Lviv girls mobile numbers – meet your bride in Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine is the best place in the world to meet girls today. I have lived in Eastern Europe and I can tell you the region of Western Ukraine between Trenopil and Lviv is the nexus of the universe for beautiful women that I personally would date and marry.  I believe in 2013 it is all about getting a girls cell phone number. Once you have that, it is up to you to close the deal. Smartphone or flip phones, just learn to text as SMS is they economic way to flirt. Direct calls are too obtrusive for the modern flirt.

The basic consensus is: ‘do not tell too many people about these women of this region of the CIS’, do not ruin it for other gallant knights on a sincere quest for a real wife. So remember:

What happens in Lviv stays in Lviv

Go there with good intentions to find a princess, not a bachelor’s night on par with the movie ‘The Hangover’.

Even with “call girls” – Weddings are in the collective unconsciousness

Just to give you an example to illustrate how different a city Lviv is from the rest of the world here is a personal experience.

I saw a street walking student girl wearing a wedding dress. It was  and eerie but beautiful sight. I mean can you imagine a girl in your city in the UK or America with such creativity even if used for a dark-side purpose. She was standing on the street in front of the Hotel Lviv behind the Grand Opera house, at at night, in a beautiful wedding dress and pale skin waiting for someone to escort her to a hotel room. A twisted type of street performer, but the romantics believe that there is a strange beauty in disproportionality.  At some level, men who saw her wanted to rescue her, and she wanted to be rescued.

Her performance was in character, she was not checking her mobile phone but standing there as a, frail and vulnerable more as a street performer than a street walker.

In contrast, a Good girl in a dark dress

In contrast, I was at a money exchange counter in Lviv and I had made a minor error, only a few cents, the girls behind me helped me immediately. I turned around and she was dressed in an outfit you might see in the 19th century. Black dress and pale skin with blue eyes, again, Gothic, yet not in character, rather some sort of business person. Maybe you would see this in a Paris fashion show, yet looking at the materiel it looked more hand made because of the frugality and lack of money.

  • Ever want to meet a girl from another century, you do not need a time machine, just go to Lviv, Ukraine.

These are odd examples, but my point is clear in Galicia rare flowers grow. I believe it is connected partly from their history.

How the history of, Lwow, Lvov or Lemberg affects the women

Today, ethnically the population is identified as 88% Ukrainian. But there is more to the story. Historically it was 41% Polish 27% Jewish, 20% Ukrainian then Armenian, Tartar and Russian other like Ancient people like Celtic. So the mixing of the population created a rare genetic crystallization of of Slavic and Jewish beauty.

Culturally, without getting into the history in detail it was Kievanian, Ruthenian, Polish, Hapsberg and ultimately Ukrainian again always with a Yiddish accent.  Even the city I am from Krakow, Poland looked provincial compared to the grandeur of culture to Lviv, Ukraine. The word Ukraine means borderland, and Lviv was truly a crossroads between East and West.

The religion is mostly Ukrainian Catholic, but also some Orthodox. Ukrainian Catholics are a union between the east and west, recognizing Rome but keeping the Byzantine rituals.

The end result is ladies from Lviv are cultured and mysterious.

Actual buildings in the old city of Lviv, put together by my wife as an artistic collage

Why Lvivian women are preserved – it is about the infrastructure

In Lviv there is water only a few hours a day. The infrastructure is so poor with city logistics most hotels have to store their own water, but the residence do it in their bathtub. Kiev which was rubbing elbow with Moscow gets all the good political money, while the freedom loving independent Western Ukrainian did not get funds.

Hence communication to Lviv is only now being built up. The net result outside guys have not come to this city. They by pass it and go on bridal tours to Kiev and larger cities in the East. I am thinking good for them. Better is to go West young man, if you are talking Ukrainia. You will get the undiscovered women of the world.

