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The purpose of this post if to tell you what French girls are like and how to meet and chat with French girls on the web or in France. I will lay all the cards on the table up front, women of France are beautiful, however this begs another question, if you could date them would you want to? I am not talking about walking along the Seine hand in hand. I mean for a serious relationship or marriage are French dames marriage material?

I am an American living in Europe so I have a perspective on European girls that is unique. I studied French for seven years to a University level, so I am not the authority on French culture but am an expert in some ways.

What are girls from France are like?

Anything I write about French girls is a stereotype and a generalization. Rene Descartes was right,  ‘all generalizations are distortions of the truth’. It is true, not all people from one culture are like what people say. However there are some cultural tendencies that being aware of helps if you visit Lyons or Champagne-Ardenne.

Are French girls easy to meet?

  • Listen up, Do not listen to old stereotypes. On the contrary I repeatedly get on this blog many young French females that are idealistic and have visions of romantic love and marriage. Further, I have met many French couples that are loyal and happily married.

If you want to meet a French gal they are open and easy to talk to, but somehow to get them to marry you, I think they have high standards in terms of marriage and real love. At least this has been my personal experience.

Then why do they have a reputation?

Yes they have a reputation, that is French girls are easy. This comes from, people coming over from conservative America in the last fifty years and seeing the contrast between European and American women and culture. France is one of the most visited countries for Americans. So this is the American experience in Europe, not just French people.

I mean even us we come from Europe and women can not take their top off at beaches is strange for us. But in America it is a big no, no. I think the USA is strange in ways. A woman can be braless or have not top at the beach, it is seen as something bad, but she can have tattoos and engage in physical relations before marriage. So filles françaises are passionate and romantic and this sometimes include physical relations but I would not say they are different from their American counterparts when you are thinking about a roll in the hay, maybe I am wrong?

Further, somehow in the collective unconsciousness we Americans have Parisian girls kissing soldiers in the streets after the liberation of Paris. I do not know how this stereotype is perpetuated, maybe from old fashion hots or tales from grandpa but Parian girls are not different in terms than say New Orleans girls. So my conclusion is, culturally the French do not have the puritanical restriction that Americans have, but I would not say they are loose in morals at all.

Generally I think French women are not easy, but I need to make one qualification, do not take chastity before marriage seriously, unless they are Muslim French girls. Islamic French women are generally pure and come from Algeria and Morocco. It is a sub culture within the French Republic.

Are French girls are neurotic?

Well on this one I am not so kind, but neurotic is not a bad thing. Here is the deal. French women are not religious, and they also use the highest percentages of antidepressants medication in the world per capita.   I wonder if there is a connection?  They experience existential anxiety because they lack a connection with God. Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Camus and Sartre were wrong, you can not redefine your life on humanistic terms because God is part of being human. God is not above in the clouds or pantheistic but part of the human experience like the color of a candle wax. It is part of the candle. The French people took their thinkers too seriously and ignored Pierre Teilhard de Chardin type positive philosophers. The result is a post modern neurotic woman with out the grounding of faith and trust to help them in the storms of life.

But if I were to put a positive spin on this, I think if French girls are neurotic it is only in a positive way, that is they are quirky. I like geeky, slightly off girls.  Think of the film, Amalie. Who would not love to date such a strange girl.  However, they lack faith. This combined with a general existential anxiety resulting from French philosophy from Diderot to Françoise Sagan. The French have great literature, much I have read in the French language, but I think their thinkers were on the agnostic side and this influenced their culture. A culture’s hero’s and writers influence the way the common people think.

Agnostic girls from Western Europe,  I think is a red flag is you are looking for a French girl for a wife and not just as a flirtatious adventure.  I recommend guys choose girls who read romantic idealistic literature or spiritual books more than sit in a cafe reading Camus or Sartre or modern materialistic literature.

I knew this one Doctor from France that had all her kids under the age of 5 on psychiatric medication and ADD, but the kids all seemed normal to others.  I think  they are looking for happiness in new ways, like in ‘The Furutological Congress’ by Stanislaw Lem, without God and in the form of a pill.

