Why Marry an American Girl?

Why are American girls are not for everyone? 

Marry someone from the US if you fall hopelessly in love.

I guess people reading this might say I am stating the obvious. Maybe I am, but my question still is why?  Why do guys think they have no other option but to marry the girl next door. I did not. Why do so few American guys see this?  Why do our guys marry an American girl?

Basically many Americans have been programmed to believe the world begins and ends in continental 48 states when it comes to dating. 

Further, people are a little slothful when it comes to traveling outside their comfort zones and the US.

Yet remember as we start to evolve and become one world of equal people, there are beautiful girls all over the world who will treat you like their hero. You are a hero because you search the world not just your hometown to find and win your true love.

Wrong reasons to get married

American guy: Some American guys get married out of guilt. What happens is they have been dating a girl for a while and feel its the least they could do for her. They know her family and years have gone by and they feel some obligation.

My answer: You have only one life.  I believe in God, but here on this earth you have one chance. Life is so sweet because we will never be here again. Live your life.  Go for the cordial young lady you want.  Marry the beautiful girl of your dreams.

Many of my American guy friends have all kinds marital problems and escape from their problems in work. They become workaholics.  They dread the hour when they have to return home to their wives who are bossy and demanding.  Man, where is your courage?  I would rather be poor and married to a cordial young foreign model who cooks for our family, than a career women who does battle three nights out of seven with me. I think many guys do not realise that American culture is not the world. Most girls where I live do not care about career, only about their family and making their husband happy.

No princesses  left in the world to marry except in fairy-tales

American guy thinking: They feel it is not possible to marry a model looking girl that will be their princess and will see you as their hero.

My answer: This knight in shining armor is a the proper male-female dynamic that exists outside the USA.  Girls want a prince to rescue them. Women want a man to serve and obey. Does this shock you? That is because you have been programmed to believe this is not true.  Even I have to fight my American culture programming. Girls want to be rescued.

Foreigners marry for money fallacy

American guy thinking: I will marry a foreign girl and she will take you money.

My reply: Foreign women marry for love. In fact, if you have an online honey, that is a say, a Russian girl who you think is trying to scam you, well hold onto your hat,  I have news for you, most likely you have been chatting with a dude.  Real life Russian girls are very nice. So stop using the Internet to find women. Travel and learn about the world.

And American women? In American it is about a 50% chance you will get divorce. In Poland it is about 15% for example, in Italy 10%.  One of my lawyer friends said, instead of marrying an American girl, why not just find a girl you despises and give her your house and half you money and save your self all the hassles. I disagree as many American women are wonderful and loyal and good humans. I just want guys to know that you do not have to worry about losing money to a foreign girl, the risk might be lower than a domestic USA girl based on divorce statistics.

Why get married? my message is do not unless

I am very against the idea of marriage unless it is your fantasy come true. Unless you have found your other half.  Unless you do , forget it, and enjoy your life as a man.

Unless a girl will submit her ego and serve you as her prince, do not get married. Of course will summit your pride and fight for her and rescue her and serve her also because she is your princess.

American girls see service to their Corporate boss as good, but to their husbands as bad

Millennial women (and men) are just not getting married in the US, rather they for some reason see it as a convention. Yet, we all live in the world of conventions including work.

  • I study economics (getting a PhD) and this is an unusual social trend. In the past people worked to live. Now people live to work.

Most American girls work harder to serve their boss (their master who they serve most with all their energy and time) than their husbands. Me, I am an American guy and work means nothing to me. Family means everything. I recommend you find a woman who believes the same. Do not date a career woman if your family comes first. It would be like oil and water mixing. Two different personalizes.

I often ask girls that are argumentative types if they talk and argue with their boss (that is their master who they serve) at work like they treat their husbands or boyfriends? They treat their boss (their master who they humble themselves to and basically kiss his feet) with more respect than their husbands or boyfriends.

I know guys who also treat their wives worse than their bosses. I believe in family first and work and career second.

Again, do not even think of getting married, unless you find your princess.

You can find a good lady friend

That being said I am a family guy.  I am very pro family and not a materialistic. I ultimately am a romantic.  I feel that in love it is two people and the rest of the world.  All or nothing.

American girls who do not want to submit their ego and life for the greater good of love,  my reply to them is ‘have a good life’.   For American guys I say why not  marry a model? Marry a model who has a PhD and will cook and clean and see you as a hero.  This is the CIS, this is Europe, this is Asia, this is Africa, this is South America.

I guess ultimately American guys feel they must settle for something in their heart they know is messed up? Maybe you will find a wonderful American girl, as many are nice but also look in other countries please before you feel you have to settle.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I agree with you on the age issue. Most failed marriages are because the age between the man and womn are TOO CLOSE. Best is a difference from 5-15 years where he man is older as long as he is in decent physical (shape (not corpulent a dirty slob)
and stable financially.

Bravo, if a girls older than you or the same age she will try to rule over you. She will try to dominate you. No one will be happy. She will age faster ( skin wise it is about 10 years) and at 50 you could be looking like George Clooney and she will look like …
Its best is the man is about ten years older. Everyone is happy. I laugh when American women are looking for younger guys on and other dating sites. Good luck with all that.

This is one of those articles that tries to make all the possibly bad things about dating an American woman the norm. The reason why their is higher divorce is because Americans do not put up with infidelity like other cultures. Also, it is really bad for your family name if there is a divorce. Also, women who serve their bosses usually have to do so because they are the breadwinners these days and without them kissing up, there is not food on the table. Thanks a lot for pooping on American women (sarcasm). You don’t deserve us.

Any man that is in decent shape mentally and physically and stable financially, deserves a super cordial young woman. It’s just a fact.

It’s not the bossy issue as much as you can’t do much. Any woman no matter the age can be bossy.

Now I had my share of cougars when I was a teen, but fact is once a guy gets older, he doesn’t want to be with a woman that will get all wrinkly. Even a woman two years younger than me I would not want for the long run because as time goes, she will start looking very wrinkly.

Marry an Asian girl. She takes care of you and your kids. She cooks. She stays thin. She is responsible. Do just half of the good things you do to an american woman and she will treat you like a hero. She keeps her vows and stays sincere to this relationship. She does not talks bad about her husband to her friends or relatives.

She gives you space to share. She loves to hear from you about your day, everyday. She is patient and kind.
Your life will be blessed. you will be happy all the days of your life. You can live life to the fullest.

Most of the american woman are very selfish. They are not true to any relationship. Even before marriage they have slept with 1000 men. So they infact do not know the meaning of faithfulness. Changing a man is like changing her clothes.

But most of the asian woman stay virgin until marriage and their friendship with the other friendship has limitations. They stay true to you until their death. They are brought up with these values.

Excellent article admin.. By the way, I never did get your name..

Why marry an American girl? She is 99 years old, has a heart condition, has $10,000,000 in the bank and has agreed to put you on her will. 😀 AH ok, well unless that is your situation, or unless you just love being abused, attacked and ridiculed by some ungrateful, gold-digging, dominating witch who will unleash all of her anguish on you, then I would not marry an AMerican girl.

I really am hoping those Eastern European girls are all you say. Seeing, that I never been there, its all speculation, but I am very eager to give it a try.

