The purpose of this post is to tell you about finding Pakistani girls phone numbers online. The problem is any country whose name means “Land of the Pure” and whose motto is ” Faith, unity, disciple”, the society has male-female interaction under lock-down. Therefore, to find لڑکیوں کے فون نمبر it might be a challenge, yet with 180 million people, not impossible. Here is my guide to tell you how.

Faisalabad girl

If you go to Pakistani websites with girls photos, names, emails and numbers they are fake and posted by some guy. Do you want to chat with a dude? Better is to read my advice here, follow it and find the Shahzada, Rani or Malika of your dreams.

If you have read my website you know the purpose is to help people find true love. Therefore, this post is written as a combination of  my own personal experience and wisdom connected to love and dating and some specific practical tips relating to Pakistan and how to call girls for a date. If you want to dial-up a lady, please read on.

I give you some interesting pictures and a list of resources to follow up on, that will help you on your quest for that right series of digits that correspond to the girl of your dreams. You will go from want to be operator to having a number in hand. If you have questions ask.

Pakistani girls numbers


I did not meet my wife on a mobile, but the first thing I did was get her number. Subsequently, texting alone move the relationship along. I sent her over 11,000 sms messages during our dating phase.

How I courted my wife in secret

When I meet my wife we had a brief walk in the park. I got her cell phone number and we learned that communication was easier on the phone messages and exchanging pictures initially. I was from another country and the stress of meeting parents and family and friends openly did not have to come into the picture with mobile communication. We lived in a conservative society and religious and the angst of bringing our relationship in the open took time. I think both our parents had a different vision of who we should marry. She was from a farming family from a village and I was from a big city. We were from two different worlds.  However, modern technology of mobile phones (she had a Nokia and I had a Samsung) with the expression of written messages from the heart, we built a rapport.

Ufone Telenor princess

Noor,Mahnoor or Komal it does not matter the name of your Rose, focus on lofty pure intentions and no matter what you call her your experience will be sweet.

I remember countless nights I would lay in bed texting her. I know it might sound trivial, but in a conservative society how else can you date someone outside the expected. The metaphor of a Hindu Romeo and a Muslim Juliet is analogously becoming more frequent and texting and Skype is the way people meet in their secret garden to avoid detection from well-meaning parents that would not understand. The film ‘Henna’ is a little dated but makes the point.

dail up a Paki

choose a female who is not not plugged into her phone all the time, walking down the street with it in her hand. If is plugged in than her mind can not grow.

Love sees with the heart and not with the eyes, so let your heart be draw to a women who is not a walking G3/G4 speed Android hotspot.




girls numbers in Karachi

Girl carrying a mobile waiting for her date on a bridge in her secret garden.

When dating or courting a girl on a mobile phone the biggest tool you have is your imagination.  You need to become linguistically eloquent and subtle. You need to know how to flirt and write about ordinary things, not go right for the source and give her crude messages. Maybe late at night you can hint at something but nothing during the day or too much or it will get old.  Use creative ways to convey love.

The key to unlock her heart is:

  1. Make your pictures you send her count.
  2. Choose your words carefully.

The next two sections will give you hints on how to do this.

How to make your mobile phone photos become breath taking

I recommend you download an app by  – it is a photo imaging app that can artistically add spice to your imagines.  I have worked with Photoshop, GIMP, and other image editing software professionally for years. The number one app I can recommend for a mobile device that will let your creativity go right to her heart is Pixlr. You can take any image from your phone and liquefy or do a color splash. It will significantly increase your ability to impress her.

  • Go to Pixlr Express app over the retro Pixlr-o-matic to transform your pictures to make them ‘girl ready’. Remember the gender with the XY chromosomes likes embellishments as it shows you are making an effort to attract a mate. Therefore, put some effort into your images you message them.

By the way, the artwork in this post was done by my wife. It did not take a lot of time but with I wanted to show you with creativity you can send the object of your affection something that will be like roses in the digital age.

