Legendary beauty of Cracow girls – Polish Princesses or less than Angels?

There are two experiences you will have in Cracow if you are looking for girls, only two mind you. One is you will find a princess from a fairy-tale like I did. Or second you will be charmed and fooled by some modernist female from Poland cloaked as a “beautiful Polish girl”. Yes that is right, there are many women from Poland’s cultural capital of Cracow that are nothing more than a half a generation away from being like your American or UK girlfriend, westernized and non-domestic. I will tell you where to find each social group.

Studentki Cracow girls in Kazimierz on ul. Kalwaryjska caught in the rain.

Between the ideal damsels and bitter reality girls is a shadow that might be your princess.

First, OK maybe it is a bit of an exaggeration, that there are only two types of females in Cracow. Further I believe Poland has the best women in the world in terms of marriage material if you like tall leggy model looking girls with a brain and will loyal and humble. However, my point is valid. That is be aware and take it as a warning, that in Poland all that is beautiful is not Amber and all that is Amber is not pulchritudinous and radiant on the surface.

A real Malopolska princess taken on Kopiec Kraków

In magic Cracow there are contemporary anti-heroines in every cafe and club posing to be nice Polish girls who will down the road chew you up and spit you out like a piece of forty-year year old Swedish meat at a milk bar.

Woman walking along the Wisla river near the Wawel. Here women like to sunbath and strut their stuff in surprisingly provocative clothes for such a conservative country. Take in the sights but do not be deceive by style of dress, it is what is on the inside that counts, purity of heart and devoutness to morals.

In fact these black widows do not even know they are just another spin on feminist girls who will try to lead you around by the (fill in the noun). Certainly not as bad as Western women, but just be careful when you stroll along the Vistula river in Poland’s cultural capital looking for a wife, many of the younger generation have crazy ideas and have traveled extensively and want to gulp life down rather be content with being a wife.

Girls sitting in from on Galaria Krakowsa and the Hotel Europejski. Avoid women that are hyer-materialistic.

If you are going to Cracow to find true love you need to hone your skills of discernment like a Jesuit on a 40 day retreat. The first step is you have to be honest with yourself and determine what do you really want. A true love bride or a roll in the hay. This post is written for those seeing the former.

Warning signs your Cracovian girlfriend will transmute into Baba Yaga
In my mind the biggest caveat is a girl who says she is Catholic but does not go to church on a weekly basis. Many you Polish women in the Post John Paul II world are Catholic in name only, and might even hint as some disrespect at the church. In contrast if you got to the Dominican or Franciscan cathedral near ulica Bracka you will see standing room only of good Cracovian student women who really believe in the sanctity of marriage and true love.

Want to pick up Cracow girls take a trip to Dworzec Główny and ride on a train. At the end of the trip you will get a girls cell phone number. Hint most student girls leave on Friday and return Sunday evening from the village.

Cracow girls who hang out in trendy cafes in Kazimierz Podgorze excessively. You can walk by and the cafes will be occupied anytime day or night with women who make this their stomping grounds. I mean I like going out and socializing like the next person but only in moderation. If the gal is incessantly on her cell phone and sitting there three nights out of four, this is not great manifestation of virtue.

Women in Cracow with an overtly provocative sense of style or gilded excess such as, colorful scarfs, the latest trendy platform shoes and lays of clothes, make up and jewelry. You might see women sauntering in Galleria Kazimierz, Krakowska or Bonarka or have heard the term dziewczyny galerianki. This means women who frequent shopping malls that are open to men who accompany them on shopping trips. Maybe not directly but do not let some hyper consumptive Cracow female spin her web around you. Alternatively I recommend some Cracow student dressed in drab clothes and her hair is not fried and twirled by the most expensive salon on Floriańska or Grodzka. Do not underestimate materialism as a disqualifer for a mate.

You want to go for the girls that others think are homely, they are the hottest.

In contrast you should aspire for a Saint Kinga archetype. A princess who discovered salt mine in Poland. Even in marriage she took a vow of chastity and devoted her life and money to aid the poor. Maybe you do not need this in marriage but the charity to the poor part is an ideal in a wife. Someone who has compassion and not all about consuming the whole world or putting another feather in her hat for each square meter of her flat in Krakow.

Rynek Główny is the nexus of the universe for women. Try to find a girl that is humble with no style and they are paradoxically the most attractive. Look at the girl in the pink shorts, beautiful face.

There is a joke that goes in the Rynek everyone has dated everyone else. This is where you see all your old flames. Cracow women that have been there done that traveled everywhere with every guy in Cracow so now she is broadening her horizons and seeking some foreigner. You do not want this. You want a girl who has always been looking for her one true love. Not some girl has done Cracow.

On the Rynek women often watch street performers and you can strike up a conversation. This and Błonie (the Commons) are great places for meeting and picking up nice girls.

Similarly do you really want to date a Krakowianka who has her sites set only on hooking a foreign guy? Someone who sees you as a meal ticket? I think a Polish Princess Wanda type, a princess who didn’t want to marry a German prince is the princess you want.

In front of cloth hall is another place to chat up princesses.

Do you know the story about boginka (single goddess girls) or boginki (plural for female goddesses) who change children for their own? These girls are called odmieńce or changers. My point is similar to Russian rusalka legends Slavic mythology talks about women who are temptress but have an addenda all their own. They may have the classic Slavic features with high check bones but their wheels are spinning in their brain. They are thinking about the next step. Watch out for women with agendas. They typically are women that have graduated from Jagiellon University or majored in something technical or legal. Also Krakow girls who have studied British English in contrast with American English. This is my experience and it might not be true, but just keep your vigilance.

  • Feminist leaning girls in Krakow – Jagiellon University, law students, women who have spent too much time in the UK, girls who spend a lot of time in cafes or dating foreign guys or are waitresses. Women who study business or have aspirations for a career.
  • Marriage material girls in Cracow – Women who work in a lab or study something connected to science or medical (care takers) women who are teachers or in professions that help others. Girls who study Polish literature or history, or something truly liberal arts and humanistic.

Cracow is a University town. On every tram in Cracow you are squeezed tight with the latest crop of student girls seeking academic excellence and a bit of starry-eyed, in with hopes to meet their other half. Even me when I first came to the big K had these aspirations, to learn. Yet serendipitously destiny lead me by the hand to find my true love. So if you want to expand your learning experience and maybe meet a girl from Cracow, after reading my Cracow girls review, than I recommend take your chance.

Women who go to UJ are often snobs.

In conclusion, my point is yes Cracow girls are hot and the most beautiful in the world. However, do not go seeking these damsels with rose-colored glasses. Understand behind their universal beauty there are women that will mess of your life royally in this city of princesses.

Legendary women from Poland at a Medieval fair. Polish girls are from a fairy-tale, be brave and virtuous in your intentions.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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“Do not underestimate materialism as a disqualifier for a mate.”
That was my favorite line from the whole article. Men sure overlook it a lot and it causes us a lot of heartache down the road. Materialism is a symptom of the diseases called Selfishness and fakeness. Fake people and selfish people make the absolute worst spouses.

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