Chatroulette girls – What is all the chat about?

Chatroulette is a website where people meet online though a random connection with video and audio or normal chat. It is a little like an accelerated version of 8 minute dating. You can go though countless people in minutes.

Who is Andrey Ternovskiy?

It was founded by Andrey Ternovskiy a 17-year-old teenager who travelled the world and decided to set this up despite worries from his conservative mother (who eventually fronted him 10,000 dollars for the expansion.

Initially he could not make money off of the site because he was under 18. But now with over 30 million unique visitors a month I am sure he has no problem. He set it up on in three days on an old computer in his bedroom.

It is based on Adobe Flash technology for the cameras and Real Time Messaging Protocol or RTMFP for peer to peer connection.

There are other websites  similar to chatroulette like Omegle and textroulette. Texting is not as fun as seeing an image.

It is an extension of the whole idea of a webcam with a random element mixed in. It works better than a chatroom because there is no registration, it is like a chat room or dating service without a sign up. People do not like to sign up, I do not.

If I could only capture that energy – The website is  powered by the idea that you will see hot girls on video. So much male energy, if I could only harness that energy, it could power the space shuttle.

What to expect when you chat?

You can go through about one hundred people in about fifteen minutes based on your Internet speed.

Believe it or not even celebrities claim to have use it.

The reality of this chat site is I would say about 89% of the people are guys. Of those guys I would say about 20% are ill-clad and about 10% of those guys just waiting to show you something. Officially about 1 in 8 spins are R rated. Take it to far and you can be banned.

After that some chatroulette girls are worth it. There are a number of  normal and actually intelligent and most are pretty girls on this website. However, girls will only chat with you if you are either attractive like Jonny Depp or you have a funny persona or if they are new to the website and naive about the whole thing.

Do girls like to chat? Yes and in surprisingly curious ways. For example, I knew this girl I worked with, when I worked for a large online dating site. She confessed to me that she use to work for another type of chat service, use your imagine. She said she got so worked up that it was frustrating. I was shocked to hear such a candid admission from a girl who never had a boyfriend. My point is this, as much as women like to play innocent and say things like ‘those things are for creeps’ many are curious and like to connect online, even if it is not for a meaningful relationship.

My experience with this online video chat

For example, I went to do this chat service to see what it was about. I am not single and not cruising chicks.  I wanted to do a review the website as it is so popular.

So I embarked on my online adventure by clicking ‘allow’ to the camera. My wife was next to me, but not in the picture. Most people when they saw me, just clicked ‘next’.  Do not take offense if people do this to you, it has nothing to do with your looks it is the nature of the web site.

I did chat with a couple of people and learn a little about the other side of the world. I used text chat. 1 in 3 girls are in groups.

How I got girls interested in me

  1. My chat rate increased when I put a simple funny prop of a teddy bear next to me. This simple prop immediately got people to warm up.
  2. The next thing I did to entice girls on Chatroulette was go into the bath with two ducks by my head. Only my head was seen, but clearly I was in the bath with a yellow and purple duck. This really got a lot of attention and I think someone snapped screen captures (gifs) of me even. I do not know why. I guess some people also make videos but I do not know if this is in the rules.

Hence, is I bequeath a word of advice is use your imagination like I did above. Ladies like funny and goofy as it eases the tension. You do not have to be Merton but use your talent.

Again, I was doing this to write a review of chatroulette as I am married and do no think it is OK to even look at other females (sounds crazy but it is true).  But I need to test different methods. The method of just signing on works, but only modestly as there is too much competition.

Some people use elaborate costumes and masks. The key to get people to chat is not sit there in an unwashed black t-shirt with your hair a mess and three days scruff,  hoping some girl will warm up to you. You have to be unique. Girls like funny and warm, hint, hint. Unless you are an a total GQ alpha male(which is too much unnatural energy to be like this) you will not get far just showing up.

Trends I noticed on Chatroulette

Girls want to be discovered there and admired.  The whole idea of this Chatroulette is exciting. You never know what you will encounter or who you will have a têteà-tête with. You do it for a thrill factor as it is like going to an action movie and you do not know what will come next.

There are many students from Russia and far off places. For example, from  Siberia  you can meet people, most are really bored but friendly.

Most of the guys, I would say like 80% are from India or Pakistan. At least in my several attempts to chat.

You feel a little like a peeper but in the constraints of safety and the understanding it is all for fun not serious. It works because most people know it is fun not serious.

Most girls are from Western Europe and will chat. However, the server might be giving me people more from my region which is Europe, I do not know. Or it might be connected to the proximity in time zone and the concentration of people online at a given time. I chatted with people from France and Portugal for example, all very nice. I need to do more research.

Often times you will get groups of people observing but not participating. If you are looking for a date these groups chats teams will get you nowhere.

Equally often you get a corporate slave working at the office and just as the Camera on.


  • It has an addicting quality and because of the low stress interaction. Do it when you want to escape from all the trials of everyday life.
  • You see inside people’s homes and lives in a very interesting anonymous non threatening way. It is fun to see how other people live in the world. It is amazing to see the inside of some Indian house.
  • In theory you can meet people, who knows.
  • It makes 2007 things like camfrog video chat obsolete.


  • Not really a dating site at all, just a site to go if you want to relax for twenty minutes. It is a site for fun.
  • It consists of a lot of  guys cruising for instant gratification in some form,but not only.

Chatroulette girls are everywhere. I started this post with a photo for a reason. I think pictures speak louder than words. If you are serious about getting a date or making a connection, just step out your door. It is the biggest chatroom in the world.

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