Boston girls

Boston girls where to meet them if you dare

I am a Bostonian.  The purpose of this post is to outline some places to meet Boston girls and not to meet them. Further, I give you some recommendations about American women in general.

Boston women -Why I do not generally recommend them

I am not a fan of American women for marriage and love because I think most, but not all, have their values turned upside down.  Twisted values is another story all together, but in a word it is connected with ego.

Boston girl Mary Dyer – a women of conviction and faith. Boston women are not like the used to be. No disrespect intended.

Boston girl story 1

There was this Boston girl in my building  who was only half way average in looks, but she was thin and blond So not bad. She was an airline stewardess and a nurse.  Two high profile jobs when it comes to girls.

My neighbor was some rich guy, and of course she throw herself at  with him after he moved in.  He dumped her after a week. The next day she was on my couch crying ‘what did I do wrong’?  I told her you went for the wrong guy. In fact I, notice you for primitive manifestations of power.  She crossed her arms and gave me a sly look.  I saw her repeat this pattern a number of times in the years, until she moved out of the building.  She would oscillate between money and meat guys.

Boston girl story number 2

The girl upstairs from me was working for some IT company.  Not a bad girl, in fact ,she was Indian, but still very American.  One day at 1 AM in the morning she was coming back from a party and her keys where locked in her room.

She knocked on my door asked what do do. I told her to get a the police as they have tools sometimes.  She got the police to come to try to pick the lock.  The cop could not.  The landlord was out of town so she was out of luck.

I asked the Police if I could give it a try, I am a pretty smart guy so it was not a problem with some metal I found in the basement of the building. I picked the lock. The cop thanked me.   She was saved from a weekend of sleeping ,I do not know where. I was a hero.

Here is the amazing thing, she did not even thank me and never really interacted with me after that except in her normal cold way.

Boston girl story 3

I meet this girl down my street.  We chatted sometimes. She was always telling me how she was a business VP.  How her last boyfriend drove a Honda and she drove a BMW. She did not feel it was an even relationship. I asked her why? She said because she drove a BMW and he drove a Honda.   Now her current boyfriend has a Saab and she drives a BMW. She told me that feels much better in this relationship.

Are these the girls you want to be teaching your kids about values? Would these American girls give you support and warmth and unconditional love?

Alternatives to Massachusetts girls

If you are an American guy, look anywhere but the USA for love. Read my lips, consider a foreign girl for love and marriage. You might think this hard advice and ask ‘who am I’?  I am your best friend in the world.

Where to find a girl in Boston

However, if you really want to try to find a girl in Boston here is what I recommend.

  • Do not go for any professional career women chasing the corporate cheddar. These will turn into aging dragons in their 40s and are not for marriage.  Or they will find some fool to marry them. These Boston girls are more serial monogamists, who think themselves hip and cool.
  • Take yoga classes.  There are actually a lot of very nice girls that are into yoga, Baptiste yoga is a lot of fun. An oasis of normalcy in Boston.
  • In Brookline and  Brighton there are Russian girls in Boston. There are Polish girls in Salem, MA.  Go for Eastern European ladies, there are some good message boards I will detail in another post.
  • A lot of visiting Doctors from foreign countries at MGH working in research in Bean town. If you see a beautiful one on the street you can meet this Boston girl by faking a heart attack when you see her, just joking of course.
  • I would go to Montreal on alternative weekends.
  • is very popular with Boston girls. Since it is a pay site, it filters out a out of the trolls.  Your next move is to screen for foreigner women.  There is no way you want to date an American girl for true love unless they are really different like a Boston yoga girl or something.
  • If you are catholic, St. Paul’s has a 20s and 30s youth group that is pretty nice, it is on Boston Commons.
  • I am never ever had a problem meeting women in Boston. You can meet them in the park in the summer, on the train, anywhere you go and hang out on a normal basis. Have no fear, just practice your gift of gab. It takes courage, but be a man.  Better to meet a girl at the library or in broad daylight, than some dark club where half the people are drinking.
  • Take foreigner language lessons. This is great place to meet foreign language tutors.  Search for private tutors, not at a school with classes, but you can try classes.
Boston common – Meet Boston girls in the commons

If you a Boston girl where would you want to meet a guy?
If you are a guy in Boston what is your recommended place to meet Boston girls?

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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