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How to get a girl – dating Dorota in the land of OZ

In American dating if you do not ‘appear successful’ (job title, car size, clothes labels) then getting girls is a bit of a problem. Not to worry, I wrote this post as a straight-forward guide to getting a girlfriend no matter where you are in your life.

If you really want you can skip my rant go to the end of the post. There you will find the real answer. It is found in step 2 of how to find a girlfriend. However, read my whole post, as the truth is funny in a strange kind of way and it sets the stage.

The first part of the solution for obtaining a female partner is obvious for those who are aware. However, trying explaining to someone who has never traveled a lot, it is difficult for them to grasp the concept.

You need to start looking in the land of OZ. The land of Oz or candy land is any place outside the USA and UK. This includes but is not limited to, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, India, Spain, Greece, Ireland etc. Basically where the other 5 ½ billion people live. Some people call it OZ other people call it candy land. It does not matter. Think about it, there are over 1 billion single beautiful girls in marrying age that want to get married from OZ.

  • Be warned, if your demsel is taken out of the land of OZ and brought to America, and she is not a deeply spiritual and humble girl, Dorota quickly will become Dorothy, that is,  just another farm girl from Kansas with red shoes.
  • However, if you follow my advice you will live happily ever after somewhere over the rainbow.
Finding a humble girl with a sincere heart will be your pearl of great price.

Dating in America – Dating Dorothy born in the USA

What you do today will echo though eternity – Marcus Aurelius

Do you believe character is destiny? I do. On the other hand girls will deflate your ideals when they realize that in the good old US of A, your ability to attract women has more to do with the zeros in your bank account, horsepower of your car, or the square footage of your house. You know, I wonder if American girls know they are top of the food chain?

So what is the problem? America is the land of opportunity. Just make some money, save the farm, get the girl and live happily every after like in the movies of the silver screen.

Your life for a Wife

Here is the issue: You can get rich in America if you sacrifice your life. You sell yourself to corporate America in finance, consulting, IT, law or medicine. Then if you bust your rear end and have a little luck you will have a house, car and an average American life. You will not be living large (designer clothes, Jaguar , European vacations), mind you. But your will do like everyone else. Working hard, commuting to the office and mildly depressed and from time to time stressed about your job. But mostly mildly depressed.

Seems like a fair trade off? Your life for a wife? Except for one more straw to put on the camel’s back. All this will still not get you the girl of your dreams who will love you, and make your heart skip a beat when she comes into the room. Yep, in the USA near perfect is not enough. Further, feminism poisoned the well. This woman will divorce you 100% of the time. OK maybe I am exaggerating but about 50% of the time. Even if you think no way ‘we are such a good couple’, if she was born in the USA, believe me, way.

Now here is my disclaimer. This is not all American women. These are not all marriages. However, I am being a little dramatic to illustrate my point about my culture because I am not a hyper consumptive materialist and my relationship with my family is the more important than career. America might be the land of opportunity if you are willing to be a corporate serf and have Ivy league degrees, but it is not the land of happy relationships.

  • Getting the girl is almost not worth it
  • Keeping the girl is hard
  • It is exhausting to go on countless dates and disappoint so many women because you are not looking like Johnny Depp, with a 290k income. American girls have the highest and most unrealistic expectations. You will disappoint them no matter who you are. And remember, you do not need to be looking like Depp or have the wealth of Prince William, nor would I want to get a real princess. We all add up to 100%.

Step one for getting a girl – out with the old

The pill you took is part of a trace program. It’s designed to disrupt your input/output signal so we can pin-point your location. – MorpheusWhat does that mean? – NeoIt means, buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy. ‘Cause Kansas, is goin’ bye-bye. -Cypher – The Matrix

So what is the solution? Forget about all the women you thought were cordial and erase them out of your memory. Believe me they are not cordial. Hot is a thin, leggy Russian girl, ten years younger than you with a PhD who adores you and will stay with you as her champion and prince.

If you cannot get some American girl from your past our of your mind, mentally say to yourself ‘cancel, cancel’ every time the thought of one comes up. You need to deprogram yourself. You need to know all girls are not like the women you have meet in your past.

If that does not work imagine them in your grandma’s old pink slippers and a ratty old house coat with about ten lbs more on their belly, since the last time you saw her (which is probably the case) and burping like a truck driver walking out of a greasy spoon dinner. Or anything like that, but forget about all females you have ever meet before. All of them.

This is a bridge near where I live. Couples in love have placed locks on the bridge with their names inscribed and throw the key in the river.

Step two for find a girl – in with the new

Here is the real secret to getting a girl for love. I am changing the tone of this post from light and amusing to more serious because this really works. I talk enough on my site about specific places, either online or in real life to meet girls. You can go back a revisit these post. However, here is a method that helps in a more universal way. But it does work. It is something you will not find on too many dating websites or relationships sites as it is not cool to talk about things like this. But you can threw stones at me if you want but it works. I will probably offend people with the following, but I am just giving you what works. Test if yourself.