RIght now work is hard, I am working 13-15 hours a day, cooking, cleaning and doinng chores. American women are slobs, I am amazed at how much cleaner my house is than the average American woman. Its hard to get an American woman to do anything productive for you, I have to bring home the bread and bake it too. LOL

The girls here in Eastern Europe are those that give me suggestion for this blog, so I am telling it like it is. In America if you are a man, you have to work like crazy, do the cooking, cleaning and put up with a girl who dreams about ‘girls night out’.

Sounds great Admin.. I wish I could have your setup, where I can live overseas and still make a living. I have the potential but it will take some time; no guarantees I can pull it off.

Admin, where do you think the best place for me to start my search? In a year or two when I have some breathing room from my job, I have a goal of escaping USA and heading east. Since, I live in a cold, cloudy rainy place, I was kind of thinking of Sardinia or SIcily Italy for the scenery and better weather. Although I know Italian women are much more westernized.

Many times I have considered celibacy, because of the bad situation here. I seem to be more happy and live a more productive life not worrying about women. Its hard pleasing the unpleasable American woman, who believes the solar system revolves around her, rather than her being just a small part of it.

I am a Messianic Jew and I have to take into consideration, Eastern Europe can pose some problems, due to ethnic issues. Being Messianic, I can adapt well with Christians and have much in common. Actually, one reason I didn’t marry a traditional orthodox Jewish woman, is because of my Messianic beliefs. It would have been very easy for me to find a very traditional kind of lady, but due to doctrinal differences, I am not accepted into the Orthodoxy. Nobody will bless my marriage and no father will give me his daughter.

I feel I would be happier with a Christian woman and we would have more in common , although there is differences. I guess the one fear I have is being in place like Ukraine, Poland or Russia, I fear a bit of my security, due to my ethnicity. I know Romania is much more neutral in this regard and doesn’t have any longstanding animosity against my ethnicity. Italy is another option, as I know I’d probably be more welcomed there as well.

I guess to be blunt, I don’t know what some Russian, Ukrainan or even Polish (gasp) father would think of his daughter marrying a Jewish man. Even though I believe in Christ, I have differences from Orthodox or Catholic believer in Eastern Europe. We do have similarities, but doctrinal differences as well. I am more a Hebraic Christian, you can say. I would hate to have a marriage where the family would hate me, because of this issue. Would you say most of these people are accepting, regardless of your ethnicity, or even religion?

As I said, I am rather Russian looking and most my family comes from Eastern bloc. However, some of them don’t consider me their own.

Sorry, I know I am getting bit personal, but you seem like a genuine and good indivdual and I would appreciate your advice.

Seeing that you know some of my background, what place do you think would be best for me? My grandmother told me scary stories about how Poles treated her, but I know that was 70 years ago. If I am going wife hunting, perhaps the young girls don’t care so much about all this political and ethnic nonsense?

You will always find some freak somewhere that has prejudices, but most people today in Europe are not like that, including Poland. There are people like that yes. However, with the new generation that is the exception not the norm. Ukraine is not bad in this regard and Russia is a mix. But it is only an issue if you make it and issue.
I have found in Krakow people are really into Jewish studies and major in this. It is very well respected here. People are really into it in a good way.
You can always teach English where ever you go.
One issue is the visa thing.
Marriage is about you and the other person not the family. You have to have to courage of your convictions. I do not care what my family or my wife’s family thinks, it is more important about us.

How do E European women feel about age differences? I’m 38, is that too old to date really young women?

I wasted too much of my life with American women. I regret it so much. They will try anything to trap you with them.

What does age matter? No one knows how long you will live. Do no assume that you will get your four score and seven years on this earth. You could meet someone older or younger, it does not matter. Why focus on really young women? Why not just focus on finding your other half. If you do in Europe age is not an issue, its a more romantic place than America.

Admin has much wisdom.. 38 is a bad age in India, great age in Asia, decent age in East Europe. Lot of divorces in East Europe, so lot of older single women. However, in this day and age, in the western world, 38 is not too old marry.

I am 32 years old and prefer women in the 18-25 year old age range. But, depends on the lady.

Elvis: 38 is young, period. Why? Because you’re a man and with age comes status and wisdom. Most young foreign girls don’t want an immature 20-something year old guy anyway. I’m a bi-racial American and I dated too many American girls and was in a 7 year relationship with an American girl (same age as me) that was smoking cordial when she was younger and then mysteriously started to get corpulent. She was y, nagged a lot and withheld making love when she wanted to get her way (how come American girls think they can use their ___ as leverage?). My Japanese girlfriend is awesome. S_xy body, always follows my lead, shows me constant respect and kindness, enjoys making love every night, considers me youthful and energetic (I’m 32) and she brags to her friends what a good catch I am (I’m not even rich!). She loves cooking! I also recently hired a 24 year old Japanese cleaning girl who only charges 15 bucks an hour (she’s super cute) and she told me when she was 21 her American boyfriend was 40. She told me that she preferred older men (as do most Asian women). They only lasted 2 years though. She broke up with him because he didn’t want to marry her. That guy must have been on ___, or he found an even cordialter foreign girl. I like this Article. It is completely true!

I have an idea why should American women marry American men? All they do is watch football, baseball, and hockey while sitting on the couch with a big bag of potato chips in here hands sipping a tasting beer.

Lets face it.

Get yourself a man preferably one from another country who knows how to treat a woman and forget these lazy Americans. You’ll be better off.

I’m engaged to a Brazilian man and its the best thing that has ever happened to me after years of dealing with American men and its so refreshing to be treated like a lady.

oh yeah.. Men from other countries know how to treat women. Lets see Brazilian men spend all day playing football (soccer) , watching soccer and going to soccer games. Yes, they do also drink a lot and have multiple lovers. Hey, its latin culture! Lot of European men drink, smoke and most get a majority of exercise by walking around with a cigarette in their mouth.

AMerican men are the best.. THey go out of their way to spoil little whiny brats like you. You probably want a man from a porrer country so you can have someone who is desperate that you can boss around and enslave. This is very typical of American women.

More and more American women are going overseas now to find a man who can be their indentured friendship slave and house servant.

BTW.. Majority of the corpulent people in USA are women! Women in USA spend all day shoving down multiple McDonald hamburgers. They spend all day at mall draining the money from their husbands bank account, that he worked for day and night.

You couldn’t be more wrong about me or him if you tried. I don’t want to boss anyone around nor do I, and I don’t whine, I am a women who wants no one waiting on me or dotting on me or anything like that, my man is my best friend, that’s it, its that simple. Nothing more nothing less. I can be myself, I can turn to him, He is there for me, we live an authentic life.

No BS, no baubles, no greed, no fakeness, no trying to change him or me, nothing like the American culture whatsoever, and also, we don’t drink either one us, and in fact we have not had cable tv for over year so we have not been watching sports. Shocked yet?

Oh and by they way I don’t eat fast food, and I cook all my own food as does he we take turns no processed, no trans corpulents or hydrogenation, all home cooked with natural ingredients, and I work out and run, and he plays tennis!

BTW I could go on and on how wrong you are, and I am an American woman, and I am one in million apparently and so isn’t he, I guess some of us just get lucky 🙂

See not all American girls are trouble. Many, are good hearted, sincere and interesting people and relationships, countless. It is just that the culture in America has made you more the exception than the norm.

