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Best Countries for Girls – Ranking of the Nicest Women for Love

Which countries has the nicest girls?  It all depends on your value system, your ethics.  However this post has my personal tastes for the best girls in the world to marry or have a long-term serious relationship with that could lead to marriage.

Nice girls for love and marriage in my book = women that have moral values. Yes individuals in each country are different but, culture does influences individuals. I am not a cultural determinist but culture plays a role.

I am an idealist. If you are not you might have another list.

This is just anecdotal, however, most of my friends that married an girl without values are:

Just waiting for the sweet kiss of the grim ripper to set them free from their bonds and shackles.

The lucky ones (smiles sarcastically), had the experience that their wives dumped them in the first couple of years. The unlucky ones are taken to the cleaners and had their lives destroyed emotionally with years of oppressive living.  So my question is why do American and UK guys feel compelled to marry the girl next door when Katya trumps Kate and Lana trumps Linda in terms of bringing domestic tranquility to a man’s life? There are many nice American girls and many good UK girls. However, be open minded.

Read my lips guys, the world is full of opportunity and if you want happiness in the love department, shop around.  Study my ranking chart below and feel free to add your two cents and experience to this.

This list of women is for guys who want to get married – which I think is all men. I think sociological studies confirm that some people are happier in marriage in than others.  But why? I  think this is because the girls in some countries are less materialistics and have a more romantic view of marriage and love. This is my definition of the nicest girls and the basis for my determinant criterion for women to marry or at least date for a long-term relationship.

Marry a model who is good for you as whole person

Basically you want to find a super cordial cool lady that has ideals like a princess from the Middle Ages.  Nice girls are those that have ideals and are loyal to them. They want to please their man and be beautiful for them. My wife for example tell me she wants to make her husband happy. This gives her great happiness.  I sometimes tell her I am living a male fantasy, she gives me a sly look like what are you talking about.

If you are going to get married for the rest of your days why settle? Why not find your other half even if she is on the other side of the world.

Nations with the best women for marriage

  • Polish girls – These girls take the crown as they are the best combination of traditional, beautiful, classically educated and snappy dressers.
  • Ukrainian girls – Would be number one but, Eastern Ukraine dilutes the average. Because of the Soviet influence there is a large number of women in Eastern Ukraine that has a Post-Soviet cynicism. Western Ukraine would be top of the list if you factor this out. Kiev being the equilibrium city.
  • Latin American girls – Mixed results in this year, some countries have gold and some gold diggers. I would say Peru is on of the best countries to find a lady friend. You need to see how committed they are to Catholicism and if this comes from the heart or just actions. You need a humble Catholic girl not an Instagram model.
  • Indian girls – The one and only issue here is the cultural divide. If this chasm can be cross you have an angel who will be more loyal than any Western girl. Less than 1% will leave you. That is a statistic that is pretty good. However, there are cultural issues. If an Indian girl is raised in the US she could become Americanized.
  • Russian girls – The quintessence of foreign lady friends. I estimate your chance of a successful life with a Russian lady friend is 300% more than a Western girl based on divorce and fidelity statistics. However, at least you get a nice thin beauty who knows how to cook with a girl from Russia. If you are not too religious you might have a better chance here.
  • Asian women – Too broad and not enough personal information. If you have any ideas about Women from China or Korea or Japan, let me know.
  • Some subcultures of Western Europeans and Americans – Yes believe or not these women can be nice soulmates. I would recommend maybe off the grid dreamy idealists permaculture or really religious girls. The only catch is you have to be one to know one. For example, I do not know many people in the Pews Catholics, leaving their spouses. I know people who meet in church and are happy all the days of their lives.

I created a more detailed chart  below.  I did not put in every culture  and could develop this more, but its good enough.

Disclaimer: This is 100% subjective. Do not take it as fact. Further, it is my personal credo that all people are equal. So understand its just based on my personal experience.  For example, I am American and Catholic. Even though I think Pakistani girls are great, I think it would be very hard to marry them, different culture. Another example  is Philippines girls are beautiful, just not my style in terms of looks.  Chinese girls are good for friends, but I do not have enough information about them in general to know if they are loyal and good in marriage.  They had communism that might have turned them towards humanistic values. However, I have a number of friends married to Russian girls and they are happy.

Since I am Slavic, Eastern European girls are congruent with my culture, even in terms of my personal preference for beauty. Peace and love. It is against my religion to view anyone as anything but equal or greater than I.  But like thing Eastern Europe and Latin America has better girls for marriage than American girls, who have high divorce rates and problems with weight and very liberal views. Now lets look at the chart and let me know your thoughts.

Countries with the nicest women – Why marry the girl next door?

My question is what are your ideas? Do you agree or disagree with this chart? What is missing? I am very curious about your reaction. Keep it light and breezy and do not turn it into some political thing. It is not. It is just for guys who have considered dating nice girls from other countries. What do you think?

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Hi Mark. What areas of Poland should I explore/avoid and what areas of the Ukraine should I explore/avoid?

Awesome list. Thanks.

If you are looking for a nice girl, I think every area of Poland is good. Of course the rural areas are better and Eastern and Southern Poland is better than Warsaw. In Ukraine Western Ukraine is where nice girls are. In Ukraine, Ternopil to Lviv and all the rural areas around there. Crimea can be good as it is vacation land and many girls go there to relax. However, all I can ask is this, if you are going there with sincere intentions and an pure heart you will find love, if not, if you are there to be a player, remember about Karma. I would do a trip like Krakow to Lviv and maybe if you have time to Crimea. You could fly into Warsaw and take a train to Krakow and then a train to Lviv then a train to Crimea. Maybe you go to Kiev (via train, they are only about 20 dollars at most) to fly back home. With that tour you can stay in youth hostels really cheap and decide when you are there what to do. I recommend stay in cities as this is where the highest concentration of women are. However, on the train and on excursions or on the beach you can meet girls from the countryside. Just collect Polish girls and Ukrainian girls mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. When you get back home you can write them.
If you fall in love, leave you job and stay in the country. Do not even think about it. I did and have lived happily ever after (I was making over six figures in Boston and gave this up to live in a small flat in Krakow. I have never looked back.

Hi, love your article. I’ll add that the women of Medellin, Colombia are very beautiful (if you like dark complected women) and very loyal and have traditional values. Romanian women are gorgeous but I know nothing about them.

Now, personally,I find Polish women the most beautiful of all and I’ve heard that they also have traditional values. I first noticed how beautiful they were when the U.S. women’s volleyball team played the Polish team and most of the Poles looked like models.

I’ve also researched Krakow, which is a gorgeous city and apparently fairly inexpensive. I’d love to visit Krakow soon, both for a potential wife and potential place to live (although I’d like to eventually live in Salzburg). Also, are there any Protestant churches in Krakow?


There are many Protestant churches in Krakow, there is a main one right on ul. Grodzka in the old town. It is to the right of the Catholic church of Peter and Paul. You can not miss it. There are many smaller ones and even meeting in non-church settings. But basically every faith you can imagine exists freely in Poland and Krakow as it is a cultural hub.