Mystical way to attract girls

I believe that God guides people. Monks have something called Lectio Divina. They open the Bible and randomly, point to a passage with their eyes closed. They then meditate on this passage. Then they see how this passage applies to their life.

You need to start thinking this way, that is trusting and believing your life is not random. If you have not found your other half there is a reason.

  1. Examine your life and see what needs to be changed. – what is blocking you from your lady friend to be ? See if you have anything that you had to learn or do or clean up before you move to the next level. Do you have anger about the past or pride about your abilities or jealousy about what others have or unforgiveness or judgment in your heart. You need to be unbound from these energies. I do not care if you see these energies as something real or abstract, but you need to clean house,our spiritual house. Pray for those who have hurt you and hope good things come to their life. If you cannot do this, have the intention of wishing good on them and leave it at that for now.
  2. Next, thank God for all that you have. In your mind think of all the things you have been given in your life.
  3. Last, ask God to bring you a wife. Make sure your request is specific, sincere and in your own words from your imagination. In the imagination is where the divine resides. This is why the imagination is so powerful when it comes to women.

Another methods to attract your sweetheart include:

  • Making a connection with your future princess – As you drift to sleep at night try to imagine your princess and make a connection, even though you do not know who she is or where she is. Play out a fantasy that you find her alone waiting in her castle. I did and it worked.
  • Pink balloon -. Imagine that you put your request for your other half in a pink balloon. You let it go and let it drift about creation collecting energy. You will see your life will start to bring changes.
  • Subconscious mind connection -You simply drift to sleep and whisper in your imagination ‘true love’ or ‘beautiful princess’. You do this as your drift to sleep. This will start bringing profound changes in the universe and set the stage for you to meet your other half.

After you have been around the block serial dating and spent an inordinate amount of time with numerous low-effort contacts screening online dating profiles, the simple reveals itself after the complex has been exhausted.  Continue to ask God to help you and be patient and trusting and you will see how the universe will changes around you.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 replies on “Get a Girlfriend who will be nice to you”

“American girls have the highest and most unrealistic expectations.” I agree with this. American girls can’t seem to get it in their deluded heads that superman only exists in the comic books. I mean that as a metaphor. You can take it as you may depending on the particular girl’s situation and taste. If you are an average looking guy and you try to make an approach to an American girl, she will label you as a creep or weirdo even if you are not acting like one and she won’t even give you a chance. This is so widespread and so typical of American women. I stopped wasting my time with them. It’s not worth the stress.

I could not agree with you more. Instead of approaching an American girl who projects her neurosis on you (and yes she is in therapy), why not just date a beautiful princess from abroad. They will treat you with gentleness and respect like you treat them.
My friends that have married some out of this world princess are all universally happy, including myself.

I have to disagree with the idea that foreign women are not materialistic. They just have lower standards for wealth. Otherwise, you would see more dating sites for women from Scandinavia, Germany, Holland or France. But, you don’t. Why is that?

I do agree that Americans are too obsessed with material wealth and the women here can be very superficial. However, I think you have to look in the right places. Bars are not a good place to start, because this is where girls often ask you, up front, “what do you do for a living?” Churches are not much better. The Evangelicals are particularly materialistic, I’m afraid and some of the mainline protestant churches are the realm of the affluent and crawling with social climbers, wannabes and gold-diggers.

I realized in my 30’s that I wasn’t going to do well in a superficial environment like the city I live in, but I wasn’t ready to move to some podunk town to find a more earthy girl. Too many people in those towns are trying to get out because of the lack of economic opportunity. That is why I began to look abroad. However, it has its drawbacks and I suggest most young men exhaust all their options on this side of the ocean, before catching a plane to meet someone in a culture you know little about.

Most successful marriages start when people meet through mutual friends or some other legitimate social connection. I don’t consider Facebook a legitimate social connection. If you are not meeting possible dates through your friends you are hanging out with the wrong people. I used to hang out with a certain crowd for many years, but the girls in that crowd were not interested in me, or they were a bit too neurotic. Year later, I have little contact with those people, but when I see them most are in the same place that they were, twenty years ago. Few are married and even fewer have done anything constructive with their lives. A lot of them are on anti-depressants. They seem puzzled with my choice of family life in the suburbs. I wonder now why I wasted some much time with these people.

You are partially right about foreigner girls being materialistic. See in Eastern Europe where I live I meet many girls that are materialistic, it is just that their expectations are lower so they appear not to be. However, many are not. Many are very humble and find money and wealth and power very unattractive. It can be a huge turn off in fact for some women. I think the bottom line is you need to be able to discern between what is real and what is not in a girl, or else you will wake up one morning with your Russian beauty in the USA and realize that she is just another farm girl from Kansas with red shoes.

Church and religion, both of which I participate in are two different ideas. So you are preaching to the choir on that one.

Mutual friends is a great idea. But I was never hopelessly attracted to any of my mutual friends acquaintances. But when I set eyes on my wife when I was traveling though Europe, it was over. I think love comes in many places. I highly recommend this video.

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