Ukraine will be a future EU candidate and will become fully Western but this is years off, because of the politics. I would say they have a healthy relationship with Poland. Poland is supportive of Ukraine and wants to bring it West as

Quick facts about Lviv

  • 1.2 Million people, translates to 300,000 single women 18-40 years of age looking for a mate.
  • Winter temperatures have highs in the 20s while summer in the 70s it is like a cloudy or damp Maine. I like to scare people and say in the summer it sometimes gets up to the 60s Fahrenheit, but it is kind of true.

How to get to Lviv if you are looking for a bride

  1. Fly to Warsaw, Poland or Krakow. Then take a night bus for 65 Polish Zloty from dworzec PKS Autobusowy
  2. Fly to Poland and take a train from dworzec centralny again PKP, this is about 250 pln.  It has a sleeper car and more comfortable.
  3. I would fly to Krakow, take a day train to the boarder and walk over, than take a van for like 50 cents. I did this and it was the cheapest. But I am a cheap guy.
  4. Fly to Lvov with Lot Polish air as a connecting flight.
  5. Fly to Kiev and take an 12 hour train to Lviv, very cheap Ukrainian train will meet nice girls on the train but bathrooms are not the cleanest.
  6. Go on a bridal tour – but do you really want to be tied down?
  7. Driving is not the best way as brides will have to be paid.

Where to stay when looking for a girl in Lviv

  1. Hotel Lviv, more for locals and ‘working girls’ but cheap and clean behind the Opera house.
  2. Hotel George if you can afford it.
  3. Babcia house, these old ladies at the train station will take you do their home for a small fee and they are cheap and nice places to stay, but you can not bring chicks there.

Where to get Lviv girls mobile numbers (meet them)

  1. Student cafe – The best place. Also the best meals Pirogi and Zupa, yum. Meals for 3 dollars or less.
  2. Street
  3. By the Universities Like cerebral women hang out by the Polytechnical, like liberal arts women the main University of Lviv (lots of linguistically oriented literature chicks).
  4. Any form of transport, trains and train station to these little vans where people are packed in like sardines.
  5. Old town, has a larger Old town then anywhere I have seen, cobblestone streets and old Churches. A lot of films are made here as it is the Paris of the East (Although in Paris I am sure they do not call it the Lvov of the West). But Frankly I would rather live in Lviv.
  6. Go to the Stary Klepasz old market where they sell pomegranate juice and beet soup as well as the most natural carrots and juice you will ever experience as Ukraine is known as the “black earth region” or the “bread Basket of Europe”. Perhaps the women look rosy completion and healthy is because they are.
  7. You can hit on girls in discos and underground cellar pubs which are popular with students.
  • The main ideas is you are a tourist and need directions or help and women will help you if you are presentable and polite. The chat them up and ask for their cell phone numbers.
Do you want your seed to be wiped from the earth? Then go out there and get off your computer and meet some student girls and collect some phone numbers.

A sneaky trick regarding Mobile numbers in Ukraine

+380 is the country code and you can get a card in any Kiosk. Useful to have a Ukrainian phone card so you have a local number to accumulate Lviv girls phone numbers and do not cross your two world.  Lets say you are a British guy with a lame UK girlfriend and on the market. Just get a Ukrainian sim card and start playing. You do not want your worlds to collide when you get back to the UK. I am for love and marriage but until you have a ring on your figure all is fair in the game of love.

Why do I write so much about Lviv girls mobile numbers, because that is the game of today, the little black book. If you do not know it you are not in the game.

There is a lot of junk of the Internet about dialing girls in Ukraine. Misinformation. Here is the straight dope.

If you have a Ukrainian mobile sim card just dial the girls number. No codes or anything, just the 7 digit number.

Below apply when you are calling with foreign cards or phones

Land lines have region codes

+380 32 xxx-xx-xx is an example of a Lviv phone number with country and region code. The plus is 0 0. Learn it and know it ” 00 380 32″ The rest is up to you.

Mobile phone codes in Ukraine

It is easy just dial 380 + the girls number

Exit phone codes from aboard

If you are calling Lviv from the USA for example just know 011 for the exit code from the USA.  001 38 +  the chicks number.

