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Want to see beauty in moving pixel images on your computer? Here are some ideas that are a little out of the box.  Try the Asian video website. There you can stream an endless number of Asian ladies for free, until you make up your mind you will either be glued to your computer or find a wife. The choice is yours.

Youku is for amateur videos online like Youtube. It is worth exploring and they have their own hot female vloggers.

The Chinese words you want to type into the search box are when looking for hot Asian girls videos:

  • 比基尼泳裝 – Bikini
  • 泳裝 – Swimsuit
  • 迷你短裙 – Mini-skirt
  • 美女 – Beautiful
  • 天氣女郎 – Weather girl

Youku unblock and downloader for watching Asian girls on you computer for free

The following contain specific Youku tools that can help you in your love life. The ultimate way to motivate you to meet a Chinese girl is to watch a few videos and see how beautiful they are. Do not go to Youtube, go to Youku. You can upload long videos there with the only qualification that the Chinese government can censor you for inappropriate content.

The Chinese video hosting service Youku’s motto is ‘The world is watching’. It is. Although, Youku- Tudou is still behind Youtube but it has momentum and demographically and will be interesting to see if this site can jockey itself to number first. Here are some tool to help you. Use based on the laws in your country of course, do nothing illegal. The reason Youku is popular even in the west is many movies and shows are online that might not. If you can tolerate the Chinese subtitles. I can also recommend which is a similar site with a different set of videos (and Chinese girls).

There are a number of high quality videos of hot girls.

If you want to watch Asian girls on Video or general films from Asia I recommend you consider these tools:

If you have restrictions on Youku because you are not in Mainland China, you can get an add-on or plugin called Unblock Youku in Chrome or Mason in Firefox.

Chrome Yoku:

Use Unblock Youku

Firefox Youku

Mason Add-on in Firefox and follow these instructions:


Then go to config:

Header Key: X-Forwarded-For

Header Value:

Translate tool for better navigation of Youku

To actually download them on your computer or mobile device to watch latter you can try this tool:

YouKu downloader:

Either way you can browser YouKu for hot Asian girls and download videos (as long as it in legal in the country you live). You can have an endless collection of Asian females to watch all night long.

Do not get stuck in the past, move forward with your life.

My experience with watching videos vs. finding a wife

I remember when I was single and before I met my wife, I had my Sony laptop. I loved it. I even had scores of videos I would stream and watch in bed alone. At that point I realized I was basically having a relationship with my computer. I would play games, laugh with and sometimes even fall asleep with the laptop on my lap watching movies.

Similarly, many people today have relationships with their computers and now mobile phones. I realized if I wanted a wife I would have to take action and that meant unplugging and searching in the real world.

Yet I understand. I know how hard it is to find your other half. So causal viewing of PG and R rated films (lets say) and videos to tempt you to take further action I think it is acceptable. See how beautiful these women are and then this will motivate you to find your true love who is even better. Life is too short to spend online or plugged in  neurotically using your finger to browses your mobile device.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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