French girls are beautiful

Third, French women have money to spend on fashion and clothes and make themselves look great.  They are generally of Gaul or Celtic ancestry with a lot of Latin and now Arabic mixing so they have light features with some striking dark features mixed in and this does make French women beautiful.

I have seen perhaps the most unusual styles, crazy but interesting outfits on a French girl. I saw one French teenager dressed like a bumblebee, another one so Gothic she looked like a vampire. No question French ladies are cool and stylish. No debate here.

Why Francais women are so appealing? Because many guys dream of an easy, neurotic, beautiful girl.  They are a little bit helpless and beautiful.

The downside of women from Normandy to Marseille

Some people say, France is a very rich snobbish country.  If you are not from France you could have trouble making a connection.  If you do not know the French language this could also be a problem. For me this is not the big disqualifier, as cultural barriers are easy to overcome if you learn a little of the language.  What is? It is that French girls are also a bit materialistic and will not cook for you or take care of you in many cases. Screen them well if you are looking for a lady friend. This is a red flag if you are a man looking for a wife. I know this is a huge generalization and please rebut me if this is wrong. But I have not meet too many filles françaises  who dream of being a traditional wife in either Quebec or Paris.

But the ones I have met personally were somewhat humble so they are not without hope for love and marriage.

Where to meet a princess in real life? France in my opinion is way over priced so I would not meet them in France, maybe in some resort where they go, like club med or Greek Island. However, I think the best place to meet girls from Paris or Lyons or Marseille Fr is online.

French girls online and on their cell phones – all you need is a number list

The top social networks French people use are:

  • – No surprises here
  • – Popular in Western Europe.

If you want to text or sms a French girl on her mobile – cell phone use this site:

Mobile French dating

  • – You can sed free SMS text messages to French girls mobile phones from this website.

Dating sites in France are these:


These are some of my ideas for meeting a lady in France and Europe. If anyone has additional idea for meeting these romantic language Latin girls of Gaul let me know.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

23 replies on “French girl – filles françaises”

HELLO ^^ excuse me if my english is bad 😀 , SO … Sorry but i’m french girl and you know … i think that i know french people better than you .
why do you say that french girl are easy !! excuse me but it’s wrong,most french girl are very shy so not easy …. we aren’t snobbish …. it’s really stereotype … if you real live in french you don’t say the stupid things like this !!! i’ts like if i say that the americain or english girls ,or boys is ugly or stupid or corpulent !!! so don’t take into account about this. its very very so you are very wrong about French people.

I think you’re kind of French girls. I admit we can be snobbish but I don’t agree with the fact that we’re easy. I mean, this kind of characteristics depends of the person only, wherever she comes from.
You don’t need to go to a club med or something, you just can meet french girls …IN FRANCE or in your country ! Stop her, say a french word with an accent, make her understand that you’re english, american (because YES WE LOVE AMERICAN), spanish or italian and she’ll be helping you (and more if you’re super-cute).
Secondly, French girls are not materialistic, this is a cliché. And they’re not neurotic neither. They’re pretty cool and calm in their life, they actually have ups and downs, but who doesn’t have one? We’re all humans after all. Some need religion, others don’t.
To text french girls :
Chat with french girls you can add : twitter and tumblr, blogspot.

I have meet some nice French girls here in Poland. It is another post I need to revise. Hey by the way there is nothing wrong with being neurotic. I think most guys like slightly neurotic girls. It spices their life up a bit.

Funny. Every single thing you say here not only isn’t true, but its not even a known cliché! Clichés about French girls actually are the complete opposite of what you write here. They are not neurotic, and making a connection with the fact that They got rid of religious dictature a long time ago is revolting. Another thing: just because they are classy and beautiful doesn’t mean they are easy. Because the fact is that, precisely, they are not. Here’s a tip for you: if you want a French girl in your bed you’ll have to deserve her and seduce her, which takes time… But it’s worth it: once you date a French girl, I mean once you’re in a serious relationship with her, she’ll take care of you (I cannot believe you said the opposite, where does that even come from?). They can cook very well and they’ll make sure you’re happy and do not lack of anything.
Last thing: not only do you generalize from single exceptions, but you also carry a cliché about French people in general. Do you mean that, if I show up in USA and I can’t speak a word of English, I won’t have “trouble making a connection”?
So what? Were you dumped by a French girl to be so mean? I actually felt like you were describing American girls.