Calling from Europe 00 is the exit code  so it is 00 380 + the chicks number.

You can get an phone number and it works well, this is what I have. But for local Ukrainian companies just ask a student, you can get, Kyivstar and MTS are the main ones; or even Beeline.  No need to get a old fashion phone book pay phone.

Each carrier has a typical prefix but it is transparent, just dial xxx-xx-xx.

Kyivstar is 96,97,98 for example. Golden Telcom 39.

If you are totally confused just ask in the comment section below.

Once you have a phone by a pay as you go phone, on the back there is a code you scratch and enter as your activation. Let the person in the store help or do this for you, you can set your language to English of course.

You can always do Skype but mobile devices are the wave.

5 Night life clubs and disco to meet a tchotchke in Lviv

Tchotchke is comes from the word toy but really means little doll, which maybe is a little forward but can me sweet if you are dating the girl. Sometime women like these little terms of endearments in the right measure.

Get those mobile numbers, be the hero and win the damsel.

He who hesitates is lost – Cato

When you see what you want go for it.

I will list the ones I personally recommend and let you do a search and find mission. Maybe someday I will add a page just on Lviv nightlife, but they are all similar and changeable.

  • Masoch Cafe, Club Metro, Kryivka, Fenomen Club, Picasso
  • You do not have to over analysis the reviews of clubs, just look them up or ask people on the street and go.

Is the Ukrainian language important for conversation and texting if you want to catch a fair maiden?

Yes if you want to stand out. Russian is offensive because of the Soviet history. English, they all learn it in school and you can talk in English but for real eye ear catchers use a few meeting and greeting phrases in Ukrainian (the city of the Lion).

One more note it is Ukraine not the Ukraine. The Ukraine means it is a region while the former a country, and even news announcers are ignorant about this. Learn Ukrainian basic phrases. I am writing a program for this but it is a while off.  There is a Catholic University  and Harvard University have summer programs to learn Ukrainian there.

If you mention something about their national poets or writers like Ivan Franko or Maria Matios, all the better. You could even mention Stanislaw Lem even though Polish.  It would be like talking to a Southerner about Faulkner.

You want to live there just be a teacher of English, you will live an upper middle class income but you have to figure out the visa situation.

Why Western Ukrainian women are those you want to stand next to at the Alter

  •     Faithful women of Lviv – Deeply religious and not uncorrupted by Western hyper consumptive patters of social behavior. This is not true of Kievian or Eastern Ukrainians or girls from Odessa which is basically a Russian rust belt city. There is a Major catholic university in town. The
  •     Ukrainian women equate finding a good husband with happiness – in contrast to girls in the west which matrimony is a piece of their happiness or Russian girls who are more pessimistic about love.
  •     Lvivian women are thin –  There are no fatties dealing with emotional baggage. Every one I have met is skinny.
  •     Western Ukraine is specifically Ukrainian  – they were  not Russified (this really means destroyed socially by communism, nothing against the Russian people). This means the people did not embrace the Soviet ethic. They have a classical education and Western view of the world, concepts about love, marriage and family are connected to the Bible rather than a social humanism which was pushed in the 20th century. Communism was the ‘grand failure’ in the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski on many levels, which is beyond the scope of this post.

Q&A about girls from Galicia

Questions just as I can help you. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of Lviv.

I lived in Eastern Europe for ten years and my family is from Western Ukraine. I feel I can talk about this with authority and I have heard similar comments from my bachelor friends.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I think the cheapest way to stay in Lviv is to stay in the hostel ‘Roxelana’. they have good deals, private and sharing room. Good deals for the backpackers. Yes its true most nice girls live in Lviv. Lviv girls are beautiful.

I believe in youth hostels. I believe these are the best places to stay on a budget in Europe and to meet traveling students in close quarters.

The Best Hotel in Lviv: Leopolis.
It can be little expensive but service is the best.
I am going to marry a girl from Lviv.

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