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Girls hots online vs. the power of your imagination

Do you like shapely female images from Pompeii Frescoes to cordial girls on your Facebook suggest? Then, listen up all you armchair admirers of XX chromosomes out there. The purpose of this post is to teach you give you a technique to make your irresistible to women. If you jettison the habit of surfing the web for girls hots and use the power of your imagination your life will change.

  • Replace your obsession with pixel based images of women on the web by creating a visualization routine that will lead you to the princess of your dreams. I did.
Use the power of your imagination – then go to the biggest Internet in the on earth, that is the real world, to pick your wife and make your dreams come true.

Yes that is right your humble author here, the first thing I did in the morning was hit the computer and surf the web for women. Nothing graphic, mostly looking on dating sites or Russian dating sites, searched  images with search engines and booked marked a few sites like Maxim. I even for brief moments of curiosity scanned more risqué website, never anything immoral, mind you, basically R-rated.  I think every guy (and female) has done this, when they are honest. These images lead you empty, bored and you are still alone when you come out of this hypnotic daze.

The key is to transform these R rated instant gratification pleasures on the web to an X rated relationship with a real girl by creating G and PG rated imagines in your imagination.

How to stop surfing the web for female hots
I use to spend way too much time looking at dating site profiles on the web and looking on image searches for cordial hots of women. I can tell you from experience it was unproductive. You want to engage reproductive activities not unproductive. I did not meet my wife by surfing the web. When I gave it up. I just flew to Europe and met her the old fashion way, by chatting her up. Yet the groundwork was laid down beforehand spiritually.

I believe the power of meditation, prayer and visualization helped accelerate or better yet but me back on the path I was suppose to be on.

Computer image streaming of your brain
During visualization your brain engages specialized regions from the Temporal (planning) and Parietal lobes ( sensory) the Occipital lobe ( a main area responsible for visualization) and the Amygdala (emotions and memory). All this neuron-babble sounds great, but there is something more important here than understanding the geography of the physical brain.

A scientific knowledge of the physical brain pales compared to an understanding that your imagination is an instrument of your Divine soul.

Use this marvel of God created architecture superior to any computer to attract like a magnet the girl you want.

My formula is for success with the opposite gender (or generally)

  1.     Pray
  2.     Visualize
  3.     Actualize

When you realize that the imagination is the seat of the Divine your you can live the life you want, including getting a wife. Work with your imagination rather than let external stimulation distract you.

Use the above technique and you will have a wife. Write me if you want more detail but I think it is clear. You want to remove the impediments in your vision, the floaters of your mind, and start wielding the power of your true nature.
Male and female strategies for mate section are different

Why men and women have a different approach in dating – evolution assigns different agendas to each gender so their brains work different. Men need to find the best genes and women the best caretaker and provider. Of course that is not all we are but our brains are design subtly different.
The difference between men and women is men’s hearts are connected to their eyes and women’s hearts are connected to their ears. Each gender has a different primary sensory function that pulls at their heart string. This was designed via evolution for the perpetuation of the species based on different mating strategies.

The heart has its reason which reason does not know – Pascal

Howard Wolowitz does not woe get Penny
So if you are a guy, hots of beautiful women or visual imagines will get your attention. Especially if you are seeking a date from a dating site, you want to lower your blood pressure (clinically tested) or you are an artist.

While your girlfriend is lip syncing Shakira and Beyonce in the shower, you are looking over your shoulder surfing the web for beautiful women’s hots.

I have a solution, but you will not like it.  Find a girlfriend that does it for you on all levels so you will not feel compelled to do this.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.  – Hamlet

There is anything intrinsically wrong with this behavior, yet, endless surfing on the web tends to turn you into a Howard Wolowitz.

Marry a fantasy and your OCD with beautiful girls will disappear
Your goal is to be married to someone better looking than anyphotoyou see on the web, then you will not feel this temptation. Someone better looking than yourself and someone who is easy-going and does not hassle you.

When you have this dream girl you will stop.

How do I know? I used to surf the web for hots of girls.

The way you achieve this goal is as follows:

Web girls vs fantasies in your mind

  •     Stop randomly surfing the web for girls hots and delete all your bookmarked site that have such hots (except this one of course, mine is a combination of artistic hots and useful information).
  •     When you go bed at night try developing a strategy. This strategy should be a to visualize the girls you would like to have. I always imagined a princess from some distant land. Build your own visual fantasy, you can observe in your third eye rather than on a web, tablet or mobile phone pixel landscape.
  •     Make your fantasy PG rate at most, as anything more tends to detract from the power of the imagination. The imagination is where the divine resides.
  •     Go back to my formula: Pray, visualize and actualize.

If you turn away from your devious ways, God will reward you. If you ask God forgiveness and cross the desert you will find your girl waiting for you in an oasis waiting for you.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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