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American girl in Europe

I was out walking about Kraków, the other day and I ran into an American girl (any North American female). Whenever, I meet an American girl in Europe no matter if it is in France or Eastern Europe I usually get the same vibe. Let me explain.

American girl encounter

Since I have lived in Europe for going on seven years now, if I meet an American I often have a small chat, as it is refreshing to hear my language and in my own American accent. However, if it is an American woman, wow, the conversation gets old fast as these women revert into back to their old behavioral programming as if they were in the USA.

I was chatting with this American gal (she was not even remotely attractive, overweight and no style) and immediately she was trying to compete with me. She was giving me the, I have lived longer than you and am an expert on Europe, I make more money than you, generally your are not worth much in my eyes vibe.  After a little conversation, she sized me up and assumed I was ‘just an English teacher’ , even making a remark such as that.  After which she basically dismissed me from her gracious presence.

However, she did asked me how long I lived here. It was longer than her, and she saw I spoke the language (I did not tell her what I really do for work), she became very stand offish and flakey.

Why American girls (and many guys) act this way – Have you ever known an American lady  like this?  It is because our American culture (which has many postive things) is competitve. Let me explain, the competitiveness in the work place can not be turned off for many and when you have a cordial conversation with someone of the opposite gender all kind of weird ego defense mechanisms kick in and the conversation is really not warm and friendly.

My advice – do not date an American girl unless you are really in love. There are too many other fish in the sea. Go for a easy going European for example.

If  this American girl I meet was from France, I would not ever have this type of weird vibe.  I personally have never any warmth and kindness when talking to an American girl in Europe, never any connection, rather just an informational exchange that is stand offish and cold. If they get the chance to put you down a little they will.  To chat with an American girl feels artificial and fake. I think again this is out hyper competitive culture we were raised in.

A European girl whether I meet her in America or Europe will be more open and warmer and the conversation is not about sizing you up.

Oh and just so you do not think I go around picking up women, I was with my wife and daughter and we were at a neighborhood park, and her child was playing and speaking English also. A very non threatening situations as parents often chat while their children are in the sandbox.

American women that have been to Europe

When I was in the States living in Boston, I used to go to yoga at Baptiste yoga. It was a good way to relax as I was working the American standard 12 hour day. This one girl, I think her name was Deanna or something  exchanged cordial but light conversation. I was not interested in her in the least, but just because we saw each other regularly I was friendly.  Then Deanna went to Europe. An American girl in Europe for 4 months. She came back and would really not even talk to me. She felt this experience of 4 months in Europe put her at another level (Uhm I am a EU citizen and speak a few language, that did not matter, she was above me now).

Girls from the USA and Canada in Europe or out

My conclusion is American women are often about competition. It’s sad that American culture is so materialistic and values people hold dear are based on this. The basis of basic human relationships, whether friendship or love is often about money or at least ego and one upping the other guy.

Read my lips: Love is never ever about money. Ever. If you meet a girl who wants love and money, my advice do not walk, run away. If you ever meet a girl who wants a prenuptial, leave her standing at the altar (before the ceremony) and do not marry her. Love is a not about money. Love is not about competition. You do not compete with your spouse in anything, unless it is a backyard game of badminton. Love and marriage is about humbling yourself 100% to serve the other person in your life. I believe love is all or nothing. It is about surrendering your ego of the ‘I’ for the ‘us’.  My wife believes the same and we have a sincerely blissful marriage.

I would not ever consider some competitive American girl in Europe or North America. Even if she was cool and pretty OK, chances are society’s programming is so deep that it would be hard for her to fight it. This means that if push comes to shove, in real deep water’s she might pull a total Benedict Arnold and walk out on you, after she has a war party with her girlfriends. Of course many American girls make good wives but the social trends are towards the break up of the family in America.

