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The page is about Malaysian girls. That is, it will answer the questions, who are they ethically, what is their culture. It will focus in particular on, what is their attitude toward dating, love and men. I will also give you some ideas on how to meet woman from Malaysia which you will not find on other websites.

The purpose of this website is to get you married or at least find love in your life. It is a free site not promoting anything, therefore my information is more objective than other sites. Please take a look around my website after you read my post on Malaysian ladies.

Ethnic make up of Malaysian women

If you like exotic, this South Asian Pacific country is for you. This is what you will find:

  • 54% Malay
  • 25% Chinese
  • 7.5% Indian
  • 11.8% other Bumiputera
  • 1.7% other

Me personally I have never been overly attracted to Asian girls.

I prefer Eastern European girls, but this is my culture. However, most of my friends are. However, Malay girls are something different. They are a mix of ancient people and South Asian and Indian. This give them a very beautiful look.

Malaysian economy and its influence on females

Malaysia is a tiger and the county’s development is uneven, it is not like Singapore where money flows through the street. Some Malaysian girls are just looking to marry a foreigner for a passport, while others would not dream of leaving exotic warm, rich Malaysia.

Malaysian ladies my experience

Malay girls are a desirable combination of moral and very flirtatious. I do not know why, but the Malay women I have meet love to play and flirt. The company I worked for had a major presence in Malaysia and so my interaction was on a business level, but they did not care, the Malaysian women were dressed well, looking sensual and flirting with me in very suggestive ways. However, if I tried to suggest anything they would back off, as they did with all the guys I know.

I think they would make good wives as they come from a society of morals. Muslims usually have very good morals. Even if the Malay girls are not following this tradition, it has been part of their culture for so long that, even if they jettison their religion, they keep their moral values like loyalty.

I have not known Malay girls to be disloyal, but maybe I do not have the full picture.

Where to chat and meet Malaysian girl

It is such a long flight ( (very good service) or (low cost)) to South Asia so I would first try the Internet. Try some western sites like Facebook as English is spoken there because of its history and relation to European countries like the UK. If I was chatting with someone I would question them in detail to make darn sure they really have values. I would ask many questions about life and love and money. I would do it in a subtle way not directly or it could turn the women off.

Specific websites to meet and chat a Malay girl


But in my opinion is where you want to start to meet Malaysian girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Hi folks. I am an Indonesian mummy who already lives in Malaysia for about six years by now. My husband works here and I am studyng in one of Malaysian university. My impression about Malaysian girls is they are almost similar like Indonesian girls, either from the face and character especially for the Islamic and religious one. I think if you want to see examples just google pictures of these modest and nice actress: or

I will just talk about the religious muslim one since most of my friends in the university is that type. They are definitely loyal wife as the religion take an act of married as the most important institution, cheating is consider as a big sin, they believe the sanction, I think equal to a murder punishment. Most of them will lower their gaze and keep their beauty including covering hair and body part only for their husband and family, definitely a good mother since it is consider as the most important job in the religion, educated most of my friends are doctor, engineer, scientist etc , soft spoken, and they have this obedience to husband as part of their religion. As long as the husband instructs them to the goodness they will obey it. So if you consider to marry these nice woman I think learn about Islam more would be worth.

Being a working expat here, I have befriended many of the locals, mostly men as I am married. One of them has been a good friend throughout the years, and being here for nearly ten years now, I have seen all sides of malaysian people, and on the topic, malaysian women, the malay muslim women.

In the city, especially KL, there is a big distinction between malaysian malay and indonesian women, I understand that. But however, when my good friend throught the years, tengku (not disclosed), who is an employee and initially my guide to this place, routinely takes a lot of women, and malaysian malay muslim women, to hotels and bars, I understand that they are muslim and have religious tendencies but there are also those who do not follow the religion and are not modern but rather “loose”. I do not condemn or approve because I am not them, but I think there is also plenty of malay muslim women who are “westernized” so called and have sex frequently. The women my friend meets with are usually educated and intelligent as well, so they are not anybodies fool.

Just another side of the coin and a story I share. This has been ten years and in those years the “good” and “bad” side is equally similiar to most countries I have worked in, the religion nor the country does not make it any different to other places I have been. I have known a lot of american women when I was in university who believe in sex after marriage and they are not religious.

I am also just transferring to australia and have started my role here as regional manager and to be honest so far the people here are the best yet in my opinion. my wife likes it here and apart from the dryness it is rather nice she says.

Hi, I’m a Malay gal and I love the way you describe the look of the Malay ladies, which is almost true. I would like to emphasize on the ‘main value’ for Malay ladies. When it comes to love, we want men to be attracted to us based on our values and characters (vice versa) and we never forced man to convert to Islam. However, for us, our faith is No. 1, No. 2. And also the last. Meaning, we’ll never choose men over religion. It’s up to man to study why our religion is so important to us. We don’t expect much from men who come from other continents where Islam is not well informed by media and received bad reputation by so-called Muslims. My advise to men out there, if you’re interested with Malay ladies, just be yourself and be straightforward, somehow depends on that girl personality. If she’s a shy girl, then you shouldn’t meet her alone, she must be accompanied by friends or other family member, which I think would turn off some man. However, some pious Malay family practice that. Malay society really appreciate someone with values, so if you know how to respect others and not type of egomaniac person, then you’ll be easily accepted in our society.

Hi, can i say something about this discussion. I am a Malay women and definitely a muslim. I am so sorry if my word hard for yours to accept. But I just want to re-correct what you’re thinking about Malaysian women especially Malay women. Is not that you thinks everybody. i agreed what Admin said, you have to come to Malaysia. meet them. talk to them and know them very well. Yeah, i also agreed our languages here is typically in Malay language but some of us speaks very well in English. About sending the money i think we both must be very careful. that happen not only for malaysian girl. I have bad experience with white guy also but i have cut off before it goes further. we never met, i registered to Zorpia sites, i means dating site just to find old friends and having chat with them. First, it’s fun but i realized a guy from London (follow what he said) interested to have me as a serious relationships. That was my first time having that experience. and you know if a girl have it for first time, what she thinking?you feel like flying, right?with sweet words, love and everything and then suddenly, he request money from me, a lot of money . converted to Malaysia ringgit is RM7000!but, i am not so stupid. I start search who he is. Where he’s working here (from what he said, his works here as an engineer at offshore at local comp). but nobody know about him even never heard his name! so, i cut-off and said that i dont have money. But he still ask me do something to him because he said that he got problem with thing he ordered from China but stuck at airport. so, please stop judging us as a bad women. You will know when you stay around us, have a good family here as others white guy done. Married with malays and happy without any problem.

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