Alot of American girls marry just for love. American guys marry from Russia, Ukraine, Asia and Africa because they are looking for girls who will do everything to run away from the political and sometimes economic hardship of their countries. Usually this girls are a stay at home mum. Foreign men who marry American women are usually very educated, hardworking and intelligent. This class of people cannot be lord over. They simply love. Calabar – Nigeria for instance has alot of American women married to Nigerians and have relocated to join theirs husbands in Nigeria.

“Why our guys marry the American girl?”

Well you forgot to mention something very important:cultural difference.While I’m American myself,most people in the US are narrow minded.We don’t take the time to educate ourselves about other cultures,religion,beliefs,rituals,etc.Anything we find different,we are quick to oppose.

Your argument can be compared to why people within the same social class marry/date their own people.A very rich person is not going to marry a poor person.

“Foreign brides marry for money”
Well actually this might be true.Ever heard of the mail ordered bride syndrome.It happens.At lot of them come from impoverished families/countries.Most are desperate to get out of there.If not money,then a green card.

“American girls use guilt to get married”
Not necessary.Getting married is not an “American tradition.”People want to get married for the same reasons reguarless what culture you are.

Thanks for the comments Karen. In the end of course not all American women are all that bad. However, there is a huge culture problem. I think I can count on one hand I had a normal conversation about anything cultural with an American woman. Something about the world and other cultures and literature. I was living Boston a supposed cultural hub in the USA and it was a desert.I am sorry but it is true. When I moved to Europe it was like everyone was the opposite.

The problem with American girls from a guy’s perspective and do not take offense please is the woman will marry you, but to stay married is very optional. The commitment does not run too deep. Being a family guy I know that to raise a family you have to be 110% (I know that is a very American expression) committed for to your marriage, a child need love from both parents. Most of my friends in the USA are either divorced or do not look forward to getting home at night because their American wife will be on them and do not see them as their hero.

Where I live wives see their husbands as their champion and are married to them no matter what. And men treat their wives as princesses. Maybe not in all cases, but all the people I know and I know a lot of people as I am a teacher. My friend Mariusz just told me the other day how his wife after many years of marriage is his fantasy come true. I know women who feel their man is their hero and they rescued them. I can not see this happening too often in an American girl’s marriage. Maybe if someone was spiritual and really special.
My recommendation is American guys be open to the possibility that their other half is not the girl next door.

I am a young American man that is finishing college. I have a substantial but not huge bank account and I own my own house. I am going into the accounting field and I am ambitious about my career and future. I put that out so that you know even though I am young I am stable. I have not found so far in my life any of the traits I desire in American women. I am thinking of marrying outside the US preferably Ukraine from what I see. But I have a wierd feeling about marrying outside. I have scoured the internet and found no reason other than fraud that marrying outside the US is bad. If I could get some pros and cons for marriage or someone could give me a website to go to it would help me alot.

Thanks for the comment. You have a degree and an a little money and house now to make your life complete a beautiful girl. Life may be like that but love is not. Love is a chaotic unplanned messy thing that is never as you expect.
Pros and cons your looking at it like a F_ing business decision that someone wants to do the Ben Franklin sales close on.

If you are worried about money you are better off living your life alone. Or giving 100% of what you have to charity and then search you look for love.

Look if my wife wants all my money she can have it. Really.

If you are that worried, if you have enough confidence in yourself you can always make more and love is never ever about money despite what you hear in the USA.
I also think there is ten times more risk of marrying an American girl. They are materialistic, generally and will divorce you, generally.

I live in Poland and people here lived with nothing. 2 families living in one or two rooms and no food under communism, except eight-hour bread lines. Now it is different but people had love then and now. Love is independent of money. It is about a spiritual relationship and it is always about all or nothing. No limits.

If you live in Ukraine for a few years in a small cold flat with no water and little money, I can almost guarantee you find the love of your life.
If you sit back like some business strategist and contemplate this love thing like it’s a business decision, I have no answer for you. A princess needs a hero and champion not some guy from a rich country.
Sorry for all this, but your a young guy and you need to hear the truth. Really again sorry. Ask me any specific questions if you have any.
What is more important your money or your life?

You meet a girl tell her you own nothing and are in debt or say nothing (but better is be honest and not say anything even if she asks). Or wear old clothes with holes in it like grundge style, clean but nothing special. Do not ever mention money. If after a year she is in love with you anyway, then you have no problem. When you take her out do not spend money on her. Take her to a old cafeteria or make peanut butter sandwiches and sit on a bench for your dates. You think I am joking. Win her heart not by being anything but who you are. Not rich, not American, not educated, just you. Or you are better off marrying some American girl, it will the same. It is always about love, nothing else.

Maybe I was a little hard, I think basically if you find a girl and date her for a while in Ukraine you will have no worries or certainly less worries than an American girl.

Dave, Remember that your college degree is what a bachelors degree? This is like a high school degree in Europe or Lycée. So do not think European girls who have master’s degrees and PhD. and speak three languages will be impressed with some guy from the USA with a high school degree and is fluent in only one language.

I wanted to put it in perspective.

I think the reverse is true of your opinion, some European girl might think you are marrying them because of their EU or CIS passport and you want to marry above your social class.

I am not being a b_itch but rather, this American rich grin_go stuff does not fly. Maybe if you tell me you speak four languages and are interested in Russian literature a girl would be impressed. Then you for sure would get girls inerested in you.

Interesting comments
It’s curious how some women and men tend to get engaged with foreigners abroad. Like how the one mentioned above that engaged with a Brazilian guy.
I’m Brazilian and I was sick on how I couldn’t find decent woman in Brazil. Now I’m living in New Zealand and it seems that women here are more open minded and laid back. I’m decent looking and mature minded down to earth but I find difficult to get in a relationship because I’m just 25. Maybe I’ll have to wait to get older to deserve a princess? My problem is that I tend to not have any relationship with non-good looking girls, and maybe because of that I’m losing part of the fun of my life.
Maybe I should go try Eastern Europe some day.
Skarrlette, how old are you (the couple)? Just curious.


Looks has nothing to do with it, I think if you are can have an attractive girl as a mate, in fact I recommend it. I think you have to define what your core set of values are. And within that set of values, if they are really what you believe in your heart you will find countless good looking women anywhere you are, except America maybe. I think New Zealand is not the place for women. My experience with New Zealand women is they are very out of control arrogant. New Zealand is like America for women.

Intersting your point of view about women in NZ. I felt like the women here is way more polited, smiling and easier than (southern euro) Brazilians. And (southern euro) Brazilian women is very like the Americans in many ways. Maybe for you is something like you came here in NZ but you’re an English speaker, so it’s not exciting for them (and you).
I agree there are many other places for women besides NZ but it’s defintely a good thing here: more women available and few men. And also if you have been in certain places of NZ you can find diferent kinds of girls, it changes so badly over the contry.. I believe that in the countryside (where I live) they are lovely. But I still want to know other countries of course. BTW, it’s an awesome blog, thanks for sharing information. I tried to access some dating sites you mentioned here (vkontakte) but I don’t have any clue about Russian language yet (even with the English pages, you cannot understand russian profiles 🙂

Can’t wait the day I’ll visit eastern euro


With foreign language websites try to use a translate tool. If you put just the url in translate the whole page is translated and all other pages.
Interesting you say that about Brazilian women. Maybe as an American going to Brazil it is a different playing field than if you were born in that country. Foreigners always seem to have an edge because it is something different and new. But for American women, many are hopeless because materialistic thinking is so ingrained in society that normal girls have been programmed with these ideas.