So, to start they are classy, they are friendshipy, they are not easy, I think they are like any other kind of girl in the world about talking to someone they just know. Yes the connection starts the way it should start, I didn’t speak french, my native language is Spanish but I speak English, so there was a little accent.

I agree with the comment that they will take of you in the relation, they cook really easy cooking of course but what I learned they wont do is to wash cloth by hand. My girlfriend took my heart since I met her and that is the only thing she asks from me, love. But isn’t it that what every women deserves?

They smell really good, and below all those clothes you will find a friendshipy lingerie, match or not matched they will look friendshipy. So the recipe ro meet a french girl is to be honest, get her interest and if you want to stay with her, love her. They smell really good, and below all those clothes you will find a friendshipy lingerie, match or not matched they will look friendshipy. So the recipe ro meet a french girl is to be honest, get her interest and if you want to stay with her, love her. C’est facile, sorry for my bad french im learning with her.

You were probably turned down by a lovely and friendshipy French girl to be so bitter… because you are not able to make us laugh you find us neurotic, because you are a machismo you find us too materialistic…
all I can see in your opinion is the ordinary revenge of a poor man who makes a general rule out of his own experience. This does not show the kind of brilliant and funny mind that we love. We would very easily cook for a man if he brings us what we want: charm, fairness, respect, galanterie… all things that you Americans have never heard about.
I’m really sorry for you. If you prefer your Midwest girls going to church and wearing baggy dresses, go back to them. You do not deserve what a French girl can bring you.

French girls are stylish, sweet, intellectual, attractive and if they are neurotic slightly it is a good thing, I like people who are somewhat off. Look at Woody Allen. I think I am not 100% normal, few people are. I also think people in France live a good quality of life. However, the one thing that I do not like about the modern culture of dating in France is the girls are not into faith and it is cool and hip to take lovers. I write about how guys can find a beautiful wife who will be by their side their whole life.
Good looking girls are a dime a dozen. However, a good wife is hard to find. If I were looking for a good wife, someone that would bring you a lifetime of happiness not a few hours, I would nominate faith as the cornerstone that relationship. Why? Faith is like trust and is the basis of any healthy relationship. It is a vote of ‘yes’ for the life process, that it has meaning.
I think Camus and Sartre were wrong in this regard about the meaning of life, and Voltaire as much as I like the enlightenment philosophers, was cynical and sarcastic. I prefer more positive thinkers like Hans Kung, Victor Frankel, Jung or Martin Gardner or Mortimer J. Adler as thinkers. So I think the problem was French thinking too a few wrong turns and it influenced society perhaps.
Therefore, the French girls are stylish ad beautiful but who cares if they are not a partner in your spiritual development in this movie of life.

I’m french girl and I think its very close to what we are
we are anxious in general and a little bit lost. I personally take antidepressant pills because I have many things to do and sometimes it is so much that I start to forget that I’m woman and its something really not beautiful.
We love feeling beautiful, light, easy and lovely.
Its true we try to be a good friend, beautiful woman, intelligent, good mom, good girl and good at job so all sometimes is too much and we crack under the strain.

I think you are yourself.
It is very hard to be a good human, fullfilled and happy. The pressure of life can be overwhelming at times even for the strong. The main thing is understand that we all feel this way. Men who appear stong and women who are beautiful, which I think you are, feel this way. It is like the old African American spiritual ‘Nobody’s seen the trouble I have seen’. Everyone feels this way.
For me the two greatest joys are my family and my faith in God. With these joys, nothing seems impossible. Peace.

I love French girls! Haha I’m going over to France soon with a friend of mine. We’re both 18, and obviously
Hoping to meet some nice French girls. You make me terrified to strike a conversation with them.