I recommend for any American guy who is single and out there dating, consider doing what I did. Do not exclude the possibility that your other half is the girl next door. I believe in destiny. Destiny is not about location or comfort. Love is not about planning or mapping it out, it is about taking a chance and playing to win. Like the Bible says, selling all you have to find the peal of great price. The treasure that is beyond anything you would ever imagine and giving up your life to get this. This is love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Excellent article Mark.. However, I disagree only with one point, the pre-nuptial. In this modern day and age, a pre-nuptial really is required, because of how crazy and unfair the court systems are in regarding alimony. And, I would say 9 out of 10 times the prenuptial benefits the man, not the woman. Any woman who says she wants a pre-nuptial would only be saying so for your benefit. I would take it as a compliment, not an insult. If I was to marry a poorer girl from a poor country, there is no bargaining with a pre-nuptial, it has to be done

You realy have nailed almost every point. American women are truly a souce of moral decay. I have identified and experienced many of the same sentiments you have from American girls. When I was in Africa, all the American women I met felt like they were goddesses sent from heaven to save the poor, stupid people of the country. They would be so critical and always make insults and gestures against the men of the country, while trying to teach the women their arrogant, selfish and immoral ways.

Ms Attitude and Ms Know-It-All are the descriptions I could give to American women. Ms. World-Expert is the description I give to the silly AMerican girls I have met around the globe. In Africa, however, it was a bit funny. They would sometimes come to me for aid, being overwhelmed by being in such a male-dominated country. Their little power trips and self-hero image would sometimes become humbled very fast and broken down when they found themselves in trouble or threatened. They cling on to me as if I enjoy hearing their endless rants of how bad and backwards everythign is. I found myself on multiple occasions having to escape from these women. They wanted to bring me down to their level.

I could go on about this, but I need to take a breath.. 😀

I will disagree with you on this point. Pre-nups no way. If my wife wanted to take all my money and leave me with one penny so be it. God see everything and the one with the most toys at the end is not the winner. I think marriage is all or nothing.
I would beg on the street if I had to, but not get a pre-nup as I think trust is the corner stone of any healthy relationship.
Trust is like faith, it is not a knowing in an modern sens,e but a knowing which comes before language, because it existed before humans had language.
My heart has its reasons that reason does not know.
I may be on the street someday (I do not think so) but at least I did the right thing.

The high degree of trust that one is asked to place in one’s spouse is pretty one sided and in the woman’s favour; in the majority of cases you will not be marrying a blushing, pure bride in spirit or body, but a woman who has had a fair amount of experience with men, in every sense of the word. If you should happen to cheat on her, she may decide to divorce you, in which case you may end up becoming her indentured servant. If she decides to cheat on you, the very exact net result can occur, in that you may become her indentured servant. Laws from days gone by did not provide women with so many opportunities to be selfish and opportunistic. And while today’s laws provide women such opportunities, and a number of immoral women relish the power it conveys to them, because they imagine that they are on a permanent competitive footing, even with their spouse, whom, if he does not cheat, she may view as being of diminished value, and whom, if he does cheat, her self centered ego may decide to try to crush him financially, through the legal system, so that the modern materialistic woman is something of a psychological three car collision, because her mind is full of incompatible ideas and modern media tells her that men are bad at worst and useless at best, and that those who have imagined, modeled, created, generated, and shaped the physical world we live in, which is beneficial to society, are, as men, of little account, their attitude being rooted in deep seated resentment and their own sense of inferiority, which they are now hell bent on imposing on men. Even to the point that they are promoting an idea that single men should not be trusted to travel abroad without a chaperon, least they engage in carnal activity, which is the kind of non-sense that was once attempted on young single women during the Victorian age! The greater freedom women exercise, the more they and those who support their materialistic agenda attempt to subordinate men, which runs counter to their stated aims of achieving equality. There is no reason why any man should lay his financial corpulente within a woman’s hands, because she is not offering the same, and a man should not support a woman financially in this day and age if he were to divorce her, or she him, because he is likely to receive little in return, save for malice, or a self centered sense of entitlement. A woman is not damaged goods after she has been married to man, she is used goods coming into the marriage and she should not receive a windfall premium after a divorce. Trusting God does not imply that one must trust woman, they are not one and the same entity. “If we divorce, I get the house and half of everything you have got, including your pay check.” -“And what do I get in return for all of that, honey, sugar, my lady love?” – “Um, well, you already had it…”

Well, I hope it doesn’t give you a bad view of me. I think you have a very special relationship with your wife. However, I have heard of many so-called fantasy marriages ending up in divorce and the woman ends up taking everything the man has and he is paying for the expenses of her and her new boyfriend for the rest of his life.