I found your article interesting and has helped me with my understanding of women who would make a perfect match for marriage. I am an Indian guy and I am not at all interested in marrying an Indian women due to many different reasons. You mentioned that Polish women have the best mixture of values for a man to marry. My question is, would they have any problems marrying someone who is Indian? I know it is all subjective and many factors play a roll in it including love but I currently live in France at the moment and French women don’t seem to be as interested as I would have liked. Would Polish women be be open to marrying someone outside of their culture and language? I understand it makes things much harder due to cultural differences but all I seek is a women who will love me for me and be loyal and loving and never break my heart. What do you think Mark?

Polish girls will marry foreigners, but you have to be cool and stylish and religious, preferably Catholic for them. Think of Polish girls like super models with less egos. However, you have to be a guy a super model will date, that is really have your act together in terms of looks, and then you should be religious if you want them to take you home to Mom. Yes you can find Polish girls who do not care about religion and it is more prevalent today, but those girls do not offer any advantage over a Western female.

Many guy complain about Polish women, but those are not the Polish women I would date personally.

I’m 36 and never been married … by choice, not because I could not or cannot – I’ve had several opportunities and I still do right now. I share most of if not all of your views on American women. Many of the marriages I’ve observed make me feel sorry for the poor sap who is stuck with that nightmarish woman. This sounds awful but my own mother can be quite scary – I do not want to marry someone like that. I feel sorry for my Dad sometimes.

I totally love the way American girls look but the attitude is rotten – generally speaking. I spoke at length with an amazingly gorgeous American woman last night and she told me without hesitation, “Control is better than Love”. I was at a family wedding over the weekend – there was over 1000 people present – and all the points made on this site were bleedingly obvious once again. Then there are the tattoo freaks, ball-busters, materialistics, man-haters, etc, that can be found everywhere.

I would love to meet ‘the one’ and live the life that you describe. Believe me, I am the kind of guy who would pull the trigger and do this if I found it. I also prefer many elements of European culture to American culture.

Yet I have been looking for it my whole life (home, wife, etc) – and have still not found it. To be honest I have thoughts that it is all an illusion although you make an excellent case for holding out hope. My heart has grown cold and apprehensive – it will take some time to undo this.

I had intentions of doing this (starting over) last year while in Argentina but knew after the first month I was not generally attracted to Argentinian culture and/or women. I know that many people are attracted to Argentina but it was not for me.

After I make my journey to the Black Sea region I will know where I stand:

1. Maybe I like USA life more than I realize or admit now, or

2. Maybe finding love is all an illusion or

3. Maybe a love-filled, satisfying existence is possible after all.

Japanese Wife, American Life.. An Old saying.. I still think it holds some weight, although Japanese women are not what they use to be.. However, stll they are better than most western women.

I love the freedoms I have in USA, but those freedoms end when you get married. The court and legal system favors women in every respect and she will incarcerate you with her selifsh ego-maniac persona and her upperhand in legal matters. Basically, if she wants to divorce you and sue you, she can, will and will also win and take your children away.

Thankfully, pre-nuptials will protect you from the onslaught of laws she will throw at you. However, most women now use their children as bargaining chips in the court system. Even though with a good prenuptial they cannot you dry, they can swindle money from you under the false pretext that it would be used for supporting the children.

America is a feminized mess. I still wonder if I can raise children in this place. iTs tough situaiton, because if I was to marry a foreign girl and live in her country, she could also probably win the heart of the government on marriage issues. I am not sure how Poland or other Eastern European countries treat foreign ex-pat men. I think the native men of these countries however have it a lot better than we do in USA.

I agree with the general consensus of previous notes posted. I’ve spent well over 20 years in foreign countries, and can definitely state the majority of women in the US are comparatively high maintenance and have falsely elevated perceptions of their value.

Latin American are one of the best for marriage? Don’t think so.

Agreed, Latin America is a combination of good values an beauty. I do not have a direct connection to Latin America although enjoy traveling there.

Why? Because in some cultures women want to please their husbands, take care of the family and educate themselves and dress nice while in other countries girls do not want to wear flip flops and sweat pants in Target and get their sense of values from the latest politically correct fad?

No, but because you guys are talking about girls and marriage here like talking in a book shop and decide which book to buy.

Thats the impression I got by reading the comments here.

Most of the Information here is spot on, UK are certainly the worst, they are not even human. Russia should have been a bit more at the bottom, but it’s true Russian girls have no values, although they are beautiful, Polish girls are incredibly nice, rather too friendly. I don’t know about the rest so I can’t comment, I always wanted to marry an Indian girl, but there is a problem, they don’t like to mix.

I am an Indian girl, and I can tell you this. Its not that we are racist, just that most of us don’t know that you Caucasian males find us attractive. Besides the culture divide,we generally think that the men from, Europe or Britain or U.S.A or Russia are only for casual flings rather than marriage. (no offense, but it is how you are perceived by us )You guys, want to date and find out if she is the right one for you where as we take a leap of faith in an arranged marriage and make the best of it. At least in the south, although things are changing and a lot of people are marrying for love).. Educated Indian girls with open minds are generally willing to go out on dates with men from other races. Most Indian women are romantics, so if you are a good, caring and kind gentleman, you will definitely snag a keeper. So, good luck.

Well said . arrange marriage is best buy what to do with horoscope ? (Prettier doesn’t match, matched one s not prettier). I’m surprised to see Indian girls on 2nd place next Poland .

Mark, I agree with the chart. I am an American (as you know), but I agree that our girls are not well-educated. Even if they go to college, they do not continue to pursue further education once they’re out of college. They figure, “Oh, my schooling is done. I don’t have to learn anything anymore.” Statistics in American studies have proven that 40% of American people who graduate from college never read another book. I find that absolutely appalling and extremely sad.

I also agree with the beauty/style/weight statistic. A lot of our girls don’t bother to keep fit and they do outrageous things with their appearance, which we talked about previously (piercings, tattoos, dyeing their hair odd colors, wearing weird clothes).

Sadly, I’m afraid I have to agree that our girls have no devotion to their husbands. One of the best things about being married to a Russian man is that we spend all of our time together. We go out together, do fun things at the house together. Even when we’re pursuing individual hobbies, we’re still together. We don’t have a lot of outside acquaintances, but we do have a very small circle of friends that we enjoy meeting together on occasion. In America, it’s completely normal (unfortunately) for the husband to have his own group of friends and the wife to have her own group of friends. Because of this, husband and wife are off doing things with their friends all the time, completely separate from each other, not spending a lot of time together. Personally, I don’t want to be married if I’m not going to be spending all of my time with the person. That’s why you get married, because you love the person and want to be with them all the time. American girls don’t think like that.

One thing I wanted to ask you about is Russian girls having a 4 in values. When I was in Russia, the girls I met seemed to have good morals. They were good girls and knew how to act like ladies and be humble. I would have thought it was the Ukrainian girls who had low values. No offense to Ukrainian girls, but when I was in Russia, I met a couple of Ukrainian girls, and to be perfectly frank, they looked like h__kers. Their look was overdone. That being said, I may be judging a book by its cover. They may have been very good, humble girls under all the glitz and glamor.

Does the problem in American dating stem from the psycho-genesis of the American teen and some issues around the development of healthy personalities

I do not think all American girls are like this of course, but it upsets me when people do not realize one of the most important parts of attractiveness and general fulfillment in life is intellectual development. I am big on Maslow hierarchy of human needs and striving for self actualization. If a girl thinks she can get by on her looks in life, she will have another thing coming.
Men are attracted to the heart and soul of a girl.