French girls are actually very nice and will generally like Americans. I have to check my post to make sure it did not come across to negative. I think French girls are nice to flirt with and meet, but to marry them, you have to simply make sure they are congruent with your moral outlook and world view as it is a different culture.

I agree with jeune francaise en colère.
What you have said I think could be mostly based on opinion that may or may not be true you should get more experience with more French girls then just a few to get a better idea of how we are.

I think most guys would like to have more experiences with French girls. What would you recommend the best way to meet them?

Hi guys! I will anger the other French, but I think that much of what you said is true, only it depends on where you go. In Paris itself, the girls are going to be a snob, but if you go a little more towards the outskirts of Paris, you will be very well acceuillis most of the time! Once I met an American tourist, I even spent the day with him, he was delighted with his visit to Paris and I think he will remember for a long time also: P, which could confirm the phrase “French girls are easy.” I’ll turn this phrase by saying “the French girls love to have fun!” And I love American men so why deprive me? However, it is true that we give no importance to chastity before marriage. Religion is not very important in France. People do not go to Mass on Sunday, for example, I have not set foot more than 5 times in a church in my life.
I think to meet them, already have to go into nice bars or even in parks. My American example I found in a park, he came to me requesting information on how we are going to Paris by metro, the corners nice and in fact I gave him a tour of all my car! Well, you will not find a French may not be as friendly as me: P, but most will tell you what you need!
Well, sorry for my English but it’s google-translation that has helped me!
Bisous les gars 😉

I’m a French girl (so sorry if my English is not really good. Maybe it’s cute with my accent but for writing, it’s not the same.
I think if you want to know how French girls are, come in France and make your opinion. You don’t need to read text about that because, all French girls are not the same.
It’s not good to talk about all a country, we are not the same.

See you in France 😉
Bisous, à bientôt !

You are right and I am wrong, if I misconveyed any information about French women that is not correct and yes generalizations are not good. I am getting more and more e-mails from French girls that tell me French women are loyal and romantic. I have to say, I am tending to agree as I meet more and more.

I am an English man from London. I agree that generalisations can be very unfair to individuals and sometimes simply biased and incorrect. I am sure I come with my own subjectivities too but I would like to share my thoughts. It is my experience that French women are by far the most interesting and alluring women in the world. It is a combination of the cool and feminine way they carry themselves, their individual sense of style, their aloofness and subtle flirtatiousness, the sound when they speak their beautiful language. I could go on. I like that they can be romantic and if a bit neurotic then that might just make them more real and interesting. I like that they seem quite expressive and willing to argue and defend their views. I was not aware so many French women are on anti-depressants – wow. Could it be globalisation and the fact that France is becoming less French than it used to be and the insidious rising influence of materialistic U.S.culture via the internet? I guess there is a lot of pressure/expectation to live up to for a young woman of France, perhaps. Afterall, they are the envy of other women throughout the world! I studied philosophy at university and loved the French philosophers but to take them seriously as some sort of code for living would be to miss the point I think. They were reactionary and ground breaking but hardly good as a prescription for mental health! Anyway, I have bored you enough. Salut, Mark

Sorry guy, you have totally wrong. But it’s very nice to you of saying a lot of good things about this country. I am French, I live in Paris since I am born and I know almost all about the French girls.

I can tell you that they are so complicate and hateful.

I have been already in a lot of countries so it’s quite easy for me to look at the differences. The girls here don’t come to you to speak, they are always looking at you but never going to speak with you.

Here the girls think that they are like princess and are waiting for that the guy do huge things for her. In general they are very pretentious and ‘they don’t take themselves for anything’ I would say. I can also say that the girls are not very happy, just look at in the subway or in the streets. They are always complaining for tiny things “it does not go, it does not go”, It’s so boring and loathful.

They criticize the slightest things which are not going as well. So I can really say that the French girls are very close and it’s always the man who must start to speak with her. And it’s not finish.

After that the girl will tell that boy wants actually to have fun with her and so on , So in any case, you will lose. If the guy wants to speak with her in a night club with French’s mentally ‘oh again an jerk who wants to have relations with me’, in American’s mentality. “Oh cool an amazing guy who wants to have fun, maybe the night will be cordial’.