I posted a little while back and it has been awhile since I checked it but I feel I need to defend myself now from some pretty rude comments. First to admin, I appreciate what you said about not looking at it like a business decision. I am really not trying to do that but I am just worried about it because dating outside the US is new to me and we fear what we do not know. So it is easier to think of it that way even if it isn’t helpful to me finding a good person to date or marry. Well I do have some things to learn. Your post was not rude I appreciate your help.

Next to Katya,
who the hell are you. I only put that stuff about myself so you had a baseline of who I am. Rich gringo stuff. What are you talking about? I don’t think I am rich and I damn well know that a lot of CIS women are highly educated. I don’t think I am the catch of the century I think I am a normal person that might find another normal person somewhere I wouldn’t expect. You shouldn’t be so judgemental of people especially people that are trying to do something new. If all CIS women jumped to conclusions and were as blatantly RUDE as yourself I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole. I have plenty more to say to you but it wont help anyway.

Sorry – if I offended you in any way, I have had some really bad days lately Look I know where you are coming from, but do not worry. It is not an either or. Just be open to the fact that there is more to the world than the USA only. The world is a big place and there are very decent beautiful women everywhere. I have travelled a lot so maybe that is why I do not have that fear.

Oh and when it comes to money. I have no problem spending every dime I have on a woman who loves me. I dont care at all. I only hope that I dont get play chess withed and spend it all on someone who doesnt really care. That would be sad. Not really a life changing loss just sad.

I recommend you do not send money of a girl. If you start it off like that then this is an element in the relationship. Maybe if your married than you can spend money, but before marriage win her with personality.

oh and Katya for your information I am fluent in Spanish and speak good Pashto and am trying to learn Russian. Sorry if I am not like every other American that only speaks one language. Once again jumping to conclusions only makes you look ignorant and rude.

No I would never send money to her I was just saying that I really am not concerned about just protecting my money. I appreciate your time and dont take offense to what you said. It was blunt but you only see a name when you reply so you cant know much about me. Some people need to be told how things are. Really the only thing that offended me was the other person who replied to my post, but it is not a big deal. I hope I can use this site and your knowledge in the future if I have questions. Thank you again for your time.

You really are a bunch of superficial , egoistic men. All you seem to care about is the looks of a woman. What about intelligence, wit , humor ? Would you like to be judged only by your looks? I guess you would fail misserably.

I don’t know what kind of “western” females you have met but you sure picked the wrong ones. In fact I am in a long term relashionship and we get along famously. Know why ? Mutual respect.

I just expect to be treated just like he would want to be treated and I will do the same for him. That also includes that I am not his cleaning lady, his maid or his momma. I work just like he does and we put equal amounts of money into everything since I never was comfortable with being fínanced by my boyfriend.

What exactly is it you expect your “wife” to be like ? I’m talking about the inner values not how tall skinny and vain she is. Plus it’s ridiculous to stereotype , I also travelled alot and I have seen beautiful women in every country I visited so far – who weren’t y or aggressive but had a very respectable character.

It seems to be a common theme that American men with a good heart and sincere intentions get burned by materialistic women who put their energies into being right or proving they are equal rather than focusing on how to make their man happy. How to please their husband. This is what a wife should do.
How can I say this? I am married and I want to make my wife happy. I do not care about being equal or right or money being split, or work. I care about my wife’s happiness.
American women (not all – but its a society thing), do not want to cook and clean and make their husband happy, but rather try to prove something. You do not have to prove anything. Love is about surrendering yourself to another.

Gosh. You guys are exactly right about American women.

You know what I do all day?
Just sit around painting my nails. Watching television and having Mcdonald’s delivered to my door.

I barely graduated High school. and University? forget it. Can not be bothered.

But hey? What do I care? i have beautiful nails and go out with my girls about every other night.

I also have a cleaning lady. b/c how else would my hamburger wrappers get cleaned up?

oh yeah… I am living the American dream!

American woman, after cleaning up your numerous grammatical errors, I think your point is taken. You are saying that is not how you live at all. No all American women are this way at all. However, you are very sarcastic and this is again, like many American women I have met. That is sassy and sarcastic. I prefer sincere and articulate.

As for ‘Katya’s’ comment about degrees. How dare you put yourself on a platform. How superficial you are! As for your degree or that of any other eastern european. You may think of an undergraduate degree or non at all as being less than. However, given the state and utter cr_p of eastern european universities. I would say an american highschool degree carries more clout than one from trash no name eastern europe university. To hell with you and all of these women who wear their degree on their sleeve. I see it all of the time. Women start conversations off with their degree. A degree only shows what level of control a society has over you and complacent you are in it. It tells me that you lack an identity or talent. People who obsess over academia are often the most lacking of all. That is truly all that you have. Its pathetic. I do not define myself by a degree or what I have. Western Academia is the seat of all of this corruption and female superiority and hate that is being exported into society. Katya comes from a position of superiority. The tone of her post bleeds hatred and resentment towards men. It doesn’t take a stretch of the ear to hear it. Another thing katya, I know Phd’s who are unemployed. I also know some who are severely lacking in their field and don’t really know a lot. I also know linguist, just like you, who are over 45 and alone, unmarried. Because they ‘couldn’t find a man. Well, as long as the value of a man is based on degree’s and how many languages he speaks and other meaningless tripe I guess not.


Gentlemen, this is an interesting conversation as one who has been there and done that, I feel qualified to offer my two cents. I married at 19 to an American girl for 11 years, she took my decade of hard work and trashed it, which I probably could have live with, but then she also poured poison into my son’s ears to cover her choice to look for the next better deal. We were the same age and she was average looking.

My next Wife was an American who was 9 years older, she was bi-polar which meant 70% of the time she was great, but my God look out for the other 30%, I wasted another 11 years of hard work trying to make this relationship work.

I decided that a different culture would provide me the opportunity to have a long term relationship. I went to Vietnam and married a school teacher who was 9 years younger than myself. No question the Vietnamese have very strong family values, just not with their American Family. She lied and stole as much as she could for the sake of Vietnamese family to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars and in the end I had to defend myself against a false charge of assault (women get a Green Card automatically if a charge of abuse is made, proved or not) The man hating DA and Judge could hardly wait to make an example of me, but then the Jury decided I was not guilty in a time frame that set a record in that county, less than 20 minutes to decide the case. I got a good son out of the deal however and he lives with me, so all is well. By the way, she was not pretty.

My forth wife is Ukrainian and life with her was great… long as I was making money. When my business partner decide to take 10’s of thousands of dollars from the company and left me holding the bag, somehow the 1carat diamond ear rings I bought for mother’s day no longer mattered, nor the black pearl necklace or expensive hotgraphy equipment or all the stuff for her daughter including the dental work seemed to matter. She is younger by 7 years but already looks older than me. I haven’t had s_x for more than two months.

