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Role playing girls who love fantasy games

If you ever find a cordial girl who plays fantasy games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars or anything that seems to approximate Mystic Warlords of Ka’a., WOW Mists of Pandaria or at least likes to emulate and Amine character, keep them. If you meet them on some massive multiplayer server all the better. A little real life bonding in Hero and heroine settings.

Remember Penny on Big Bang Theory, the character and the real life actress Kaley Cuoco  is into RPG games as is Mila Kunis (Ukrainian born of course) or real life Ukrainian Anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina. A lot of cordial ladys are geeks and play fantasy computer games and are out there. These are the women you want to date, not some female who uses online dating as an ego boast to prove she still play guys and balance a career.

The main idea is here you want to find a girl with both a vivid imagination and borderline living this in a fantasy world. Girls that are practical and day-to-day are everywhere. Typically modern women put themselves out there as business oriented or the more practical down to earth leaders (boss) of the male-female relationship.
In other words, the guy has his head in the clouds jousting windmills or with some crazy idea or on some quests.  While the woman is the smart thinking one. Even in modern TV commercials it is portrayed as this, that the woman is the wise one. My message is this:

You want your partner in life to have her head in the clouds, living on a borderline between reality and fantasy. That is a desirable trait in a mate. It is a manifestation of creativity and high cognitive function. In contrast, you do not want your wife to be some antagonistic battle-axe that is on you for some detail you do not even notice, then think herself superior.

There are a lot of cordial ladys that use their imagination in positive ways.

Convergent thinkers that are obsessed with details, but have trouble seeing the big picture. Divergent thinkers can do the details but understand that real progress is made in the abstract or imaginative world.  Detailed oriented people turn their noses up to creative thinkers or people with ADD and it is mildly annoying. You want to stay away from these women. You want to find a girl who can dream and fantasizes.

Guys think that girls who are nutty are easy. This might be true but that is not the reason you want to pursue fantasy or gaming women. You want this because they are living outside the box. When you think outside the matrix, you are creative. Being creative is equated with intelligence and good genes.

Date girls who play World of Warcraft and read fantasy books

People who have the ability to engage regions and parts lesser utilized hemispheres of the brain are attractive. At a primordial level our Limbic systems identifies this girls as good for mating and reproduction, and carrying your genes to the next generation based. This is based not on what some lame dating advice columnist says is good for dating, but one million years of evolution. Creative and imaginative is sensual.

  • Your romantic life will be better as she will be more open to engage in experimental ideas.
  • She will care less about money and less pressure on you, and experience like on a sensory and in her higher cortical regions.
  • She will care less about your looks as she can see what others can not.

So there is little downside to dating a dreamy girl who lives in a semi-illusionary world a good part of her waking day. All women will naturally have a maternal instinct and take care of the house, but if you find one that has a little spice in her life-like an obsession World of Warcraft, is that not more interesting?

If she is into fantasy literature this is almost as good as long as it is not revisionist fantasy with a materialistic twist like Mists of Avalon or it becomes a Wicca mother earth story or dominated by Amazon super heroines. In contrast you want a girl who likes elves for example.

Graphic novels and World of Warcraft, manga fantasy female characters it is all good.

Similar women can use their imagines to write novels like Jane Austen or Gothic romantic literature by Anne Rice, that border on the sensual with every vivid description of the ordinary.

Life has a magical quality to it. If you marry some ordinary girl who sees like only in the ordinary you will have to spend your productive days working to give her material things.

If you marry a poor girl living in her imagination she will not even notice when you have money or do not have money. It will be not important to her. What will be important is you are an open-minded and creative guy to support her in her fantasies. She will want to maintain her fantasy world rather than a material world. The former is a lot easier.

I used escape from the hard realities if my adolescence in my imagination. You find a girl who does the same, she will be a good girl. Someone who is humbled by life and found a coping mechanism. Contrast this with a girl who escapes with shopping and incessant checking of her mobile phone.

It does not have to be a woman who is only into computer gaming fantasies, even if those are the most vivid. It could be a girl living an Amish fantasy for example. That is living and loving the Amish way, but not joining them. Yet holding to the principles.

Similarly I am very religious but I understand religion has an element of fantasy to it. It is through out imaginations that the Divine communicates. You could find a girl who makes her bedroom a shrine of sorts with beeswax candles and even stain-glass elements in her window. A princess like that would not be boring, and uplifting.

So there you have it. You do not want a woman who has found traditional ways of coping with the hard realities of the human experience, such as psychiatry or medications like antidepressants or shopping and materialism or trendiness and bitter materialistic babble, rather someone who goes on an inner journey.

That is why I think so many girls from Eastern Europe are so cordial. They live in such rustic conditions and learn to cope with their imagination and self actualization in respectable venues like literature, gaming, languages and art. That in my mind is a princess.

Female players of World of Warcraft – believe it or not there are many girls who play World of Warcraft.  I think girls in Europe, especially Russian girls and Polish girls for some reason love RPG fantasy games.

Girls who disappeared playing World of Warcraft – I live in Poland, and I was friends with this guy and his girlfriend.  They were really into World of Warcraft.  In fact when I went to see the guy, the girl would be playing World of Warcraft. Since they only had one computer this worked. I could talk to one of them at a time.  But when they got two computers they basically disappear into the world of Warcraft. In fact if I want to see them today I have to get a character and go online.

Russian girls and World of Warcraft –  Russia is a dark, cold dreamy land, disconnected from Western hyper consumptive gratification. Many Russian girls who grow up in Russia have an over active imagination as a result, I believe, of their desolate environment.  Introduce world of Warcraft. Many Russian girls play the world of Warcraft. Therefore, Russian girls are not only disproportionally beautiful they also disproportional play fantasy computer games like World of Warcraft. By the way if you want to chat online with them, they are almost always elves.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

2 replies on “Role playing girls who love fantasy games”

This is actually really funny that you have to make a character on world of warcraft just to talk with your friends. I played that game for about 3 years and then gave it up because it is simply too time consuming and it distracted me too much from school work. I never knew that Russian girls may be into this type of game, however, in my experience the people that I have chatted with in world of warcraft are already taken. That is, they already have boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives and what not. I have even been in guilds where there would be entire families that play in the guild. That is husband/wife and children alike in the guild. Admin, my question for you, how many single Russian girls play world of warcraft? Just curious.

Because of the Russian cold climate and imagination I think many Russian girls play fantasy video games like world of Warcraft. Another big one in Russia now is Perfect World. has a contract with a few of the large Russian mail servers and many people play this. Look at a Russian or Polish bookstore, lots of people reading these books. Look at my post on medieval girls. Because a lot of the history of the Slavic people go back to this time, girls are really into it. Not all but a disproportional amount. Girls in Eastern Europe have more intellectual curiosity than the west and a much more active imagination, I think it is the weather partially. They are more dreamy.

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