For ex I love the American girls they speak very easy with you and it’s very prevalent that is her who starts to speak. I also love the German girls they also speak very easy with you and repeatedly they dredge the men, love that. And then I speak very easy with these girls and there is an awesome vibes. It’s impossible to see that in France, You also said beautiful?

Hum look at the Hungarian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese and other, and we will speak about it. They are more beautiful than the French girls. I remember the last time in Barcelona, there are a lot a lot of foreigner and on the beach the French people were always in their own group and I could see that they criticized easily and never wanted to speak with other guy. Whereas there were also a lot of American and when they were not so far they told ‘hey my friends how are you?’ with a big smile.

You can see this big difference. I know I am totally not patriotic but I don’t like French’s mentality and that’s why I love meet people from another countries, I become happier and I am more myself.

I am a French girl and our women are neither, easy nor neurotic where on earth did you get that crazy idea. This is more a constant of human nature that you will get a percentage of girls from every culture or a percentage of guys for that matter who act inappropriate.

I am an american, but was raised by my Mema who is from Paris. And she is the exact opposite of everything you said. She cooks incredibly delicious food,took very good care of my Papa until the day he passed away. I could go on tearing every bit of your statements appart, but that would be pointless because i dont much care for it lol. Essayez datant en réalité une femme français dans le monde physique, pas sur internet. Puis vous pouvez réellement savoir quelque chose au sujet des femmes.

Just as true as American people being corpulent, ignorant and self-centered.

“Generally I think French women are not easy, but I need to make one qualification, do not take chastity before marriage seriously” Pretty irrelevant. Generally, in western countries, it’s not an issue anymore for couples to have relations before marriage. This statement can apply to many other European countries. And everywhere in Europe, you have religious people who choose not to have relationships before marriage, you may find catholic women in Europe who want to remain chaste before marriage but who are not necessarily Muslim. Or not even religious at all for that matter, I know a French couple who chose to remain chaste because they wanted to explore other aspects of their relationship, in first place.

On another note, I’m sorry but I really had to point out that it’s also quite rude to call women who do not want to remain chaste before marriage “easy” rude, for in our country people have the right to dispose of their own body and choose whatever they wanna do with it. As you said, we’re not loose in moral, but we very much enjoy something calls “freedom”.

“French females that are idealistic and have visions of romantic love and marriage.” not necessarily. I have a lot of friends who are not romantic or idealistic at all but simply looking for a nice relationship. But you could say that French people are more demanding than others on different matters, given the numerous strikes which occur every year.

Saying that French girls are neurotic because they take a lot of anti-depressants is not quite true. They are not necessarily “neurotic”, actually, in France doctors tend to prescribed a lot of medicines at the moment, in general. Medicines that people do not always need. Though it’s a fact that a lot of people happen to be depressed currently because of the crisis and stuff, but both women and men.
And maybe because we lack this “can do it” spirit thing that people have in America, what a laugh. Just my personal opinion, but I tend to think that French people are pretty pessimistic about things, generally. Mostly young people, including myself.

Furthermore, I don’t think “snob” would be the appropriate term to describe French people. In some parts of France, talking randomly to people you don’t know may simply be considered strange, a behavior which might appear as odd for people whose culture is different. Especially if you talk to a girl randomly on the streets. But if you’re polite, we’re generally friendly and more than happy to meet people from other countries, even though it can be hard to communicate because of language barrier. We’re not snob, some people just tend to be suspicious. The south of France may be friendlier than the rest, I would say.

If you wanna date a French girl, just treat her like you would treat any other girl. Coming with stereotypes, or “a priori” as we would say in French, is a major turn-off. Even though some will take it with humor and a grain of salt, they will think of you as kinda rude and narrow-minded. Don’t fall into the American cliché.

That was my first reaction when I read the post. I’m French actually – and it’s high time to destroy all the stereotypes.