The bottom line gentlemen is this, a woman is only interested in what you can do for her now and what she estimates your future earning potential may be, the whole love thing is a joke and lasts for two minutes anyway. My advice… your life, don’t marry, show yourself a good time you only get one scordial at life on this tiny planet, in the end we only have two choices, live your life and have women take all the juice from your decades of hard work, or spend your money on yourself, if I had it to do all over again I would choose the latter.

Best of Luck

Old guy, there is no way you can convince me of your argument because myself (who I think is younger) and many of my friends and family who are older than you are living a very different life. I understand you had hard times with women and marriage, but I disagree.

Here is a metaphor: I had the same with the stock market. I could not understand it. I keep on picking the wrong stocks. Why? Maybe my selection criteria was wrong.
I change my attitude and selection criteria and sure enough I started winning.
Sorry for equating love and marriage with stocks but I thought it might be something you could related to.
I think marriage is about finding your one and only other half. Money never ever has anything to do with love. Love comes from God.
In fact everything we have comes from God and in the end God will ask us what did we do with the ‘talents’ he lent us? Our talents here on this earth are on loan from God.
If I did not find my other half, and I am thankful I did, I would live a humble life of prayer and perhaps service to others.
So I think our choice in mates are often mirrors of our own inner world.
If you attract women who value money it might be something you value yourself.
Your comment was great and very interesting. You are wiser than me in many ways, but I just do not see the world the way you do. I hope you are not offended.
Thank you for the comment and your shared wisdom.

I read what you said, and I don’t think you can just say its the womans fault, you are no fool – sounds like you keep going for the same type of woman here. there are people like this in every culture, I think you have to believe in yourself first and develop your confidence and be content being alone before you look for a partner – sounds like you keep looking from one woman to another! you don;t even make them sound too great to look at, if you say they look average or worse.

I don’t know perhaps you’re giving off the wrong vibes, I aways seem to attract the girls who want to be rescued from life – and most do in my opinion, and why not, it’s not to put women down but to recognise that life can be as simple as that sometimes (man protects woman).

My advice if you come across desperate for a relationship the wrong people will come to you.

Women need to be rescued, conquered and spun around until they do not know who they are. This is how you treat a woman. A woman’s heart has to be totally won. This will mean something different for every woman. Some will be won with a suble shy approach, others will be won with confident Alpha game. It will be different with every prince and princess. Confidence does help but not everything. It is more about the connection.
Perhaps I am American women. And God created men and women equal so it is not really anyone’s fault, I am just recommending for Americans to consider people from other cultures if they do not find the guy or girl next door to be congruent with their vision of love and romance.

I agree with your article on why marry an American woman? I going to marry an American man. I think the world of him, he is nice caring and very romantic. I am deeply in love and marrying for love. When he comes home from work, I will great him with a kiss and be the perfect housewife. I know many other men get yelled at when they come in the door, or a list of reasons or innuendos why they are not making their wives happy or what is wrong. I am not like this. I want to make his life happy, by the way I am a Pakistani woman.

A very interesting blog, along with the comments. Both thumbs up.
As an immigrant to the US, I understand fully well every viewpoint on this material. Most of today’s American girls are heavily influenced by feminism, fighting the very nature and design God purposed them to be. Here’s what Zoe Lewis wrote in her article regarding her activism as a materialistic (from The Times, Feb 5, 2009):
“Now, nearly 37, those same values leave me feeling cold. I want love and children but they are nowhere to be seen. I feel like a UN inspector sent in to Iraq only to find that there never were any weapons of mass destruction. I was led to believe that women could “have it all” and, more to the point, that we wanted it all. To that end I have spent 20 years ruthlessly pursuing my dreams – to be a successful playwright. I have sacrificed all my womanly duties and laid it all at the altar of a career. And was it worth it? The answer has to be a resounding no.”

So there goes the American woman.

Thank you for the comment. The problem is it is not only women who define themselves as materialistics but also the mainstream media which influences normal healthy American women to try to resent living in a normal healthy family unit.
Even on TV the woman is often portrayed as the smart, wise peaceful one and the husband ‘oh he is such an idiot’. The man is some bum and the woman has no choice but to divorce him and be a single mother.
Either that or a career woman is portrayed as something great on TV. Why is it great? I am a guy and see that corporate American career is not as important as family.
Loyalty to your family, that means spouse and children is the only thing that matters.
Barbara Billingsley’s role was often make fun of by many people, but in my mind she was portraying something normal, that is the wife and mother is the center of the family and the family depends on her wisdom to be together. But many American woman belittle that role.

I don’t understand. One of your previous articles gave advice for American women on how to find love and yet many of the other articles are telling American men to not even bother with us in the first place . . . am I that unbearable?
Don’t get me wrong, because I sincerely do appreciate your articles (they’re quite insightful). I’m just trying to make sense of a few things.

I am really pro marriage and pro family. I also am a romantic so I believe in love and happily ever after. If I sound slightly jaded do not listen to me. 🙂 There are many American women worthy of marriage. However time and time again most of my American male friends who have good sincere idealistic intentions get burned by American women. America is a very competitive culture and also hyper materialistic. I am American born and raise but also religious and live as an expat. And the American way of life is good but not the only way.
Because of this competitive materialistic attitude, some but certainly not all Americans have, marriage is something to be careful about. I recommend marriage only if the person you are marrying is idealistic and believes in love that is forever. That is there is no chance for divorce.
I recommend marriage only to someone who really does not care about career or money. If money gets into the equation of marriage, it is going to fail. Marriage and love needs to be pure. It needs to be enough in itself, with no limits. If you find a partners who is humble, idealistic and without limits as well as non materialistic, I recommend marriage as it will be based on true love.
But if you find someone that says I need the guy to at least have a career going, run from this type of girl. If you find a girl that says that divorce is a possibility if it is not working out, run from this girl. Leave her at the alter waiting if you have to. Trust me, I know many a good men who wished they did.
Love has no limits. It is eternal and it is all or nothing.

Mazel Tov.. Great advice Mark, I think you have spoken wisely here and if people take your advice they are much more likely to have a marriage that will last forever (or until one spouse dies) and will be blessed with a happy household. In USA, many American women are very arrogant and make it a point that they will not care for a man. In other words, they are career independent women and want their spouse to make more than them. American women speak in code words as not to appear as conniving and self-centered as they truly are.

Here are some of the typical venomous code words spoken by American women:

1. Please have your own house, job, nda car, I’m not your mom, I won’t take care of you!

Translates: You better have a better house, job and car than me, because I want someone to take care of me. Also you better have a decent job because I expect to be taken out to dinner and treated like a queen!

2. I am very INDEPENDENT, career-oriented and outspoken.

Translates: I do what I want, when I want. If you try to challenge me I will give you a piece of my mind, maybe my fist. More likely, I will challenge you and you will respect what I tell you.

3. I love wearing heels, so please be few inches taller than me.

Translates: I care more what I look like in front of others, especially my friends, than caring for your feelings and loving you for who you are.

4. I need a man who is attractive, muscular/athletic/etc etc. Be tall, but not skinny.. I’m sorry I just cannot be around someone I’m not attracted to.

Translates: Yes, exterior appearances are more important than anything else. If men verbalized these type of requirements, immediately they are classified as a friendshipist pig.

5. I love tattoos and piercings. I really love a guy with tattoos.

Translates: Grungy American girl 😀 USA is overrun with them.

