Language learning

Welcome to my blog on language learning. It is the only one like it on the web.  Why? Because it is real. It conveys my personal experience as a language learner rather than generic recycled ideas.

Even my banner you see above, is not a stockphotobut rather me, yours truly the author of this website. Mark Biernat.  I want this website to be authentic.

I invite you to explore, comment and ask questions.  If you ever wanted to learn a language, you have come to the right place. I have a lifetime of experience with this.

Why Learning a language is easy and hard

Is it hard to learn a foreign language? Yes and no. In college I think I got a D in French ( I am a college professor now).  I had issues even with the English language.  If you note I still have to clean up the spelling and grammar on this website. I thought it was my brain, maybe it is but that does not matter.

I learn a language by myself. It is arguably the hardest language to learn in the world, at least for an native English speaker.

My trick or method I encapsulate in my language program.  It is audio based and I am writing it not for money, but because I want to share this method with others and prove to others that they can learn a language, even if they do not feel they have the gift for language.

Status on my language programs

My products are still a work in progress.  Yes, I know they should have been done by now, but I have had a lot of life circumstance, that has slowed the progress. For example,  I moved continents and had to get consulting jobs to buy a house and shore up my petty cash fund.  I also started a nano-farm in my back yard.  But we are back on track.

How the program has evolved

The nature of the programs have changed over the years.  Initially I designed and completed a program that looks a lot like other products on the market.  It was visually based like audio flashcards. Ultimately I did not release it because, I did not feel enthusiastic about the format. I work on the computer most of the day, and the last think I want to do is increase time in front of a screen.

Therefore, I changed the format to audio.  That is it will be a downloadable MP3 language learning program.

The advantage is because I am simplifying the format, making it mobile, I can spend more time focused on brainstorming creative ideas on how to make this effective.

The first languages released will be:

  1. The Amish language
  2. The Polish language

If you have interest in any of those please contact me at

Also found on this website are pages relating to travel and believe it or not dating.

Since I was a linguist, travel naturally couples with  the theme of the site.

If you like travel

I also have extensive travel experience as I have lived abroad a good part of my life and traveled. Therefore, I give ideas on how to live aboard what it is like and what how to overcome some of the country visa obstacles.

Why I have a section on love?

I know a professional website should be all serious and thematically related to one topic. In my projects and in life I like to though out the rule book.

Languages relate to people. People related to relationships and relationships relate to love. If you are like me and have any sense of adventure in your life, when you travel you might meet someone who you would like to communicate with and fall in love with.  I did. I met my wife a few weeks into a trip and many years latter we are happily married ever after.  I impart some of my wisdom about this, so others might experience something similar.

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