of Odessa was founded on am Ancient Greek colony, then a Tartar town and became the resort of Imperial Russians 1%. Subsequently it was the warm water port of the Soviet era and now a free trade port in Ukraine. The architecture in the city such as the Bristol hotel or Potemkin steps is only rivaled by the beauty of Odessa girls.

Girls at the Odessa’s Glovona train station walking on the street to the city.

Getting to Odessa for meeting girls

  1. Fly directly or indirectly with Lot Polish airline, Ukrainian air, Lufthansa. It will cost about a 1,000 dollars round trip to from the USA.
  2. Go to Krakow, Poland on Easy Jet from the UK or some cheap airline and take a train that leaves three times a week to Odessa, it is about 18 hours but an interesting trip.
  3. No visas are needed for Ukraine.

Girls are usually friendly and dress scantly. Be prepared to experience a different culture. It is not Ukrainian, more libertine Russian. Sure there are nice girls there, I know some personally but it would not be my first choice to find a wife here if you are on a bridal tour.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Review of Office Men’s Club in Odessa:

I visit Office Men’s Club whenever I am in Odessa, it is the best Men’s Club in the city by a long way. It has a great atmosphere and if you want to relax with one drink or a lot more then they are more than happy to let you. You can enjoy the company of beautiful girls who are multi-lingual and they have a Crazy Menu as well as the normal bar and food one. There are lots of interesting options on the Crazy Menu and there will be something for everyone on there. It has private rooms, a VIP area and a Karaoke room as well as bar area with stage. There are show programs and special events regularly. I went on a Thursday night which was expatiate night with free entrance which is normally 100uah on other nights. It is hard to stay away from this place if you want a great night out in Odessa. I would give it a five star review.

I am a legal resident of Ukraine and learned to speak Russian and am learning Ukrainian, my advise about Ukraine, Odessa,(or any other country) is you must live there and learn the language. once you do this you will be in the loop now with access to girls no associated with any of these BS dating/translator websites equals end of story. If she has not leaned English and is on a website she is showing you by her actions sure she wants to be taken out to dinner in a restaurant she never could afford but she has no plan on ever leaving Ukraine. This is a multi million dollar business so best to stay away unless you like spending a lot of money on yes a beautiful girl you will never sleep with or have any real relationship with. But living there yes will have you shaking your head learning the hows and whys Ukrainian girls do things, speaking the language gives you access to the entire single population which most guys will never have you can go to Privoz or Novi Rinok, have a conversation with a Ukrainian beauty who happens to work most likely every day of the week for her family, and she works hard in a small shop/kiosk/etc. She is NOT in full Ukrainian girl in full make-up, mini skirt and 7 inch platform heels walking on Deribasivskaya, but she most likely WILL be in skin-tight jeans and tight shirt. She most likely will speak a little English, this is a real girl if you not speak Russian/Ukrainian you would never have access to this beautiful gift from heaven, She is the girl who will but YOU small presents and gifts even with her small salary, trust me- your heart will melt and skip a beat when she does this, Sadly it took me too long to discover this, live there to understand/learn the language, one more thing they seem to love it when you speak Russian to them, think how adorable and cute it is when she speaks English to you in her accent, see what I mean, the girls on Deribasivskaya and the clubs are selling fantasy, they look like the most perfect girls on the planet but in a way they are advertising they are not for marriage unless you want a very expensive toy to parade around on your arm back at home, she will demand you spend a lot of money on her and go away from city Centre and find a real gem of a Ukrainian girl. Back to Odessa clubs- Odessa may be or is the coolest city in the world. 24/7 non stop fun/drinking/whatever. just be very careful not to get caught up in the night-life where you stay up to 6 AM and do not wake up until 5 and in Odessa this is very easy to do. OK I got to go, good luck guys and if you take one thing away from this message. All these website with translators and letter are BS, 100%, yes the girls are real but forget about all of them.

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