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Lithuania has always had a soft spot in my heart as do the women. I am part Polish and Ukrainian and for centuries through the a medieval Union much of Eastern Europe was unified in a semi-democratic way. Subsequently the people suffered greatly because of its proximity to larger nationalist states. I feel sorry for people who have had so much hardship. The only positive I can see in this painful history is it changes the character of the, people to become less materialistic and worldly and appreciative of basic things in life. They are less hyper consumptive and selfish and not consumed by the worldly desires in the same way as we are in the west. This in a nutshell are the girls of Lithuania.

Dark landscape and solemn faces give the females from central Europe an unusual beauty.

They are not really that religious which is a downer for me as I believe in Catholic and Christian dating or really all forms of religious dating. The Baltic tribes because of their non-proximity to Rome where the last to be converted. Yet in Lithuania there are opportunities for a happy marriage as it is not the west and certainly any form of woman’s liberation is not to be equated with feminism, which is really an anti-male/life movement.

This post is more a reflection on some aspects of Lithuania and then I will give you some free dating sites which a lot of Lithuanian girls hang out on. If I gave you the dating sites you would not read about this mysterious country in the north.

Further specific nightlife clubs are outlined in my post on Vilnius girls.

The first things you notice when you step off the plane in Lithuania

  • Lanky people. Tall thin, somewhat pale. This is in stark contrast with the globular people of the West.
  • Grey Skies – it feels like someone turned off the lights or at least dimmed them.
  • A strange-looking language on signs. They use a modified version of the Latin alphabet.
  • Somber serious faces. People in the West are loud and smiles. In Eastern Europe like Lithuania, the people look somewhat depressed. I am not saying which way is good or bad, but I think it has to do with the lack of vitamin D.
  • Lack of English – you do not hear anything except the own thoughts in your head.

Why would Lithuania be an interesting place to live?

I think we often romanticize about when you were younger up north and drive out to a blockbuster in the cold and watch a movie. It was part of the adventure. It is a fun experience not to have everything at your figure tips. This is Lithuania. Not everything is all not and easy. You have to struggle a little. And this is what makes it fun. It is not like real poverty such as exists in Africa or South America, but rather, just a little rustic and cold. This is what makes the women of Lithuania appealing.

I also think people like movies/books like the hunger games because it taps into this psychological need to struggle. I also think people like movies/books like the hunger games because it taps into this psychological need to struggle for survival.

Finding girls if you have a brave heart

If I was on the adventurous side I would simply buy or rent a bike in Eastern Europe and ride. I would ride though the countryside. It is a small country and beautiful in terms of naturalistic beauty. Sites to see would be:

  • Aukštaitija National Park
  • The Sand dunes of Curonian Spit
  • Kaunas and Vilnius
  • Hill of Crosses near Šiauliai.
  • Monument for the geographical center of Europe.

Meet Vilnius girls online for free

  • For free Lithuanian dating go here -> and here
  • For a Lithuanian portal with all kinds of crazy and interesting things go here ->

That is it. I will update and add more later. But I wanted to give you a feel for ladies from Lietuvos Respublika.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Keep in mind, getting involved with a lithuanian woman found on such websites is not for the jealous or insecure..chances are they have a profile on every dating website ever created.. and if you think for a moment they will stop accepting takers, think again. For the most part Lithuanian women are very free when it comes to flirting online, thus questioning any kind of loyalty.

This is the key thing with Lithuanian girls or any girls, both loyalty and the flight factor. My general view is ex nihilo nihil fit – ‘nothing comes from nothing’- that means is a girl is disloyal she had it in her all along and has to do with the way she was raised and her conception of the world, not with how she is in that moment.
This is why when you meet a girl online or off knowing what she built her house on is important, that is sand or a stone.

lithuanian girls are the best,stay away from our girls! 😛

Hi I’m from Ireland; my boyfirend is from Lithuania. I think you have a very old fashion view on Lithuanian girls. Just because they are from old-fashioned, catholic, backgrounds with high morals does not make them all suitable to be devoted loving girlfriends and wives. I know many Lithuanian girls that are not that way at all. Many lie and cheat. Especially when other boys show them attention or offer them a better life. They also don’t like it when other girls can offer Lithuanian boys a better life. I’m devoted to my boyfriend, we have a fantastic life together and he tells me that I am 100% better than any Lithuanian girls he has ever been in a relationship with. So why is he settling for a life together with a Northern Irish girl, not catholic, not old-fashioned if Lithuanian girls make better long-term girlfriends and wives?

