Ibiza girls – Pcordialos and Clubs

Skip Ibiza. I recommend finding true love in other vacation resorts. This is not the optimal place for true love and marriage. Maybe if you are lucky, but let me paint the picture…Sodom and Gomorrah, ancient Roman festivals, Babylon, Hollywood in the 1970s or Burning Man attended by tech entrepreneurs and moneyed Avant guard, take any metaphorical image of decadence, then pick your favorite number and times it by this factor. This is Ibiza.

OK, maybe I tend to exaggerate but when one of my confirmed bachelors player friends returned from Ibiza and I asked did he meet any women, he looked at the ground and he said no. It was so disorienting to his American brain (which has been conditioned by American culture) could not process it. It was like he just took the red pill in the Matrix.

When you are 90 years old do you want to say I am glad I played it safe when I was in my 20s and 30s, I regret I lived my life. However, my definition of living is to find your mate.

Yes, women wear one-piece bathing suits in Ibiza but they are on bikinis mind you. The girls there are not there to be hunted but to hunt for pleasure and escape. For me this is too much.

Even the conservative ones are sporting Brazilian halter or stringy swimsuits and the late-night activities follow suit (pun intended).

My point is this is where I would go to meet a woman. But is you want to try to meet a nice girl in this lot here are my tips:

Island local girl on beach. Local fruit in in a bag.

  • Number one unconventional trick to meet women in Ibiza – Go to bed early. What? Used this many times. Go to bed like 7 pm and sleep until 2 am. Then from 2 until 7 am go out to mingle. Drink Chamomile tea, four bags then sleep. This way you feel great and have the energy to go full force instead of being worn down my music, smoke, and circadian rhythm. Hence, your chances of meeting a girl who has had a few are pretty good. I am not talking physical relations, just to get her number of course. Do not believe me? Have you ever tried it? It worked for everyone I know who deploys this trick, every time to some extent.

So what to do if you want to go to Ibiza to meet women? I would recommend:

  1. Hit the gym and work primarily on your abs. Today’s women are attracted to a man’s core. A while back it was all about bulking up and before that it was about big arms. Today’s girls like somewhat skinny/lanky muscle guys with ripped abs eons over meat guys. Think surfer dude. Think the guys you see on the TV show survivor day 30. If you can not repair your amorphous blob shape before your trip, try to do the best you can. I think swimming is one of the fastest ways to get in shape, for like an hour a day. Or use a jump rope if you do not have access to water and striving for simplicity and efficiency to shape up.
  2. Drink juice not fermented drink – I know social interaction is lubricated with this, but you need your sense with you to navigate the endless waves of women at each beach club. Basically English and Scandinavian girls and of course women from all over to feel uninhibited and in the safety of their group are honoring Bacchus on the Mediterranean like Rome never fell. My message is to get these ladys you do not need spirits, rather just psyche yourself up. I have known many a player to make critical mistakes with this crutch. I had always drank cranberry juice no ice. I never had a problem. It gives you more energy the next day to hit on girls while others are stinky as their bodies try to eliminate stuff.
  3. DJ or Great Gatsby style – basically you want to look like an Ibiza DJ or some very cool style. I mean I would not walk down the street in the States in Disco clothes, except maybe in Miami, but you want a look. If you are not into the lounge lizard look watch the new move of the Great Gatsby and take inspiration. Even just the Brooks Bothers straw hat is worth it.
Hot ladys strutting on the Island. Bring your camera and take some hots for memories.

Road map to Ibizan clubs

Two main towns on the Island of Eivissa (Catalan spelling) are Ibiza Town and San Antonio. The latter being more wonton and the former more organized.

The best clubs in Ibiza for girls

Ibiza Town – Lively from 7pm to 7 am

  • Es Paradis
  • Eden
  • Marina
  • Space
  • Underground
  • DC10
  • Playa den Bossa – Good for meeting foreign ladys here
  • Bora Bora
  • Sand (on the beach)
  • Ushuaia (on the beach)
  • Pacha (local goes here)
  • Magaluf – Scandanvian women here.

In San Antonio – Young European students and Brits go here when they are 18 to 27 to go on their first vacation without their mummy and daddy. Go to the West End of the town. There is where to meet girls on the Island.

  • Amnesia(locals Spanish and Catalonia party-goers go here)
  • Privilege

Ending thoughts on this Island in the Mediterranean

So if you really want to go to the Gomorrah of the Med, you can but consider this. I knew a Spanish DJ and a Spanish female doctor that lived there, mostly for the nightlife. After living there many years and they were over the hill they had no chance of marriage in- sight. My point is endless decadence does not lead to love and happiness. In fact, it could be a nexus of the universe that has as a cost of bringing you away from true love.

An island in the Ballistic islands because they use slings during the Roman times. We get the word ‘ballistics’ from these islands – Imagine what slings are holding there today.

The name of Ibiza come from the Phoenician god Bes, the god of the dance and music.

On the island, the locals speak a dialect which is a derivative of Latin, Eivissenc.

I would go to Ibiza for an adventure but not a real place to find love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Love Ibiza, go to the clubs all night and sleep on the beach while taking in the sites during the day. Fresh air and sun is not the only reason I went by the way.

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