How I understand Indian girls

If you want to understand the psychology of Indian girls understand India. I am an American expat and can look objectively at cultures from afar. What I see in the country of India is a microcosm of female Indian psyche. What do I see  in the stream of collective unconsciousness of the this South Asian democracy, that will give us clues about how Indian girls think? One word: complexity.

For fun and clarity I made an acronym about the psychology of Indian women. I constructed some insights formed from on the spelling of the country. However, these are real and based on my personal experiences with Indian girls.

India – an Acronym that explains Indian women for me

  • I – Independent – It is a common theme in Indian culture that the women are submissive to their parents and then husbands. But on the other hand, I hear constant verbal, but harmless, rebellions from women about their Dharma and position as a female in life. Thank goodness, not to the extent Western girls rebel. Even though, Indian girls sometimes complain about their lack of freedom in relationships, in my personal observations are very content. They just like to vent and have an independent streak as a personality trait. But in reality these gals are some of the most loyal wives in the world when it comes to marriage statistically. I think the marriage success rate is 99%.  The women are like the country of India, that is, it often has a few skirmishes but generally pursues a policy of peaceful coexistence and neutrality as long as others respect their borders.
  • N – Normal – Every female from Mumbai to Delhi I knew, from Deepitka to Bipasha, whether Doctor or IT consultant just wanted to get married and have a family. I imagine Bollywood actress feel the same, unlike their Western counterparts. I never meet an Indian materialistic, and only one lady friend in my whole life that I know that was has having trouble with her husband. She explained it was because she had an arranged marriage in India then moved to the USA and desired a little excitement. This was after her American girlfriends sat down with her and had a series of tete a tete. Use your imagination, they corrupted her thinking. However, 99% of Indian women are independent minded but loyal to their spouse. Can you imagine if this was true in London or New York?
  • D – Divine – Or more accurately a belief in the divine. I have never met an Indian girls that did not have a sense of transcendence. It is so deeply intertwined with their history, that it is almost in their genes, even if they are not orthodox in following the rules to the letter. One of the most disappointing aspects of western culture is some, but not all, people have lost the ability to transcend the world around them. Everything is logical, rational, utilitarian and practical.  In contrast India girls see the multi layered reality of the cosmos. – “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet . This is Hinduism. This is Indian culture, complex, multi layered and irrational in a positive senses.
  • I – Intelligent – I knew this girl, Aishwarya, she lived down the hall from me. She wanted to study art. She had to be a doctor, so did her two brothers. She was Indian and her parents basically gave them no choice. Her parents had three kids and three medical doctors.  I have not ever really known an Indian, at least in the US what was not geared up for education. Win a girl’s heart by appealing to her brain because their brains function at a high cognitive level and want someone equal.
  • A – Attractive – This is an understatement. Look on my site for pictures of Indian girls and you will see what I mean.

I have known a lot of Indian women because I lived in an apartment complex that had an inordinate amount of young Indian medial and University students. Over the years I got to know a number of them. If you use the above psychological conceptual framework, it might help you navigate the complexities of these girl you are trying to date them.

I wrote a piece about Indian girls phone numbers and this also has some ideas.

Let me know what you have observed in the psychology of Indian females and if the above acronym makes sense.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Indian girls or females are not as like the menioned above. In reality majority adultrous women give annoyance to their husbands and intimidate legal action for 498 I P C ultimately man has to find another source for life partner who is having love and affection. wife does not get any diference she lives indpendently with her parents till they are alive thereafter her eyes get open when time is passed away and if there is kids then more worst condition she suffer due to her adamant nature

You need to go deeper with your understanding of Indian women.
1)The reason most Indian women wish to get married is because they see a man an income and pension provider without working for it. See the matrimonial sites to get an idea.
In India the man is seen more like a bull. A beast of burden. A man is expected to be the provider even if the wife earn more! A woman treats her own income is treated as her pocket money. But her husband’s income as family income.