I’d like to point out that I’m not chauvinistic. I judge my peers as severely as I would if I weren’t French – no mercy. I’ve lived in 3 different countries, and work internationally.

There are as many different types of personalities in France as anywhere else – it’s as simple as that.
French women easy? There are some, of course, but also in English speaking countries – for instance I was shocked to see a lot of young women wear Xtra short dresses in the UK on Saturday nights in winter, get completely drunk and do very silly things – who am I to judge? I just thought – are they never cold?

Ok – being topless at the beach: who wants to have white breast in the middle of a perfectly tanned body? Have you ever thought it might be for aesthetic reasons and that only?

Religion? Useful or useless? Good question – I don’t know the answer. I can just witness how millions of people have already died in the name of religion. They’re selling a church not far from where I live – want to buy it? Like many of my friends I am not religious, yet I was educated to have values – honesty, kindness to others (as long as they deserve it), generosity, helpfulness. Aren’t there many religious people who are completely unable of that?

Not everyone reads Descartes; I can’t remember having read any of his books. I actually prefer English literature – which is less arrogant in style.

There are also a lot of self-righteous people in France – it’s a gangrene. In the 80s France was a lot more liberal and tolerant, and everyone was happier.

Being judgmental would mean that you are perfect – to have that right, you should be “God” then.
There are things I don’t like in France – Men are just pushy, don’t have the slightest clue that women still love to be courted, no manners, they can even become abusive when they receive a direct “no” and you wonder why women need to push up their boundaries? That might be wrongly confused with snobbishness – I just call that self-preservation. What caused that? Women’s equality? Men have become pigs because women wanted basic rights? That’s rich. I apologize in advance to all the French men who are not like that, but they’re a rare breed.

Actually, I would have loved to meet a romantic, fun, faithful and kind man – a knight in shining armour. Life would probably have been easier, yet they only seem to exist in books. Equality of right – huh? BTW – women got the right to vote in 1945 in France and in 1916 in most states in the US. Which country is the most materialistic?
Woman in France have money to pay for fine clothes? A cliché again? Be serious.

I don’t work in France, but live in France and I have a pretty accurate idea of salaries over here. If they work theiroff, it might be the case – just like a man would to buy a nice car. Neurotic women? Not more than anywhere else, but the pharmaceutical lobby is very powerful over here, they sell drugs – sure.

Along my trips I haven’t seen more here than anywhere else in Western countries – maybe you have been unlucky? Personally the strongest medicine I take is aspirin. Even in your description of French women you are being very decisive – dark haired? I am blonde, blue-grey eyes, so what? I am not French? The North African community descent in France is not that big, and due to a lot of prejudice in France – Many French people are prejudiced, and that’s true, interracial marriages are still uncommon. So, blondes, brunettes, I’ll remind you that the blonde gene is a receding gene.

Are all Californians blonde? You said everything was stereotypes – thanks for mentioning that before – I thought you were serious for a second. Same thing, women who don’t like to cook? Let’s draw a line between being a slave who works 40 hours a week, raises kids, does the washing, the cleaning, and cooks? Seriously. I love cooking for my friends from time to time personally, because it’s always a wonder to see them appreciating it so much, and coming with Tupperware to bring the leftovers back home, and praise me endlessly. But the thing is that a lot of men in France would like to have the milk and the milk lady, a perfect housewife, a woman who works all day, and on top of that she would have to be friendshipy and perfect in bed. Let’s make things clear – wonder woman doesn’t exist. Modern life has side effects.

Now I just wanted to point out that even though you mentioned your opinion was biased at the beginning of your comment – it is still very dangerous and prejudiced because uneducated people who have never traveled to Europe might take it for granted and think all the French women are like that.

By the way, Club Med is for families and most singles don’t use it to go on holiday. Singles tend to hang around with singles and book their own trips – There are more Germans than French who go to the Greek Islands. A majority of French women go on holiday in France where we have beautiful beaches and they try to avoid summer months because of tourists – it’s too crowded.

Personally, I always go abroad because I can speak several languages, and I like learning about other cultures – I try not to judge and conceive stereotypes, wink.

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