6. I am spiritual, but not religious..

Translates: I don’t really follow any religion, lack morals and probably lost my virginity sometime early in high school.

7. I am a BBW. Yes, I am a full figured lady. So, you better not have a problem with that!!

Translates: I am corpulent! Dieting is not an option, I just need to be told I am beautiful by someone, rather than facing my addiction. Exercise gets in the way of my career and I just love fast food.

Mark, the one thing I have to disagree with is that there is many good American women for marriage. If there was so many I think I could have found one. I have been around this country enough to know that there is very few good American women. Really, I encourage all men to look elsewhere than the USA. There is no woman worth marrying in this country. Sorry, for my pessimistic view on USA women, but I think it was well earned.

Joy, is it wrong that Mark the Admin gives advice to American women? If you want to be a loving, honest and devoted wife, you will not have much of a problem finding a good American husband. Many American men yearn to find an American woman who has good moral values and is loyal. If you are prepared to step away from the materialistic and machismo mindset of the American, you will be like a princess to most men here.

Joy, I’ll be honest with you. When it comes to feminism I can sum it down into two things. Good for career, bad for family. Don’t believe me? Do a bit of research into the history of feminism, more specifically second-wave feminism which started back in the early 1960’s also known as the materialistic movement. It was an on-going movement which lasted up until about 1980. Now take a look at this chart that show’s US divorce statistics in the last sixty years or so:

Notice how right after 1960, there was a sharp increase of divorces that sky rocketed and leveled out around 1980. I think we can easily say that this materialistic movement is directly responsible for this increase in divorces. You can’t argue with this logic. Fast forward to today and we are now seeing the long-term effects of this time. The result? An American dating scene that fails left and right on top of everything else.

Joy, my advice for you is to deprogram yourself immediately from the Americanized way of thinking when it comes to dating. Ask yourself, where has it gotten you so far? Where has it gotten people that you know? Reinvent your thought processes. Otherwise, you are simply asking for trouble from men.

Nice post, Ninja Gaiden.. One other factor we must also consider in addition to the sharp increase in divorce is a gradual decrease in marriages. More and more people are not marrying or having part-time relationships, where they will live with each other. Also, it is more and more common for several men and women to have children from multiple people. Feminism has not only brought a sharp rise in divorce, but also is resulting in less and less people from getting married. The fact that less people are marrying may be why you see the divorce curve suddenly drop in the 1980s.

Essentially, feminism has destroyed the family structure of this country, as we know it.

Please don’t judge me so harshly. I’ve been around as well and have found it extremely difficult to find a good guy that that respects my faith, family, friends, and body. The whole waiting till marriage for s_x seems unheard of nowadays. I’ve heard men argue that only the “players” or weirdoes usually approach women (so this is where I get my experience from) and that most men are just shy. This may be partially true, but do you not think American women can be the same way? I usually don’t even speak my mind, let alone approach a stranger. I’m also not a materialistic, although I do want a respected career. Once I have children though, they’ll be my life. However, I do worry about trying and raising them in America.
Also, I realize that American values are deteriorating, especially in women. I grew up in an extremely poor environment and am grateful for it. My family is extremely because of this. I feel much more mature than many of the women and some men I come into contact with. I do not criticize them and listen with an open ear, but sometimes I just can’t handle the garbage that they try to feed me and influence me with. As for finding a good man, maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. I fully realize that to find the person you want to be with, you must first be someone they’d want to be with as well.
I do thank you admin for your thoughts on love, marriage, and faith. Most of it truly is beautiful. Love is such a tricky business, but one day I guess it’ll be worth the struggle. Here’s to staying optimistic.

Joy, if you are still looking for a guy, I have some ideas. The first is consider a guy from another country. Why? I usually recommend guys consider girls from other lands because it gives them more opportunity and a unique spin and basically if you have not found your other half maybe you are looking in the wrong place.
I have meet scores of American girls that when they went abroad they found someone they could have never ever found back home. It is not that the USA is bad, it is not. It is just that the world is full of opportunity and life is a great mystery. In my personal experience as well as experiences of my friends. Looking for a mate with no limits and respect to political borders is often a wise thing to do.
The reason, is again, you are looking for your other half. There is only one. Who knows where this person is?

Sorry, there’s quite a typo above. I meant to say that “My family is extremely close because of this.”

This is a well written article, good job Mark. I do have a suggestion though. Could you write an article for those of us men who have forgotten how to be this knight that women need from overseas? Explain to us in detail all of the characteristics that make up a knight. The only ones I can think of is intelligence, respect, sense of humor, kindness, inner strength, faith in God, and confidence. Somehow, I think there are more though…could you explain them in detail? Thank you.

Not all American women are the same. My boyfriend is treated like the prince he is, I love him to more than anything in life. Everyone in this world wants to feel like they have a stable home. That’s just how people work.

Stephanie, case and point. If you want a prince, you need to be a princess and the converse is true also. This means, show someone respect and ideals, and take the higher ground. If someone does you wrong, teach them overwise or blaime yourself. However, when you take the idealistic higher ground you will have a better persective on relationships and will attract who you want.

I love how most of the guys on here believe all American women are total bossy b_tches. For example, I do not spend most of my time on appearance. You know how long it takes me to get dressed? 2 minutes. It takes me the same time to pick out my outfit. I hate heels with a fiery burning passion and they can burn in hell. I find it cute for the girl to be shorter than the guy. I am more family oriented than career, but I still want to be a surgeon, not a stay at home mom. Also, yes, I’m independent to the point of I can take care of myself, but I want a man. Plus, it would be nice if a guy had his own car, but I’m not going to be like, well I won’t be with you since you don’t have a car. I also love to cook, but it would be nice if a guy was like, well you’re an amazing girl, let me cook for you. I also hate men with tattoos, unless they stand for something that is meaningful, such as his mother had cancer or whatever. Plus, yes, men should at least be attractive to the girl. I’m not saying drop dead gorgeous, but no one wants to be with someone ugly. Then, no, not all of us are religious, but why should that be such a problem? And no, not all of us are corpulent, but we’re not all size 2’s. You have to understand that we all can’t live up to that standard of a tiny tiny size 2. And what’s wrong with being feminine sometimes but not others? I mean, I act girly sometimes, but then when I’m with my guy cousins I’m into football and guy stuff. I like both. Is that so wrong?

How to be attractive in the USA

If you read my post on how to be attractive you know I like girls who are relatively low maintenance. I mean a guy or a girl with a good body and jeans and a nice quality white t-shirt and a nice hair cut with natural hair and maybe cool accessories, will look better than someone who puts a lot of work in their looks of either gender. I prefer a girl in running shoes and yoga pants than heels and tons of perfume.

Not everyone has to be a size 2, but man I see a lot of large women in America, like size 14 who say they have a slow metabolism. My mantra is just be healthy and balanced. Even me, I eat moderate and take vitamins and walk a lot, not be deal. But I think women for emotional problems pack themselves and then say it is genetics. I tend to disagree. I think they feel some great pressure in their lives and are filling the void with food. I do not dislike these girls at all, I feel bad for them. I just think they should read a lot of books and analysis why they are like that instead of go the road of corpulent acceptance. Self development is a key to a happy life. And when you are personally happy you will be better in a position to make others happy including your husband. I mean I want to serve and make my wife happy, why would a girl not want to serve and make her husband happy. I love her.

