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Lebanese girls – Dating women from Lebanon

I can highly recommend dating Lebanese girls. This is based on my friendship with many, even though I did not marry them.  I lived in Boston and New York and there are is reasonably large Lebanese community.  These women tend to be community and family oriented, Christian (Maronite Catholic 22% and Greek 8%), educated and well versed about the world. Most Lebanese girls are Muslim (Shia and Sunni both 28%) now as the demographics have changed but the expatriated in the west are usually not. They have Arab beauty and western culture, Middle Eastern cooking (Mezze) and morals. What else could you want in a wife?

However, a lot of people do not know this, Lebanese people are actually not Arabs but Mediterranean Phoenicians people. This is something else. They are ancient sea-faring people and even connected with the ancient empire of Carthage. They just happen to be located in the Middle East.

Combine that with the fact that their culture has a heavy French influence it makes them one of a kind in the Middle East, alluring and exotic. I remember in the 1960s Lebanon used to be the resort town for the rich and famous from France.

Where to look for Lebanese girls

  • Lebanese online dating sites – There are manywebsites for online dating, but screen for quality.  I would only sign up if they have a reasonable amount of real profiles. I think the best ones are things like and – then screen for the words like Beirut or Brazil (10 million in stark contrast to 4 million in Lebanon) combined with words a Middle Eastern woman, would use, as this is where large communities are abroad.
  • Beirut clubs to meet girls – As long as the political situation is stable it is fine to take a trip there. I believe in face to face meeting girls if possible, even over online chats.  But again check the political situation for that month. Since 2008 they have been rebuilding and is fairly stable. As far as an Asian or Middle Eastern country for tourism it is interesting. Areas like the Kadisha valley and snow-covered mountains of the East as well as many clubs in Beirut nightlife make it worth it. You can actually go skiing there, real skiing not like in Dubai.  Night clubs to meet girls in Beirut include: Buddha bar, Taboo, Void, Basement, Beirfuf, Music hall. My recommendation is any of the myriad of clubs in Monot area. You can try around Hazmieh near McDs, there are some clubs also. One of the best places in Beirut to meet girls is Insha’allah.
  • Other women of LebanonDruze women, Palestinian women and Arab women , as well as French are all part of the culture. It does not matter, if you read my website you know I do not care about the ethic origins of girls for love, only who they are as people. This is also influenced by culture, religion etc. Further, you will meet many half French and Lebanese and half English and Lebanese girls who come for the summer and go clubbing. Although I do not know if they are marriage or wife material. There are a number of CIS (Russian) and other Eastern European girls in Lebanon, I think for the weather as working there is not the best. Also there are Syrian ladies there.

Cultural considerations when dating Levantine women

You can not just meet women on the street like in the West and start chatting with them and get their phone numbers. Arab culture is conservative, it could be someone girlfriend or fiance. This of course does not apply if you go to a night club to meet girls, there anything is possible. Generally you need to also take your time with them. There is no way they are for guys into serial dating and being a player.

Other than that Lebanese gals will be happy to date you if you show any interest in their culture and even learn some Arabic.  Some females are reported to be stuck up. I knew this one girl Collette from the gym. She was nothing special but she walked arround like she an Arabian princess. Just what I observed.

Let me know your experiences or any additional research or reference for dating الشعب اللبناني‎ el shaab el lebnene girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Avoid dating Muslim Lebanese women if you are not a Muslim. They are some of the most fanatical Muslims you will ever meet. Hizbullah’s influence is much more common then most people think. Also, the Sunni’s do have a footprint in Lebanon and it would be impossible to date a Sunni if you are not one yourself. The only women who could possibly be dated by Westerners would be the Christians. All Lebanon’s secular culture came from the Maronites and Lebanese CHristians who were once the majority of this country a while ago. The Christian Lebanese women are beautiful and are not of pure Arab stock, but rather have a different ethnic makeup. They are mixed with Europeans, Turks and other native ethnic groups prior to the Arab migration into this region. Even there language and culture are a bit different from mainstream Arabic. The Christian Lebanese are much more like Europeans in their culture, but I am thinking they may possibly make good wives, but would not be submissive like the Muslim women would be.