If you have questions on how to use the mobile app, let me know and I can help. I recommend you start with trying the web version of Pixlr express and use ‘adjustments’ and ‘effects’ initially. ‘Overlay’ make things look amateurish, you could add a sticker or text eventually. However, I recommend first try to experiment with cropping and color splash to just try it out.


Pakistan phone number list women

It written that ‘you do not take a woman against her will’. (4:19). Parents and family can give advice about choosing a marriage partner, but it is free choice of both man and woman. I do not regret acting on my free will and ignoring my parents advice. I got married and living the dream.

OK now that I sold you on the possibility of meeting women and having a normal relationship with a mobile phone how do you find them?

Use eloquent variations of text love phrases to win a girl’s hand

The trend for the new generation of  guys from Islamabad to Balokinstan to look for girls number online, maybe the guys are too shy to be introduced in real life  (this I understand). They use, GSM to win their hearts. Love words and phrases for women are like pictures for men. Men respond to visual imagines and women verbal and written communication. It is the way our brains are wired. Therefore, I recommend the following to ramp up your poetic silver tongue.

  • Read Urdu romantic poets and memorizes some of their lines or attend Mushairas. This is how you win a girl. Just like men respond to visual stimulus women are won by auditory stimulus, as this is what move their heart. Read: Poetty from Kabir, Meer, Dard, , Anis, Ghalib Dabeer, Iqbal, Jigar, Zauq, Josh, , Faiz , Firaq etc.
  • SMS variations of the above poetry – combined with feelings from your own heart and you will win the girl of your dreams. When you copy and paste a phrase it is not a meaningful as if you transform it into your own words.
  • Rewrite others text messages of love – You can take even corny SMS expressions of love and use a thesaurus to create different iterations that mean the same but sound eloquent.

The next section deals with where to actually find numbers.

The best way to pick up girls on your mobile phone is a secret method

Better than looking for fake numbers online is to learn to pick up girls mobile ‘nick’ on a chat or on the street as you are in their proximity. Many people go to cafes in Muslim countries and read a book and drink tea. Yet, they have the phone on to pick up and scan other phones in the area. They can flirt with and signal women by doing things like holding their phone close to their chest once communication has been established.

All you have to know is how to get their phone chat nick.

Rawalpindi auntie texting

Often Aunties in Pakistan want to meet, you just have to know the secret signals to contact them. They could be right next to you and you need to pick up their Bluetooth nick to chat covertly.

Toothing might be a little passé but you get the idea. You need to connect and identifying other people’s nicks.

Here is a list of more conversational ways to establish a connection not just in Islāmī Jumhūriya-ē Pākistān:

  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • LINE
  • Google +
  • KakaoTalk
  • if you search Middle Eastern women in the USA.  However,  most online dating sites are worthless for Middle Eastern countries.

Meeting girls with Uber and Lyft in Pakistan and India

The idea of jumping car with a strange woman is a fantasy.

Islamabad Uber

To ping an Uber ride on your Android and jump into the car and find a strange girl at the wheel is a fun experience, and  fuel for fantasy. Just be respectful during the ride even if your and her imagination has gone wild.

In the USA there are many Uber girls who are attractive and stylish like my Russian friend Ola below. People are nice and it is safe. She drive at night with the club crowd as she makes the most tips.

Woman uber driver called from mobile

My friend Ola an Uber driver. She loves driving and feels safe as her mobile has GPS and Uber takes safety as a priority. Its a way to make some money in the evening driving people going clubbing in the beach town she lives. Uber is in New  Delhi and any day Karachi.

Uber wants to promote women drivers in Indian and Pakistan. I think it is a good idea for economic liberation. Economic liberation is the start of freedom for women. This is good as long as it is tempered with morality.

Since Uber has GPS tracking, runs background checks and has payment information it is pretty safe, especially during the day. I personally Uber in the morning rather than the evening.

What to meet a girl on your mobile? Try Ubering in New Delhi or Uber in Islamabad (future) or Uber girls in Karachi or Lyft type services and you will be meeting women everyday.

It is better than chatting on Whatsapp. This is because, you will be chatting in close proximity with a real Pakistani girl or Indian girl you ordered from your Andriod or IOS app.