The marriage laws, especially in USA are very in favor of the woman. Actually, I don’t really even want to have a legal marriage. To me, marriage is spiritual, not a legal matter. If my wife truly loved me, why should she demand that I fill out legal documents so she can benefit financially from the marriage? Marriages are spiritual bonds and

Perhaps I will stay a celibate, but I will not be at the mercy of our court system. Even though, I would be 99% sure that me and my wife would be in love, with all the trickery and deception in this modern world I cannot let my wife have so much dominance over me. I cannot be in a relationship where all my wife has to do is divorce me and can make me her slave the rest of my life. Seeing how high the divorce rate and the number of bankrupt men paying alimony I will not take any chances. I will sign a prenup regardless of who I marry. Unless, I have known this woman for several years before I have married her, I would not trust going into marriage, esp with a foreigner, without a prenup.

There is a Polish Jewish guy in USA I know who fell in love with a girl from his church. She was the piano woman. He was sure his love would last forever and he had a beautiful child with her. You can say, he was madly in love with her and thought she was a woman of high moral character. Well, he was becoming more successful and eventually opened in his own deli business and had bought a nice house.

Well, after like 8 years or so his wife started becoming bitter in the marriage. She was not satisfied and she eventually had an affair with another guy at the church. Then, when the husband found out she filed for divorce. She sued him for everything he had. Essentially, he was made broke and had to give up his deli business, which she and her new boyfriend took over by a court order. Also, she took his house and he is still paying her alimony payments. However, she didn’t want custody of the son and he was awarded custody. The woman actually stopped paying attention to the son over time.

So you see, even though you think you may have the perfect marriage, things do turn sour in life. Why put you or your wife in such a position where one always has such a powerful means to ruin the other. To me, the prenup levels the playing field and eliminates any potential for partners to feel they can manipulate the other financially. Love is blind, prenup is marriage insurance. It has nothing about loving your partner. If you didn’t love her, you would not have married her.

Well, I hope you don’t think less of me for thinking this, but that is where I stand on this subject. Maybe I am a bastard, but a lot of men have had their hearts robbed by deceptive women, why should they have their finances robbed, so they cannot have hope of a future marriage that is better?

I met a Lochhheed Lightning wing commander. He said “I’ve seen it happen to so many of my mates who were ruined eventually. No way am I marrying, the laws are so anti-male”. Some women do it as a lifestyle. Men can’t! I was told some American women have a ‘starter marriage’ at 23, so they can disapppear at 30 with a new boyfriend after faking evidemce of violence or an affair to get a quick divorce, half of everything her ex has worked for plus alimony, plus custody. It really is a stupid idea to marry modern western women. Women ask “Where are all the nice guys?”. They’re hiding, content with holiday flings.

Yes, indeed it is true that a young woman in the prime of her life can marry a man based on his prospects, or on his wealth; possibly marrying a man who is a bit older and has a measure of success, only to divorce him down the road, possibly ever after she has packed on the pounds, assured that she has feathered her nest, and that he is a lifetime provider; or, she can simply run off with a boyfriend from her distant past, while her ex husband foots the bill. Let’s say a slim and attractive young woman is used to guys buying them drinks, dinner, showing them the town. The woman marries, packs on pounds, so that she is no longer the friendshipy person she was when you met her, she can become physically unappealing, to say the very least, yet, you as a man are supposed to provide for her none the less. Cheat on the princess turned into a toad, and she can walk away with half your stuff, and you will be regarded as the shallow loser, when marriage is supposed to be about sacrifice, yet she would not sacrifice devouring a double fudge sundae while knowing that each pound she gains makes her all the more physically repulsive. 85% of women in America look better with their clothing on, and few if anyone would actually want to see them as without clothes. And many of them are the demographic who will be supported by their ex spouse, a man who was revolted at the sight of her naked flesh.

I know a totally pretty and slim Russian girl who married an American. She makes him go for walks around the neighbourhood, like she does in Moscow. She makes him visit Moscow in the summer with her, he speaks less Russian than their baby. ‘I want it all NOW’ culture in America, zero interest in worrying about how to pay for it. Possibility of the marriage lasting? And why?! American girls are the worst, with their inane TV shows that make men look stupid and useless. Why can’t American men re-educate their women to remember what a loving relationship is, to grow old together? Until they do, there are many millions of nice, loyal, slim, educated non-American women for American men. Treat nice men like garbage and they dump you 🙂 “I’m all that”. Exactly !

I totally agree with what your saying Cam… And, I will never let a woman make me doing anything. I am the man and I am the authority. OF course, I will respect her, love her and do what I can, but in the end, I am the one who calls the scordials in the relationship.