Maybe it has to do with Erik Erikson and the teenage experience in the USA. That is the challenge of American teens to find themselves is a different experience than a European for example. No fault of the child at all, and not all people who come from this experience have this but, the American latch key kids from single parent homes do not have the same role models and their conflict of Fidelity manifest in Identity vs. Role Confusion creates a person who is a bit lost.

This can also come about also if the child’s parents push the teen too hard to conform to their understanding of the world. Actually I think this is often more then case perhaps. That is they are not encouraged to explore intellectually or spiritually and this sets up a human to have an unresolved conflict of identity latter in life manifest often in rebelling against their significant other as they have not yet found themselves.

I have met countless American girls who live on the lowest level of Maslow’s chart. I do not know why? Maybe it has something to do with the high pressure in America to keep up with your neighbor and compete. Not all girls mind you, but many have an inordinate emphasis on the here and now and macro forms of entertainment.

Europe in contrast tends to be more introspective. Everyday I see girls with old books from Used bookstore and the Library sitting on park benches reading for hours. What can I say I am not kidding. I see girls here trying to learn more languages and even if they make 800 dollars a month to live on, one hundred goes to language lessons. I know I teach languages.

Intellectual life in many countries is important in their mate selection and tends to be focused on the sincere and the authentic guys rather than the guy who have a good job title, bank account and is meaty and buff.

About Ukrainian girls, you met the wrong ones. The ones I know are the exact opposite as describe. I have need to Ukraine countless times and live near by and they are not like this at all. They tend to be very normal girls. However, maybe the ones that visit Moscow or the ones that stand out are like this, that is have an old fashion style of hair and a short dress and heels but the ones I know are nothing like this.

Maybe I should have been Eastern European. 🙂 I am definitely introspective and don’t really blend well with most American girls.

My husband constantly jokes that if you leave me alone in a room with books, notebooks, sketchbooks, pens, pencils, and a TV to watch movies, I would never come out.

Most American girls my age are out partying, dating guy after guy, and not trying to further themselves intellectually or developing artistic interests.

I will read about Maslow’s chart. It sounds very interesting.

I should clarify: The Ukrainian girls I met were very nice and they loved meeting an American, it’s just that their look was very high profile. Even Americans girls don’t make themselves up like that. They were very beautiful, though.

Being aware, introspective and cerebral are all traits I admire. I think they are universal, however, I have noticed in Europe especially Eastern Europe they are more common in people. I love living a life of imagination, because there are not limits. I forget which famous South American author who wrote something to the effect, ‘if you do not dream your life away you are wasting your life’.

I have read and seen a lot of comments and post you have made. I am thirty-seven years old and never been married. From the sounds of it I am not not sure I would have a chance over there? Does everyone get married young? I seen another post where you said don’t date girls who don’t go to church divorced etc. At my age is there any beautiful non-divorced damaged woman left?

Many guys I know including myself did not get married in their twenties. You have your whole life ahead of you. You can not take the attitude you missed anything, you did not. It does not matter about your past. It does not matter for example, you felt bad about your looks or girls rejected you. You are not married yet because your destiny lays on another path. You did not meet your other half yet.

Many people who married might not have the maturity to commit their whole life to a relationship. That is why the German poet Rilke says love is the most difficult task. I promise you, if you want to be married you will be. You will live happily ever after. There are score of women that are educated and humble and never met the person they were suppose to be with. Consider women like twelve years younger than you if you are in good shape.

The main thing is ask God to guide you and do not ever give up. I am religious. Faith is a radical change in the way you see life. I believe if this is important to you, you need to find someone who believes like you. It could even be domestically but also abroad. If you want love you have to be prepared to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, if need be. You have to not worry about women who reject you. You have to optimize your looks and be light and breezy in disposition. I will have to write a post about how to meet someone aboard in specific steps. Write me if you have more question about how to do this. Remember I am not a single man giving advice from the philosopher’s chair, rather I am a happily married man for many years.

Have you ever thought that maybe the reason American women are aggressive sometimes is because that maybe when they’re teenagers they’re pressured to have a certain look and are pressured to defend themselves when picked on? I know the reason sometimes I have a temper is because my family is full of mostly guys. It’s hard to be more feminine when you’ve spent most of your childhood and teenage years with the guys. I try to be feminine so I can be friends with more girls, but it’s so hard when girls in America are so fricking irritating. Now, when i’ve went into the South, the girls seemed very hospitable and caring. I think in Northern USA, the girls are pressured more to be prim, proper, and sophisticated. In the south, I believe it is more laid back.
Also, Abbey, I believe some American women do focus on education for the rest of their careers. Such as doctors. For example,I want to be a doctor. For the rest of my life, I’ll always be learning about new things, new techniques, etc. Yes, I agree. Most jobs in America you probably wont be focusing on education.
Also, if some guys like the nerdy quiet type, then why couldnt I get a boyfriend? Seriously. I love to read, and I can sit all day reading books. I love to draw and write stories. I agree with Abbey. If you gave me that stuff, the only thing I would ever come out for is food and water. My dad always jokes that if I was reading and the house caught on fire, I would die because I’d want to finish the chapter. >.< Haha.

All good points. But the most important point is and trust me on this, guys love nerdy girls. But understand the trade off. Being nerdy or geeky means, you will find ‘the one’. You will have fewer boyfriends and more chances of finding your one and only and living happy in marriage. This is what I have observed countless times.
While the ‘popular girls’ girls will have lots of dates and guys interested in them but their marriages do not turn out well. I have observed this countless times. Maybe not in every case but I think some stats will back me up on this.
In life the best strategy is to fly beneath the radar and live your life according to your own way. However, this means you will spend a lot of time being lonely until your guy finds you.

American women do have it had in some ways as there is a shift in the values of many American guys, that is they no longer are looking for a wife and family but a girlfriend for now.

My reply to this is like I keep saying live your life. Learn languages, music, travel, write do the things you like and someday your prince will come when you least expect it. Even if you think no one will date you or you will not be popular or have a boyfriend.
Many girls think they will never have a boyfriend and then one day the man of their dreams who is crazy about them comes a long and turns their world upside down in a positive way.

Good, Brittany! It’s great that you want to be a doctor! I wasn’t speaking of all girls, of course, but in general, Americans don’t pursue further education after they leave school.

Also, I am from the South, and I would agree with you that girls here are more hospitable. We are taught to care about people and consider their feelings. This doesn’t apply to all people here, but for the most part, people are extremely friendly.

Keep drawing and writing stories. It’s been my experience that guys love girls who have hobbies and interests that they love devoting themselves to. Also do as Mark said: learn languages, music, travel, etc. The more interesting you make yourself, the more appealing you will be to the right guys.

I know I’m learning Spanish and I took French before, but the most that I’ve traveled has been in the US. I also think that maybe for now, I shouldn’t put too much pressure on getting a boyfriend. I mean, I am only fifteen. But it’s so weird when all of my friends are standing there discussing dates and stuff when I dont have one. Dont get me wrong, I’ve had guys flirt with me, but I just dont like them back. I know I want to go to college in the south, so maybe then I’ll find a kind, southern man who’ll love me for me, not who I should be. I’m just so tired of hearing stuff about people being happy with their boyfriend or whatever when I dont get any attention what so ever. My cousins, who are guys, are always like, well you need to talk more and flirt more. Well, I’m not looking to seem like a wh_re in my school. I mean, most of the people in my school try to act like little preps and gangsters. Like, really? You’re in Virginia which is kind of where the south begins, act like normal people, not like you’re a gangster. It’s not cool.

