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One of my friends told me he was in Moscow. I asked him, before or after he was married? He bowed his head and said, after. There was a silence. Nothing more needed to be said. The question is how does a single guy maximizes this time in the third Rome.

Average girls on the street in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow women – running the numbers

When I heard Moscow has the largest population in Europe, my mind immediately started to calculate. OK 11.5 million in the city proper but 20 million in the metro area, means 10 million women, which means about 3 million beautiful Russian girls 18 to 35 single and looking for a guy, or at least some fun. However, consider that there is a new crop of young women are entering the market (dating) every year, so it is mathematically impossible to every run out of women in Moscow if you are a single guy.

Ordinary blonds in Moscow – do not stare too long or you will miss the next one.

Forget Paris and cancel the feminist controlled regions of the USA and the UK out of your mind. Moskva is for lovers and let your inner adolescent discover the city of romance. If you do you, I promise you, one late night laying in bed with a grim on your face saying thinking to yourself, ‘how the heck did I pull that off’.

Your less adventurous friends back home can keep dating frumpy middle-aged woman with an attitude from dating sites. But for those looking to live a fantasy and date and marry a model. Go to the Commonwealth of Independent states, first stop, Moscowy.

Dating advice for men

My advice for pioneers who are Moscow bound, looking to escape from top of the top of the food chain prima donnas of the US and UK is this:

If you are sleeping well in Moscow, then something is wrong

  • Tip – The best place to take a date in Moscowy? It is Cafe Pushkin – It used to be a pharmacy and now looks like a classic Czarist era cafe with the menus in Old Russian and a feel of another time with decor of the gilded age. If you take a gal there she will be impressed that you first, even know who Pushkin might be (I would read up on him, even if it is from Wiki) and second, that you know about such a classy place. This alone could win her heart.

Why Moscow girls have the look you have been  fantasizing about

Any ‘look’ you are into in terms of a dream a chick exists in Moscow. Why? Because what most foreigners do not realizes is Russia is not a Slavic nation of pale girls in blond hair and blue eyes with peasant dresses with embroidery and flowers in their hair.

  • Around the Caspian sea you have the Asiatic looking Kalmyks.
  • In the south, around the ancient Ind-European homeland you have Ossetians and Chechen or Daghestanians who are tucked away in the crevices of the Caucuses mountains..
  • By the Urals mountain range to the west of Moscow, at the border of Siberia you have Yakutians, Chukchi and Tuvans.
  • Go East young man you and you will discover, Udmurts, Chuvash, Udmurts and Tatar genes mixed in.
  • Komi people of the North then head East a bit.
  • Karelan people of the farther north.
  • The formally Soviet Union (FSU) has 250 different nationalities.

Moscow is the nexus and the ultimate melting pot and meeting place for DNA to find a mate and strengthen the immune systems of future generations. Beauty being the signal that transmits this information through the genetic code. Not just any beauty mind you, but the ‘look’ that your genes have been craving.

You do not need a tour guide or a list of nightlife discos, just start talking to princesses on the street and get their mobile numbers.

We are all different, and desire a look in our spouse because our DNA is looking for ‘the one’ with ‘the look’ that will make us happy on a primordial level. The good news is, Moscow has that girl for you.

What are Muscovite females like?

In a broad sweep of the brush, Russian women, really all FSU women, are cultured, indulgent, but not naive. If you are looking for a wife you go for one group of Russian women. If you are looking for fun, you are looking for another set of gals. Sometimes you will find overlap and your judgment blurred when intoxicated in a pheromone rich Moscow disco.

When I was young I saw black and white, now I only see shades of gray.

Both groups of women are cultured.

You might find many University PhD and Doctors looking for a sponsor.

Or you might find pious peasant girls from the Provence amidst bright lights and big city who are dressed in simple torn jeans and a top, living in a 20 meter flat in a block, surviving on Ramen noodles, but can quote classic literature from around the world in multiple languages and play the piano or harp like an angel.

Either the girls of Moscow are more feminine, domestic and educated at least in a classical, non-PC way than the girls you have been dating back home. The arts, linguistics, literature and classical music and taking care of her man and family are as important to a Russian girl as careerisms, dominating confidence and assertion is to a Western girl.

Where to find girls in Moscow

Where you will find Moscow women. On the street corner of some decrepit block of flats you will see some girl in sneakers drinking a beer with angelic elf-like beauty you will swear off all other women. Or in the market two steps behind her ’round as she is tall mother’ with a hair scarf you will see Aphrodite descended right from mount Olympus. This is Moscow.

In other posts perhaps I will rate the night life and clubs and ways to capture brides from Третий Рим. I would also love to go into the history more as I have been enamored with Russian history since I was a child.

How to get Russian girls mobile numbers or meet them on the web is a topic of another post. The purpose of this post is to motivate you to step out of your mundane job where you are racking up credit card bills anyway buying gadgets and stuff you do not need and buy a ticket to Moscow and start living.

Ask me any questions about how to get to Moscow or where to stay and go etc.

You will see Russian supermodels that look like:

  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Sasha Pivovarova
  • Alexandra Kosteniuk (Also chess GrandMaster)
  • Natasha Poly
  • Anne Vyalitsyna
  • Irina Kulikova
  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Irina Antonenko

On the street and wanting to love you in the sincerest deepest and romantic way.  So start looking for  the true love of your life.

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  1. It looks like my suspicions were correct, I once heard that Moscow girls (that is girls that grew up there) are like the Russian version of New York City girls, very materialistic. I also heard St. Petersburg is much like that too but those are the only 2 big cities that I know of in Russia. I like the article though.

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