Do not take offense if you are not in the camp of American women who are unaware and do not work on self development. Again it is a social thing, I am analyses not an individual but a social trend.

Social trend in American dating
What is my main point, I do not like the idea that women do not have to work on themselves or develop themselves to attract a mate. I do like the idea that women have to read, educate be aware, be spiritual, be patient, kind loving and considerate to all. Unfortunately I have not meet too many American women like that. Further, they all have their divorce. Why not just get married and stay married?
In the dating scene in America it is horrible. Catty, gossipy, arrogant women who put themselves out there as something special but they are not.

Dating in the USA is a horrible thing as people are so caught up in things that do not matter and the women think they are queen bees. Better is just a little honesty about love and marriage and see the sacred nature of intimacy instead of using it for recreation or to increase your power.

Women in the USA often behave like men, striving for power and money and their relationship is just another ambition. Shame on them, they are women and know they have a special role in their world/

It is so hard to be a man in the American dating scene if you are not a player. If you are a rich jerk (nothing wrong with being rich but many have attitudes) or a player, than the American dating scene is a dark and lonely place. My recomendation is consider foreign women.

Money and American girls dating
It is not about that, it is about so many American guys with sincere intentions and ideals get burned by American women who care a lot about money. Money or a guy with a good job is important to American women. For me not because all the guys with good jobs and leveraged to the hilt are not pounding the pavement or sweating it out with debt on their back. These are actual people I know personally. The women that married then got more than they bargained for. Love is never about money, job, power, pretigue.

Many American women say I do not want a rich man, just a good job. Again that is similar thinking. Love is always about the person not income. I would live in a mobile home no problem.

I would rather spend my time with my family and be poor than spend my life chasing the almightly dollar. I think most guys see American women partially shaped by their culture. That is hyper consumptive and somewhat materailistc. Even me perhaps I was like this until I have lived a good part of my life abroad and my eyes were opened.

I mean take the economic crisis in America now, most American will tell you how bad it is out there. To me it looks like America is rich and there is opportunity everywhere. I would clean houses or work at McDonald’s if I had to.

So the guys are upset with American girls and their attitude that they are top of the food chain, that they want love + lifestyle. My message is if you marry for money it is the hardest way to earn it.

Okay, I’m not joking when I say this, every day I wear either jean shorts and a tshirt, or jeans and a tshirt. That is my wardrobe. Maybe sometimes sweat capris, but I dont care much. Like, if people want to laugh at me, go ahead, at least I’m comfortable while I’m there. As for maintenance, the only thing I spend the most time on the mornings is my hair and that’s because I straighten it. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy, therefore I straighten it to avoid that. I’m really not that high maintenance at all. As for what I do, let’s see, I read, write, draw, and yes, sometimes I like to play football and stuff outside with guys. I’m not super feminine, but i like to be treated nicely by guys, not just like some other guy.
As for money, if you’re going to marry for money, you obviously have no values. When you get married it should be because you love that person with all your heart and you would do absolutely anything for them. That’s why my parents have been together for 20 years. My mom put up with an unruly stepson to be with my dad. I think if more American women would see this, they’d value it more. I, for one, when I get married, will always be faithful to him and would rather spend time with him that with my friends. Whether it be eating dinner together, or watching football on a Sunday night. I just think some of these American women that men complain about on here need to rethink their lives and values.

Some guy will be very lucky to be with you. I would rather be with the one I love eating cordialdogs and playing monopoly on Saturday night than in some big house and no communication.

Thanks, I guess?
Exactly. Who wouldnt want to talk to who they’re with? Also, what’s the point of being married if all you do is fight? Like some couples I see, all they do is fight. I get sometimes you’ll argue, but who wants to be with someone they fight with?

I believing in fighting for your partner not with your partner, and I mean that in a multi dimensional way of believing in them and supporting them and helping them with their dreams.

That being said, I need to be forgiven in life 7 times 70 + as we are all human. Arguing with your partner, sure I argue with my best of friends from time to time, not a big deal as we are all human and it is emotion that governs are consciousness. I am moody and have ups and downs and why would I not ague or affect people around me, as long as it does not get out of control. I am only human.

This all applies to many New Zealand women too.

All too often on dating sites you see attitudes like ‘I’ve got tats and piercings so get over it’ … aggressive attitudes that are just really unappealing.

I have found that commonwealth British women like from New Zealand are often worse than American women as their egos are pumped even higher for some reason. See most of the problems with both genders from all countries is this, ego, pride and a view that they are somehow right and special. It makes a normal healthy loving relationship impossible. Love is about surrendering the “I” for the “we”.
It is so distasteful to meet a girl who has an “I” centered attitude. Marry a girl like that and your marriage will be a train wreck.

Mr Administrator:
I agree with everything you say and find your posts very interesting. One thing you have not addressed is the innate need for any women to be secure. How does your wife feel about your ability to take care of her considering your position on money.
I agree with you in theory, but have never found a woman who was not very concerned about security.It is a woman basic need, like a mans need for physical relations.

Life is not that simple, that security equates with money. And man’s needs are physical release.

Meditate on the quote below and really think about this in relation to the connections especially dating relationships you have. Watch the movie where this famous quote about greed and wealth is from and tell me what you think. And who gets the girl in the end of this movie by the way? The Rich man or the noble savage?

Before I get into my rebuttal to women and money and guys and relations did you ever see the movie Last of the Mohegans when Hawkeye’s translated soliloquy drives home of point of culturally relative values of security?

Would Magua use the ways of le Francais and the Yengeese?
Would you?
Would Huron have greed for more land than a man can use?
Yes – Would the Huron make his Algonquin brothers foolish, with brandy and steal his lands to sell them for gold to the white man?

Men are complex not base animals

I as a man can tell you I want someone who I can communicate with, be a spiritual partner, be a family, go to Disney and the whole nine yards. Humans are complex animals from our diet (we just do not graze on grass like cows) to our needs in life look up, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Single men often focus on the physical relationships aspect not because married men’s libido decrease, on the contrary. Rather men are complex. Once you have your cordial princess whom you are physically attracted to than you can focus on other things also. Imagine you are with your fantasy girl every night. That is marriage. Then you can read books and travel and do other things as well.

When you are single so much thought is put into achieving this physical connection., while in marriage it is given. Read about Maslow’s hierarchy.

I also think, that is why as a single man it is hard to really achieve wealth. I do not know too many captains of capital in that are not married. This point is echoed by Napoleon Hill.

Women seek emotional security not money security
About women wanting security, there are different types of security. Further material security is relative to a high degree would you not say so?

For example, in times of hunting and migration and famine women tended not to have their cycle during hard times because of this, it is nature. However, we do not live in conditions like that today. No one in the USA or the EU sees years of famine and migration. Those are extreme.

It is all relative. I lived in Poland for ten years and I am telling you, the poor in the UK or the USA are rich and spoiled. I am sorry. The -30 degree temperatures with no running water in Ukraine or the hard conditions people grew up on in post communist Poland, compared to someone in the USA crying poverty does not compute in my brain. My point is wealth is relative. Girls and expectations are relative.