Nothing sensual at all, just simply the idea that you have a conversation with a beautiful female Uber driver or passenger in South Asia, while she drives you around or you drive her. This is not a pick up, but a polite, safe conversation. If you did anything foolish or immoral there is 100% chance you would be caught, so do not even think about it. God sees everything.

Focus on the privilege of riding in cars with Pakistani girls and the conversation that might lead to a cordial rapport.

Women want men as much as men want women

I have thought of setting up a dating site but I prefer to write about relationships than be in the matchmaking business and tell you about other sites where you can meet girls. I have many ideas on my website and they are not just about Pakistan but also Russian girls, Polish girls and Asian girls.

However, I can help you if you are looking for telephone numbers of ladies from the Karachi for example. I can help by giving you some advice and sites to go to.

Better is than looking for a no. online directly posted is hang out at common social sites like or Facebook or browse, although I can not believe anything on this site in the matrimonial is real. If anyone has had a different experience let me know but I think all the pictures of females are fake.

Why guys look for ladies telephone numbers and why girls reply? It is the trend now in the modern world that everything is so fast and easy, but it did not start that way.

The history of finding a date in chronological order from the 1800s to today’s telecom revolution

Letter writing was the primary form of communication with family introductions as the center of introduction. This lasted hundreds of years. My friend who are in their 90s now meet this way. They meet through an introduction of letter writing, promoted by their families. It is a time-honored eloquent way to get to know the opposite gender.  Think if Shakespeare and other authors of love letter. I even have done this when courting my wife during the dating phase of our relationship. I would leave a letter under the door and sealed in red wax and rose petals.

In the 1970s meeting at a club was popular. But the alpha male dominated this and geeks like me did not do so well.

Next it was singles ads in newspapers (1980s), then on the Internet message boards, next chat rooms (1990s), after that full-blown dating site, followed my social networking (20oos) and now SMS and mobile phone dating. In a thirty years time, we went from to the path of least resistance, dating via the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).

The world is changing according to the mode of communication that is used by young people. I would not say it is bad, it is just the way it is. People are like bees, we need each other to connect with and survive. We as a single bee separated from its hive can not survive well. Therefore, technology makes it possible to stay in touch like the birds and the bees so we can flock together.

It is better than having a panchayat raj decide your bride choice.

Looking for a directory of Pakistan girls cell phone numbers?

Join the club, if you are searching online for a real number. On my website about love everyday, I get scores of guys from India, Pakistan and Dubai, UAE leaving their mobile phone numbers on my site in hopes some woman will contact them, also looking for Paki girls numbers in Dubai or the UK.  As a disclaimer, I am sorry I delete  the numbers you leave as I have not yet created a dating site, this is more an advice and idea website.

The reason I do not post the numbers even if they are left with the signature of a Pakistani girls name like Anam, Fatima or Noor or Hina, is itt could be an old girlfriend’s number you want other guys to call for revenge. I do not want that and the PTA would not take kindly to this. So I can not post personal information on this site. Further, to maintain the quality of this site to comment it as to be a well-formed personal experience or expressed opinion.

  • Some guys try random messages hoping a girl gets and if it is not a girl, say it is a mistake.  I do not recommend this, but guys do it. For example they know the start of  the numbers and punch in random phone numbers. The numbers and mobile carriers it does not matter, dial  03XZ-YYYYYYY  – That is x is the mobile carrier (Instaphone, Mobilink,Telenor, Warid Telecom, Ufone, ZONG, SCO)  and Y the number.
  • With a demographic growth rate of 1.573% per year it makes sense that most people are young and the chances a text goes to a single female is reasonable odds, yet I do not recommend it as I do not know if this is allowed in PK.

On the other hand it is more fun to meet people in public and then use text messages to build the relationship, rather than the reverse.