This can’t be for real. You think Swedish and Japanese girls are less educated than Indian and even Pakistani women? The statistics tell a very different story. Barely 40% of Pakistani girls can even read or write. And unlike women in America, a much larger percentage of women in Germany and Scandinavia study math, science, and engineering. Northern European women are some of the most educated and intelligent in the world! And you really rank women in Britain on average as a “1” in appearance? I understand that they’re nothing compared to Swedish women, but a “1?”

How is feminism a bad thing? The fact that a woman rejects you does not make her a materialistic. And the fact that a woman is a materialistic doesn’t mean that she will reject most men, though in your case, maybe. As long as men aren’t total heads and have jobs, most materialistic women are still more than happy to have a man that will be a loyal and equal partner. Most women are heterofriendshipual and want kids. And believe it or not, most do want kids and feminism does not condemn them, If not for feminism, women wouldn’t have been able to attend school in the first place. BTW the vast majority of Indian women of that education level and beauty are anything but servile. They are very liberal-minded and fully support most materialistic causes.

Let me tell you, women focusing on their careers is not a bad thing. My father died when I was 4 y/o. But he pushed my mother to finish her MBA and CPA only a few years before his untimely departure from this world. It turned out to be the best insurance policy he could have left us – a mother who could still provide and survive on her own. People need skills to earn a living, just in case.

You talk about values. What kinds of values? In Pakistan, a woman must have four Muslim male witnesses to prove that she was raped, otherwise she can be stoned for relations outside marriage. And the overwhelming majority of “women” support such laws. What kinds of values are those? I assume most men here are Christian/Jewish/Agnostic/Atheist. Muslim values will not go well with Western ones, plus it is likely that you will have to convert to gain her family’s approval. I suggest an atheist guy marry a Swedish girl because they are not very religious and are very educated and rational minded. I would actually recommend considering a Middle Eastern Christian girl for traditional Christian guys because they are close to their faith, strongly oppose divorce, are “incredibly” beautiful, and tend to be very well educated.

One last thing – a marriage with an American or European girl is not necessarily destined for failure. If you are of the same religion, ethnicity, both have a high education level, and come from families with little divorce in its history, then you have a very small chance of divorce, though what appears to be your slightly misogynistic and embittered attitude towards them will undoubtedly cause strain. Good luck and I know I’m being a bit harsh, but I like being able to be honest and open in these discussion.

Feminism harms women to no end. It imprisons and enslaves women by feeding them ideas that lead them to operated under misconceptions. There is a big difference between the true liberation of women and feminism.
There are many girls out there walking around under the illusion that they can have it all. Women have a short time for their beauty and power to flourish to attract a mate and have a family before they disappear over 30 into obscurity. Guys will go from dancing around them and bending over backwards to help them, to ignoring them or being irritated by their flexing of their ‘opinions’. Unless they are married and have a family, in which case they can live happily ever after, they will start to pack food and gain weight became disillusioned when careerism does not lead to the same satisfaction it had when they were stary-eyed 23 year old.

If you are looking at raw statistics of Indian and Pakistani women compared to educational achievement then maybe, but like Mark Twain said, never confuse school with your education. What if you have a degree and a lot of what you learned was wrong?
Or worse you get super educated but it results in an inordinately inflated ego. An educated Western woman is difficult if her ego is not tempered by spiritual values.
I would rather marry an ‘uneducated’ woman who is aware then an American girls with initial after her name but does not know how to cook, even if she wanted it.

If you or anyone wants to marry a ‘strong American woman’, go for it. I am not saying it is wrong at all. I am just saying in America values are been so twisted by years of unconscious programming.

Strong in Eastern Europe means having someone to watch your back when it gets cordial, a woman that sticks with you through thick and thin even if it does not make logical sense in the moment.

Strong in America means having options and ‘strength’ to file for a divorce, even if you have to take meds from your doctor.

It is your choice the values you choose.

Mark your comment that begins “feminism harms women” is absolutely spot on.

That depends on what the author means by education. I think the tendency in the pseudo-developed world is to have a high quantity of education, but a very low quality. IOW, you might learn a lot of facts, you might be able to do a lot of computation, but you don’t learn values (or you learn bad values), you don’t learn critical thinking and you don’t learn respect for the rights of others. In that sense I would agree with the low ratings for the U.S. and western Europe, and I would agree that Latin America and the Middle East are doing better even if they are somewhat lacking in academics.

I said that most materialistics DO want a traditional marriage and children, and ultimately most of them get it. I know women who are staunch materialistics who are happily married and have 4-5 kids, but they support the rights of women to make their own decisions. They are not subservient to their husbands, they are not imbeciles, but rather equal partners. They are materialistics and most materialistics support their choice. The most religious and anti-materialistic people in the South are the ones with the highest teen pregnancy and divorce rates.

If strong in Russia means that wives stick with their husbands through thick and thin, then why is it that nearly every Russian girl over 28 seems to be divorced and have a kid? And why is it that divorce rates among whites with college degrees in the US are only 8%? I believe that divorce is wrong, except when it is caused by abuse, incarceration, and infidelity. But feminism is not what causes divorce, and American women do not all get divorced.

Remember what I said about my own mother, and what would have happened to us if she didn’t have that education. An education is really the best life insurance policy. Why would you want a woman to stay with you only because she depends on you financially? And what if you die and she is unable to generate income and support the kids because she did not generate enough income. Is being able to cook and obey you really more important than having a brain? My mother did not remarry after my father’s death, simply because she loved him too much and wants to reunite with him in the next life. If you just try to control a girl or keep her sheltered, she may not feel that way 25 years after you have died.

lol @ if a lot of what people learned was wrong. Literacy is not wrong. Math and science are not wrong. Your chauvinistic and misogynistic attitude is wrong.

Now Russian girls may tolerate this crap. Because of the gender ratio there, many are just happy to find a white male with a job who doesn’t down a fifth of vodka every few days. But American girls have a better gender ratio and they are not willing to deal with it, and I suspect that this is where the bitterness comes in.

I have to say that all I have experienced with American women is a pure lack of loyalty. I have been married twice and twice is two times too many. American women believe that friends matter of family and instead of consulting their husband they jump to Facebook, twitter and talk to old boyfriends and wind up cheating. Instead of putting the effort towards the husband. I am done with the lot of the American woman and the lies that accompany the whole society. 2 divorces 25 years wasted. The thing is my mom and dad 45 years and my grandparents 73 years in marriage still going strong. The problem is most women and yes men do not have a good role model to show how it should be. Like I said. I am burned out on the lack of loyalty and the ease of cheating when things get tough. My heart cannot endure the lies any more. I want a woman that does not feel like she needs to possess a bigger set then me. But instead help me build it and will protect what we have build. 43 and divorced. My heart still hurts.

Dear NoMoreBull,

I’m terribly sorry to hear about what happened to you with your wives and marriages. Two marriages is indeed one marriage too many. You say that you’re 43 and have lost 25 years of your life, right? Perhaps you got married much too early. People do not always mature at that time. People change and don’t always know what to look for in a partner. You were both far too young to get married.

