Language audio programs

Hi. My name is Mark Biernat and I am the creator and designer of these audio language learning programs.

Our programs will initially be for:

  1. The Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch) language
  2. The Polish language

Do you love your phone? Great!            We’ve got a language program for you.

Why are they different?

I am not a large company or a professional linguist . I believe in individual creative initiative rather than large companies. Over the period of ten years I have been creating the framework for an audio program that is written for those who did not think they have the gift for learning a foreign language.
This program is for those who do not feel they have the gift of languages

Yes this program is for those who barely could form a phrase in a foreign language. That was me. I got a ‘D’ in French and I was even in remedial English. I had serious learning issues (although today I am an Economics Professor today and a competitive Chess player).

Every foreign word was like a tongue twister and the grammar was impossible for me.

Yet I was able to learn the Polish language. The Polish language is arguably one the hardest languages to learn for a native English speaker, on my own. I did it myself, with my method. Few people can claim that, especially coming from my impoverished linguistic base.

I created these programs to surpass anything on the market in terms of effectiveness. They are based on my personal experience of someone who has had trouble with languages. Even the English language was hard for me.

These are Audio programs which take you from A to Z in a foreign language.

We made them specifically free from the computer. That is why they are audio or MP3 based. You can download them to your cell phone and take them with you anywhere you like, in the car, while you are hiking or while you are napping.

These are MP3 language learning programs.

Let me know if you have interest:

Write me at

I will let you know when the program as complete