Both of our stories, my of my friend and yours of your friend are very good reasons why pre-nupts are God’s way of saying to men: “I have not forgotten you.”

When you sign the marriage contract in USA or many EUropean countries, you are basically saying, “I am ok with being the slave of my wife, relinquishing the rights of my children and supporting her if she cheats on me.” Marriage contracts are very superficial and unbalanced. THey are basically made in a way that imprisons the man in a way that he will spend the rest of his life ruined over some woman’s

Prenupts, bring equality back to marriage. IMO, any woman who is against a prenup has something up her sleeve and cannot be trusted. I think one of greatest tests of love with a foreign woman, especially, is to see how she feels about the fact if you divorce , that the only thing she can take from you is your heart, but not your house and shirt off your back too.

Da, ja, oui, tak. With my ex, everything was 50/50, no joint bank account. If one of us cooked, the other washed the pots, though I refused to let her change my car’s spark plugs or wire a plug. It took a while to accept advice from friends after the split: “She treated you like garbage because she was scared of losing you”. Ha! That’s how Soddem Insane treated his people! NEVER let fear of being single again make you scared of leaving a dictator. BTW, man invented god, not the other way around. I had a mate whose sister (17) was ‘seeing’ the 34 yr old married leader of her church confirmation class. And you know why the catholic church has been exposed at last. And ‘peaceful’ Islam across the world. I think it’s correct to treat a wife/girlfriend as an equal, but never forget they are inherently prone to control-addiction, same as cave-women. Always keep an eye on the moon phase, the moon was invented as a warning light to men that women are about to reconsider their relationship as a full moon approaches. My female friends across the world become distant and argumentative if they like me, the distant ones become affectionate, because they’ve been arguing with their beloved. Full moon in about a week!

God invented man, man invented false gods.. Get your facts straight. .LOL.. Why is it atheists/agnostics always feel like religion bashing is the problem to all their woes??

Anyhow , I agree with you about women, but to shove your atheism in people’s face is rude and ignorant. Godless atheists went on murdering sprees in the name of their communist empires. Most dictators have no religion, hence are atheists and never fear repercussions of oppressing, murdering and terrorizing to appease their every whim and selfish desire.

Most women in USA are atheists, they care first about money, second about flesh (sometimes reverse order) and third about power.

Believe it or not, feminism and atheism seem to spawn at similiar times, any coincidence?

Perhaps, if your wife knew her God given duty was to be faithful, respectful and submit to you, you would not be writing the sad story you are today. Ever read the story of Adam and Eve, sounds like you are just reiterating it all through your own conscious. Many who shun the bible fail to recognize all its wisdom.

As far as your men/women equal belief. How is it working for you?

I understand you completely. You have a belief in a fantasy fictional friend called God, who has no email address or phone number. You’re a control-addict or lacking a stable childhood in your past, so that’s why you have a problem having a 50/50 relationship with a woman, and refuse to accept another point of view? Man invented steel and other things. ‘God’ (a woman?) killed 300.000 people in the boxing day tsunami in Indonesia, among other things.
“God invented man, man invented false gods.. Get your facts straight”

God-botherers are insane! “Believe it or not, feminism and atheism seem to spawn at similiar times, any coincidence?”. OK, Iran and Pakistan are materialistic countries? Jesus, you’re mental! I don’t look at the bible, it’s a work of total fiction for soul-less people. ‘The virgin Mary’? . Look at the relationship between violence and religion in countries. Sorry, I mean the rest of the world, outside America.
Please reply, I like writing to nutters 🙂 I have many very nice female friends, but some women are best avoided, same as some men. I can’t find my TV remote box, is it a punishment for writing this?

Cam is seem very sore over his play chess withups in life and has to take it out on the “fantasy fictional friend” and his followers. Actually Cam, the only fantasy and fiction is the false life you are living by rejecting God. You can go ahead and stick your tongue out at me rather than have a civil and respectful conversation. Your mannerisms start to make me wonder about your dignity and question your integrity.

As far as atheism and female dominance, Mao Zedung use to reward women who reported their husbands for any wrongdoing and many times would have the husband gunned down in front of his children as punishment for rebelling against the government or not respecting his wife. Zedung wanted an end to Confucian theology and made it so men were in great fear of their wives. He also setup society, so parents were in great fear of children. Many children brought about their parents death. The Chinese lost all sense of values through atheism. Lets not forget that the God hater, Zedung, also committed genocide against 60,000,000 Chinese people in rural areas who starved slowly to death, because he felt they were a threat to his regime. Rather than help them the let them starve. The God hater, named Joesph Stalin, in Russia can also claim a similiar amount of deaths for commiting the atrocity against the Ukrainian people through the Ukrainian genocide.

