Do Russian girls bad reputation match reality?

Imaginations go wild when you say speak of “Russian girls” in soft whispers to your male friends. The question does the mythology match reality especially when it comes to brides, dating and having a Russian wife? I have a definitive answer.

Russian girls bad reputation – behavior which crosses the line

In my experience Russian females deviate less than western females from acceptable social norms.

Social variance from good behavior over a lifetime with females from the CIS are significantly less than Western immorality.

Below are deviant behaviors females engage in. The list is different from male patterns of deviancy. The list is in descending order ranging from abominable to dis-satisfactory to I would accept this behavior.

Ways Russian girls can be bad

Scam you

  • Money – Every mention money or the need for help, it’s a scam.
  • Too eager like using terms of endearment too soon.
  • Use the word God a lot without actions like saying the Rosary.
  • Hold a sign up with your name like “I love you Jimmy” or even write this on their body.

Have a questionable past
You find out that some crazy ex-husband or boyfriend is hanging around. Less likely as there are so many pretty girls in Russia, men just move on. However, there are cases where these girls are married. If a girl from Moscow or St. Petersburg was engaged in questionable activities with her body this is more borderline for me. Girls that work for money in ways you can imagine are borderline for me. I do not personally approve not disapprove, I guess I look more what is in a person’s heart. However, I question why they care about money so much to do this.

Money oriented
All I hear from men from the USA that women care about career and about how much you make. You can forget stereotypes of Russian women looking at you like a meal ticket, they are either gold diggers or not. You have to determine that early on. You have to screen them early in the dating phase.

Tattoos and Piercings
It is no secrete that consistency of values across behaviors are fairly constant. What this means is, if a girl has a tattoo or piercings, do not expect her to be a perfect little saint in other aspects of her life. In contrast if a woman is clean living, Plato reading idealist, there is a good chance her moral behavior will match.

Eastern European girls go to the disco. All females like to dance. I think it is primordial in that the way they shake their stuff is a way to attract men. They will tell you it is just for fun, but there is a deeper subconscious mechanism at work here. Just like when they wear skin-tight pants and say ‘oh its comfortable’, yeah right.

So the issue with clubbing is are they going out with their girlfriends dancing or are they connecting with guys for a short-term.

Spitting, burping and other unladylike behaviors. It is a big turnoff. Women of the CIS do not engage in socially repulsive behavior unless there is some strong mental deviation from the norm. The only acceptable place for a foul mouth is in between the sheets and that could raise a red flag also.

Aversion to domestic chores
In the realm of the Common Wealth of Independent states females do not shy aware from domestic responsibilities. Rather they take pride in their cooking and ability to serve you. It does not matter if they are a medical doctor or a PhD they will serve you as a wife, be your cook, psychologist, raise your children and do it all. If there is a girl from Siberia to Novgorod who hints about woman’s liberation and not doing these things, drop her like a bad habit.

All women get on men from time to time, it is a matter or degrees. You have to determine if your hot chick girlfriend will be on you or not.

Because of the dark climate and experience of communism depression is a national hobby. There is nothing major going on here, it is just a cultural experience.

Images of Bad Russian girls

Too many guys have been watching Sasha Dith videos and get the impression that Russian girls are bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are looking for a sincere, honest, hardworking wife, Eastern Europe for example Russia is the place to look.

If you want to get an eyeful of bad Russian girls

Are Russian women fallen angels?

Simple look at some Russian dating sites, for every thousand good Russian girls there is bound to be one bad Russian girl.  Leave a comment if you want to know who to meet some good ones or explore my website, it is full of ideas for dating and advice from someone who has been around the block.

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