It is very funny that people often complain about people from their own culture when it comes to dating because they see the flaws better in their own culture than others. This is true. However, I do think that Lithuanian girls relative to Western Europe and America are much more marriage orriented and humble. Not always the case mind you, and people tend to look at the exception and not the rule, but this is what I have observed. It also does not mean they are better or worse, just more conservative with a focus on marriage.

I am from Northern Ireland, my wife is Lithuanian and is a lovely woman in every way not old fashioned but still has her morals we have a wonderful relationship and are very happy.

I truly believe in love as I am also married (to someone from Poland) and we are living happily ever after. Thank you for writing this.

Most people in Lithuania were exposed to the Chernobyl accident and then economic devastation in the 1990’s. The catholic thing is a facade and no one but old people believe that stuff. The fact is, Lithuania is the easiest country to bed a girl. You just have to dress up, buy them drinks at broadway, Skybar or Pablo latino. The girls are bi if born around 1985, due to the radiation stunting their growth, affecting their reproductive organs and brain development. Love is an effort and a lot of work. Lithuanians and most eastern Europeans were raised on MTV and instant gratification. They are a bit unstable due to their broken families and this radiation effect on their body. When your reproductive organs are not formed right, it obviously affects your thinking and brian function. I lived all over the Baltic and know this as a fact, I’m an MD who studied the long-term effects of this accident. We will see some freaky stuff in Japan in a generation too! Nice, site, but get real. The best girls for marriage require the most work and will come from balanced countries like Nordics, Singapore, Canada etc. You have to be what you seek. If you want a cordialtie, you better be very rich or very good-looking yourself or even both. Don’t expect to be trailer trash and get some model. It doesn’t happen that way.

I doubt you are a doctor as I corrected a score of spelling and grammar mistakes. Quote me some exact scientific studies. If you can not then what you say is wild reckless speculation and does not fit into the realm of responsible science but rather fringe conspiracy theory pseudo science.

Outrageous claims require outrageous proof.

There is a westernization going on, but it pales in comparison to the UK or the USA regarding how women throw their bodies arround,you will find no maids there. In Eastern Europe, a place I have lived a good part of my life, girls have one boyfriend and marry them or maybe two, but not like in the USA, they start bed hopping at about age 18 in serial monogamous relationships until they get married at 32, and those are the good ones.

I lived there. There are a percentage of girls that go for foreign guys and you can meet in clubs and discos no problem. You will see this in any country, but the vast majority are devout humble girls, with the exceptions that you like the conquests you like to highlight.

The shifts in culture are about feminism not radiation. Radiation did affect people but did not make a whole generation bi or make them leave the church, that is like you said MTV and the instant gratification of the West.

If you want to find a nice girl, you can in Lithuania and it will be easier than the USA or the UK.

I worked with a Lithuanian girl in the UK she was an absolute nightmare. She talked about everyone behind their backs and made nasty comments about certain people to others.

I actually considered her a friend, we were close at one point I mean close enough to fall for her. It took me a year to pluck up the courage to tell her and I made sure I did everything the right way.

As said I finally told her,her reaction blew me out the water,never had someone behave so weird to a confession of love! After I confessed she deleted me from Facebook,told everyone I deleted her, ignored me at the job,just generally tried to make my life as miserable as possible. I have never received a reply from her and to be honest a simple No would of done,but she went all out.

I won’t judge all Lithuanian girls like this because I know there is good and bad in all cultures. Would I attempt to date another Eastern European woman? Nope I think I will stick with the English girls, at least I know what kind of cordial water I’m getting myself in to. Consider it a lesson learnt.

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