  • Is meeting a Paki girl via SMS wrong? No, technology is a tool and is neither good or bad in itself, it is how you use it.
  • Is it optimal? It depends on your intentions, God sees the things that man does not, so ask yourself in your heart what is your real intention, a fast date or your destiny? The slower you take it in establishing a rapport, the more optimal it is, as girls need time to build trust. Again remember God see your intentions.
  • Can SMS dating be made personal? That is the paradox, while an introduction on a cell phone may seem impersonal, It can be very romantic. When courting a girl most guys communicate through SMS. This is written form of communication that actually takes thought. A well written SMS is like a Haiku or poem.  If you write a love SMS in Urdu or Punjabi for example, it takes often more thought often than an e-mail. This is because the writer tries to economize on words and chooses each one with purpose and intent. There is certainly more thought in writing than simply someone directly. Writing takes though and intent.

Stories of love though SMS

One of the biggest characteristic of youth is boredom.  A Sony Ericsson in idle hands with a body full of hormones translates to a passionate and sometimes systematic search to find a girl.

I have heard of situations where guys randomly SMS a lady and they start to chat or some Pakistani woman sends a text message to the wrong guy and they start a dialogue before they ever call.  This is the way the youth communicate, if you are like 30 years old and reading this and rolling your eyes,  it is because you are too old to understand.

Pakistani girls phone numbers

Do not make your phone the center of your relationship. Just use it to get a date then take them to the beach or park or something.


Girls on phones from Nokia to iPhones

Here is the truth, use technology, isms and chats as a tool not as a virtual world. Meet women in person, then at night send a text message and sms, once in a while, but keep it real. I meet my wife face to face, then got her number after I already was charming her (I hoped). She have me her number real fast, verbally and did not think I would remember it, as I did not have a pen. I did and when I called her a week later she was very impressed to say the least. That is how it is done.

However, If you have trusted resources that you know let me hear from you. I am looking for input from you.   I do not know where trusted resources other than well established dating site with controls and moderation to find a date.  However, I will give you some external resources to start with connected with Pakistan and telecommunication.

I think the best places to start are established Pakistani dating sites rather than some free for all posting numbers on a message board. Dating sites have some moderation of the process so a greater level of trust. There are many even free Urdu dating sites.

Where not to look for telephone numbers and why

Guys are looking in the wrong places and here are some wrong places.

  • LinkedIn is one of the most popular sites in Pakistan (ranked number 19 over all) and has countless mobile phone numbers of Pakistani women, but I do not recommend this site at all, as it for business purposes. It is for professionals who want to do business, not love.
  • PkMobileNumber this was a site which was a horrible, I hope it does not exist, it had not moderation of numbers entered so there was not trust on what number was placed on the site. The problem is most sites have no quality control over posting, so the numbers could be some guys old girlfriend and he is resentful and wants revenge. This is very wrong. Guys will be calling her all day and night. I only mention it so people can he aware to avoid such sites.
  • Pakistani girls from a mobile phone directory. To get some random number is not respectful use of public information. The numbers you want are numbers of girls who are looking just like you.

Good mobile resources to explore:

  • Pakistan numbers and free mobile phone SMS to Pakistan
    Free use of carriers like ufone and telenor, it is pretty easy to use even if you are in the UK, you can send a text messages to Lahore.
  • If you are dating and flirting with Desi or Pakistanis girls by SMS or iisms , try this site. On various telecommunication networks and languages including Hindi and Urdu you have romantic SMS ideas for females you are trying make fall in love with you.
  • My best advice is start with online dating for girls and get their numbers that way, that is ladies give them to you after you win their trust.   I have not found any great resources for calling  Urdu girls numbers directly other than some SMS dating sites. However,  I do not know if they are good or not. Therefore, I recommend to start with a more traditional way and then bring it to the telephone and maybe real life level. It would be great if there was a list of numbers for friendship.
  • People in 2013 look for Zong girls numbers. – I do not know what this is about but it is the worth investigation.
Wallpaper of Multan female

Exchanging pictures is one step in underground communication between batchmates.

If anyone has more ideas for this post I would like to build it up as a resource, so write something below. If you have love phrases in Urdu that can be texted to a girl as a form of phone flirting, that you can leave. That will help others win ladies that speak Urdu with a combination of old fashion love phrases and modern technology in پاكِستان‎.