I’m not a control addict. You’re a control addict. You are forcing your beliefs on other people. Since you insit on telling people how to think, I will have no objection in throwing my beliefs on you. If you didn’t shove your arrogant atheism in my face, I would have not even have mentioned any of this to you, but rather support you through your hardships. Indeed, I was only sharing my beliefs, but you, Mr. Control Freak, insist on shoving yours down others throats.

As for me, I am a respectful, kind and compassionate gentleman, but I do know my place on this earth. I am glad you have so many female friends. If you are so popular with the females and they love your egalitarian values, then why are you complaining? If you found the perfect woman who lives in harmony with you and can accept being equal, I am happy for you. I do come from a house where my mother was very bossy, my grandmother was a witch and dominating. All this was in the name of equality. IMO, equality between man and woman is a sham. Either the man rules or the woman rules and two rules in a kingdom equal a divided kingdom.

You are right, many women, by their nature, will strive to dominate and belittle a man at every occasion. It is because many women have low self-esteem and feel that importance is through power and prestige rather than humility and good deeds.

Believe it or not, the bible is a book of spiritual interpretation through its believers, prophets, sages, priests and Messiah (The Revealer). But, feeble minded people who like to rant and are self-righteous can never understand the spiritual and esoteric message of the bible. THe bible was written by men who strived their best to interpret the Spirit of God that dwells amongst them.

However, many religions have worked to achieve this, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroasterianism, Taoism, etc.. Judaism and Christianity are what I find are the best interpretations of the spirit, but you can choose your own.

If your coffee mug, car or even woman are what inspires you to live day by day, that is fine. If you are so happy why not talk about what your belief system has done to bring you happiness than just insult and belittle others. As far as fantasies, many atheists believe in the most idiotic and fabricated theologies.

You’re religious. Ok, whatever floats your boat but you must accept that most people live perfectly moral lives without some fantasy deity. How did I play chess with up? I gave her the freedom she clearly wanted. Both happy and ticketty-boo now.
I am a control-addict? Do you realise what NON-religious people think when they read your words? Am I ranting or merely responding and debating? Can you accept criticism or are you vehemently defensive of criticism, like a control-addict? I’m reeeeeeeeally happy, but god-botherers are fascinating. Yes, I spotted the psychology of accusing me of being a control-addict! Accuse people of being exactly what you are yourself, yes? Nice try 🙂 i’m not trying to convert anyone to any deity, I don’t care at all, but it’s fascinating to see how mentally ill people really do come to believe in the existence of an unobviatable yet unprovable deity concept. You clearly live among people like yourself, with its hierarchy up which you strive to climb. The pope obfuscated, fudged and basically let paed_phile priests continue in office; corporate religion industry. Religion has caused war and death throughout human history and will sadly continue to do so. Can you tell me the point of religion, apart from giving people a nefariously argued reason to hate people who don’t agree with them? Back to control-addiction, yes? No, I am not a member of any atheist organisation, atheists find god-botherers a source of amusement. Some nations developed ruthless dictatorships because it was the only way to keep vast populaces united, such as China and Russia. “many atheists believe in the most idiotic and fabricated theologies.”. Not your belief does not mean idiotic! Atheists have NO theology! They just accept their soul is playing with their life for something to do until it’s a waste of time. Same as investors play with companies.
Sorry I don’t understand your crazy belief in faith but you can try brainwashing me. How do you control people? Sticks, carrots and threats? My ex tried that, so I dumped her. You know other people are reading this 🙂 I apologise if this is a forum for people who think like you. My mum is not bossy, her mother wasn’t a witch like yours. I’m guessing you had a meek dad unable to stand up to your mum (within reason, never EVER hit a woman) and you have naturally tried to do the opposite. Talk to your dad (even if he’s dead), you know exactly what he would tell you. You know he loves you. Go places, meet people, do things. If it isn’t harmful, offensive or illegal, do it. That’s my ethos. Jesus, for God’s sake don’t take life so seriously, you’ll be dead again eventually, same as before you were born. Enjoy it. it’s very easy. If you get over the withdrawal symptoms of your religious social circle and understand why your mum and dad said, thought and did things, the sky will not fall on your head and you’ll be free. Sorry I write too much, I only do this when there’s nothing intelligent on TV.