One word of warning: many Lebanese Christians girls smoke and drink.

Another word of warning: bring a bulletproof vest if you choose to travel to Lebanon.. Watch out for fanatics and beware that shooting, riots and bombings are commonplace there now.

With regards to dating Lebanese Muslim girls, I have seen a couple Christians scorned by Muslim women if they would not convert. I think for a Muslim to convert to Christianity for example could risk great punishment from their society. They would have to go to American I think.
I also think Muslim girls, at least the ones I have met, will not marry a Christian guy, unless of course its the USA where everything is more peace and love.
The Labanese girls I know are a little bit snobish but pretty and educated and normal. I know a few that never got married because they had such high standards in chosing men. For me that is a red flag a bit, as I see no one as less than me and to marry, you have to humble yourself fully to your beloved. I think the ones that are religious do make good wives.

Just wanted to point out that lebanese ARE Arabs, phoenecians originated from the Arabian peninsula.

Rami, when you want to write please write something smart. Phoneticians did not originate from the Arabian peninsula so read on please

Since the founding of Sidon, Tyre and these other cities did not pre dates the founding of Byblos, it must be concluded that Byblos was the first of the Phonetician cities, and that the origin of Phonetician society occurred there around 3200 B.C.

This leaves us with only one final issue to resolve: which of the two remaining origin theories is correct? Did the Phonetician arrive from the Erythraean Sea (Persian Gulf) area? Or did they emerge from the Canaanites in the Levant?

In the preceding analyses, we did not encounter an “arrival” of Phoneticians to merge with local people in Byblos and give rise to this society. No disruption occurred between 3200 B.C. and 1200 B.C. to cause Phonetician society in the Levant to switch from a sea-going to a land-based existence, nor to change from their Semitic language to some other, nor to change from being relatively peaceful to becoming militaristic, nor any other fundamental change. Each of these characteristics of their society, and others, have been discussed in my book on the Phoneticians.[xlvii] For now, let it suffice that careful examination has shown the Phonetician society which existed after 3200 B.C. had many fundamental similarities to the society found in Phonetician cities in 1200 B.C.

Having said that, those points do not rule out the possibility that such an arrival of outsiders might have occurred prior to 3200 B.C. To address this point, we are fortunate to have the results of a DNA study performed in Lebanon and other parts of the Mediterranean, which was designed to specifically track the course of the Phoenician people over time. This study, performed by Spencer Wells and Pierre Zalloua in 2004, identified the relevant Phonetician Y-chromosome groups as M89 and M172.[xlviii] These specific groups were shown as being native to the Levant, going back at least 12,000 years. In other words, the people who became the Phoneticians had lived in the area for 12,000 years or more. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the Phoneticians did not arrive from some other place and take up residence in the Levant at any time near or after 3200 B.C.

Therefore, based upon all available evidence from historical, archaeological and DNA sources, it can be concluded that the Phoneticians and their society emerged from the local Canaanite people of the Levant. They did this at the city of Byblos. This event occurred around the year 3200 B.C. And the means through with it occurred was the opening of significant trade with Egypt at that time. This was the origin of the Phoneticians and their society.

I am a Lebanese woman and I find this article interesting. However, I disagree regarding the idea that Lebanese women are stuck up or snobbish. We are not snobbish, we are reserved (there’s a big difference). The author of this article is American and I think the reason he sees us as stuck up is because he is comparing us with women from his own culture – American women who are extreme extroverts, talk a lot, over-share personal information with strangers, smile to everyone they see, etc… However, if the author was French or British or Russian, he wouldn’t have considered Lebanese women to be snobbish since the majority of women from these countries are more reserved.

I agree that if you are not Muslim or do not intend to convert to Islam, then you shouldn’t date a Lebanese Muslim. It would cause you a lot of problems. Even Lebanese Christians do not date Lebanese Muslims. We also had a civil war between Muslims and Christians that lasted for 15 years. As for me, I was raised Christian but I have adopted the Messianic faith so I would want to be with a Messianic man.


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