I hope that you didn’t try to marry another girl really quickly after the divorce. Were their parents divorced? Were they educated? Did you look at how they functioned as a family? Sometimes you can see a very manipulative mother in law that you need to run away from. Love is blind and you may either not realize it or assume that it’s just a quirk that you can handle. It’s sad that nobody told you these things.

I can’t tell you how terrifying the prospect is to me as well. But trust me, there are crazy Indian and Russian girls who do this too. Being crazy is neither a liberal nor conservative thing. It’s a crazy and diabolical thing. I know women who are more conservative than Pat Robertson who have cheated on their husbands, let their daughters get knocked up as teenagers, and robbed their husbands of everything. This happens. But it’s not the fault of materialistics. It’s not the fault of women being educated. In fact, it’s not entirely the fault of the women either. You surely had your part to play in this. You need to look in the mirror to see if you did anything wrong that alienated your partners. Also, as terrible as they were, you did choose to marry them so you can’t blame all women, American women, or feminism.

Something about you attracts the wrong kinds of partners, and then you have no ability to screen them or see them for what they are. So you blame all women. It’s the same with women. Some girls only like to date the bad boys and don’t give the guys who dote on them and do anything for them the time of day. But then they complain that *all* guys are assholes who beat them and cheat on them. But whose fault is it? Is it my fault that she likes those types of guys and blinds herself to the reality of what to expect? I’m a guy and that must make me at fault in her eyes. I guess that it’s the same for you. But it’s only to your detriment, not that of others.

I am not saying all American women are of zero loyalty. I see couples make it for many many years. My parents are 45 years and my grandparents are 73 years strong. I say there is a lack or loss of moral values because we currently have a divorce rate of 51 percent here in America.

With the advent of social media people like to post all kinds of positive and negative thoughts on places such as Facebook. That being said we all should know that women are not logic driven in any way shape or form. Old flames from Facebook have destroyed lots of relationships.

The bottom line is many women want to feel what they feel they may have lost in the relationship they are in. Then somebody comes along and key word here makes them feel good, friendshipy and like a woman again. That is the oxytocin firing in the brain and is highly addictive. Women are very emotional and need to feel something all the time.

When the husband fails to meet the needs of the American woman. She will go outside the marriage in most cases. The facts are 85 percent of marriages have infidelity occur whether it be an emotional or physical by one or both and with women entering the work place more doors are open to this type of behavior.

I think the biggest issue with American women is that they require a group of fans when they are single and they are searching for the man. But they have to have all avenues open for dating and they lack the morality to realize this way of being counterproductive to what they seek.

The primary thing is if you are in a relationship, then that relationship is between the couple. The biggest thing with women in America is that they are wired into all these social networks. That opens more doors for cheating besides the workplace. American women continually get hit on by men on these sites. You don’t believe me then add women on Facebook to your friends list. Then watch all the guys swarm her with compliments steadily. It’s not feminism it’s plain exposure to the element.

Cheating has been a destructive force and is on the rise as a direct result of technology.

Loyalty is a forgotten thing in America. People don’t love like my parents and grandparents do. Its sad, I love all women.. But many American women are to spoiled by all that’s offered to them. Not to mention many of them just stop caring about weight and looks.. guys lose interest in relations as poor husbands that married pretty and 20 years later she is a big heavy woman that looks terrible. I can go on and on. But American women are good for the ones that a truly committed. But many don’t care for commitment due to the decline of family values.

Peace out peeps.

Totally agree with the zero loyalty of American women. They pay more attention to your checking account and credit score than the actual attributes and character of a man. They only see what they can get from you in a relationship materially. Not the attention you give, how caring you are or your affection and character.
Polish and Ukrainian women seen to have very appealing attributes and character. So which would be more content with a simple farm and country lifestyle?

Both, it more depends on the character of the individual. My wife for example is from Poland, and grew up in the countryside. She went to school and worked in Krakow a city. We live now in a town in Florida but we grow our own food with a little field in our backyard. We are somewhere in between. If we had to do it all over again, perhaps we would be on a homestead somewhere, bu we kind of are right now. So my point is where the person grows up, imprints on their definition of normal.

Since we grew up, up North, we can get use to the idea of Christmas at the beach, but to our daughter that is normal.

However, humans are adaptable, we are case and point living in Florida. So it really depends on the persons ambitions in life. I worked in investment banking. That is not the road to happiness for me personally. However, I teach Economics now at a college and much easier to live in the countryside. My wife and I both agree the countryside is better for a family. So our ambitions are not to be in the limelight.

My point is find a girl who does not want the limelight and to live the metro lifestyle while she raises a family. Someone who does not put money ahead of love and family. You mission in life is to know God, this can be done anywhere. If you can find a girl like this it does not matter Ukraine or Poland.

However, Ukraine is far more rustic than Poland.

Poland is Catholic. Ukraine is Catholic (Eastern rite) and Orthodox. If religion is not important to you, you have to really find a person that is unusual. That is who is not religious but has humility and wants a homestead type lifestyle instead of the things of this world.

Greetings from Sweden.

I too have realized that my country is toxic when it comes to these matters. I’d also like to point out to some that just because people are aetheist (like most in Sweden) doesn’t mean they do not have a faith. That faith is just something else then, like deep science worship or the worship of radical feminism. And I’d take a girl that believes in a real religion over that any day.

As you said Mark, formal education is overvalued. In todays industrialized nations, a great many (if not most) young go to university in one form or another and my conclusion after many years of university is that I notice no difference in general intelligence between the girls at university (one of Swedens best) and the ones who started working after high school. Instead, the ones at university are worse marriage material because their tendency to believe in hard core feminism is way way higher. Tragic but true. So I’d advice any man not to look in Sweden, but if you must, do not look among the “college educated”.

I’m also curious as to why Russia got so low in values compared to Ukraine? I do not believe you answered that when someone asked before. As you say, it is a subjective list but I’m merely curious as I would have thought Ukrainian and Russian quite similiar (or Russia slightly lower but not that much lower?).

The whole idea of further education is to separate the wheat from the chaff. If everyone in say Poland is so highly educated then that educations value is diluted massively, its next to worthless if every girl and her dog is able to achieve a degree so why even bother putting that as a category? Intelligence is more important. As for putting UK lowest for education,that’s laughable as it has the best private education system in the world and some of the best higher education facilities in the world. What you seem to be doing is comparing the worst of what the UK has to offer with the best of what Poland has to offer,pointless. Saying that Polish women do seem to be quite attractive as a collective.

I think the reason why most American women are spoiled is because they have many, many, laws that men have passed on their behalf to protect them, as a result of a small, small percentage of insane violent men.

Now because of these laws American women have selfishly found ways to use these laws to abuse their men or husbands into submission, as if the man is frightened of her. In fact, she truly believes that her man is frightened of her, and for the reasons why he allows her to get away with all of her madness. She doesn’t realize that we men, by nature, are extremely violent and will end someone if awakened, like a sleeping lion. Don’t American women understand that we are willing to drop bombshells on babies (in the context of a ‘police action’ , men and women and ‘end’ each other if angered, after which, return home to watch a football game and have a cold beer.

She doesn’t realize that there is “no man” in all the world frightened of her, but that he attempts to remain cool and to get away from her for fear of killing her and going to jail and ruining his life, because of the laws that are on the books. In fact, the average man could snap her neck in seconds, and for this reason, he runs from her, not because he is fearful of her, but because he doesn’t want to be taken to that horrible violence that lies in his heart sleeping, the sleeping lion.