You get a woman pregnant, married or not, you have to pay child support for 18 years.

No prenupt brings equality when children are involved.

That is why a ‘roll in the hay’ is not the best idea outside of the context of marriage. I highly recommend people think about their actions as I know so many people who have some fun with just anyone. And not protection does not work all the time.
On the other hand children are great. No matter what the start kids are great. The key thing is be aware you will be partnered in one way or another to the girl or guy who you create life with for the rest of your life. So choose your partner wisely.
I have a friend who was dating a guy just for fun. Woops and they have a son. They love their son, but their relationship is cordial.
Better is you have the love of your life. Maybe they are each others other half. I do not know.

Young North American woman are very insecure, superficial and competitive. They also have a sheep like mentality, where being popular and/or following popular trends is more important than developing traits with more substance, such as common sense, and intelligence.

There are exceptions, but these girls are in the extreme minority. European girls are definitely more “real”, plus in general better looking.

Just to add I had a long conversation with a very attractive girl from South Africa, who had lived 8 years in Europe and 6 years in Canada. Her observations were that in general, European girls are more likely to dress to express their personalities, whereas Canadian girls typically choose clothing to fit in. I

Captain Obvious, great nick by the way, American girls (Canadian and USA go for comfort while European girls go for style. But I think there is something else at work here, American girls do not feel the great need to make an effort, unless it is a TV pop culture trend. Europeans are not as pop culture as Americans. America is all about practical and Europe is Romantic. American is purtian and focuses its energies on proving themselves in business or work. Romantic idealism of Europe never really caught on in America to the same extent that it did in Europe.

“Both of our stories, my of my friend and yours of your friend are very good reasons why pre-nupts are God’s way of saying to men: “I have not forgotten you.”

I am not overly religious, but that is bang on, pre-nups ARE the great equalizer in our feminized society. Any successful guy must get good legal advice BEFORE tying the knot.

When a couple divorces, they should leave the relationship with what they had, when they entered it. The fact that our female biased legal system does not see it this way, requires any intelligent man to protect his assets, so that in the event of a breakup (which is instigated by woman 90% of the time), the financial damage is minimized.

I hear what you are saying, a lot of people disagree with me on this, but this is just my personal philosphy. Money comes and goes. Love is for a lifetime. I really trust my wife.
But lets say some how I lose everything. I have a dual citizen and a bright mind. If I wind up on the street penniless someday through misfortune, then I will live simply on different terms. I will use my intellect to find a way to make something work. It is a hard philosophy but I guess I do not care. I have been rich and poor and happiness comes from with in. So I see your point but I will not even think of a prebup as I trust my wife 100%.
Love for me is the most important.

“I will disagree with you on this point. Pre-nups no way. If my wife wanted to take all my money and leave me with one penny so be it. God see everything and the one with the most toys at the end is not the winner. I think marriage is all or nothing.”

I respect your opinion, and wish you good luck, but a pre-nup is not about who has the most “toys”, its about protecting something that has typically taken years of hard work. If we are just talking about “average” joe equity, then perhaps a more idealistic approach might be work, but some people have gone through serious blood sweat and tears to accomplish more. If they are now in position to relax and enjoy the fruits of their efforts (plus help other less fortunate) why would any rational person be fine with “so be it” if his wife takes ever penny. Plenty of woman are not so “accommodating” once the lovely dovey feelings have waned and real life kicks in, and will take every penny, or at least as much as the courts will give them.

Also your “so be it” approach could have some serious ramifications, if you were responsible to others beyond you and your wife. If not from a fiduciary or legal aspect, then at least from an ethical one, to see that you don’t end up the street penny less, but are able to work at protecting other people who might have invested in you, be it personally or via some business. Quite often, it not just you that gets hurt, should your wife leave you with nothing. Other people could also be dependent on you, and in such cases, an attitude of “so be it” just does not cut it.

I guess the bottom line is I would not marry someone I do not trust 100%. Further, life is not about money.
I see everything I have as a loan from above and I want I achieve in my life is not mine but rather a loan from above. If God wants me to be poor then I will be poor. If God wants riches for me, than this is what my life will have.

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