2)Even the Indian law is biased to women. Indian woman is not punishable for adultery by law. Yes.
See this shameful practice upheld even by the supreme court.

There are innumerable women (wives) who have paramours but their husbands have to bear the insult, as otherwise they will be faced with a false case of domestic violence and dowry harassment case (and end up paying alimony also.) sleazy websites are full of ads of available “housewives”.

3)Go through the innumerable cases where even high earning women have been granted maintenance from their husbands when they do not qualify. A woman can ask her husband to maintain her separately even if he is suffering from leprosy (see the Hindu Marriage Act), however the same is not available to his mother/father/sisters.
Lots of Indian women, marry with the aim of getting rich quickly (what you call “gold diggers” in the west), they file false cases of dowry harassment and domestic violence against their husbands and negotiate for a corpulent alimony.

4)There is a craze to marry men from IT profession and Indians living in these west. Why? Because of their high income & comfortable life. All they have to do is part their, a few times and can still carry on their affair with their boyfriends.

As a foreign national, you can be excused for not knowing this.
But don’t marry an Indian woman.

I am a foreigner and do not understand Indian relationship culture. However, often times we can not see our own cultures as clearly as someone from the outside. Norman Davies writes brilliant books on Poland even though here is British. I would like you to tell me more as it would be a benefit to all. However, I think you might want to consider if you are being a little bit your own culture and have a negative filter going.

I totally agree with your point.

An Indian girl will fight for equality and get reservation in all departments. Many get better paying jobs only for having pleasing personality.
When it comes to marriage their perspective changes

A girl wants a guy earning 5 times her salary in India, 20 times abroad. Wants a guy 6 to 1 feet taller than her and submissive.
Is too lazy to cook food or work hard. I have lived 25 years of my live in Mumbai/ Delhi and 7 years in the UK. Indian girls are too easy for any foreigner to sleep on. I have been to UK university and seen it.

Indian girls do want to work. They want kids and not one but two so that nobody questions her about work. Then they want maids, cleaners, food cooking, tuition teacher to teach kids and what no additional help.

All cultures are susceptible to greed and desire that is misdirected. Women should focus their energies on children and making their man happy, instead they focus on things of this world that do not matter. It does not matter the country. Something cultural conditioning can curtail their desire, but ultimately it is a spiritual battle between the things of this world and the things that really matter.

This is why I recommend screening women on the meaning of life question. That is what is the whole purpose of their existence. Other wise you will get an Indian woman who is greedy with expectations that are detracted from relativity. This woman is not marriage material. All I can say is lets hope Western culture does not spoil Indian women too fast.

I can vouch for every single words these guys are saying about Indian women.

Indian men are expected to be strong and obedient and should be able to protect our ladies from no matter how big a threat is and are expected to earn and make ends meet and expend inordinate energy to provide our family. And any less of a man would be shamed by society and his own wife.
He is expected to be faithful and has to bear the pain when his wife strays as all the laws and regulations in India are carefully designed and tweaked to perfection to support and favour the female gender.

Every time a girl has something against an ex-boyfriend or even any next guy goes to the police station with false claims of getting harassment or dowry in case she is married to him and not only the guy but his whole family gets punished for charges like these as the legal system here is corrupt and slow.

The guy ends up paying hefty amounts for alimony and child support as there is nothing called as a “prenuptial agreement” here in India.

This is life with an Indian woman in a nutshell.

For example, actress Deepika Padukone who people say she is a simple women willing to settle down is totally wrong, on the contrary she is a hardcore materialistic and stands for causes which these materialistics generally support, and posted Youtube videos. It is not exactly the stuff that goes with Indian culture where a movie like “fifty shades of grey” was not able to see the light of a day in a single theatre for reasons of being too graphic. It had to be edited before release. There you have it, this is Indian women and we males are in a dilemma of conflicting messages.

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