Let’s prove my theory and the fact that most American women acting out against their men, would never do this if there were no laws on the books that protect them. Let’s prove this. Are you ready? Let’s take the average mad insane American woman to the Middle East, where there are little or no laws there that protect her. Now let’s leave her there for awhile and see her attitude change instantly.

Do you really think the average mad and insane American spoiled women would act out with those Middle Eastern men over there? I don’t think so! For in some of these countries, if you got into your man’s face, and acted out, you would get a beating like that of a child, and if you didn’t get better over time, she just might find herself in the middle of the desert, entering a six foot hole in the ground, while the camels disrespect her resting place, and he returns home to marry someone else.

Now I am not advocating such actions, but only trying to prove a point. Ladies we are not frightened of you and only allow you to get away with your madness for fear of going to jail, loosing our jobs, and children, and all the mess that comes out of us having you. So please ladies, stop using the laws that protect you to abuse your man with.

Feminism is the end of all societies. Westernized societies are destroyed by a combination of feminism and liberalism. Their family lives are miserable, divorce is skyrocketing, and their population is dropping. Muslims are taking over westernized countries because their religion allows them to vigorously defend their conservative values.

Feminism is the end of all societies. It is destroying christian western societies. Values drop, family life suffers, children suffer, women divorce, and population drops. Cultures with more conservative values will out-reproduce and take over – such as the muslims. Liberalism has destroyed most christian cultures. Muslim cultures are more immune to this because they know liberalism and feminism is b.s. and their religion allows them to defend their conservative values with extreme violence against against others.

Mostly agree with the chart, but in willingness to marry 6 is much too high for the U.S. unless the man has money. Values should be -3, not +3, for U.S. women. I also think 4 is a bit low in the beauty category for Filipina women. Finally, I’d suggest dividing up Latin America because it is much more diverse than you think. For example, Mexico and Argentina are much lower than Peru or Venezuela for willingness to marry and also for values. Colombia would rank higher than Peru for beauty but lower for devotion. Then there’s central America which is also high in values and willingness to marry, but not as high for beauty.

I had lived in Russia for 14 years, and moved to America 8 years ago. I have to say, I have only dated two American women, and both of them looked like bears. Some American women are good looks. Others look like grizzly bear. all of them have horrible attitude. when I first dated, I dated this girl named Maryia. she was, a goddess compared to most American woman, and she was only ‘average’ for Russian girls, yeah right, maybe it is my thick Russian accent? but when I go and talk to American woman, and I mean any, they either ask if i am terrorist, or if i am a fascist, or say ‘look at this black one’. most of the united states do not know what this word means. in my opinion, American women are inexplicably Stupid. oh man, one more year until its back to Russia with me.

I do understand that you generalise,but not all Swedish girls born in the 80s and 90s are all that bad. As a Swedish girl (or woman now I guess) I would like to say to guys all over the world to come here and visit. Hike in the mountains, go fishing and explore the coastlines and enjoy the country and you will meet girls that are not the stereotype Swedish girl. Stockholm is a beautiful city but also very superficial so the girls there are just the same. Talk to girls that dress nice but not revealing and take care of themselves without looking like Barbie dolls. Look for girls that have education like engineering or language and that enjoy the outdoors. They most likely have very different values from the Swedish girls you meet on social media or in clubs. Girls with very materialistic ideas are often easy to avoid if you like because they often dress very unfeminine and sloppy.

Swedish women are the envy of the world in some respects. Their high check bones and fair looks are arguably irresistible because of the rarity of their genetic deviation in the human gene pool. Yet the determining idea is culture not genetics that determines a persons primary world view. If you tell me there are Swedish women that are not enlisted in the ranks of materialistic ideology, which often means men are disposable and marriage is a temporary thing, than you are telling me good news.

I adore the northern countries for the nature and peacefulness. I would love to image that ideals such as love is forever, no matter what, still exist in the land Kingdom of Sweden.

I feel lost about all women. I am in the UK and had British girlfriends,but many were either, have as many children, therefore, I do not need to work, the other is, ‘I just want to be friends’. Neither works for me. I had one Spanish girlfriend was OK as long as life was not too complicated. Whereas a Portuguese girlfriend would turn nasty suddenly.

I married a girl from Croatia but left me after two months because my new flat had only basic items and I worked in a warehouse. Many East European women seem to give me the impression that if you do not earn enough money or become unemployed, they will leave you. Nine years later I married an American girl, what a mistake. A total control freak; no trust, even when at work. Would not let me do anything outside of them home. I am still married to her, but its a nightmare,I hope she leaves.

There are Polish girls in every UK town but they look so unhappy. Several marry Filipino who seem loyal and loving, but you must like her looks. I am attracted to blonde haired and blue eyes, but where are they?

I wish I could empathise with you, but you are a married man with a child that needs a mother and father, and you are looking for another woman? Why not work with the person who you are now married with. Your work and education level have nothing to do with your ability to keep a woman and you to be happy in a relationship. It has to do with ‘the meaning of life’ question. Why are you on this earth? If you do not have any ideals to live by than it you it will be a long rocky road.

You need to in a calm way, sit with your wife and look her in the eyes and talk to her. Tell her you love her. There was a reason you got married, and you can rediscover this. I am with my wife 24/7 and there is no reason for us to control each other because we want to be together.

I do not have a job now and my wife does not leave me. Why would a woman leave someone based on economics? Because one chooses a woman who is material from the start. Guys you have to make wise choices in women. Wise in my mind equates to a super cordial lady who has high ideals. If you can not screen women out for ideals you will have trouble down the road.

As a Mexican I can tell you that Mexican girls are not the same anymore, do to the proximity to the States they are very Americanized now, stay away from them if you can.

I think this information is a bit out dated because it is not so easy to get a beautiful Ukrainian, Russian or Polish girl and educated. It was maybe 10 years ago now most of them are gold diggers.

You are incorrect.

I can tell you right now why you strike out, because you want to ‘get a girl’. There is no such thing ‘as getting a girl’, it is not like a purchase or an Amazon order.

There is one way to live happily ever after, and that is win a woman’s hand.

That means you have to be idealistic and noble and ask God for help, and make yourself so attractive so she goes: ‘wow what is this guy doing with me?’ You have to write her poetry and letters and discuss religion and philosophy with her, read books on a park bench.

Leave your job and career and everything you own to follow her and win her.

There is no other way than to romance her and share ideals with her so you both lift each other up to a higher unity.

If you think you are going to go there, and get a mail order bride or find a wife without the work, of getting ready to sacrifice your career and all that you are, you are living in a disillusion. Love requires something great and noble.

I found this page after meeting a Polish girl, wondering where such a girl been hiding my entire life.

I am American and words can’t describe how I feel about my Polish girlfriend. But I can try. Classy, beautiful, well educated, nice, sweet, intelligent, introverted, intellectual, sensual, down to earth, funny, witty, pragmatic, ethical, moral, playful. I am not religious, and lo and behold, neither is she. We are mirror images of each other in every way. Nice people who have dealt with jerks way too long, supporting each other, making each other better. The compliments I give her would make all my girlfriends in the past jealous. The songs I sing to her.