My wife does not expect anything as she grew up with little and is spiritual.
I in contrast grew up in preppy New England. I did not expect much because I believe in the message of God. That is be thankful for whatever is given to you.

Further, many great people I know started poor and became rich. Many rich men ended in poverty. Women who go for money are foolish as the truth is seen not in the beginning or the end but always the whole (Hegal).

Many poor people I meet are happily married. I do taxes in an area that has rich and poor and I have to say the poor marriages are happier generally than the middle class marriages. In fact the only normal families that are happy and together and are all lovey dovey with happy kids seem to be poor religious families. Maybe it is just the people who come into my office, I do not know.

I now live on a semi tropical Island off the coast of Florida under nice standard. I am not rich, nor poor, but my wife is happy. She promised to marry me for richer or for poorer. As I did also. This is what marriage and love is about.

It takes a lot of courage to live with convictions like this, but would it not be great to find a girl who believes this?

I have no idea why guys waste their time dating girls who care about money. If the sickness of greed has infected a person, it is best to move on.

If you think American girls are materialistic do not date them.

I think women seek emotional security which ay man can give them, but if you are meeting girls that want cars and money in a bank account, walk away.

Thanks for all the comments. I wish they continue.

I am a totally foreigner (not from the US or UK). I am thinking of going to the US for graduate degree (a master’s degree) and maybe for a marriage. After reading all these, I now think that my country is much better. I will return back to my home country (or go to an Asian country: Korea or Japan) immediately for a marriage after taking the degree.

And I think any of you (I mean men) should really consider the other countries. It is really bad for the health that after working your life, you meet wrong women to just listen to her whining.

Good luck to everyone. I hope everybody can find the girl/woman that will make you happy.

Does any of you realize how girls from other countries can just be as bad as Americans? You shouldn’t judge the girl by her nationality, but by who she is. I’ve been to Japan and some of the Japanese girls acted more stuck up then Americans. I’ve also been around the USA and to me it all depends on what part you in. Southern and mid-western girls (out to Utah or Nevada) seem much much nicer and more obedient then girls from the north or far west or south like Texas. Any girl can be bad or good, it’s just based on how she is raised or brought up. Think about it, I mean if you have a daughter and someone started talking to them about this you wouldn’t blame them just being American, you’d blame how you raised them!

Also you got to be good looking as well to have a model lady too besides all those other qualities.

I have been meaning to write about this. It is not that American girls are bad, they are not. There are many nice American girls. It is parents of the last generation raised some American girls to be permissive and lead by example that marriage is not forever.
I believe love and marriage is something sacred and that developing intellect is more important than developing your portfolio of assets.

It is just a point of view and if my ideas seem to be against American women they are not, rather they stand in opposition to materialism and shallowness and lack of loyalty towards one spouse.

Why are American guys not for everyone? I guess people reading this might say I am stating the obvious. Maybe I am, but my question is still why? Why do girls think they have no other option but to marry the guy from their highschool? I did not. Why do so few American girls see this? Why do our girls marry an American guy?

Basically many Americans have been programmed to believe the world begins and ends in continental 49 states (50 states if you include Hawaii) when it comes to dating. This is not true. There are hunky guys all over the world who will treat you like their goddess.

Why our girls marry an American guy and do not consider guys from around the world.

(some) Men use social/cultural pressure to make women want to get married

American girl: Some American girls get married out of peer-pressure. What happens is they have been dating a guy for a while and feel it’s the right thing to do as a woman. They know his family and years have gone by and they feel some obligation.

My answer: You have only one life. I DON’T believe in God, but here on this earth you have one chance. Life is so sweet because we will never be here again. Live your life. Go for the ‘friendshipy man-piece’ you want. Marry the man of your dreams.

Many of my American girl friends have all kinds of marital problems and escape from their problems at work. They become workaholics. They dread the hour when they have to return home to their husbands who are lazy and entitled. Man, where is your courage? I would rather be poor and married to a cordial kind foreign hero who provides everything we could ever need, than a man-child who does battle three nights out of seven with me. I think many girls do not realize that American culture is not the world. Most guys where I live do not sit on their butts, because they happily work for their family and make their women happy!

No knights left in the world to marry except in fairy-tales

American girl thinking: They feel it is not possible to marry a cordial guy that will be their knight and will see you as their princess.

My answer: This knight in shining armor is a the proper male-female dynamic that exists outside the USA. Guys want a princess to protect. MEN want WOMEN to SERVE and OBEY. Does this shock you? That is because you have been programmed to believe this is not true. Even I have to fight my American programming. Guys want to be needed by you.

Foreign grooms marry to escape the third world

American girl thinking: I will marry a foreign guy and she will take his shiny new greencard and leave me with nothing.

My reply: Foreign grooms marry for love. In fact, if you have an online honey, that is say, a Latino guy who you think is trying to scam you, well hold onto your hat, I have news for you, most likely you have been chatting with a lady. Real life Latin men are very nice.

And American men? In America it is about a 50% chance you will get divorce. In Spain it is about 15% for example, in Italy 10%. One of my lawyer friends said, instead of marrying an American guy, why not just find a guy you despise and squeeze out a few babies for him and then leave and save your self all the hassles. I disagree as many American men are wonderful and loyal and good humans. I just want girls to know that you do not have to worry about losing your dignity to a foreign guy, the risk might be lower than a domestic USA guy based on divorce statistics.

Why get married? My message is do not unless..

I am very against the idea of marriage unless it is your fantasy come true. Unless you have found your other half. Unless you do, forget it, and enjoy your life as a woman.

Unless a guy will submit his ego and serve you as his princess, do not get married. Of course you will submit your pride and honor him and serve him and be there for him also because he is your king.

American guys see service to other men as good, but to their wives as bad

Most American guys work harder to serve their friends (their buddies who they serve most with all their energy and time) than their wives. Me I am an American girl and gal pals mean nothing to me. Family means everything. I recommend you find a man who believes the same. Do not date a dude-bro if your family comes first. It would be like oil and water mixing. Two different personalities.

I often ask guys that are argumentative types if they talk and argue with their mates (their masters who they serve) at the pub like they treat their wives or girlfriends? They treat their friends (their masters who they humble themselves to and basically kiss their feet) with more respect than their wives or girlfriends.

I know girls who also treat their husbands worse than their friends. I believe in family first and friendship and bonding second.

Again, do not even think of getting married, unless you find your knight.

Marry a knight

You can find a good groom

That being said I am a family girl. I am very pro family and not a Men’s Rights Activist. I ultimately am a romantic. I feel that in love it is two people and the rest of the world. All or nothing.

Why marry an American guy? Why not marry a rugged hunky foreign man?

American guys who do not want to submit their ego and life for the greater good of love, my reply to them is ‘have a good life’. For American girls I say why not marry a movie star? Marry an actor who has a PhD and will play with the kids and see you as a goddess? This is the CIS, this is Europe, this is South America, etc..

I guess ultimately American girls feel they must settle for something in their heart they know is messed up? Maybe you will find a wonderful American guy, as many are nice but also look in other countries please before you feel you have to settle.

Karina, you have got to be kidding me, right? You basically took this entire article, paraphrased some of it, and replaced words like American girl with American guy to suit your own agenda. Tell you what, if you come up with your own original content, then I will take you a lot more seriously. Until then, have a nice life yourself.

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