I have my ducks in order in terms of being ethical, financially well off due to hard work, humble, never have I cheated, hit the gym every day. I feel like I’m the right man for her: I can be with her until I die, giving her everything that I am, and I would be happy my entire life: she is deserving of so much in this world. I wouldn’t want some jerk to be with her, yes many have tried, but she deserves so much more. She’s special.

Polish girls are special, do not be jerks to them. Yes they do not play games, they are simple, beautiful, innocent. They are great but you better be a good man to them because that’s what they deserve. And in any case, they are wise enough these days to see through you. My Polish girl can see me and instantly know exactly how I feel, and vice versa.

As for me and my Polish girl? I’ll be anywhere in the world with her, although we discuss this subject openly and whatever makes sense, we will do: she’s reasonable, open to discussion and we can resolve any issue. Feels great.

I could compare her to American girls I’ve dated/married, believe me I have dated a ton, or the European girls I have dated, but, I am not going to bag on anyone. All I can think of is her, and yes: Polish girls are number one in the world.

If there are any American girls reading this, listen to Mark. Study, work hard, work on you, don’t date a ton of people, focus on quality not quantity, develop personality, interests, have high standards in men. You’ll live a much happier life growing old with that special man compared to the women who end up 40 with 40 different partners but no one to grow old with. Don’t pay attention to the social media selfie garbage, just tune out, listen to your heart and mind and that guy will come.

One last note, my comment was sparked by my Polish girlfriend complimenting me. She asked what compliments I had received in the past, and I realized that I have never, in 40 years of being on this earth, received a compliment from a girlfriend or from my ex-wife. In the west we talk about supporting women, however, we never talk about supporting men. It is a two-way street. And it feels good to feel supported, every person, regardless of gender, should feel supported by whoever they are with. I feel like I’ve been starved my entire life, it feels ‘right’ to be with a supportive person. And she offers to cook amazing food? And there’s a country full of such people? If anyone feels like they are with an unsympathetic person, they are better off single than in such a relationship: don’t settle.

From my research I haven’t been able to find a country where the women can compare to Vietnam when it comes to trustworthiness, loyalty and just plain niceness.

Numerous times I’ve heard American men who have travelled to Ukraine say that the girls in Western Ukraine are better than East Ukrainian girls in terms of morality. Some have said it’s because West Ukrainians are mostly Catholic and they tend to take their Christian faith a lot more seriously than the Eastern Orthodox girls?

I have also heard both American men, and even Ukrainians themselves admit that the people in Eastern Ukraine will readily call themselves Orthodox Christians, simply because it’s part of their cultural identity, but they don’t really take their faith seriously at all. I’ve heard them referred to as “indifferent Christians.” In other words, the people who call themselves Orthodox Christians in the East, are usually atheistic or agnostic at best.

I also remember seeing a YouTube video where an American guy was interviewing a Ukrainian man who had lived in both Western Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine, and even he said the exact same thing. He said that if your a foreign man coming to Ukraine to look for a wife, don’t even bother wasting your time in the Eastern part. He said if you want to find the good Ukrainian women, you should go to Western Ukraine because they are more Christian and have better morals he said!

Not many American guys go to the Western part of the country because all of the big scammer dating agencies are based in Eastern Ukraine. There aren’t any dating agencies that I know of based in Western Ukraine. Not a single one out of thousands? That should tell you something right there. That makes me think I should go looking around in the smaller cities and towns in the Carpathian Mountains region of Western Ukraine.

You are correct, I do not know who you are but you have a very good insight into dating in Eastern Europe somehow.

My family is from Ukraine and Poland, I lived in Poland for ten years and traveled all over Eastern Europe. I am not writing this for any other reason but to warn people that Eastern Ukraine is different compared to Western Ukraine. If you want a princess in every sense of the word, someone who is not materialistic but puts God and family first, this is Western Ukraine. Eastern Ukrainian culture was influenced by the Soviet culture. There are exceptions but why do that to yourself. If if you are seeking true love, go for someone who believes in the Eternal.

Lviv to the Carpathians are the better areas. Dating agencies are in Eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine is Orthodox but really Russian post communist atheist and agnostic with the values of girls trying to see themselves as ‘good girls’ but this is not the same as someone who reorients their life to thinking like it is a humble service to God and family.

You can find a cordial girl in either area, it is you will be living with this person for the rest of your life, so you might as well choose right.

I have never been to Eastern Europe yet. But I’m like a sleuth when it comes to East European girls. When you love something, you generally want to learn as much about it as possible. East European girls are no exception. That is why I know the differences between girls from different regions within the same country.

So when it comes to the differences between East Ukrainian and West Ukrainian girls. The big tip off for me was the abundance of communist iconography. For example, in the cities of Eastern Ukraine, and even in some villages, they still have statues of Lenin. That struck me as a little odd.

Why this acceptance/sympathy of such an oppressive and godless political system? Especially 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union? The atheistic system of communism should be revolting to any Christian! Could it be that a good portion, maybe even the majority of East Ukrainians feel at home with secularism?
It looks that way!

Now compare that to the West Ukrainians who immediately tore down any and all vestiges of the bad old days of communism long ago. No statues of Lenin in the city squares like in East Ukraine? No busts of the Satanic priest Karl Marx? No sickles and hammers? I found this polarity between East and West Ukraine to be very intriguing, so I assumed that there also must be some significant cultural differences between the two regions. So I decided to dig up any information I could find on the cultural differences between East and West Ukraine. And the differences I discovered were quite startling!

For example, the abortion rate per capita in East Ukraine is strikingly higher than cities of comparable size in the West. Also the murder rate and all violent crime in general is strikingly higher in the East as well. Likewise, the incidence of corruption amongst the police and other public officials is also off the charts in Eastern Ukraine. Not to mention the Aids/HIV infection rate is also far higher in East Ukraine compared to cities and Oblasts of similar populations in the west. Alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic violence are also much higher in the East.

These discrepancies don’t make any sense at all until you start to examine the cultural differences between East and West Ukraine. Then it all starts to make sense! The largely secular culture of East Ukraine compared to the faith based Christian culture of West Ukraine goes a long way in explaining these differences.

I wasn’t able to find any information on divorce rates specific to any region. I suppose divorce rates are only aggregated on a national level. But I’d be willing to bet you anything that the incidence of divorce and infidelity is probably much higher in East Ukraine also.

I remember hearing a Ukrainian man make an interesting statement once. He said “West Ukrainian girls are busy thinking about Jesus and founding a family with their future husband. While East Ukrainian girls are busy thinking about physical relations, partying and finding a rich foreigner to marry.” And this coming from a Ukrainian man who had lived in both parts of the country, so he had a good observation of the women from both regions.

I don’t have anything personal against East Ukrainians. I’m sure there are a lot of nice girls in East Ukraine that would make good life partners. But from all the research that I have done, it seems to me that the highest concentration of good, traditional Christian girls are in the West of the country! Those are the types of girls that I love. Not a Westernized version of an East European girl.

By the way, if I’m ever wandering around in the Trans Carpathian wilderness, I know that I would be in the company of safety with a West Ukrainian girl. Because if it were ever necessary, she could take off one of her high heels and impale a bear with it. Ha ha, I love Ukrainian girls.

I wish more people had an awareness of the world and life as you. If people are aware that marriage, and I mean 24/7 for the rest of your life relationship, is best with a person who has a higher understanding about life rather than partying and money, the happiness of the world would increase. In fact I might write a post on this.

Eastern Ukraine is like Russian culture without having to get a visa. That is it. It will take a spiritual renaissance to transform people there. I have more connection with a person from Latin America who is walking the walk the someone from Eastern Ukraine who is I am historically connected with but does not have clear perspective on life.

Ask me any questions and feel free to write me personally if need be though the contact form or email. You have a good perspective on life and understand the connection between the source of all love and life and our life here and how we find love and fulfillment in life.

Hi Mark,

What is the best way for me to meet a woman from Western Ukraine?

I have been to Eastern Ukraine before – 2 times – but I found it somewhat frustrating to have dates with women who I met through a dating agency in Kiev.

Are there some specific sites on the internet where I can meet good girls from Western Ukraine before I would travel to Lviv?

Thanks for your help and comments.


Me, I would meet girls in dinners and cafes and clubs and on the street. If you are writing women online before your trip it is never as good as meeting them in real life, unless for some reason you meet them based on religious beliefs or something with a niche site. So my question is first, what are you looking for in a girl? Are you religious as Western Ukraine is, but Eastern is not. So if you personally are religious it is a great place to go.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am a religious person and if the women in western Ukraine are more religious, then I would be very interested in going there.

What do you know about the cities of Lviv and Lutsk, for example? What kinds of places could I go to in those cities that would increase my chances in finding good women?

Thank you.


Lviv, I know and it is a place to go if you are religious as there are schools there that are connected to the Church. Also it was in the sphere of influence of Pope John Paul the II and the Polish culture and also, it was anti-Soviet. Soviet meant the destruction of anything culturally other than dialectical materialism.

I have not been to Lutsk, but need to go. I tend to think the further West and South the more the culture is preserved. However, that being said in all cities you will find surprises. I think I need to explore Lutsk.

They have these student cafes or dinners called ‘milk bars’ in Polish and they are cheap for students and the non-tourist types. You could go there one meal a day and rotate the ones you go to and try to initiate conversations. If you dress cool you could literally talk to girls on the street during the day. It is one of the best approaches to meet girls. I can tell any guy how and where to meet women, all the girls you want to connect with, however, the real issue is not meeting them but what do you do next. How do you have a ‘relationship’ a normal dating one with them if you are passing through for a week or so. That is the question.

These girls have families and if they are going to be married and raise children their first instinct is to be close to their mother, which is the culture so she can help with the kids. There are exceptions because of the lure of the West, but again, you want a girl to love you for you. We did not even think of moving back to the US until many years of marriage. Not saying it will not happen just if you are a guy that wants to marry and have a family you have to consider what the dating phase will look like.

What do you envision the dating phase being?

Differences in women are largely cultural. I am Canadian and Canada has become the materialistic capital of the world, with all its good and bad, Woman here have forgotten what being a woman is all about and men (younger generations) have been brought up in a matriarchal society and have no idea of what has been lost. I met a Russian woman online, through a dating service, and the experience has been mind blowing. There were countless “top model” type girls that contacted me (hundreds), mostly way too young for me (I am 50). The trick is to stick to your age group. If you fall for the charms of a woman half your age, this is how you get in trouble, because. let’s get real, So I listened to reason and to my heart and became friends with a beautiful woman in my age group. We are now married and for the first time in my life I feel that I am loved for the right reasons. We both feel immense gratitude towards each other. She is bright, humble, proud and well behaved. She doesn’t throw money out the windows nor have expensive tastes, she is a team player, active and thoughtful, VERY affectionate and totally loyal, like I am of course. Why would I ever want to look elsewhere? Go Russian but choose well. There are gems for pickings if you know what to avoid.

Wow! What a discussion and boy, am I impressed.

However, it does seems that getting a partner for life is becoming more and more difficult, as this age of materialism advances, ruthlessly burying down values, traditions and even the basic concept of why TWO genders were created in the first place.

In the past people lived within the traditions of their culture and it was easier and happiness was greater, even though a smaller segment of the population lived quite lives of desperation. I can base this on my own observations of multi generational lives. For example, my grandparents were born in the 1800s. My parents are married over 65 years, I have to check if it is 66 years. I see happiness coming from a life long commitment to both each other and a religious practice.

In contrast, people change partners like the weather, with the swip of an app. Even the founder of I think his girlfriend found someone else online while dating him, if I recall.

So best is to know your values and meaning in this life and live that way. The Amish do not have that issue. I do not have that issue. I live in a world that is not governed my social norms but ideals I believe are true.

If you also live in this world than it is easier to find a spouse than ever because of the ease of travel and communication, and the sheer number of people in the world today.

Never, ever go near a Japanese woman. They will tear your soul apart. Heed my words. “Never marry a Japanese woman. They hide their horns.” This was my experience after a relationship with a woman from this culture.

Any insights on Albanian women? Met one recently that I am madly and sincerely interested in.

I have only had positive experiences with the Albanian women I know. If you know the singer Dua Lipa you know they can be attractive, if you know that Mother Theresa was from Albania you know they can be good hearted. So it depends who you have meet, hopeful a combination of both qualities. I would personally base my relationships on the manifestation of their philosophical or world view, particularly on ideals.

Being From Australia I would put Australian Girls around the same as UK girls, maybe just slightly higher. Many Australian girls come from either UK or Italy so have same basic values.

I am a Baptist not a Catholic, but I want a wife who will be true and faithful to me and not want to divorce me just because hard times like money shortage and issues, understanding each other problems and others and American ladies that are still pure in heart, and have Judaeo-Christian perspective and has the morals and ethics I describe are hard to find here in the United States. I want a Christian Lady who has the morals of a faithful Christian. What countries and how in those countries or even from here do I find a lady with those characteristics?

Just as you believe there are women in the world that believe the same as you. I went to Wake Forest University undergraduate which is Baptist but I am Catholic. I understand both traditions. Most religious countries that are Christian are specifically Catholic. For example, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands which are Protestant countries, are not religious. Even England the land of C.S. Lewis is not that religious. Protestants and Baptists are found in the US in TN, NC, and Texas for example. There are many good women there. If you want to look in foreign countries you have to ask yourself how likely are you to accept the Catholic version of Christianity.
If you look in the Bible belt in the US, you tend to find women who are walking the walk in more rural areas and more open to a homesteading type lifestyle.

As a person who travels and from peoples life experiences as well, I would cast my vote for a decent, honest and loyal girl and the country whose girls make the best wifeare Tibetan girls.

I married a Philippine lady. And it was the biggest mistake of my life she is so uncertain about what she wants to do. She is a horrible mother to our boys. All she cares about is how good she looks and about her Philippine friends. She doesn’t even care about her family. Therefore, she is basically she is a self-centered person using marriage for financial gain. She has a friend that is 25 here that married a 80 year old man. My advice is to stay away from Philippine girl.

Bill, I would say that the most important quality you need to discern here what is her meaning in this life. Many Philippine women are Roman Catholic and devout. I lived in New Tampa and my church there was filled with church going family oriented humble Philippine people. You need to have a calm conversation with her about her conception of life’s meaning and who does this fit into the vision you both have. If you can start a family with her you can have an honest one-on-one conversation that is not judgemental but peaceful and calm and really try to understand the meaning of her life.

Thank you for your post. I will try to get to Poland as soon as possible. I have only met two Polish women in my lifetime and they were humble, hard-working, pretty, genuine and feminine. I know what I want and she is there in Poland.

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